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RagingStallion porn Videos

  1. Revved Up Angelo Marconi and Mitch Vaughn

  2. Satisfaction Christian Wilde And Dylan Hyde

  3. Lif and Ransom

  4. RStallion Into Darkness Race Cooper and Seven Dixon

  5. Cowboys Part 1

  6. Unloaded Disc 1

  7. Sounding Vol. 5

  8. Rose Sean

  9. Heretic

  10. Alexsander Freitas and Derrek Diamond

  11. Explosive

  12. Ereccion

  13. Gay Dreams

  14. Fistpack vol.21 All Hands On Deck

  15. Americas Finest Brian Bonds Boomer Banks

  16. The best of Francois Sagat

  17. Terms of Endowment

  18. The Tourist Scene vol.2

  19. Guard Patrol

  20. Hotter than Hell vol2

  21. Manifesto Muscled Men Disc 2

  22. Rif and Rersen

  23. Total Exposure 1 Austin Wolf Brian Bonds

  24. Monsterbang Stud Fuckers

  25. Kross and Rif

  26. Kross and Cee

  27. Construction Zone vol1

  28. Hard Friction 2 Disc 1

  29. Rios Het

  30. Cock Tease. sc01 Jesse Santana Trenton Ducati

  31. Cockquest Derek Atlas and Landon Conrad

  32. Taylor Rif

  33. Hoodies

  34. Addicted Scene 01 Damien Crosse and Damien Crosse

  35. The Tourist Scenes 2 Donato Reyes Dario Beck Alessio Veneziano

  36. Use Me Like A Tool Scene 01 D.O. and Trenton Ducati

  37. Humongous Cocks vol.6

  38. Foreskin Mafia Christian Lesage and Fx Rios HD

  39. Save My Hole

  40. Jimmy Fanz James Jamesson

  41. Xxxposure Sebastian Kross and Clark Franco

  42. The Best of Remy Delaine Vol. 1

  43. Grunts Brothers in Arms

  44. The Best of Ricky Sinz

  45. Suck My Cock vol.1

  46. Humongous Cocks part 6

  47. Jock Itch part 2 Balls To The Wall

  48. Ian Greene Bulrog

  49. Golden Gate Season 2 The Complete Season

  50. Fuck Hole Johnny V And Joey D

  51. Bernal Scott

  52. Stripped part 2 Hard For The Money

  53. Humongous Cocks vol.5

  54. Rann

  55. High n Tight Mick Stallone and Ace Era

  56. Hung Americans Part vol.2

  57. Rearn Deliveries

  58. Size Matters Scene 1 Landon Conrad and Seamus OReilly

  59. Humongous Cocks

  60. Nick Capra and Johnny V

  61. The Red and the Black

  62. Focus Refocus Pov

  63. Sidewinder Sean Zevran and Sebastian Kross

  64. Fucked Down

  65. Best Of Ricky Sinz Vol. 1

  66. Sean Duran and Tyson Glover

  67. Total Exposure Sebastian Kross and Dorian Ferro

  68. Sidewinder Letterio Amadeo and Johnny V FullHD

  69. You men with hair

  70. Hangin Hardcore

  71. Fuck Flik 2

  72. Dee and Beck

  73. Jessy Ares and Angelo Marconi

  74. Big Bigger Biggest Part 1

  75. A collection of scenes and trials

  76. The Woods Part One

  77. The Woods Part 2 Trenton Ducati Kyle King and Charlie Harding

  78. Hairy Boyz vol.2

  79. Rian Lif and Fet

  80. David Benjamin And Shawn Wolfe

  81. Brutal Part 2

  82. Hole 1

  83. Suck My Cock Vol. 1

  84. Ramzi Seven D

  85. The Best of Steve Cruz Vol. 1

  86. California Dreaminvol.1

  87. Arabesque

  88. Magnetism sc 04 Fabio Stallone Shawn Wolfe

  89. Erectus Scene 2

  90. Destroyer Scene 4 Gabriel Taurus Fucks Bruno Bernal

  91. Man Power Adam Ramzi Sam Barclay

  92. Hart Tee

  93. Rian and Lif

  94. Up My Ass and Down My Throat

  95. The Woods Part One

  96. The Woods Part Two

  97. Golden Gate Seduced By San Francisco

  98. Throb Angelo Marconi and Alex Marte

  99. Hole 1 scene vol.01

  100. Fistpack 5 Anal Tap

  101. Gabriel Taurus Bruno Bernal

  102. Monster Bang Gold. Michael Brandon greatest scenes vol.1

  103. RStallion Erectus Tex Davidson Ace Era Teddy Torres

  104. Want It Now Scene vol.3

  105. Cock Craze Monster Bang

  106. Toolbox Trilogy Drilled

  107. Chris Ward s Masterstrokes Vol 1 Three Ways Disc1

  108. Thirst

  109. Refendi Rans

  110. Sexo en Barcelona Part 1 scene 02

  111. Filthy Fucks scene vol.01

  112. Stark Rendan

  113. Man Power Jimmy Durano and Seven Dixon

  114. Relentless scene vol.03

  115. Other Side Of Aspen VI 2Disc Set

  116. PleXus Hardcore

  117. Sebastian Kross And Chris Harder

  118. Cock Shot James Ryder and Trenton Ducati

  119. Cock Fight Match vol.4

  120. Big Bigger Biggest part 2

  121. Inked Boyz vol.2

  122. Wasteland Scene 3 Ryan Cruz and Rafael Lords

  123. RagingStallion XXXposure Alexander Greene Theo Ford 720

  124. Size Matters Boomer Banks Trelino

  125. Tommy Defendi James Ryder

  126. America s Finest

  127. Rea and Fetex

  128. Open Road Part 2 scene 1

  129. Jesse Santana Tyler Hunt

  130. Stag Candy

  131. Deep throating Sebastian

  132. Hardcore Fetish Series XXXXTreme SeXXXX vol.1

  133. Ass To Grind Jaxton Wheeler And Jaxon Colt

  134. Trouser Trout Disc Two

  135. Filthy Fucks Scene vol.4

  136. RS Open Road Part 1 sc 03 Boomer Banks Tony Orion 720p

  137. Under My Skin Part 1 Scene 1

  138. Focus The Story Begins

  139. Rends Boomer

  140. Glory Holes High Octane

  141. Filthy Fucks Austin Chandler and David Benjamin

  142. Hairy Boyz 12

  143. Sean Duran and Rafael Lords

  144. Andrew Justice James Ryder

  145. Gunner World

  146. The Tourist Scene 03 Rogan Richards and Paco

  147. Hairy Boyz 8

  148. Hotter Than Hell part 2

  149. Trouser Trout Disc One

  150. Emir and Lif

  151. Institutional Encounters

  152. Need It Bad Scene 4 Shay Michaels and Adam Herst

  153. Timberwolves Scene vol.4

  154. SexPack 9 Fire in the Hole

  155. Open Road Part 1 bonus scene Aleks Buldocek Tony Orion 720p

  156. Object of Desire Part One Bruce Beckham and Jason Vario tag team Mick Stallone

  157. Sexpack 6 Heavy Equipment

  158. Ten Pound Tube Steak Disc 2

  159. Rogan Richards and Paco

  160. The Woods Part 1 Scene 3

  161. Stud Fuckers

  162. Under My Skin Part 1 Christian Wilde And James Ryder

  163. Code Yellow Piss In My Mouth

  164. Raging Stallion Under My Skin Part 1 Trenton Ducati Seven Dixon 720

  165. Hole vol.1 scene 01

  166. Chris Wards Masterstrokes Vol 1 Three Ways Disc 1

  167. Centurion Muscle vol.5 Maximus

  168. High Tops

  169. Fuck Flik vol.2

  170. Latin Jocks

  171. Cowboys Part 1

  172. Raden Vasey Reese and Spencer

  173. Pure Sex Scene vol.4

  174. Thrust in the face of domination

  175. Centurion Muscle 2 Alpha

  176. Fist And Shout Part 2

  177. Open Road Part 1 sc 04 Adam Ramzi Seven Dixon

  178. Young Warriors Taking One For The Team

  179. Trouser Trout vol..2

  180. Primal Scene part 3

  181. Suck My Cock Vol. 2

  182. Arabesque Scene 7

  183. Ramzi Vex

  184. RS Hans Berlin Tommy Defendi

  185. Suited For Sex

  186. Brutal Part 2 Tommy Defendi And Rusty Stevens

  187. Animus

  188. Fistpack vol.2 Ass Masters

  189. Knight After Night

  190. Derek Parker and Damien Stone

  191. Hole vol.1 scene 02

  192. Filthy Fucks Scene 2 Shawn Wolfe and Mike De Marko

  193. Spencer and Fit

  194. Humongous Cocks part 3

  195. Ricky and Decker

  196. Sean and Logan

  197. So Into You

  198. Blue Collar Scene 04 Jesse Santana and Dominic Sol

  199. Hard Friction Edge Vol 1 Fresh Meat

  200. Cee and Wirthmore

  201. Ten Pound Tube Steak

  202. Clash Of The Zeus Men

  203. Timberwolves Scene vol.3

  204. Logan and Vet

  205. Behind the Big Top. Scenevol.1

  206. Auto Erotic Part 2 Fx Rios and Mike De Marko Hd

  207. Young Bucks

  208. Testosterone

  209. Member of the hole

  210. Know the subway system

  211. Fresh Meat Edge Volume vol.1 Hard Friction

  212. Timberwolves Scene vol.2

  213. The Woods Part 1 Scene vol.3

  214. Angelo Marconi and Alexsander FreitaAngelo Marconi and Alexsander Freitas Scene 03 from Steamworkss

  215. Boomer Banks and Cam Christou Under My Skin 2

  216. Monster Bang Revved Up

  217. Cee and Beck

  218. Drenched In Piss County

  219. Faster Faster Fuck Me Harder

  220. The Best Of Steve Cruz Vol. 1

  221. Afternoon Delights

  222. Rey and Axel Max

  223. Hairy Boyz vol.9

  224. The Open road

  225. Filthy Fucks Scene 01 Abraham Al Malek Johnny V

  226. Sidewinder Letterio Amadeo and Johnny V

  227. Unloaded

  228. The Best Of Shane Rollins Vol. 2

  229. Timberwolves Sc.4 Aleks Buldocek Shawn Wolfe

  230. Fuck Flik 1

  231. Turn it loose

  232. Drenched In Piss County Hardcore Fetish Series Pissing 4

  233. Cee and Taylor

  234. Bolshoi Hana

  235. Size Matters Raging Stallion

  236. Rrian and Fet

  237. Tyler wastes no time

  238. Sounding vol. 3

  239. Cock Craze

  240. Cee and Ryder

  241. Jimmy Durano Rylan Knox

  242. Sexgaymes And the Winner Is…

  243. Sexo En Barcelona 2

  244. Raging Stallion Lowdown Dirty Tommy Defendi and Shawn Wolfe Scene 1

  245. Hairy Boyz Vol. 12

  246. D.O. and Angelo Marconi

  247. Rian and Rocco and Steele

  248. Twinks On Set

  249. Sounding vol.3

  250. Americas Finest David Benjamin and Shawn Wolfe

  251. Jason Michaels And Tom Wolfe

  252. Foreskin Mafia Scene 01 Sean Zevran and Logan Moore

  253. The Best Of Francois Sagat Vol. 3

  254. Oh My Godfre

  255. Erectus Scene 4 Bulrog Ian Greene

  256. RagingStallion XXXposure Adam Ramzi Dario Beck 720

  257. Race and Cooper

  258. Donato Reyes Dario Beck And Alessio Veneziano

  259. Jaxton Wheeler and Mike De Marko

  260. Other Side of Aspen vol.6

  261. Raden and Randy

  262. Fucked Down Mathew Mason and Bryce Star

  263. Tough Love Part 3 Nikki Darling Abigail Dupree

  264. Suited for Sex

  265. The Best Of Francois Sagat vol.3

  266. Humongous Cocks 2

  267. RStallion Erectus Ian Greene and Bulrog

  268. Sexpack 5 Dirty Deeds

  269. Cowboys Part 1 Jesse Santana and Tom Wolfe

  270. Caught on Tape Scene 04

  271. Sean and Retterio

  272. Total Exposure 2

  273. Sexo en Barcelona Part 1 scene 03

  274. Behind the Big Top Scene vol.2

  275. Clusterfuck Sebastian Kross Pounds Dario Beck

  276. Filthy Fucks Scene vol.02

  277. Chris Wards Masterstrokes Vol 1 Three Ways Disc 2

  278. Hairy Boyz Vol. 13

  279. Mick Stallone And Manuel Skye

  280. Jaxton Wheeler and Teddy Torres

  281. Bang On Rocco Steele and Billy Santoro Hd

  282. Hung Americans Vol. 1

  283. Rees and Ramwey

  284. Hole vol 1 sc 04 Tyler Wolf and Angel Rock

  285. Cowboys Part 2

  286. Caught On Tape

  287. 10 year anniversary

  288. Jesse Santana and Heath Jordan Scene 2

  289. Hole vol.2

  290. Big Bigger Biggest 2

  291. Want It Now Scene vol.1

  292. Manuel Skye and Mick Stallone

  293. Two Dick Minimum Jack Andy and Michael Roman

  294. The Tourist Rogan Richards And Paco

  295. Hairy Boyz 10

  296. Safeword

  297. Muscle Shop

  298. Size Matters Trenton Ducati Armond Rizzo

  299. Tober Brandt Fucks Cory Koons Ink Storm Scene 5

  300. Alone On The Range

  301. Best Fist with Sagat

  302. Soundingvol. 2

  303. Humongous Cocks part 7

  304. Total Exposure 1 Nick Sterling And Jacob Peterson

  305. Dick Moves Sebastian Kross Fucks Chris Harder

  306. Fuck Flik vol.1

  307. Magnetism Tommy Defendi And Donnie Dean

  308. Heat of the Moment

  309. RagingStallion Under My Skin Part 1 Boomer Banks Nick Cross 720

  310. Cee Derek Atlas

  311. RawStrokers Americas Finest

  312. A Pornstar Is Born

  313. RStallion Erectus Jaxton Wheeler Bruno Bernal And Ian Greene

  314. Boomer Banks Mike De Marko

  315. Hardcore Fetish Series X Treme SeX 1

  316. Reene Vetex

  317. Sterling Ree

  318. Stud Fuckers Christian Wilde And Leo Forte

  319. Hes Got a Big Package

  320. The Woods Pt.1 Sc.3 Jimmy Fanz and Zeb Atlas

  321. Swallow Seed Co.

  322. Total Exposure 1 Nick Sterling And Jacob Peterson HD 720p

  323. Ranch Hands

  324. Tony Serrano and Bo Knight Flip–Flop Fuck 720p

