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In the clip below you can hear new Sean Cody dude Sawyer (love the name!) profess that kissing a guy is exactly the same as kissing a woman. This is based on his vast experience of kissing exactly one guy.
In that spirit, I am therefore prepared to nominate Sawyer as the most perfectly bisexual human on the planet, with a middle rating of 3 on the Kinsey scale.
Its not that I dont buy it. Its just . . . Well, wait. I totally dont fucking buy it.
To be clear, I believe hes kidding himself.
What hes not kidding himself about: Sawyer is very serious about his workout regimen, as he shows us early on. Its also one of the least sexy demonstration of physical fitness I think Ive ever seen on Sean Cody.
Its not like hes not attractive, because he is – Nice body, solid face, decent dick. Hes just lacking any real sexual charisma. But I also think that one more guy-on-guy kiss could unleash a fury!
Odds of Returning: Im going to go with a crazy-ass guess of 95%. How can he throw out there that hes kissed a guy and then not come back?
Whether hell be any good at it is a whole, other question.

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Sawyer Sawyer
Sawyer Sawyer

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