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Chi Chi, you little minx! The grande dame of smut’s first release on her very own label is truly jizzalicious. The film revolves around the exploits of hunky park ranger Chris Steele, who sports a furry, well-muscled bod and hefty groin-candy. When he’s not protecting the fragile desert ecosystem from harm, he finds the time to slam his battering ram into a many an accommodating receptacle. Simply put, Steele Ranger just grabs ahold of your cojones and doesn’t let go.

The fun begins when Steele happens upon "straight" campers Jeffries, Bailey and Tucker, who are caught diddling themselves in broad daylight. Before you know it, the clothes are off, the genitals are out and it’s sin city out there amongst the sagebrush and chaparral. Next, Steele plays "Peeping Chris" when he stumbles upon Weston and Crockett (his oversexed co-rangers) going at it.

Self-abuse is unavoidable while viewing the next scene, which finds Scott and Carrigan leaving their bitchy galpals behind to discover the forbidden fruits betwixt their steely thighs. No orifice is overlooked as these two practically eat each other alive. Next, Allen and Rockford soak up some rays while packing some fudge atop a water tower platform. Though not the prettiest faces in the biz, these two have an "everyman" look that’s quite refreshing. This scene, as with the others, features loads of grunting, moaning and other various and sundry sex sounds.

One of the film’s hottest moments occurs when Steele valiantly rescues poor young Kennedy from the perils of the great outdoors. After giving our wayward urchin a little TLC, Steele pulls out the big gun and administers a little "tough love." Kennedy goes down on Steele’s chubby ramrod like a pro, as Steele becomes a potty mouth and spews out all sorts of nastiness. Before you know it, Kennedy is feeling much better as Steele’s tool pounds his "mangina" mercilessly.

Magnificent scenery, super camerawork and excellent editing add up to a self-lovin’ spectacular. Steele Ranger is prime wanking fodder for those who enjoy rugged, manly men who really seem to know their way around another man’s naughty parts. Add a dash of pee, a squirt of spit and a dollop of rim, and you’ve got the recipe for delectable porn.

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