  325. Muscular Stallions

  326. Grand Vista Scene vol.04

  327. Sexgaymes Up the Stakes

  328. Throb

  329. Timberwolves Scene vol.1

  330. Cockquest Scene 4 Landon Conrad and Derek Atlas

  331. Stripped 2 Hard For The Money Fabio Stallone Tomas Brand and Logan Rogue

  332. The Visitor Disc 2

  333. Muscle Studs vol.2

  334. Desire restrained

  335. Hard as Wood

  336. Rogan Richards Logan Vaughn Leo Domenico

  337. Bang That Ass

  338. Landon and Tyson

  339. Trenton Ducati and Seven Dixon Under My Skin Part 1

  340. Jeff Powers and Bruno Bernal

  341. San Francisco Meat Packers Part 1

  342. State of Arousal Scene 2

  343. Austin and Styx

  344. Het and Res

  345. Cops Gone Bad

  346. Fucked Hard

  347. A pair of hot guys

  348. Hole 1 scene vol.03

  349. Tough as Nails

  350. Throb scene vol.03

  351. Tight Christian Wilde And Adam Ramzi

  352. Tex Davidson Fucks Jack Vidra

  353. Size Matters Tommy Defendi and Devin Dixon

  354. Construction Zone vol.3

  355. Relino Tyson and Tyler

  356. Humongous Cocks part 5

  357. Manifesto Muscled Men Disc vol.1

  358. Hairy Boyz vol7

  359. Tales of the Arabian Nights Part vol.1

  360. Four new exclusives

  361. Cock Shot Scene 3 Shawn Wolfe Jimmy Fanz

  362. Party In The Rear

  363. Behind The Big Top Josh Long and Jimmy Fanz

  364. Lords Of The Jungle

  365. The Tourist Scenes 1 Rogan Richards Abraham Al Malek

  366. Arab Heat Tales of the Arabian Nights part 3

  367. Raging Stallion Open Road Part 2 Boomer Banks Mike Dozer 720

  368. Hairy Boyz part 12

  369. Open Road Part 2 scene 4

  370. The Drifter Disc 2

  371. Relentless scene vol.04

  372. Colby and Keller

  373. Rian and Vetex

  374. Clusterfuck scene vol.01

  375. To the Last Man The Gathering Storm

  376. Armond Rizzo Gets Fucked By Trenton Ducati

  377. Big Dicked Twinks

  378. The Tourist Scene 1

  379. Delta Rin

  380. Trouser Trout vol1

  381. Wild Ride

  382. A Porn Star is Born

  383. Giants Logan McCree and Wilfried Knight

  384. Foreskin Mafia Logan Moore and Armando De Armas

  385. Refendi Lif

  386. Powerload

  387. Rios Max

  388. Americas Finest Part vol.1

  389. Fuck Yeah Adam Ramzi and Calab King

  390. Hole vol.1 scene 05

  391. So..You Wanna Fuck

  392. Gill on film

  393. Aleks and Orion

  394. Damien Crosse and Alex Marte

  395. Rarconi Lif

  396. Ryan Rose Wex

  397. RagingS Erectus Ian Greene and Bulrog

  398. Cockquest SC vol.03

  399. Cee and Tyce

  400. Rayne Cee and Fix

  401. Raging Stallion Men of Madrid Mario Domenech Viktor Rom 720

  402. Cum on Aussie

  403. Two Dick Minimum Scene 2

  404. Shawn Wolfe And David Benjamin

  405. Reox Red

  406. Shawn Wolfe and Billy Santoro

  407. Bedrock

  408. The Best of François Sagat 2

  409. Chris Wards Masterstrokes Vol 1 Three WaysThree Ways Disc 1

  410. RagingS Men of Madrid Viktor Rom and Ramwey Reis

  411. Cock Shot Jimmy Fanz and Shawn Wolfe

  412. The Woods Part 2 sc 04 Kyle King Charlie Harding Trenton Ducati

  413. Fistpack 24 The Best Of Francois Sagat Fisting

  414. Muscle And Ink Christian Wilde And Johnny Gunn

  415. Your Masters

  416. RStallion Jimmy Durano and Seven Dixon Man Power

  417. Ryan Rose and Sean Zevran

  418. Brutal PART vol.1

  419. Colby Keller Chris Porter

  420. Veex

  421. Stoked Part 2

  422. Filled with frustration

  423. Auto Erotic Part 1 scene vol.01

  424. Centurion Muscle

  425. RagingS Erectus Jaxton Wheeler and Teddy Torres

  426. Jessy Ares and James Ryder

  427. Need It Bad

  428. Raging Stallion Primal Adam Ramzi Bruno Bernal 720

  429. The Woods Part 2 scene 03

  430. Ten wine

  431. Cock Fight Match vol.2

  432. Powerful sex

  433. Arab Heat Tales of the Arabian Nights 3

  434. Erect This Tegan Zayne and Jacob Taylor Full Hd

  435. Raging Stallion Studios Erik Rhodes Spencer Fox

  436. Landon and Fet

  437. RusCapturedBoys Bodybuilder Roman in Slavery Part I

  438. Labyrinth Johnny V and Derek Maxum

  439. Landon Conrad Derek

  440. Auto Erotic Part vol.1

  441. Full Blast Rey Luis Jake Jammer

  442. In Bed With Mike Roberts

  443. Get Some

  444. Fistpack vol.6 Can Openers

  445. Bang On Johnny V and Nick Capra

  446. Fuck Hole Boomer Banks and Dario Beck

  447. Hole vol.1 scene 04

  448. Cockquest scene vol.04 Landon Conrad Derek Atlas

  449. Hung Americans Part vol.1

  450. Erectus Scene part 2

  451. Heretic Jimmy Fanz Alexander Garrett

  452. Rivers of cum all over his chest

  453. Chris Ward s Masterstrokes Vol 1 Three Ways Disc 1

  454. Golden Gate Seduced by SF

  455. Giants Part vol.2

  456. Golden Gate Season vol.1

  457. Clusterfuck Dario Beck and Sebastian Kross Hd

  458. The Wilde Bunch

  459. The Trap

  460. Fuck Hole Johnny V and Joey D

  461. Use Me Like A Tool Scene 01D.O. and Trenton Ducati

  462. Want It Now Scene vol.2

  463. Landon and OReilly

  464. Alley Cats

  465. Fuck Hole Scene 03 Tyson Tyler and Sean Duran

  466. Raw Stags

  467. Americas Finest

  468. Open Road Part 2 scene vol.2

  469. Hard As Wood

  470. Ass Quest

  471. Colt Rivers Tex

  472. Magnetism scene vol.01

  473. Clusterfuck scene 01

  474. Andrew Justice and Rich Kelly

  475. Brian Bonds Sean Zevran Derek Atlas

  476. Working with your hands

  477. Man Power Damien Crosse and Shawn Wolfe

  478. Hairy Boyz vol.12

  479. Member Bonus Summer Lust

  480. First Class

  481. Red Star

  482. Night Manuvers

  483. With street lighting

  484. Vet and Rif

  485. Humongous Cocks vol.4

  486. RagingStallion XXXposure Trelino XL 720

  487. Logan McCree and Wilfried Knight

  488. His parade scene

  489. The Visitor Disc One Raging Stallion

  490. Retterio and Rif

  491. Tailpipes

  492. Rernal Landon

  493. Arab Heat

  494. Suited For Sex Jesse Santana and Dominic Sol

  495. Studsfuckers

  496. So... You Wanna Fuck

  497. Hairy Boyz Vol. 6

  498. Leon and Hit

  499. Rear End Collision vol.2 Lube Job

  500. Manhattan

  501. Sexpack 8 Skys The Limit

  502. Russian Prison

  503. Clusterfuck David Benjamin And Jessy Karson

  504. RStallion State of Arousal Colton Grey And Bruno Bernal

  505. Spencer Reed And Heath Jordan

  506. Hombres

  507. The Tool Box Trilogy 3 Screwed

  508. Rogan Richards Abraham Al Malek

  509. RusCapturedBoys Bodybuilder Vasily in Jail Part I

  510. Construction Zone 2 Working Mans Hands

  511. Jimmy Durano and James Ryder In Never Enough

  512. Tomas Brand and Logan Rogue

  513. Tony Buffs Twinks with Kinks

  514. Landon Conrad and Tyson Tyler

  515. Refocus The Final Climax

  516. Object of Desire Letterio Amadeo and Mick Stallone

  517. RusCapturedBoys Bodybuilder Roman in Slavery Final

  518. Hard Friction 2 Disc 2

  519. Open Road Part 2 Scene 1; Boomer Banks and Mike Dozer

  520. Humongous Cocks 7

  521. Cock Fight

  522. The Tourist Scene vol.03

  523. RagingStallion Total Exposure 2 Jimmy Durano Sean Zevran 720

  524. Size Matters Scene 2 Tommy Defendi and Devin Dixon

  525. The steps of the open road

  526. Sexo In Barcelona Part 1

  527. Dude Wheres My Watch

  528. Humping Iron

  529. Boners

  530. Fight

  531. Stripped 1 Marcus Ruhl And Andrew Justice

  532. Open Road part 2

  533. Full Blast Scene 1 Landon Conrad and Seven Dixon

  534. Arabesque Scene 09 Huessein and Francois Sagat

  535. Grand Vista Scene 0Vol. 1

  536. Into Darkness Race Cooper and Seven Dixon

  537. dominus

  538. The Woods Part 1

  539. Sexo en Barcelona Part 2 scene 04

  540. Clash of the Zeus Men

  541. BarBack

  542. Use Me Like A Tool

  543. Fistpack vol.23 Whats Happening Down There

  544. Heretic Tommy Defendi And James Ryder

  545. Ranks Lif

  546. Open Road Part 2 scene 5

  547. Throb scenevol. 02

  548. Johnny V and Jaxton Wheeler

  549. Backstage Pass 2 Scene 2 Bruno Bernal and Jason Vario

  550. Satisfaction

  551. See and Spencer

  552. Destroyer FX Rios Bennett Anthony Aaron Reese

  553. Dominus

  554. Banks Steel

  555. Raden and Spencer

  556. Rikk York and Hugo

  557. Trouser Trout 2

  558. Pounded Down

  559. Steamworks

  560. Sebastian Kross and Dorian Ferro Total Exposure

  561. Trouser Trout 1

  562. RReeler and Rif

  563. Primal Scene 3

  564. Revved Up

  565. Dick Moves Mike De Marko and Sebastian Kross

  566. Ref and Fit

  567. Durano Logan

  568. Humongous Cocks vol.2

  569. Heave Breating 2015

  570. Bang On King B And Adrian Hart

  571. Stripped vol.1 Make it Rain

  572. Sexo en Barcelona Part 2 scene 01

  573. Grand Vista Scene vol.02

  574. Tegan Zayne Rikk York

  575. Emir Boscatto Sergyo Caruso

  576. Dude Whereands My Watch

  577. To The Last Man Pt 2 Guns Blazing

  578. Grunts Misconduct

  579. Centurion Muscle part 5 Maximus

  580. Code Yellow Piss in My Mouth Pissing 2

  581. Sexo en Barcelona Part 1 scene 01

  582. Lucio Saints Adrian Toledo Donato Reyes

  583. Hardcore Fetish Series Sounding vol.2

  584. Exploding on the screen

  585. Bang On Rocco Steele And Billy Santoro

  586. RagingS High n Tight Bruno Bernal Ryan Cruz

  587. RStallion Tyler Wolf and Angel Rock Hole part 1

  588. Humongous Cocks vol.12

  589. Eli Lewis Sean Zevran

  590. Jock Itch vol.2 Balls To The Wall

  591. Paul Wagner and Scott Tanner

  592. The Tourist Rogan Richards and Abraham Al Malek

  593. Giants part one

  594. Scott Tanner and Paul Wagner

  595. Ducati Rizzo

  596. Tales of the Arabian Nights Part vol.2

  597. Hairy Boyz vol.6

  598. Landon Conrad Adam Wirthmore

  599. Directed by Tony and Steve

  600. Afterwork Dani Robles Diego Lauzen

  601. Landon and Conrad

  602. Austin Ran and Vee

  603. Auto Erotic Boomer Banks Aaron Steel

  604. Filthy Fucks Scene vol.03

  605. High n Tight Scene 2 Bruno Bernal and Ryan Cruz

  606. Fuck Hole scene vol. 01

  607. Humongous Cocks 3

  608. Zeb Atlas Fucks Landon Conrad

  609. Playback

  610. Hot As Fuck FX Rios Max Gianni 720

  611. Fistpack vol.16 Hand It Over

  612. Sounding vol.6 Wet Punk Faggot Sounding

  613. Monster Bang It Gets Bigger

  614. Southern Pride Boys in Heat

  615. Hairy Boyz vol.3

  616. Anoche

  617. Golden Gate The Perfect Ten

  618. Austin Chandler and David Benjamin

  619. Clusterfuck 2 Dario Beck and Sean Zevran Hd

  620. RagingS Tyler Wolf and Angel Rock Hole part 1

  621. Golden Gate Season 1

  622. Logan Mccree Dak Ramsey Tober Brandt Hotter Than Hell Vol. 2

  623. Fit and Hee

  624. Hard Friction Balls Deep Scene 1 Landon Conrad and Andrew Stark

  625. The Best of François Sagat vol.2

  626. The Woods Part 2 scene 02

  627. Jock Itch

  628. Rele and Lif

  629. Gay Dreams Vol. 2

  630. Hole 1 scene vol.02

  631. Menace Angelo Marconi And David Taylor

  632. The Best of Manuel Torres

  633. RStallion Destroyer FX Rios Bennett Anthony Aaron Reese

  634. Open Road Part vol.1

  635. Humongous Cocks vol.24

  636. Piss Army Hardcore Fetish Series Pissing vol.3

  637. David Dirdam and Tony Aziz

  638. It Gets Bigger

  639. Construction Zone vol.1 Blue Collar Butthole

  640. The Tourist Rogan Richards and Paco

  641. Fistpack 20 Fist My Butt

  642. The Dark Stag

  643. Cockquest Scene 02 Shawn Wolfe Nick Capra

  644. Foreskin Mafia Sean Zevran Logan Moore

  645. Relton Redeo

  646. Giants Part Two D O and Logan Mccree

  647. Pure Sex Sc 4 Trenton Ducati and Rafael Carreras

  648. Hung Country Scene 5 Hector de Silva Fucks Josh Milk

  649. Fistpack 32 Stuff that Ass

  650. The 5Th Floor Logan Mccree Rj Danvers

