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Chris Steele Superstar features every Studio 2000 scene, gallery, and trailer for Chris Steele, along with some very exclusive content presented in one place for the very first time: Chris' audition videos, a strip tease and jack off from the infamous Nob Hill Theater, a brand new interview, and as an added bonus all-new audio commentaries for every scene.

From Jack: Upon Tim's arrival, Jack puts him to work at the sound stage. After the two unload a shipment of props and scenery, in comes Matt (Peter Wilder) who's after a little "afternoon delight" with his fuck-buddy Jack. Unaware of Tim's presence, Matt makes it apparent what he wants, as Jack uncomfortably introduces his Tim. Although he is cordial to his 's friend, it's obvious Tim was surprised by what he just heard, but he plays it off. Jack is a bit concerned, but has more important things on his mind. Hot, down 'n dirty sex with Matt! He sends his off to the beach, so he can get down to business with Matt.

Matt can't wait to get his mouth on Jack's hard cock while he sits on the tailgate of his truck. The two hot guys go at it, as if they haven't had sex in months. Sucking, and probing each other's hot bodies, it's amazing they both didn't cum in a matter of a few minutes! But wait, someone is watching! They've been caught. Or have they? Tim realizes he has no cash and comes back to borrow some from his , only to find him engrossed in a steamy 69 with his buddy Matt. If he was unsure about what took place earlier, he certainly isn't now. Visibly shaken, Tim quietly leaves, as to not interrupt his 's pleasure. And pleasure it is - Jack and Matt had only gotten started. They make excellent use of Jack's truck for their sexual antics. Fucking, sucking, rimming, you name it, they did it. And they finish off with an almost simultaneous climax, thoroughly coating Matt's rock hard stomach.

From Night Riders The film's last scene mates Chris with super-sensual Nick Savage and lets them loose on each other. As Steele daydreams of his absent lover, Savage makes a surprise appearance. Steele's steely saber has never been stiffer - long, thick, veiny, and demanding attention. It quickly becomes the target of Savage's ferocious focus. Carnal chemistry has never been so bold as when these two sexual savages devour each other-kissing, licking, sucking, and deep-throating, leading the way to Steele's magical mounting of the superb Savage. Hold on to your hard-ons, 'cause this multi-position rutting on the table and floor will totally steams up the screen.

From Trust Me: The film opens with a rub-a-dub, two-studs-in-a-tub as lovers Steele and Buddy Jones prepare to part company for a couple of days. They kiss and devour dick with Steele lavishing his attention on Jones' bone, an uncut masterpiece. For a man we think of first and foremost as a fucker, Steele also proves his oral expertise both fore and aft. Jones reciprocates avidly, making the most of his contact with Chris Steel. After a ton of tongue, both men pop proficient pools of spooge. Once on the road, the worried Jones frets over whether or not Steele will remain faithful.

Jones can take the stress of not being with Chris Steele no longer and rushes home and into the bedroom. Immediately he and Steele get into a raunchy round of rimming, with Steele really mining for Jones' gold. Ultimately, Steele mounts his lover and fucks him every which way possible all over the bed. Steele's fiery assault on Jones' hedonistic hole is a rapacious as anything ever seen on screen. Rarely has a big bulbous boner been so perfectly paired with a bountiful, bottomless bubblebutt.

From Czech Point: An afternoon of outdoor exercise has left squids Steve Harper and Thomas Lloyd tired and horny. In their dorm, they drop their drawers and dive for each other's dick only to be caught in the act by top kick Steele. Braying, "Weapons check!" the Sarge orders the men to drop to their knees and salute his saber. Before they can say, "Yes, sir!" their NCO is proving he's got more than enough ramrod for them both. Once the two grunts have slobbered over his sword, Steele and Lloyd take turns topping glutton-for-pleasure Harper. Of course, no Steele scene would be complete without a rapacious round of rimming. Three kick-ass cum blasts conclude this tempestuous trio.

From Jack: Little does Tim know, Jack has been watching his 's antics with guys all day. Later that day, Jack and Tim discuss what just happened, which leads to... let's just say, its lucky for both that Jack isn't his biological . You'll get off on the climactic outcome.

From Cadet: Chris reinforces that adage that nothing is harder than steel as be bangs the buns off sleek and voracious John Ross. After only one release, Steele's fans were already legion and, with the release of Cadet, that grew to include every healthy-harded man in America and abroad.

From Trust Me: As Buddy Jones drives along we are privy to his fervid, jealous thoughts. He imagines that their neighbor, delicious Drew Peters, comes by for a dip in the pool, providing Chris with a temptation that proves utterly irresistible. In his mind Jones imagines Peters' massaging his lover's neck with the inevitable results of rising rods. Our humpy hero gloms on to Peters' pecker, and wham bam! They're at it full blast replete with dancing waters in the background. But dancing dicks are more to the point and this perfect picture of man-on-boy lust is in itself worth the price of admission. Mutual cocksucking leads to Steele screwing Peters both and missionary style and we must note that Peters moans and groans like the proverbial bitch in heat. Peters' plush posterior brings out the heavy metal in Steele's savage sword, and in short order both are coming wads of goo. Steele jacks out Peters' load, and then pops his own wad on the blond's boyish bod. It may happen only in Jones' mind, but it's a dream duo.

From Czech Point: Steel-hard Sergeant Steele dismisses his squad and interpreter Jan Novak, to fully check out Pavel Novotny's "degree of physical development." Let's make it perfectly clear that what the languid, dark 'n dreamy Novotny doesn't have no soldier needs. Stalwart Steele strips and sniffs the stranger's foreign foreskin. This Czech follows erotic orders like a trouper. Super-Sarge responds by relentlessly probing the cum-filled Novotny's inner depths with turgid tongue and rigid rod. Steele, as always, lusts after tasty tush. The smoldering combination of hairy, hung Steele and smooth, uncut Novotny explodes into hyperactive rutting that ends in a conflagration of cock cream.

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