Free download - The First Time - part 2 - The Boys of Saint-Petersburg

Release Year: 1999
Studio: Dolphin Entertainment
Cast: Alexander Arov, Yuriy Boshkin, Alesha Skazochkin, Denis Semenov, Boris Ivanov, Andrey Nazarov, Andrey Politov, Misha Pirogov, Oleg Vorobyev.
Genres: teens, russian boys, oral, anal

Amid the early morning pealing of church bells, the grinding of the snow plows outside, snowflakes, and a radio broadcast on Radio Peter, Oleg and Yuriy tend to early morning rituals-- brushing teeth, running bath water, adding bath gel for bubbly comfort, and then...sucking and fucking each other's sudsy bods. Each enjoys a breakfast appetizer of candy-red cock and sweet-boy butt. These bathtub buddies sure like the water, but Yuriy has enough juice left over to blow a wad after drying off, thanks to Oleg's solid lip suction. Looks like they'll have to run some more bath water now.
Across the Neva, slim and tender Denis, taken with some sexy magazine fantasy, solos with a little dick play, first in his Calvin Klein's and, then, free of cotton constraint, speads his luscious legs for a cock massage. The sofa could tell the story, but the glass coffee table has a better view as long boy Denis jerks his delicious bod and cock in orgasmic , finally bending low to deliver sweet boy seed all over the startled glass surface. Five minutes of pure eroticism, boys!
Meanwhile, in an adjoining apartment kitchen, Igor and Alesha enjoy a tasty treat of boy sausage, thick and cum-filled, before their morning cups of coffee. Tonguing ass, fingering, heavy lip suction, and buttfucks get the morning motors running at full speed in no time. Igor tops it off by bouncing like a jack-in-the-box on Alesha's engorged dick. Whoever said you shouldn't eat off the floor hasn't seen Igor and Alesha in action, that's for sure.
Three blocks away, dreamy Alexander wakes to a phone call from his boy-love and passes time waiting for him with a video turn-on and a tasty stretching of his gorgeous pecker. He then warms "the best piece of ass in Russia" with a little probing penetration. His buddy better hurry...Alexander is getting impatiently horny...
Downstairs, Yuriy makes his rounds, this time with Andrey. It seems as though he just can't keep his pants on this cold winter morning. Lots of stroking flesh and kissing culminate with sucking and fucking climaxes, giving a new and graphic meaning to "eating in bed." Yuriy's wad finds the camera's eye on duty; the other is put literally "under wraps" to tantalize our imaginations. These guys want a little they can lick the crumbs without seeming gluttonous.
Poor Alexander, thank goodness, is finally joined by apologetic Andrey. The long and lean host welcomes his friend with a body massage, lip to flesh, and primes his dick and butt with sweet love nips. Andrey then savors the tasty ass that's been waiting for him, rump-riding that bony piece of boy beauty like a bronc buster on a stallion. In the end, Alexander cums, thick and milky, amid a flurry of tender kisses on his neck and chiseled chest, a warm and wholesome treat for anyone on a cold winter morning...anywhere.

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