  651. Rizzo Vetex

  652. Unter Mannern

  653. Maximus

  654. Hotter Than Hell Part vol.1

  655. Unloaded Christian Wilde And Ethan Storm

  656. Joey D and Johnny V

  657. Open Road vol.2

  658. Ink Storm

  659. Vet Cetex

  660. Twinker Toys

  661. Hunter and Marx Ranks

  662. Clusterfuck 2 Hunter Marx Boomer Banks Billy Santoro and Rocco Steele Hd

  663. High Voltage

  664. Construction Zone vol..2 Working Mans Hands

  665. Real Big Boys Measuring Up

  666. Auto Erotic Part 2 Mike De Marko and Jaxton Wheeler Hd

  667. In Yer Face Charlie Harding and Derek Parker

  668. Guard Patrol Scene 03 Part 2 Rocco Steele Brian Bonds David Benjamin and Mitch Vaughn

  669. Centurion Muscle V

  670. Total Exposure 1 Brian Bonds Austin Wolf

  671. Armando De Armas and Max Gianni Hd

  672. Stag Reel

  673. Jacob Taylor with Derek Deluca and Jonah Fontana

  674. Hardcore Fetish Series Sounding vol.1

  675. Auto Erotic Part 1 Boomer Banks and Aaron Steel

  676. Labyrinth

  677. Here a Fuck There a Fuck

  678. Fistpack vol.13 Fist And Shout Part 2

  679. Attraction

  680. Cowboys Pt 1

  681. Collin ONeals World of Men São Paulo

  682. Clusterfuck 2 Rocco Steele And Boomer Banks

  683. Hit and Rexer

  684. Raging Stallion Relentless Colby Keller Levi Madison 720

  685. Under My Skin Part 2

  686. Grunts Fisting Arm of one

  687. Centurion Muscle IV Erotikus

  688. Hung Country Dani Robles and Emir Boscatto

  689. Dominic Sol and Jesse Santana

  690. Race To The Edge

  691. Heavy Breathing

  692. Behind the Big Top Scene vol.3

  693. Heretic Scene 04 Ty Roderick and Tyler Wolf

  694. Blue Collar

  695. Fit and Tyler

  696. RagingS Object of Desire Bruce Beckham Jason Vario And Mick Stallone

  697. Pure Sex Scene vol.1

  698. RagingS Filthy Fucks Austin Chandler and David Benjamin

  699. Lowdown Dirty

  700. Hardsex

  701. Cowboys Part 2

  702. Member Bonus

  703. Ranks Vee

  704. Stag Reel Staghomme

  705. The Tourist Abraham Al Malek and Bruno Boni

  706. The Tourist Rogan Richards And Abraham Al Malek

  707. Letterio Amadeo and Stallone

  708. Arab Heat Tales of the Arabian Nights vol.3

  709. Rear Deliveries

  710. Cockwork Scene 1 D O and Alexander Garrett

  711. Rogan Richards and Abraham Al Malek

  712. Suck My Cock vol.2

  713. Powerload Rogan Richards And Trenton Ducati

  714. Foreskin Mafia Scene 03 Logan Moore Armando De Armas

  715. Unloaded Disc 2 Bonus Material

  716. To The Last Man Part vol.2 Guns Blazing

  717. Big Bigger Biggest Vol. 2

  718. Open Road Part 2 scene 3

  719. Big Bigger Biggest Part 2

  720. 12 men chasa 2

  721. Balls Deep scene vol.1

  722. Warehouse Kinks Scene 04 Christopher Daniels and Boomer Banks

  723. Fistpack 28 Fisthole

  724. Fistpack vol.5 Anal Tap

  725. Savage

  726. Magnetism scene vol.03

  727. Cum In My Face

  728. Jessy Ares and Alex Marte

  729. Suck My Cock 2

  730. State of Arousal Jimmy Durano

  731. Grand Vista Scene vol.03

  732. Fistpack 23 Whatands Happening Down There

  733. Reyes Beck Res

  734. Sexpack vol.5 Dirty Deeds

  735. Big Bigger Biggest vol.2

  736. Size Matters Scene 4 Trenton Ducati and Armond Rizzo

  737. Smooth Party guys

  738. The Tourist Abraham Al Malek and Bruno Boni

  739. Want It Now Scene vol3

  740. Timberwolves Sc.1 Marcus Isaacs Boomer Banks

  741. Giants Part 2

  742. Addicted

  743. Stripped 1 Make It Rain

  744. Trouser Trout vol.2

  745. Cowboys Part vol.2

  746. Rarko and Vexer

  747. Club

  748. Escape from San Francisco

  749. Under My Skin Part 2 scene 03

  750. Hot Sex

  751. Bruce and Jason

  752. Inked Boyz Vol. 2

  753. Built Tough

  754. Americas Finest Andrew Stark Brent Corrigan

  755. Code Yellow Piss in My Mouth Pissing part 2

  756. Hung Country

  757. Caught on Tape

  758. RagingStallion Want It Now Jimmy Durano Rylan Knox 720

  759. Ranks Orion

  760. Hung Americans Part 1

  761. Big Island

  762. Jimmy Durano and XL

  763. Humongous Cocks part 2

  764. Abraham Al Malek and Billy Santoro Ass To Grind

  765. Total Exposure 2 Johnny V Dorian Ferro

  766. Arabian Fist

  767. Under My Skin Part 1 Scene 2

  768. Escape From Sydney

  769. Ass To Grind Scene 01 Jaxon Colt Sean Zevran

  770. Full Spectrum

  771. Grunts The New Recruits

  772. Technicians get a lesson

  773. RStallion Destroyer Tegan Zayne And Spencer Whitman

  774. Restian Rean and Den

  775. Hole vol.1 scene 03

  776. Sexpack 2 A Kinky Twist

  777. Caliente

  778. Ranks Fee

  779. Heatstroke Highway

  780. Raging Stallion Open Road Part 1 Aleks Buldocek Tony Orion 720

  781. Man Power

  782. Ass Jay opens easily

  783. Labyrinth Johnny V and Chris Harder

  784. Fist My Gaping Hole

  785. Explosive Scene 01 Adam Champ and Derek Parker

  786. This table linen

  787. Forbidden Dreams

  788. Back Alley

  789. Fresh Meat Edge Volume 1 Hard Friction

  790. When Men Fuck Christian Wilde And Paul Wagner

  791. RStallion Full Blast Landon Conrad and Seven Dixon

  792. RagingS Object of Desire Bennett Anthony and Caleb Daniels

  793. Indecent Encounters

  794. Blue Collar Raging Stallion

  795. Austin and Raden

  796. Hit and Rizzy

  797. Fet and Hit

  798. Balls Deep Scene 01 Landon Conrad And Andrew Stark

  799. Fucking in the port

  800. Stripped 2 Hard For The Money Fabio Stallone Tomas Brand Logan Rogue

  801. Size Matters Scene 3 Boomer Banks and Trelino

  802. Trouser Trout vol.1

  803. Raging Stallion Men of Madrid Viktor Rom Ramwey Reis 720

  804. Hairy Boyz vol.5

  805. Hunter and Marx Steele

  806. Derek and Draven and Fit

  807. Clusterfuck vol.1

  808. Surf Shack

  809. Fucked Down Jesse Santana and Adam

  810. Crosse Seven

  811. Into Darkness Shawn Wolfe and Hung Boomer Banks

  812. Stark Brent

  813. Relentless scene vol.02

  814. Total Exposure vol.2

  815. Hector de Silva and Josh Milk

  816. Sounding 5

  817. Pure Sex

  818. Suck My Cock Part Vol. 2

  819. Brutal Part 1

  820. Live Sex

  821. Fuck Hole Scene 04 Derek Atlas and Dario Beck Hd

  822. The vol.4th Floor

  823. Fistpack vol.12 Fist And Shout Part 1

  824. Throb Jimmy Durano And Donnie Dean

  825. Masters and Servants

  826. The Woods Part vol.2 scene 02

  827. Sounding Vol. 2

  828. Hung Americans Vol. 2

  829. The Visitor

  830. Behind the Big Top. Scene1

  831. Tales of the Arabian Nights

  832. Humongous Cocks part 24

  833. Ranks Lexer

  834. Arguments are calculated by size

  835. Guard Control Christian Wilde And Ryan Rose

  836. Primal Scene 3 Bruce Beckham FX Rios Josh Conners

  837. Raging Stallion Hung Americans Part 2 Trenton Ducati Mike Dozer 720

  838. Open Road Part 1 sc 01 James Ryder Marcus Isaacs Aleks Buldocek

  839. Monster Bang Big Dick Revolution

  840. Reano Dixon

  841. Clusterfuck 2 Dario Beck and Sean Zevran

  842. Durano Rylan

  843. Nexus Raw Hardcore

  844. Sun Kissed Trenton Ducati and Paddy OBrian

  845. Ace Era Teddy Torres Tex Davidson

  846. Brutal 1

  847. Rear End Collision 2 Lube Job

  848. Full Release

  849. Full Blast Scene 1

  850. Erectus Ian Greene and Bulrog

  851. Full Blast Scene vol.1

  852. Hairy Boyz 6

  853. Zeb Atlas Landon Conrad

  854. Object of Desire Bennett Anthony and Caleb Daniels

  855. Bondage Garage

  856. Brian and Bernal

  857. Hairy Boyz 9

  858. Hairy Boyz 11

  859. Fuck Flik vol1

  860. Peter big and bulky

  861. Toy

  862. Throb scene vol.01

  863. Jesse Santana and Trent Locke

  864. Menace

  865. You Bet Your Ass

  866. RagingS High n Tight Mick Stallone and Ace Era

  867. Jock Itch

  868. Hot Properties

  869. Roll in the Hay

  870. Collin ONeals World of Men Lebanon

  871. Hotter Than Hell Part 1

  872. Chris Harder and Sebastian Kross

  873. San Francisco Meat Packers 1 Fabio Stallone and Tony Orion

  874. Lif and Rivex

  875. SexPack vol.9 Fire in the Hole

  876. All Access

  877. Ren and Rif

  878. Giants Part vol.1

  879. RStallion State of Arousal Scene 3 Jimmy Durano and XL

  880. Randon and Vixer

  881. Humongous Cocks part 12

  882. Ryan and Hit

  883. Grunts The New Recruits Part 1

  884. Big Dick Revolution

  885. Tegan Zayne Gabriel Taurus

  886. High n Tight Scene 4 Bennett Anthony and Gage Unkut

  887. Runo and Fet

  888. Sidewinder Sean Zevran And Sebastian Kross

  889. Suck My Cock vol..1

  890. Chris Wards Masterstrokes Vol 1 Three Ways

  891. Rayne Rikk

  892. Use Me Like A Tool D.O. and Trenton Ducati

  893. Rian and Delta

  894. Suck My Cock 1

  895. Logan Stevens Adam Ramzi

  896. RStallion Destroyer Bruno Bernal And Gabriel Taurus

  897. The Best Of Steve Cruz Vol 1

  898. Ryan Rafael

  899. Brian Bonds Sean Zevran and Derek Atlas

  900. Brutal 2

  901. Howlers

  902. High N Tight

  903. Nasty Fuckers

  904. Sean and Kross

  905. RusCapturedBoys Bodybuilder Vasily in Jail Final Part

  906. Muscle and Ink

  907. Armando De Armas and Max Gianni

  908. Into Darkness

  909. Drenched In Piss County Hardcore Fetish Series Pissing vol.4

  910. To The Last Man The Gathering Storm

  911. San Francisco Meat Packers Part vol.1 Fabio Stallone Tony Orion

  912. Chris Ward s Masterstrokes Vol 1 Three Ways Disc 2

  913. Never Enough scene 1 4

  914. Conrad Hit

  915. Sexo en Barcelona Part 2 scene 02

  916. Logan and Het

  917. Cee and Steeven

  918. Never Enough RS

  919. Ryan Rose And Andrew Stark Flip Fuck

  920. Derek and Maxum

  921. Diamond Auto

  922. Dont Ask Just Fuck

  923. Alone On The Ranch

  924. Under My Skin Part 1 Scene 3

  925. Hung Americans Part 2 scene 01

  926. Jason Vario and Bruno Bernal

  927. Construction Zone vol.1

  928. Ink Stain

  929. Hole 2 Trenton Ducati Scott Hunter

  930. Charlie Harding Fucks Ty Roderick

  931. San Francisco Meat Packers Part 2 Scene 2

  932. Hairy Boyz vol.10

  933. Throb scene vol.02

  934. Edger 9 Hard Edge

  935. Reen and Fet

  936. Manifesto Muscled Men Disc 1

  937. The 4th Floor

  938. Party in the rear

  939. The Dirty Director

  940. Tyson and Tyler

  941. Nailed And Screwed

  942. Swallow Seed Co

  943. Boomer Banks Slams Billy Santoro

  944. The Woods Part 2 scene vol.02

  945. RusCapturedBoys Bodybuilder Vasily in Jail Part II

  946. Hes Got A Big Package

  947. RagingStallion XXXposure Sebastian Kross Clark Franco 720

  948. Clusterfuck

  949. Open Road Part 1 scene 03

  950. Fuck Hole scene vol.01

  951. Fistpack vol.30 3 Fists in Paris

  952. Ass to Grind Scene vol.04

  953. Ranks Cee

  954. Fuck Hole Sc 03 Tyson Tyler And Sean Duran

  955. Golden Gate Season Vol. 1

  956. Sounding 01 Hardcore Fetish Series

  957. Rean and Cexer

  958. RagingStallion XXXposure Hunter Marx Alexander Greene 720

  959. Humongous Cocks vol.7

  960. Nailed and Screwed

  961. Bennett Anthony Gage Unkut

  962. Hung Americans Part 2 scene vol.02

  963. Impact

  964. Night Maneuvers

  965. Sean and Vee

  966. Guard Patrol Christian Wilde and Ryan Rose

  967. Hairy Boyz Vol. 2

  968. RusCapturedBoys Bodybuilder Roman in Slavery Part II

  969. Rennett and Hit

  970. Horse Club

  971. Tight

  972. Ram and Dee

  973. The Tourist scene vol.04

  974. The Tourist

  975. Cee and Reed

  976. Instinct Scene 04 Rafael Alencar and Francois Sagat

  977. Rookies

  978. Cockquest scene vol.02

  979. Sounding vol.2

  980. Stroke

  981. Cockwork Scene 1 D.O. and Alexander Garrett

  982. Raging Stallion Open Road Part 1 Boomer Banks Tony Orion 720

  983. Hit and Rexter

