Free download - Studio 2000 - Gored - Rafael Carreras and Brian Hansen

Outside, David Scott is expecting for an interview with Rafael Carreras but Carreras craves to have a post-bout soak in a waterfall-pool. Scott is a boyish, European-born angel of Nordic descent with light brown hair and an endlessly appetizing full body. Carreras has not at any time looked greater quantity sublime and the sight of his nag shlong, chest, and inimitable butt as that guy tosses aside his towel and drenches himself, clearly has Scott wanting to tongue-soak it all. But Scott is shy and needs coaxing. Carreras dries himself and pulls Scott inside, offering him a statement that could define the entire film: "I’m going to show u Mexican passion."

The scene that follows could be the scene of the year as Carreras demonstrates not solely Mexican excitement, but too why he’s one of the hottest and almost any purely awe-inspiring sexualists working this day. Carreras pulls Scott in for a unfathomable, voracious kiss previous to stripping him and lunging for his wang. It’s pure perfection as the darksome Carreras wraps his full lips around the pale, boyish and charming Scott’s penis, chewing on his balls and beginning to jerk off his aperture. Carreras laps at Scott’s head and deep-throats him to his bush, until Scott needs a smack of Carreras, pulling him up to smack his lips, teats and belly in advance of downing that ideal pinga. Scott tugs at Carreras’s balls as Carreras bonks his face, and it isn’t lengthy until Carreras is laying over Scott for a scorching 69 with Carreras giving Scott’s flawlessly pretty aperture a fierce working over with his tongue and thumb.

Scott lastly can’t await to be gored and impales himself on Carreras’s weenie with Carreras literally banging from underneath and Scott reaching to widen his cheeks to make Carreras in deeper. Scott still somehow manages to look shy whilst quietly begging for greater amount pounding and it prompts Carreras to lift him - with his schlong still buried unfathomable - and carry him to the other end of the sofa for a missionary pummeling that bonks the cum out of Scott. Then Scott truly proves himself to be a topman’s fantasy, as that guy turns around and sticks his booty in the air for greater amount. After a unrelenting powerhouse banging, Carreras gives Scott’s cheeks and back a soaking.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 19:34
Video: 720x480, Windows Media Video 9, 2733kbps
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