  984. Trenton Ducati Armond Rizzo

  985. Hung Americans Part 1 scene 01

  986. Size Matters

  987. The 4Th Floor 4

  988. Primal

  989. Humongous Cocks part 4

  990. In Yer Face Raging Stallion

  991. Fistpack vol.10 Best In Hole

  992. Dean Cee

  993. Jock Itch 2 Balls To The Wall

  994. Total Exposure 1 Chris Bines Johnny V and Sebastian Kross

  995. Timberwolves Sc.2 Tommy Defendi Adam Ramzi

  996. RagingS State of Arousal Scene 3 Jimmy Durano and XL

  997. Diamond Auto Disc vol.1

  998. Refocus

  999. Hung Americans Part 2 scene 02

  1000. RagingS Erectus Jaxton Wheeler Bruno Bernal And Ian Greene

  1001. Hotter than Hell 2

  1002. Hunter and Marx

  1003. Bruno Bernal and Bruce Beckham

  1004. Jake Deckard Dominated By Tyler Saint and Scott Tanner

  1005. Throat stretch

  1006. The Woods Pt.1 Sc.5 Trenton Ducati and Tomas Brand

  1007. Dominus Adam Champ And Logan Mccree

  1008. Mad sex

  1009. Going Deep Down Under

  1010. Relentless sc 01 Marcus Isaacs Mike Dozer

  1011. Bout To Bust Scene 03 Rikk York Hugo Diaz

  1012. Roderick and Tyler Wolf

  1013. Rian and Veex

  1014. Bang On Scene 03

  1015. Fistpack vol.32 Stuff that Ass

  1016. Size Matters Tommy Defendi And Devin Dixon

  1017. Hairy Boyz vol.11

  1018. Woodshop

  1019. Hairy Boyz vol.8

  1020. Total Exposure 1 Boomer Banks David Benjamin

  1021. Temptation Scene 01 Brenner Bolton and Letterio Amadeo

  1022. Roid Rage

  1023. Young stud

  1024. Fistpack vol.18 Your Ass Is Mine

  1025. D O Fucks Trenton Ducati

  1026. Auto Erotic Part 2 scene 01

  1027. Awesome people

  1028. Wasteland Bruce Beckham fucks muscle bottom Bruno Bernal

  1029. Vet and Steele

  1030. Jock Itch

  1031. RStallion Alexsander Freitas and Damian Dragon

  1032. Steele Skippy

  1033. Reeler and Fet

  1034. Hole Sweet Hole

  1035. Stripped 2 Scene 01 Fabio Stallone Tomas Brand Logan Rogue

  1036. RS Tex Davidson Jack Vidra

  1037. Incredibly sexy guys

  1038. Inked Boyz 1

  1039. Fuck Flik vol2

  1040. The Dom Trenton Ducati James Ryder

  1041. Sounding 3

  1042. The Other Side of Aspen VI 2 discs

  1043. Insatiable bottom

  1044. Muscle Studs 2

  1045. Total Exposure 2 Andrew Stark and Ryan Rose

  1046. Stripped 1 Make It Rain Race Cooper and Josh West

  1047. Balls Deep scene 1

  1048. RStallion Filthy Fucks Austin Chandler and David Benjamin

  1049. Best Of Ricky Sinz Vol 1

  1050. Permission Dallas Steele and Mike Demarco

  1051. Beck Sean

  1052. Piss Off

  1053. The Drifter Disc 1

  1054. On The Job

  1055. Ass To Grind

  1056. Use Me Like a Tool

  1057. Hairy men

  1058. Lube Job

  1059. Fair Catch

  1060. Busted You Got Me

  1061. Derek Atlas Renner

  1062. Sounding vol.5

  1063. Inked Boyz vol.1

  1064. Fistpack 13 Fist And Shout Part 2

  1065. Hung Americans Part 2

  1066. Filthy Fucks Austin Chandler and David Benjamin

  1067. Raging Stallion Open Road Part 2 Donnie Dean Esteban Del Toro 720

  1068. Ass To Grind Jaxon Colt and Jaxton Wheeler

  1069. Construction Zone vol.2 Working Mans Hands

  1070. Now for the first time

  1071. Derek and Atlas

  1072. Fistpack vol.24 The Best of François Sagat Fisting

  1073. RagingS Hot As Fuck FX Rios and Max Gianni

  1074. Ford Caleb

  1075. Cowboys Part 1 Adam Champ And Paul Wagner

  1076. Hole vol.2 Luke Milan Bryan Cole

  1077. Tex Davidson and Vidra

  1078. The Best Of Francois Sagat

  1079. Rixet and Hee

  1080. Heave Breating

  1081. Derek

  1082. Relentless scene vol.01

  1083. Open Road Part 1 scene 01

  1084. Nick Capra Fucks Colt Rivers

  1085. Ramzi Rernal

  1086. Hard Friction

  1087. Construction Zone 1 Blue Collar Butthole

  1088. Colt and Rivers

  1089. Brutal PART 1

  1090. Erect This Jacob Taylor Tegan Zayne

  1091. Full Blast Scene 2 Chris Bines and Colt Rivers

  1092. Fistpack vol.14 ManCaves

  1093. Monster Bang 2 Stick It In

  1094. Cock Shot Scene 1 Trenton Ducati James Ryder

  1095. It is absolutely necessary

  1096. Durano Rif

  1097. High n Tight Bruno Bernal and Ryan Cruz

  1098. Clusterfuck HD

  1099. Unloaded

  1100. In Yer Face

  1101. Hard Friction part 2 Disc 2

  1102. Sounding Vol. 4

  1103. Raging Stallion Open Road Part 1 Adam Ramzi Aleks Buldocek 720p

  1104. Deep Probe

  1105. Hung Americans Part vol..2

  1106. Chris Harder Michael Thomas

  1107. Tales of the Arabian Nights Part 2

  1108. Monster Bang Poke Prod Penetrate

  1109. Colt Wheeler

  1110. Mocker bar

  1111. Rean Lix

  1112. Probe

  1113. Full Blast Scene vol.2

  1114. Ray and Rance

  1115. Stripped 1 Make it Rain

  1116. Vet Rest

  1117. Pokin In The Boys Room

  1118. Passport To Paradise

  1119. Adam Champ and Derek Parker

  1120. San Francisco Meat Packers Part 1 Scene 4

  1121. Hung Americans Part 1 scene 04

  1122. Ranks Cass

  1123. Stallone Orion

  1124. Bruno Bernal and Jeff Power

  1125. Open Road Part 1 scenevol. 04

  1126. Id Hit That Tegan Zayne and Bennett Anthony

  1127. Americaands Finest Johnny V and Derek Atlas

  1128. Magnetism scene vol.04

  1129. Raging Stallion Open Road Part 1 James Ryder Marcus Isaacs Aleks Buldocek 720

  1130. The Woods Part 2 scene 01

  1131. Fx Rios And Mike De Marko

  1132. Hard Studying Twinks

  1133. Muscle Studs

  1134. Abraham Al Malek

  1135. Handsome Devils

  1136. Abraham Al Malek And Sean Zevran

  1137. Never Enough

  1138. Dont Ask Just Fuck Tommy Defendi And Rusty Stevens

  1139. Behind the Big Top. Scene 1 Rogan Richards Logan Vaughn Leo Domenico

  1140. Reyes Vex

  1141. Guard Patrol Scene 04 Mitch Vaughn David Benjamin Rocco Steele and Brian Bonds

  1142. Clusterfuck 2 Boomer Banks and Rocco Steele Hd

  1143. Fuck My Eager Hungry Hole

  1144. Push Pull Squat Thrust

  1145. Wet Punk Faggot Fisting

  1146. Rj Danvers David Taylor

  1147. Derek Atlas and Brenner Bolton

  1148. RS Leo Domenico Genesis Luna

  1149. Golden Gate Tourist Season

  1150. Under My Skin Part 1 Scene vol.3

  1151. Rayne Vet

  1152. Hairy Boyz vol.7

  1153. The biggest gifted men

  1154. Wrecked

  1155. Best of Jake Deckard

  1156. California Dreaminvol.1 Ray Han and Ryan Rose

  1157. Hairy Boyz Vol. 11

  1158. Open Road vol.1

  1159. The Visitor 2

  1160. Hardcore Fetish Series Sounding 2

  1161. RStallion Object of Desire Bruce Beckham Jason Vario And Mick Stallone

  1162. Rugburn

  1163. Open Road Part 2 scene vol.4

  1164. Stag Homme Toy

  1165. Dirty Boys

  1166. Soccer Club

  1167. The Best of Jake Deckard Volume 1

  1168. It Gets Bigger Scene 1

  1169. Hung Americans Part 1 scene 03

  1170. Fet and Derek and Atlas

  1171. Heat of the Moment RS

  1172. Hairy Boyz part 6

  1173. Casa del Sol

  1174. Sexo en Barcelona Part 2 scene vol.01

  1175. The Tourist sc 04 Abraham Al Malek Bruno Boni

  1176. RStalion High n Tight Bruno Bernal Ryan Cruz

  1177. Austin Retex

  1178. Stag Fight

  1179. Rocco and Steele

  1180. Fistpack vol.31 Fist My Gaping Hole

  1181. Fee and Voon

  1182. Aleks Buldocek Shawn Wolfe

  1183. Clusterfuck 2 Hunter Marx Boomer Banks Billy Santoro and Rocco Steele

  1184. Humongous Cocks 6

  1185. Dirty Director Disc 1

  1186. Trenton Ducati

  1187. Americas Finest Scene 03 Johnny V and Derek Atlas

  1188. Throb scene vol.04

  1189. Sexpack vol.8 Skys The Limit

  1190. Cock Shot

  1191. Rey and Reton

  1192. San Francisco Meat Packers Part 2 Scene vol.3

  1193. GayDreams vol.2

  1194. Tales of the Arabian Nights part 2

  1195. To The Last Man Part 2 Guns Blazing

  1196. Hotter than Hell vol.2

  1197. RagingStallion Want It Now Lawson Kane Shawn Wolfe 720

  1198. Glory Holes

  1199. RStallion Backstage Pass part 2 Dorian Ferro and Jonah Fontana

  1200. Member Bonus Summer Lust Marc Dylan and Paddy OBrian

  1201. Cock Shot Sc With Shawn Wolfe And Jimmy Fanz

  1202. Raging Stallion Relentless James Ryder Boomer Banks 720

  1203. Playback Disc part 2

  1204. Cowboys Part 2 Jesse Santana and Lawson Kane

  1205. Never Enough Rich Kelly and Andrew Justice

  1206. Actions Glorihol

  1207. Destroyer Scene 4

  1208. Militia

  1209. Insatiable

  1210. Open Road Part 2 scene 2

  1211. Ryder Rif and Hit

  1212. Sexo en Barcelona Part 1 scene 04

  1213. Rocco Steele and Billy Santoro

  1214. Logan Mccree and David Benjamin

  1215. Latins Do It Better

  1216. Hole 2 Scott Hunter and Trenton Ducati

  1217. Taurus and Bruno Bernal

  1218. Grunts in Arms

  1219. Fistpack 1 Extreme Penetration

  1220. High n Tight Scene part 3

  1221. Centurion Muscle 4 Erotikus

  1222. Open Road Part One

  1223. San Francisco Meat Packers Part vol.1

  1224. Latin Jocks

  1225. RStallion High n Tight Mick Stallone and Ace Era

  1226. Sexo en Barcelona Part 2 scene 03

  1227. Stallone and Stone

  1228. Animus Adam Champ And Logan Scott

  1229. Stoked vol.1

  1230. Centurion Muscle vol.3 Omega

  1231. Ferro Vet

  1232. Filthy Fucks Scene 04 Abraham Al Malek and Sean Zevran

  1233. Pure Sex Scene vol.3

  1234. Adam Champ and Angelo Marconi

  1235. RagingStallion Under My Skin Part 1 Damien Crosse Nick Cross 720

  1236. Manifesto supplies Chris

  1237. Clusterfuck 1

  1238. Brutal 1 Alexsander Freitas and Draven Torres

  1239. Home Bodies

  1240. Fistpack vol.15 Fist Fuck

  1241. Refendi Dean

  1242. Magnetism scene 04

  1243. Cockquest scenevol. 02

  1244. When Men Fuck

  1245. Rippy and Baxter

  1246. Open Road Part 1 scene 02

  1247. Tough As Nails

  1248. Object of Desire Scene 3 Letterio Amadeo and Mick Stallone

  1249. like Thirst

  1250. Sexo In Barcelona Vol. 2

  1251. Kross Tyce

  1252. Monument

  1253. Gran Vista

  1254. Big Bigger Biggest Part vol.1

  1255. We hired Hollywood

  1256. Much innovation

  1257. Coat Your Throat

  1258. Cockwork Sc 1 D O and Alexander Garrett

  1259. Madrid Bulls

  1260. Hot men fucking and sucking

  1261. Rocco Steele and Boomer Banks

  1262. Bernal and Ryan

  1263. Humongous Cocks vol.3

  1264. Fucked Up

  1265. Workshops efforts

  1266. Filthy Fucks Abraham Al Malek and Johnny V

  1267. New York Piss Daze

  1268. Cowboys Part vol.1

  1269. Fistpack vol.7 Twist My Arm

  1270. RStallion Men of Madrid Mario Domenech And Viktor Rom

  1271. Armando De Armas and Max Gianni Full Hd

  1272. Ranks Fet

  1273. Licking and slurping

  1274. Hairy Boyz Vol. 7

  1275. RagingS State of Arousal Colton Grey And Bruno Bernal

  1276. Ref Landon and Conrad

  1277. RStallion Men of Madrid Viktor Rom and Ramwey Reis

  1278. Id Hit That Tegan Zayne Bennett Anthony

  1279. Trenton and Ducati

  1280. Andrew Justice and Marcus Ruhl

  1281. Ferro Riles

  1282. Open Road Part 1 scene 04

  1283. The Tourist Scene vol.1

  1284. Caleb King and Theo Ford Fuck Yeah

  1285. Fuck Flik One and Fuck Flik Two

  1286. Clusterfuck part 1

  1287. Ryder Ranks

  1288. Auto Erotic Part 1 scene 01

  1289. Australian locations

  1290. Rake and Brian

  1291. Hunter Hunted

  1292. Late Night Hit

  1293. Nasty Fuckers Scene 3 Alexander Garrett and Angelo Marconi

2017-04-28 12:41:0

Forbidden Dreams

Studio: Raging Stallion Studios

Tommy Blade has had a lot of dick in his day. As he wakes up in an empty apartment his mind wanders to his many sexual partners and their torrid affairs. In ass pounding action this movie begins and ends with big dicks and eager holes. In five scenes and a hot dildo solo, it explodes in sexuality and passion. Tommys beautiful body and filthy mind will bring you load after load.

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:14:14
Video: 720x478, AVC (H.264), 1362kbps
Audio: 113kbps

File size: 1.4 GB

2017-04-28 12:37:0

Manuel Skye and Mick Stallone

Release Year: 2017
Studio: RagingStallion
Cast: Manuel Skye and Mick Stallone
Genres: Muscles, Kissing, Blowjob, Anal Sex, Cumshot, Rimming, Flip-Flop
Video language: English

It’s a quiet night at the local cruise bar, which means that studs Manuel Skye and Mick Stallone can do as they please without interruption. As Mick works the pool table, Manuel works the bulge in his jeans.
They approach each other and begin kissing deeply with lots of tongue. Mick grabs Manuel’s nipple, then his ass. Undoing Manuel’s belt and freeing his enormous cock, Mick eagerly drops to his knees and services Manuel’s hard meat and hefty balls.
Turning around and leaning against the pool table, Manuel gives Mick a taste of his sexy ass for a deep rim job. Rolling on his back, Manuel takes Mick’s cock deep and hard.
As Mick fucks him, Manuel strokes his thick cock, then pulls his legs wide apart to increase Mick’s penetration. Moving to the bar, Mick bends over and takes Manuel’s cock from behind. As Manuel picks up speed, Mick’s ass jolts with every impact.
The intense pounding brings Manuel to the brink of cumming, and he pulls out to shoot a massive, spectacular cumshot that drenches Mick’s back with thick ropes of spunk.
Perching himself on the bar, Mick strokes his boner until he flings his load into Manuel’s open mouth. Standing up, Manuel makes out with Mick, sharing the taste of cum on his lips

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Tony Serrano and Bo Knight Flip–Flop Fuck (720p)

Studio: Raging Stallion
Cast: Tony Serrano, Bo Knight
Genres: anal, condom, oral, rimming, hunks, muscle, flip-fuck

Bo Knight has just come back from another dirty daydream in the shower. When he re-enters his bedroom, he finds Tony Serrano (lucky bastard) waiting and ready for him. The scene balances between tender and tough, rough and romantic, showing a side of Bo most have never seen. The couple look as if they were made for each other as every curve of their sculpted bodies fits into one other while they do a flip-flop fuck that shows the advantages of versatility. Never has either man seemed more desirable and they provide us with a perfect picture of unscripted muscle-humping heaven. By the scene’s end you will be as drained as the huge cocks of all the participants of this powerhouse film.

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Duration: 30:12
Video: 960x720, AVC (H.264), 2429kbps
Audio: 249kbps

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Construction Zone vol.1

Release Year: 2005
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Andy Dill, Chris Neal, Daxx Reed, Jessie Balboa, Sean Harris, Taurus, Tony Bishop
Genres: Fisting, Handball, Big Balls, Daddies, Fetish, Kink, Hunks, Group Sex

America's top Ass Hole expert, Chris Ward, has always brought you the hottest all-male handball action available anywhere on earth. Every year he releases an extended multipart film that bes an instant classic. In 2003 he brought you the two part set Rear End Collision, and in 2004 he directed the most popular fisting series of all time, the Tool Box Trilogy. Both of these sets won industry awards as the best fetish films of the year. And now, for 2005, Ward has announced a new three part series. The Construction Zone! The first film of the set, Blue Collar Butt Hole is now in stock and available for purchase!

This movie features nine men in six amazing extended scenes and get this: Chris did a model search and discovered a whole group of new never before seen fisting stars! These discoveries are all featured in Blue Collar Butt Hole! Never before have so many new guys been featured in a single film. So guys this movie IS the future of fisting! New men and new action in a film from the first and last name in American Fisting Raging Stallion Studio's own Chris Ward!

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Open Road vol.1

Release Year: 2013
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Adam Ramzi, Aleks Buldocek, Boomer Banks, James Ryder, Marcus Isaacs, Seven Dixon, Tony Orion
Genres: Oral, Anal, Big Dicks, Rimming, Hairy

Take an uninhibited journey with Raging Stallion on the back roads of America. Sexy, rough and rugged men let loose and ride free on the Open Road, experiencing intense sexual encounters and hooking up whenever and wherever it happens. A thumb and a highway are all it takes, and when you arrive you know you're gonna get some. Open Road, Part 1, directed by dynamic duo Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond, offers triple-X American man sex featuring blue collar studs doing it dirty. Lots of liquids have been spilled on Aleks Buldocek's bar, but none like the spillsing from the guys who work behind the counter. Employees James Ryder and Marcus Isaacs dress to reveal - one, a smooth ass; the other, hairy pecs - because it gets more tips. They wind up their sexual tension before the bar opens. Aleks hears the noise and joins them. Aleks is alone later, when drifter Adam Ramzi steps off the Open Road to wet his whistle. Adam's holes need to be filled and Aleks is the big, burly man for the job. Adam's back on the road, and he hitches a ride from Seven Dixon, a studly man with 7's tattooed on his neck and biceps like bowling balls driving a car that has as much muscle as he has. Adam feels the need to top this time, and delivers on all cylinders. Boomer Banks is exhausted from lugging around his big sack on the road. He is carrying an endowment that makes you doubt your eyes. While taking a load off and napping in a barn, Boomer is discovered by farmer Tony Orion, who wants to touch, suck and then offer his ass to experience Boomer's -hung power. Once you're on the Open Road anything can happen, and in Part 1, the road takes these studs to some of the most aggressive, exhilarating encounters that you've ever seen.

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Duration: 26:30
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Open Road - Part 1, scene 03

Release Year: 2013
Studio: RagingStallion
Cast: Boomer Banks, Tony Orion
Genres: Anal Sex, Blowjob, Tattoos, Hunks, Oral/Facial Cumshots, Rimming, Spitting, Kissing

Drifter Boomer Banks takes refuge from the heat in an old barn. He tosses his duffel bag on the hay, to use for a pillow. His dreams are interrupted by a hand on his cock. Tony Orion wants to see what's creating that enormous bulge in Boomer's pants, so he helps himself. Boomer's cock could rival the bulls out in the fields. It's so fat that Tony's hand can barely close around it, and it's long enough for three fists. Tony strokes it for a bit before Boomer looks to see who's got ahold of it. He's happy to see Tony: solid muscle, with a furry chest behind his coveralls and a full beard. He humps the hay bale as he tries to get as much of Boomer's cock down his throat as possible. Boomer gets to his feet and turns his attention to Tony's hairy ass. He spanks the hole with his tongue then tongue-fucks it. Tony clenches his hairy buns invitingly as Boomer pile-drives into Tony who is upside down on the bale of hay. The pleasure from such a huge cock has Tony only speaking gibberish. The push it all the way to the edge with intense fucking, until Boomer can't take it any longer and he jacks off into Tony's mouth and Tony shoots his load onto the hay as the sun goes down.

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Duration: 26:30
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4638kbps
Audio: 146kbps

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Man Power - Damien Crosse and Shawn Wolfe

Release Year: 2014
Studio: RagingStallion
Cast: Damien Crosse & Shawn Wolfe
Genres: Muscle, Latinos, Hairy, Interracial, Oral/Anal Sex, Foreskin, Tattoos, Cumshots, Masturbation

Two scruffy faced men kiss passionately. Sandy blond Shawn Wolfe is rock hard from tongue wrestling sexy Latin Damien Crosse and Damien wants that cock in his mouth. He strokes his own uncut cock while spit washing and sucking Shawn who soon returns the favor with gusto making sure Damien's meat is extra wet and ready for his ass. Shawn lies back, spread his legs and takes that cock like a man. Damien pounds Shawn hard then flips him over and pummels him gie style. Shawn wants Damien's creamy load and takes in his mouth and down his throat causing him to blast his own gusher across his chest.

Format: mp4
Duration: 27:51
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4653kbps
Audio: 146kbps

File size: 980.3 MB

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Humongous Cocks - part 6

Release Year: 2010
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Michael Brandon, Justin Christopher, Antonio Biaggi, Remy Delaine, Tom Vacarro, Rod Rockhard, Tom Shannon, Jay Black, Collin O'Neal, Ivan Andros, Damien Drake, Michael Soldier, Carlos Morales, Dominic Sol, Roman Ragazzi, R.J. Danvers
Genres: Compilation, Oral/Anal Sex, Big Balls, Muscle Men, Dildos, Cock Sizes: , Uncut Cocks, Interracial, Latino Men, Men of Color, Outdoor Sex, Rimming, Tattoos, Threesomes

Terms of Endowment - Michael Brandon and Tom Shannon
Michael Brandon powerfucks Tom Shannon into oblivion in a bathroom scene that sets the standard for all anal action. This is a filthy toilet two way that reviewers around the world hailed as one of the best, tightest, well filmed fuck scenes ever to be recorded on tape. Shannon's eager eyes nearly pop out of their head when Brandon drives his foot-long rock hard pole deep into his posterior. This must be seen to be believed! Note that this scene contains a controversial facial cum shot.
Lords of the Jungle - Collin O'Neal and Jay Black
"I smell barbeque!" says Jay Black as they emerge from a dense forest onto an empty field. "You are crazy," replies Collin O'Neal. They have been searching for something to eat for almost an entire day. They found a few coconuts and bananas, but nothing else. Jay knows he is hallucinating, and the two trudge on, climbing a small mountain as they continue their search. After several more hours they end up on a point on a ridge overlooking a fertile valley. The beauty of the scene distracts them from their dire situation. Together they gaze out across the rugged landscape, slowly noticing each other. The scent of sex is in the air and their cocks both respond instantly. Collin quickly takes out his big dick and feeds it to Jay Black--it may not be barbeque, but it is probably the next best thing! Collin allows Jay to service him (wait until you see this footage!!!) before turning him over and fucking him silly. In what is probably one of the most dramatic fucks ever filmed for gay porn, these guys get into each other on a level rarely seen in adult movies. The fucking is astounding and the footage we present is some of the best that Raging Stallion has ever offered! And wait until you see the cum shots--could these be the best cum shots of the year!? We say yes, but you will have to decide for yourself!
The Shaft - Ivan Andros and Damien Drake
Male sexuality has never been better filmed than in the third scene of this remarkable movie. The pairing for this fuck scene is one that Chris Ward orchestrated and was thrilled to film--RSS exclusives Damien Drake and Ivan Andros. Talk about a pairing--both men are world class beauties, dark and stunning, muscled to the point of "you gotta see it to believe it." Add to this body worship, blow jobs to choke on, and a fucking that pits a huge cock against a tight hole....this is the stuff wet dreams are made of! Chorus: You gotta buy this movie now!!!
Ass Quest 1 - Remy Dealine, Carlos Morales, and Justin Christopher
Remy Delaine, Raging Stallion’s 2006 Man of the Year, has a sexual prowess and versatility that shines above the neon light of this grungy, sex club-style, no holds barred, Quest for Ass.
Carlos Morales & Justin Christopher prove to the world just how deep their large pieces of man meat can go. Expert cocksucker he is, Remy can’t decide which cock he enjoys >more. At one point during the scene, he has 20 inches of cock to choose from. UP close and personal. Down his throat and UP his ass! Carlos and Justin take turns filling Remy’s round tight hole till he was begging them to stop!!
Carlos drops his load. Remy finishes his quest for ASS riding atop Justin cowboy-style. Sperm oozes out of his uncut juice can cock!
Sexpack Three - Tom Vacarro
This scene showcases stunning Tom Vacarro in a magnificent hairy three-way with Jeff Allen (star of Raiders of the Lost Arse) and Daddy hunk Austen Masters. The fucking in this scene simply must be seen to be believed. Tom's world-famous huge cock fills every hole on the set in the hairiest, horniest scene ever filmed!
Take it Like a Man - Rod and Michael Soldier
Raging Stallion exclusive pig bottom Michael Soldier gets into trouble again. But this time it's gonna hurt. Like your average street-trash hooker, Soldier wags his fanny on the street and gets picked up by Rod, who is on the prowl and really needs some white boy ass. Soldier should have known what he was in for--after all, guys like Rod appear on the cover of magazines like Black Inches (February 2003 issue). That's right--Rod packs a mean punch between his legs, and the rest of the scene shows Soldier trying to cope! Down his throat or up his ass, Soldier Takes It Like A Man in this giant cock carnival! This is porn like they used to make.
Trouser Trout - Antonio Biaggi and Dominic Sol
Dominic, Antonio and RJ are juice and listening to the crickets as they watch the fire. Antonio has fucking on his mind and Dominic quickly goes down on Antonio's huge rod. As Dominic swallows, RJ decides to entertain himself and he whips out his dick, watching as Dominic struggles with Antonio's monster. Dominic is an expert and takes almost all of the massive thing. As RJ watches and strokes, Dominic wets the entire length of Antonio's dick, making as much as he can get down his throat. When Antonio sits, Dominic's ass becomes the new focus of his attention. He wets his fingers and plays with Dominic’s butt as RJ undresses. Dominic pushes a condom down on Antonio's cock and sits on it, taking the huge dong all the way up his hole. Dominic rides like a pro, pumping his tight butt up and down the huge pole. RJ is jealous and finds a dildo in his tackle box to slip into his own hairy asshole. Antonio picks Dominic up and places him on his back with his butt up in the air so he can penetrate him deep. The fucking here is incredible. The huge rod pushes in and out of Dominic as both men watch RJ fuck himself with his toy. RJ blows his load on Dominic's face and licks it up. Antonio shoves his dick in the eager mouth as Dominic covers his stomach in cum. Finally it’s Antonio's turn and he blows his load onto Dominic's anxious mouth.
Tail Pipes - Remy Delaine and Roman Ragazzi
Roman is teamed up with Raging Stallion Exclusive Remy Delaine for a nice long sex session in the greasy garage. Remy is a confident stud whose body is close to perfection. When these two men begin to touch each other, the temperature in the room rises. As soon as the clothes drop, these men whip out their tools and flood the tank with hard dicks and hot manly action. Roman can't help himself. He stuffs Remy's huge uncut dick into his mouth and goes for the balls. Roman loves dick and Remy is happy to provide. Once the sucking starts, Remy licks his lips and goes for a ride up and down on Roman's dick. In the back of a pick-up truck with Roman on his back, Remy gets perfect tongue access to Roman's amazing hairy hole. Remy dives in and takes his time eating Roman’s butt. Roman's ass is so hot that Remy explodes all over Roman's hairy pecs. These two studs switch places and with Roman all worked up, he covers Remy in cum. This is just the beginning. Roman still wants dick. Remy stands up and shoves in his thick fat pole. The fucking here is incredible! Roman is perfectly framed by the back of the truck as Remy pushes his prick deep inside, pulls out and pushes back in. With Roman's hole up for easy entry, Remy goes wild pumping Roman full of dick. Muscles are everywhere in this scene. Roman's muscular butt wants dick from behind so Remy bends him over and plugs him. This time we get a perfect shot of Remy's cock pumping and Roman's rock hard cock filling the screen. Eventually the fucking builds to new heights and Roman blows a second load followed by Remy pulling out and spilling seed. We strongly believe that this scene will be a major contender for Best Sex Scene at next year’s awards shows. Yes, it is that good.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 3:02:00
Video: 640x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1870kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 2.6 GB

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Heat of the Moment

Release Year: 2010
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Austin Wilde, Angelo Marconi, Sebastian Gola, Andres de la Serna, Pedro Andreas, Peter Fill
Genres: Oral, Anal Sex, Daddies, Men, Muscle Men, Hairy, Rough Sex, Tattoos

When Raging Stallion brings together a group of hot men sex is bound to happen. With a small cast of six each man is a star. In the beautiful South American sun these six studs, suck and fuck in wild abandon!
Pedro, Andres, Sebastian and Felipe are hanging out by the pool when the Austin Wilde and Angelo Marconi arrive. Austin strips and jumps into the pool and when he leaves the pool he's not alone. Andres de la Serna follows Austin to the back of the house and gets onto his knees. Austin is beautiful and dark skinned with an amazing muscular body. As Andre sucks him off another pair arrive and then another. Soon all six men are sucking dick. Each man with a dick in his mouth or in his hand. This lineup is stunning with muscles and hard cock in every direction.
Pedro Andreas grabs Angelo and takes him pack by the pool for around of dick sucking and ass fucking. Angelo is thick and built and Pedro is a perfect match. These two kiss and fuck with passion as the afternoon begins.
Peter Fill takes a turn sucking and fucking with Pedro. Peter is big and bulky with wide shoulders and a fat uncut cock. Pedro clearly adores him, kissing passionately and fucking aggressively.
Andres de la Serna and Sebastian Gola find sometime alone on the porch. Sebastian is an impressive man, tight and mucsley. His fat dick dangles between his legs covered with foreskin. Sebastian gets on his knees and services Andres enthusiastically working the cock deep into his throat before it goes deep into his ass.
Austin and Angelo sneak off for a fuck in a nearby bedroom. These boys know each other well and get it on aggressively. The oral is just a quick warm up to the butt fucking. Austin fucks like a Raging Stallion pro, pushing deep and hard into Angelo.
Austin then meets up with Sebastian for a round of sucking and fucking. The two studs eat each other up. Sebastian again is on his knees and working Austin's massive dick down his throat. Austin eats Sebastian's ass before pushing his dick deep into him.
As Sebastian is getting fucked the other boys show up and a fuck fest begins. Each man has picked a partner and they go at it hard. Austin and Angelo are fucking on one end while Sebastian is getting fucked by Andres on the other side of the table. In between them Pedro and Peter are fucking hard and deep. The pairs watch each other as each man is fucking away. The bottoms watch as their buddies take it up the ass and the topspete with hard fucks.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:59:59
Video: 688x384, XviD, 1661kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.5 GB

2017-04-28 09:19:4

Terms of Endowment

Release Year: 2001
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Sky Donovan, Michael Brandon, Jack Ryan, Tom Shannon, Michael Soldier, Nate Summers
Genres: Oral, Anal Sex, Daddies, Big Balls, , Muscle Men, Finger Fucking, Fisting, Cumshot, Fetish, Group Sex, Masturbation, Outdoor Sex, Rimming, Rough Sex, Sex On, Around the Toilet

Terms of Endowment was the second major Raging Stallion movie featuring Michael Brandon and his 10 inch cock. Indeed, this movie paved the way for the entire Monster Bang Video line which to this day showcases huge dicks and gaping holes. Terms of Endowment brings a little romance to the regular take-no-priers sex that defines Raging Stallion movies. In this case, a group of hunky men decide to spend a weekend together in a San Francisco victorian, right in the middle of the Castro district. As you might guess, it is not long before the sexual friction turns into overwhelming heat as scene after graphic scene of uncontrolled sex unfolds before your bulging eyes. Directed by Chris Ward at the same time as he was directing movies for Falcon Studios, Terms of Endowment has the look and feel of a very high end production, something Raging Stallion always delivers!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:30:39
Video: 800x600, FFMpeg MPEG-4, 2598kbps
Audio: 250kbps

File size: 1.9 GB

2017-04-28 08:40:3


Studio: Raging Stallion

Animus is a no-holds barred exploration of hot leather club sex. Real men clad in leather and jeans come together for serious rough and intense man-on-man action. Harnesses, leather jackets, jock straps are the order of the day as these istic studs give it gritty and rough. Aggressive tops with huge cocks and hot holed eager bottoms all pay tribute to classic leather and denim action. Body hair, muscles, tattoos and a huge helping of male libido energize every second of this explosive movie

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:44:32
Video: 720x400, AVC (H.264), 1152kbps
Audio: 161kbps

File size: 1.0 GB

2017-04-28 08:12:3

Cowboys, Part 1

Release Year: 2011
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios

These rough and tough Cowboys spend all day tending to the cattle together. Their work is physically demanding, and it gets their sap pumping. With their sculpted muscles bulging, they can’t keep their eyes or their hands off of each other. From an off-the-dial, tail-gate three-way to three more hard core, super-hot, scenes all worthy of a barn-raising, Cowboys, Part 1 delivers.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:50:52
Video: 688x384, XviD, 2037kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.7 GB

2017-04-28 04:11:0

Jake Deckard Dominated By Tyler Saint and Scott Tanner

Studio: Raging Stallion

From RS Jock Itch. Hot mucsle jocks. Jake Deckard gets abused in the locker room after throwing the game. Tyler Saint and Scott Tanner take turns fucking Jakes mouth then his muscular hairy ass. Scott towards the end takes a turn bottoming for his team mates too.

Format: mp4
Duration: 50:38
Video: 720x478, AVC (H.264), 1457kbps
Audio: 96kbps

File size: 579.2 MB

2017-04-28 03:09:4

When Men Fuck

Release Year: 2011
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Christian Wilde, Paul Wagner, Race Cooper, Ryan Patrick, Ryan Raz, Tommy Defendi, Tony Aziz, Tristan Jaxx
Genres: Oral, Anal Sex, Compilation, Muscle, Hairy, Daddies, Interracial

Waiting Room - Tristan Jaxx and Ryan Raz
Sexy, Tristan Jaxx has an appointment ... with hot blond, Ryan Raz. While Tristan busies himself, leafing through a magazine in the waiting room, Ryan Razes in and sits down on the leather couch. It's obvious that there is an attraction, as the two steal glances at one another. Ryan stares at Tristan's huge bulge in his pants, and intuitively, Tristan knows what Ryan is after. With a quick look around, Tristan rubs his crotch, beckoning Ryan over. Raz can't resist, and soon begins rubbing Tristan's hidden hard cock too. Ryan slowly unbuttons Tristan's jeans, seductively taking out Jaxx's huge uncut cock. Ryan's cock gets stiff immediately, as he goes down on Tristan, driving him wild as he sucks and licks the unsheathed head of Tristan's thick, rock hard cock. Soon Ryan ispletely naked, and shows his rock hard boner for Tristan to service. Tristan sucks Ryan hungrily, but his appetite grows when he flips Ryan's feet over his head, and gives him a wet rimming. Ryan's blond hairy ass, opens upward, at perfect serving height for Jaxx to take a bite out of him. Ryan moans as Tristan spits, licks and finger fucks his hole, preparing him for the fuck ahead. Cock-ready, Raz sits down on Tristan's massive cock for a sensual eye-rolling fuck. Switching with Ryan's shoulders on the floor, butt up on the edge of the sofa, Tristan plunges Ryan's hole with a jackhammer fuck that buries deep. The final fuck, with Ryan on his back, ass on the edge, pumps out a gusher, as Tristan's hard cock perates Ryan's hole. Tristan pulls out, and sprays one of his miraculously famous multiple squirts, covering Ryan, and the rest of the waiting room sofa.
Rear Stable - Race Cooper and Ryan Patrick
Cowboys, Race Cooper and Ryan Patrick, can't help their attraction now alone in the stable together. With Ryan's jeans already ripped off, Race plunges his dark hard stallion cock, into Ryan's beefy white ass. Bent over a barrel, Ryan braces himself against the stable post, as Race angrily and mercilessly fucks him. Patrick whimpers and moans for more, as Cooper picks up speed, and both men give into the carnal sweaty lust that takes control. Now, on his back, with rope tied around his boots, Ryan get's fucked even deeper. He holds tight to the ropes suspending his legs, as Racemands him to "take it". Race has the steady rhythm of a prize stallion, not wavering his eyes from the finish line, and fucking the cowboy he's lusted after for so long. Both are dripping sweat, as they grunt and moan, and their pelvises hitting each other with audible hard slaps. Race pushes Ryan onto the concrete floor of the stable, now hitting his stride, he prepares to release a load onto Ryan's ginger beard. Powerful spurts cover Ryan's face and chest, as Cooper loudly cries out his release. Exhausted, but still hard from his ass being pummeled, Patrick lies down on the stable floor, His light skin covered in a film of sweat and cum, he strokes his uncut meat to climax, mixing his own cum with the liquids that cover him. Race leans down, and squeezes out the last bit of cum from Ryan's cock, before falling on top to kiss on the dirty stable floor.
Reception - Tony Aziz and Tommy Defendi
Tony Aziz is working at his desk, trying to finish his last bit of paperwork on hispany's last day of operation; when furniture mover, Tommy Defendi arrives to strip the office of all the furniture. Tony, not wanting to accept that he can't finish work, tells Tommy to "Strip yourself". Not one to leave an opportunity untaken, Tommy seductively unzips his coveralls to expose one of the most beautiful cocks in porn today. "Holy shit" Tony exclaims, unable to resist looking at Tommy's huge thick tool, and hairy chest and abs. Tommy's cock is more than inviting, and Tony immediately kneels forward to taste his thick hanging meat. Tony manages to get his lips all the way down to Tommy's big hairy balls. Work nowpletely leaving his mind, as he hungrily works the thick hardness with his mouth. Tommy gets a taste next, as he pulls Tony up, and undresses Aziz's hard muscular body. Tony leans back on the desk, as Defendi kneels down to suck Tony ravenously. Tommy strokes his own fuck-stick, spit dripping from his mouth, as he gives Tony's pole a wet and very enthusiastic blowjob. Tony lies back on the desk, as we see Tommy's long dick, slide slowly into Tony's hairy hole. Defendi plows Aziz's slick hole all over the desk, until Tony is drenched with his own warm sticky load. Wanting to taste the cock that gave him so much pleasure, Tony kneels down to devour and lick Tommy's nuts. The sensation makes Tommy release a giant load all over Tony's face and mouth, as Aziz greedily sucks down every drop.
Dark Room - Christian Wilde and Paul Wagner
In a dark room, two studs begin their bondage leather play. Paul Wagner lies face-down, spread-eagle on the fuck-bench, suspended by chains, while Christian Wilde works his plump hairy ass with a dildo. Paul's hands are tied, and he moans as Christian pushes the dildo deeper, taking full control of Paul's pleasure, willing him to open up more. Wilde unable to contain his hard-on, begins to stroke his cock, as he twists and hammers the dildo even further. Paul's ass is stretched out, and Christian watches as Wagner's hole twitches, waiting for the real deal. Christian rubs his thick cock against Paul's hairy blonde crack, and makes Wagner beg for it. Perating deep into the round ass, Christian rides his boy, asking him if he 'likes it'. Paul emphatically answers, "Yes, sir!" Grabbing hold of Paul's harness, Christian picks up speed, his cock getting thicker and harder with every thrust. A change of position, with wrist untied, and Paul is riding on top, with Christian now lying on the bench. Christian grabs Paul's furry butt, as it bounces and grinds against Wilde's pelvis. Needing to fuck his boy as deep as possible, Christian lies Paul back on the bench, with Christian standing, pulling the chains and his boy towards the base of his cock. Head cocked back and taking his sir fucking him, it's all Paul can do but lean back and take it, as he strokes his thick meat. Paul looses all control as Christian now pounds deep, spraying cum all over his sweaty hairy chest. Now satisfied that his boy has been used up, Christian pulls out and releases his own load, mixing more cum into Paul's soaking wet torso.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:34:55
Video: 848x480, XviD, 1998kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 1.5 GB

2017-04-28 02:10:3


Studio: Raging Stallion

Raging Stallions Explosive blazes with brute sexuality thats bold and rugged. Its an all-sex scorcher with action that flares up into eruptions of hot cum. Four of the hottest power bottoms youve ever seen ignite three master tops who trigger everything they want from their guys. The set is a leathermans vision of a soundstage, where director Bruno Bond lights the fuse by putting his stunning men up front and center, and letting combustion do the rest. Explosive stars four sensational Raging Stallion Exclusives. Adam Champ gives you the hirsute masculinity you want to worship in two dynamite scenes. Derek Parker shoots his hot looks at you with a “pow!” of muscle and inked physique. Alexander Garrett plunges his massive detonator and hits the spot. Stud bottom Angelo Marconi brings new meaning to fire in the hole offering it up like never before. Theyre joined by sex hound Jessie Colter, stallion Fabio Stallone, and the mass of voracious young muscle, Marc Dylan.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:38:47
Video: 720x400, MP4V, 1462kbps
Audio: 156kbps

File size: 1.1 GB

2017-04-28 01:19:4

Size Matters

Release Year: 2014
Studio: RagingStallion
Cast: Boomer Banks, Trelino
Genres: Muscle, Boots, Hairy, Jockstraps, Butt play, Oral/Anal Sex, Foreskin, Rimming, Tattoos, Cumshots, Masturbation

Boomer Banks' uncut cock, aimed at the parted lips of Trelino, is thicker than Trelino's wrist and nearly as long as his forearm. Boomer's thrusts stretch Trelino's mouth into a taut 'O' and cause sweat to break out on his forehead. Heavily tattooed Boomer contrasts with the lack of ink on young Trelino's body, making him seem all the more smooth. Trelino works Boomer's foreskin with his tongue, then Boomer yanks him to his feet and plants a deep kiss on those lips wet with cock juice. The straps of Trelino's jock cup the tight, firm mounds of his butt. Boomer uses both hands to spread them for a deep tongue probing, making sure to leave plenty of spit behind. Trelino's buns jiggle and dance from the intense pleasure. He whimpers and moans. Those cries of pleasure increase when Boomer spears him from behind with his ten fat inches. Trelino spreads his legs 180 degrees so his hot ass won't miss a single millimeter. Boomer works him fore and aft until exhaustion and excitement demand that their cocks release their heavy loads.

Format: mp4
Duration: 30:25
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4649kbps
Audio: 146kbps

File size: 1.0 GB

2017-04-28 01:12:3

In Yer Face(Raging Stallion)

Release Year: 2012
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Genres: Trenton Ducati, Ayden Marx, Charlie Harding, Chris Tyler, Derek Parker, Fabio Stallone, Tom Wolfe

Here’s a scorcher that puts the creamy white stuff right where you want it— In Yer Face! This supercharged, shooter of a film delivers big dicked fuckers in butt bruising action that ends with overwhelming jizz blasts you know where. Creamy facials are even creamier close-up, and in the best reward a fuck-buddy can get, a couple of lip smacking cum shots get mainlined right between wide open lips. Oh yeah, the all-man heat in this show is definitely In Yer Face!

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:44:41
Video: 720x400, MP4V, 1453kbps
Audio: 156kbps

File size: 1.2 GB

2017-04-28 00:56:3

The best of Francois Sagat

Release Year: 2006
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Francois Sagat, Huessein, Jay Black, Michael Brandon, Tony Serrano
Genres: Anal, oral sex

A man like Francois Sagat onlyes around once in a lifetime. From the tip of his uncut cock to the dark tattoo on his forehead, this guy is all man and brimming with sexuality. The five scenes are some of the best porn ever filmed, featuring beautiful men fucking and sucking all in reverence to Francois. Each groan is unique and each scene is filled with perfection. Francois' incredible torso fills the screen and his ass is a thing of beauty. His abs and biceps display years of hard work and dedication to the ultimate male physique.

Format: avi
Duration: 2:28:22
Video: 640x432, DivX 4, 1478kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.7 GB

2017-04-28 00:40:3

Fucked Hard

Studio: Raging Stallion

With barrel chests, furry bods, huge cocks and inviting asses, theres no doubt that some of the hottest studs on the planet are about to get Fucked Hard. The sexual heat and intensity in the air can only lead to flesh slippery with sweat; hot lips squeezing and sucking tasty, huge meat; and welcoming and bottomless holes that are wet with anticipation of a pummeling. Three top directors Chris Ward, Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond deliver some of their best work ever, putting these eight rough and rugged models to the test. Which top can dive to the depths of a bottoms insatiable desire as well as the depths of his hole? Which bottom can open himself to being taken, then taken again, surrendering first his throat, then his ass to a top who is driven to go deeper with every thrust? Dominic Sols hunger can only be sated by a hard pounding from hairy-chested dy Bruno Knight. On a one man mission to achieve powerful mouth and ass domination, Jesse Santana achieves his goal by delivering his cock ruthlessly to bear cub Heath Jordan. Leo Forte invites the relentless power of Derek Parker in a mysterious – near illicit – meeting filled with super-charged sex. Charlie Harding knows what he wants as he commands every inch of Ty Rodericks willing and completely able mouth and ass! With all this unbridled sexual energy masterfully directed by three of gay porns best directors, youll want to see these Raging men get Fucked Hard again and again.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:39:38
Video: 848x480, AVC (H.264), 1998kbps
Audio: 185kbps

File size: 1.6 GB

2017-04-28 00:38:4

Fuck Hole, Scene 03 - Tyson Tyler and Sean Duran

Studio: Raging Stallion

Sean Duran is an edgy stud with badass tattoos and a confident swagger that manifests right away as he leans back on his elbows to confidently watch Ty Tyler suck him with vigor. The oral service makes Seans nipples are glass-cutting hard and his stomach crunches in reflexive pleasure. After enjoying the warmth of Tys hungry mouth, Sean eats Tys sweet fuck hole like an .
Once its lubed and basted with saliva, Seans cock slides in swiftly as he cant wait to feel Tys ass swallow and engulf his dick. Sean powerfully pumps his cock into Ty ass.
After an energized first round, Ty flips onto his back so the two studs can explore every inch of their flesh with even more steamy intimacy. The new position showcases Tys high, round bubble-butt and beads of stick sweat collect in the hollow of his throat as his ass clenches hard around Seans driving shaft.
In an explosive climax, Sean grabs Tys cock and it spews white juice onto Seans chiseled chest and abs. Sean pulls out his cock and then feeds his load to Ty.

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:32
Video: 960x544, AVC (H.264), 1743kbps
Audio: 146kbps

File size: 285.2 MB

2017-04-28 00:10:3

Use Me Like A Tool

Studio: Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion is a studio after my own heart. Honestly, if I make to the afterlife, I would much prefer the entire cast of Use Me like a Tool be there to meet me at the pearly gates than I would anyone named Saint Peter. But alas, who knows how that whole situation will turn out, so its probably best I enjoy these men now, in their earthly incarnations, turning each other out.
In my short time reviewing for TLA (I am relatively new, for those not in the know&quot I have fast become a rather large fan of both D.O. and Trenton Ducati. They have amazing bodies: not too big, but nowhere near small, and they fuck like theyre gods (lending a bit more credence to my after- fantasies). So when I saw that the opening scene belonged to them I was thrilled. Trenton must have an ass that tastes amazing, because before D.O. even gets his dick sucked hes eating Trenton out and loving every second of it. When they do finally get to fucking, Trenton never loses the jockstrap, he just lets his hard dick hang out of the side til they both blow their loads on top of it.
The whole film is really jockstraps galore; watching Spencer Fox peel Spencer Reeds away for a good sucking is radiant at the least, and Charlie Harding and Ja Michaels put in a good turn as well to close the film. Yet the golden dick trophy goes to D.O.s second appearance, fucking one enchantingly handsome Jessie Colter. Maybe its his tattoos, maybe its his ridiculously taut body, Im not sure”but watching him get fucked like D.O.s best bitch ever had me shooting my load all over the coffee table. Will that get me to heaven? Who knows. Really, who cares I feel like Im already there.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:56:39
Video: 720x478, MP4V
Audio: 156kbps

File size: 1.3 GB

2017-04-27 23:39:4

Fuck Flik One and Fuck Flik Two

Release Year: 2006
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Peter Raeg, Aaron Tanner, Blake Harper, Bruce Jennings, Bryce Pierce, Carlos Morales, Chris Steele, Dean Coulter, Enrico Vega, Jason Branch, Michael Brandon, Michael Vincenzo, Riley Porter, Robert Black, Shane Rollins, Sky Donovan , Taurus Dean, Tony Cummi
Genres: Oral, Anal Sex, Big Dick, Muscle, Rimming, Group, Cumshot

Director Chris Ward wanted to release an all-fucking video, with nothing but hardcore anal peration. He decided to go back to some of his favorite scenes and select the best footage to make this amazing, no-holes-bared, all peration all the time fuck flick. This series delivers more fucking than you normally get in five full movies!
This is not some cheappilation; it's a first rate fuck fest from the studio that built its reputation on cock up the hole. These classic all-peration sequences are taken from Nexus, Pokin 'in the Boys Room, Gay Dreams, and Sexpack One, Four, Five, Six, Nine, and Ten.
These classic all-peration sequences are taken from Hard at Work, Terms of Endowment, Resort to Anything, The Shaft, Downright Dangerous, and volumes two, three, six, seven and eight of the Sexpack series.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:53:31
Video: 720x576, XviD, 715kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 706.3 MB

2017-04-27 23:18:0

Hole vol.2

Release Year: 2013
Studio: RagingStallion
Cast: Adam Ramzi and Joe Parker
Genres: Anal, Hairy, Prisons, Spitting, Oral, Foreskin, Rimming, Tattoos, Masturbation, Cum Shots

Alone in a dingy cell, Joe Parker has only a closed-circuit TV forpany. He sees men fucking. Joe has no control over the screen. A bare bulb swinging overhead casts shadows. A thin line of hair leads to the cock Joe is massaging through his filthy briefs. Dark hairs curl over the neckline of his t-shirt. Joe's isolation is relieved when Adam Ramzi is thrust into his cell. Joe reacts like a lion at feeding time in the , flinging himself onto the offering, biting his lips, tearing his clothes to get at his cock. Adam's bewilderment gives way to the surging pleasure unleashed by Joe's mouth. He grabs Joe's shoulders and flings him onto the cot, returning the blow job with equal fervor. If Joe's cock were any harder, it would shatter. Adam squeezes Joe's balls and drives his tongue into the cleft between his buns. They lie belly-to-belly, the sweat on their hairy chests mingling. Adam reaches for Joe's cock, aims it at his hole and impales himself on it in one single thrust. They knock foreheads, Joe thrusting up and Adam pushing back. position and missionary position follow, never missing a beat. Adam's supercharged balls propel a thick stream of jism across his torso. Joe's orgasm is no less intense, scattering spooge in a wide arc.

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:05
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4635kbps
Audio: 145kbps

File size: 704.4 MB

2017-04-27 23:09:2

Americas Finest (David Benjamin and Shawn Wolfe)

Studio: Raging Stallion

Shawn Wolfe and David Benjamin meet up and leave the clothes behind for some downright filthy fucking. Davids yellow jock strap barely conceals his raging erection. Shawn eagerly rims Davids pits, and every now and them, David lifts Shawns chin and spits in his mouth. If you love a stud with fur, ink, muscle and a dirty mouth, David is your man. It doesnt take long for Shawn to gravitate to Davids cock, and David makes sure he fills Shawns mouth and throat with his entire endowment. Shawn gets spanked and rimmed until his ass is burning to be fucked. When David makes him beg, Shawn gets a huge dildo as a reward. But youll never predict what follows. That foot-long dildo comes out of Shawns hole and goes straight down Davids gullet. All of it! Then he makes Shawn suck it, too. David grabs a second dildo and jams his own hole while plowing Shawns ass with the other dildo. With Shawns hole prepped and ready, David commences a hard and heavy fucking in two positions until both men are covered with sweat. The finale comes when they blow their loads and snowball them back and forth in big, wet, passionate kisses.

Format: mp4
Duration: 24:20
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 6588kbps
Audio: 146kbps

File size: 1.2 GB

2017-04-27 21:48:0

Hairy Boyz vol.10

Release Year: 2008
Studio: Raging Stallion
Cast: Alex Corsi aka Alex Baresi, Arpad Miklos, Collin O'Neal, Francois Sagat, Huessein, Ivan Andros, Jay Black, JD Kollin, Jierce Daniels, Remy Delaine - Man of the Year 2006
Genres: Hairy, Furry, Muscles, Rimming, Three Ways, Latins, Blacks, Europeans, Uncut, Tattoos, Gyms, Jocks

Its mega-hunk Arpad Miklos teamed with RSS discovery Alex Corsi. These two men were made for each other. Built like brick shit houses and hung like , both men sport perfect fur patterns head to toe and their obvious attraction to one another can be detected by the blind. They warm up by swapping juicy blowjobs, then Arpad takes over the top position to pummel Corsi's magnificent, hungry, furry fuck hole. The passion flows like sweat in a steam room between these two horn as they show us how the big boys do it. And what an impressive demonstration it is! By the time they hit their cumshots, you will be as worn out as they are. But we bet you go back for seconds ...

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 2:06:44
Video: 720x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1371kbps
Audio: 93kbps

File size: 1.3 GB

2017-04-27 20:58:0

PleXus Hardcore

Release Year: 2004
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Michael Vincenzo, Brendan Austen, Alex Steele, Shane Rollins, Jerek, Lance Gear, Andreas Stern, Tony Serrano, Michael Brandon
Genres: Oral, anal, fisting, documentary

In the planning for almost three years, Raging Stallion's Plexus! - The third and final installment of Chris Ward's Art of the Orgy series, is released!
Plexus! takes the orgy to its final and most amazing apex, gathering together the hottest men alive on earth (we flew in guys from Germany, England, Australia, Russia, and Spain to join our all-american boys) and throwing them into a steamy menagerie of sweaty sexual filth that must be seen. These actors, each carefully selected and screened to make sure that they had what it takes, are over-the-top exhibitionists who get off on performing for you and the camera. Sure, they have huge cocks up their asses and down their throats, but you can tell in their eyes that what they really enjoy is getting you off!
The Second Disc of this movie has some remarkable things that will give hours of pleasure. Of course, there is the amazing Brendan Austen dildo scene, and the Jerek takes Lance Gear, Alex Steele, and Andreas Stern fisting scene. But wait! There's more! Director Chris Ward knew he had a hard act to follow what with the great reviews and customer satisfaction for SEXUS and NEXUS, so he took a chance and did something that no one has ever attempted!
Instead of just lighting the sets for PLEXUS!, He lit the entire Raging Stallion warehouse and hired a second camera crew to film a full length special behind the scenes feature (over an hour long) that follows fluffer Michael Brandon for the entire week of shooting ! This is an entire second porn movie that you get for free. It even contains some very controversial footage (oral cum shots, etc). Interviews with each of the stars take place while their cocks are getting sucked! This is the best special feature footage ever released on a gay porn DVD. Cut MTV, Entertainment tonight style by a new editor we hired from Hollywood, this movie will rock your rocks right over the edge!

Format: avi
Duration: 40:28
Video: 720x480, DivX 5, 1268kbps
Audio: 156kbps

File size: 425.7 MB

2017-04-27 19:41:0

Armond Rizzo Gets Fucked By Trenton Ducati

Studio: Raging Stallion

Armond Rizzo is a sexual firecracker, a smooth hunk of muscle ready to go off. Trenton Ducati is equally muscled and nearly three times Armonds size. Trentons cock is so hard and big that Armond must swivel his head in multiple directions to find the perfect fit. A bit of pressure from Trentons hand on the back of Armonds head -- and an occasional kiss -- helps. Trenton knows how he wants to be pleasured. He directs Armonds attention to his low-hanging balls, leaning back in his chair, flexing his smooth abs and humongous biceps. Trenton checks out Armonds buns, slapping and spreading them to reveal a nut-brown center with a ring of sparse hairs. Trenton spits on his hand and jams a finger in the hole. Then another. Ripping off Armonds jock strap, Trenton lifts him into the air and swings him in a circle until his face is planted squarely in Armonds crack, with Armond still sucking. Then Trenton swings him around again and Armond lands with Trentons cock up his ass. Armond is a demanding, aggressive, desiring and desirable bottom. He and Trenton lock lips while they fuck, changing positions twice. Trenton wraps his hands around Armonds neck, triggering an intense orgasm for both of them.

Format: mp4
Duration: 27:09
Video: 960x544, AVC (H.264), 1768kbps
Audio: 124kbps

File size: 378.2 MB

2017-04-27 19:11:2

State of Arousal Jimmy Durano

Release Year: 2017
Studio: HardFriction. RagingStallion
Cast: Jimmy Durano, XL
Genres: Anal Sex, Blowjob, Black, Interracial, Kissing, Rimming, Deep Throat, Muscles, Tattoos, Uncut, Big Dicks, Cumshots
Video language: English

Jimmy Durano and X L kneel before each other, their senses heightened and their cocks at attention. The intense mental attraction to each other becomes physical as making out leads to deep cocksucking, with X L performing the impressive feat of swallowing Jimmy's extra-large uncut meat. As he sucks Jimmy's cock, X L's gorgeous ass crack spreads wide, revealing his tight, hairy hole. Jimmy's an ass man, and X L's perfect bubble butt is irresistible. Lapping with his tongue, Jimmy slathers his spit on X L's hole. When X L's ass is slippery and wet, Jimmy slides in with his girthy anaconda. Bracing himself, X L revels in the high-energy, connected sex. As Jimmy pounds with his considerable strength, glistening sweat reflects the light from their toned, muscled bodies. X L takes Jimmy's cock sideways, enabling Jimmy to penetrate deeply and hit X L's sweet spot. At the last second, just before he cums, Jimmy pulls out and unleashes a streaming gusher of cum that drips across X L's cock, balls, and taint. Stroking himself, X L blows his load on his stomach in a thick, white jet. Jimmy and X L's final kisses show their passionate state of arousal.

Format: mp4
Duration: 26:00
Video: 960x544, AVC (H.264), 1752kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 371.0 MB

2017-04-27 19:08:0

Ranch Hands

Release Year: 2011
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios, Fisting Central
Cast: Erik Rhodes, Billy Berlin, Jesse Santana
Genres: Oral, Anal Sex, Fisting, Freshmen, Muscle Men, Outdoor Sex, Piercings, Tattoos, Theme: Cowboys

Cowboys work with their hands all day long. Working with and cattle from sun up to sundown brings out basic instincts in these Cowboys. So, it's no surprise to find these guys pawing at each other every chance they get! And, they just don't paw, they put their Ranch Hands deep inside each other, taking entire forearms to the elbow and seeing how much punishment a hole can take. This movie was perally directed by Fisting Hall of Famer Chris Ward. Honestly, this is as good as it gets.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:32:43
Video: 688x384, XviD, 2484kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.7 GB

2017-04-27 18:48:0

To the Last Man - The Gathering Storm

Release Year: 2008
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Jackson Wild, Ricky Sinz, Scott Tanner, Antonio Biaggi, Antton Harri, Damien Crosse, Jake Deckard, Logan McCree, RJ Danvers, Scott Campbell, Tristan Jaxx
Genres: Muscle Guys, Huge Cocks, Bathroom, Shower Sex, Bondage, BDSM, Cowboys, 3 Ways, Public Sex, Submissive, S & M

Cattle and roam the wide-open countryside. Jagged boulders simmer beneath the sweltering Arizona sun. Burly cowpokes in skin-tight jeans fuck each other silly. Wee to the world of To the Last Man - a world of the rough and the rugged ... more American than apple pie ... all bales of hay ... and canyons ... and hairy tarantulas ... and windmills ... and guns a-blazin '... and scruffy beards ... and ... wait. Is that a nipple ring? I guess the verisimilitude had to end somewhere, but I am not above suspending my disbelief when there are more pressing matters at hand. Beneath its dusty-booted surface, is packed with more hot fornicatin 'than Fire Island's meat rackbined with Southern Decadence, multiplied by Ft. Lauderdale. Brokeback it ain't, but the recipe here called for a dickjerker. And jerk you shall, for this is an exquisitely-filmed, ambitious fuck-fest of epic proportions.
Let'smence with Part I: The Gathering Storm.

Format: avi
Duration: 3:07:41
Video: 544x304, XviD, 1015kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.5 GB

2017-04-27 18:26:3

San Francisco Meat Packers - Part vol.1

Release Year: 2014
Studio: RagingStallion
Cast: Shawn Wolfe & Billy Santoro
Genres: Muscle, Boots, Butt play, Oral/Anal Sex, Hairy, Tattoos, Cumshots, Masturbation

Meat packer Billy Santoro handles all the choicest cuts of beef, including Shawn Wolfe. The meat on Shawn's bones gets chilly in the cold warehouse, so Billy offers Shawn his hard cock to use as a hand warmer. After Shawn's hands are warm, he warms up his lips. While Shawn thaws, Billy gets hot. He packs Shawn's face balls-deep with meat, just like the slogan on hispany t-shirt, which he soon discards. Now that Shawn is thoroughly defrosted, it's time to make his flanks sizzle. Billy inserts his probe and lights Shawn's fire. The thick slabs of Shawn's muscular buttocks quiver and Shawn groans. Billy flips him over halfway through, switching positions to do the other side, without missing a thrust. Shawn's rump glistens and springs back when pressed, a sure sign that's he's being packed right. The noise escalates and Billy takes a moment to give Shawn's meat thermometer a slurp. Steaming meat juices pour forth from them both.

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:52
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 6642kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.0 GB

2017-04-27 15:26:3

Relentless, scene vol.01

Release Year: 2013
Studio: RagingStallion
Cast: Marcus Isaacs, Mike Dozer
Genres: Anal Sex, Blowjob, Hunks, Muscles, Hairy, Kissing, Rimming, Fingering, Spitting, Cum Eating, Tattoos, Cumshots

Mike Dozer and Marcus Isaacs are furry from head to toe with full beards. Marcus is the lean dude with the enormous raven tattoo. Mike is the burly guy with a cock both long and thick. He's a cross between a dy and a bodybuilder. They move from ravenous kissing to cocksucking when Marcus drops to his knees and slurps up Mike's cock. Mike guides Marcus' head and encourages the cock worship with lots of groans and dirty talk. While he sucks, Marcus runs his hands through the forest of fur covering the well-defined muscles of Mike's broad chest. Marcus' cock bobs rapidly and the tight hole in the center of his bubble butt clenches in anticipation. Sweat is beginning to mat their fur when Mike tears himself away from Marcus' mouth and turns his attention to his perfectly molded, furry buns. He splits them with his hands and drives his tongue and several fingers deep into the warm hole. When Marcus' hole is well primed and spit-lubed, Mike slams his cock in. Mike's rhythm never falters or subsides. He rams Marcus to orgasm, on his belly and on his back, feeding him his cum. Then Marcus grabs Mike's cock and helps him jack out a thick load.

Format: mp4
Duration: 24:46
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4655kbps
Audio: 146kbps

File size: 872.2 MB

2017-04-27 14:39:2

Fuck Hole Scene 04 (Derek Atlas and Dario Beck) Hd

Studio: Raging Stallion

Dario Beck reclines, legs spread eagle, ready to be taken. He squeezes his balls with anticipation and his finger drifts erotically back and forth across his tight fuck hole. Derek Atlas emerges from behind a curtain of chains, holding his throbbing hard cock. Darios hormones spur him to jump up and seductively greet him with a passionate kiss. Dario devours Dereks neck, armpit, and nipple with his moist lips. Then his tongue travels to Dereks meaty cock. Derek grasps the chains overhead and unleashes his sex drive by fucking Darios face. After a juicy oral session, Dario offers his hungry hairy ass. Derek squeezes and parts Darios furry cheeks so he can drive his nose and tongue into the center. Then he probes his cock deep into the crevice. The friction of fur on fur sets up a current of sexual electricity that makes them quiver and vocalize their . Dario gets on his back so Derek can skewer his fuck hole even more deeply. They kiss, and Derek mounts him like a beast, with powerful, rapid strokes backed up by 200 pounds of muscle. Dario flips over and milky cum squirts from his cock. Derek bursts like a dam, shooting white clots of semen across Darios ridged abs.

Format: mp4
Duration: 20:14
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4604kbps
Audio: 146kbps

File size: 704.7 MB

2017-04-27 13:09:4

Fistpack vol.32 Stuff that Ass

Release Year: 2011
Studio: Fisting Central, Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Erik Rhodes, Trent Bloom, Caedon Chase, Boyhous
Genres: Oral, Anal Sex, Fisting, Muscle Men, Hairy, Jockstraps, Piercings, Rough Sex, Tattoos, Master-Slave

It's gut-check time. These fisting fiends are ready to stuff and get stuffed - round after round of bowel boxing that will leave you wishing for more. This is flip fisting at its best and these studs trade ass blows ferociously. This isn't for the squeamish as these pigs take fisting to another dimension, stuffing gaping holes to unthinkable levels and widening holes to unheard of extremes.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:21:36
Video: 720x480, XviD, 1779kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 1.2 GB

2017-04-27 12:11:5

Hung Country

Release Year: 2016
Studio: Raging Stallion
Genres: Hector de Silva, Josh Milk, Abraham Al Malek, Antonio Miracle, Dani Robles, Emir Boscatto, Martin Mazza, Sergyo Caruso

Take a trip deep into the Spanish countryside and discover 'Hung Country,' where the men are all tall, dark, muscular, and packing huge dicks! Director Steve Cruz gathers eight of the hottest European hunks and gives you a thrilling, intimate look at the intense sex that happens when horny, European men can't keep their hands off each other.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:59:56
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 3192kbps
Audio: 312kbps

File size: 3.0 GB

2017-04-27 11:08:0

Need It Bad

Release Year: 2011
Studio: Hard Friction, Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Jason Michaels, Adam Herst, Damien Stone, Dylan Hyde, Fabio Stallone, Jesse Santana, Kennedy Carter, Shay Michaels
Genres: Oral, Anal Sex, Big Dick, Muscle, Hunks, Hairy, Rimming, Cumshot

Hard bodied men so horny, they just can't wait to get their clothes off and their asses stuffed with more thick throbbing cock. A film for men who Need It Bad The latest four scene scorcher from Hard Friction brings you more of what you love. Big cocks, hairy men, tattooed rough-necks, bubble butts, swarthy brutes, hard-bodied jocks, muscle studs and the boy next door all get their fill, live in the Hard Friction studio. Directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond bring you more no-nonsense fucking based on true chemistry and attraction the way men like it. Rmended for those who Need It Bad.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:49:42
Video: 688x384, XviD, 1804kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.5 GB

2017-04-27 10:38:4

It Gets Bigger

Studio: Raging Stallion Studios

The hotter the action, the bigger the cocks get. And, in It Gets Bigger, they get huge! When you start off with a group of eight hung studs, youre bound to see major growth when these horny guys get busy. Appreciate these fine pieces of man meat, as they get the attention they deserve in steamy glory hole action, a gritty three-way and off-the-dial oral and anal sex. Watching these tools at work, most will notice “it” getting bigger.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:57:48
Video: 854x480, XviD, 2325kbps
Audio: 54kbps

File size: 2.1 GB

2017-04-27 10:28:0

It Gets Bigger

Release Year: 2012
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Erik Rhodes, Bryce Star, Jason Michaels, Alexander Garrett, Lawson Kane, Shay Michaels, Spencer Fox, Spencer Reed
Genres: Muscle, Big Dick, Oral, Anal Sex, Threesome, Glory Hole, Rimming, DAP, Tattoos, Masturbation, Cumshot

The hotter the action, the bigger the cocks get. And, in It Gets Bigger, they get huge! When you start off with a group of eight hung studs, you're bound to see major growth when these horny guys get busy. Appreciate these fine pieces of man meat, as they get the attention they deserve in steamy glory hole action, a gritty three-way and off-the-dial oral and anal sex. Watching these tools at work, most will notice "it" getting bigger.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:57:48
Video: 854x480, XviD, 2325kbps
Audio: 54kbps

File size: 2.1 GB

2017-04-27 08:36:3

Arab Heat Tales of the Arabian Nights vol.3

Release Year: 2010
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Adam Killian, Alessio Romero, Antonio Biaggi, Aybars, Bruno Bond, Damien Crosse, David Dirdam, Dominic Pacifico, Francesco D'Macho, Tony Aziz
Genres: Oral/Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Hairy, Muscle, Rimming, Daddies/Men

In the arid dry heat of the desert, Tony Aziz and Aybars are relaxing, taking refuge from the sun, and discussing current events over afternoon tea. Aziz asks the man servant, who is serving them, Dominic Pacifico, to give him a massage. Pacifico obediently obliges. Aybars sits back, as he watches this scene unfold. Pacifico massages Aziz’s feet, moving up his leg, massaging the muscles along the way. Aziz pulls back his robe to reveal another muscle that needs to be worked on. Pacifico looks at Aziz, and knows what he’s after, intuitively reaching for Aziz’s cock. Speaking in Arabic, Aziz tells him ‘how good it feels’, as Aybars watches from across the room, stroking his thickening fat meat. Pacifico begins to devour Aziz’s throbbing cock, getting it all wet. Aybars decides to join in, and walks over and facing Aziz, presents his own cock to be serviced. Soon, they are wildly sucking each other. Aybars proves to be a great cocksucker, when he takes both Aziz’s and Pacifico’s cocks in his mouth, at the same time.

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:43:27
Video: 480x320, AVC (H.264), 996kbps
Audio: 124kbps

File size: 1.3 GB

2017-04-27 05:36:3

Trouser Trout vol.1

Release Year: 2007
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
Cast: Dominic Sol, Chad Hunt, Derrick Hanson, Ryann Wood, Tyler Saint, Bo Matthews Подробное английское описание A group of nine strapping men meet up at the Russian River Resort for a juice before they begin their annual fishing trip. As each man is introduce
Genres: Oral, anal, muscle, dildo, group, big cocks

Michael Brandon presents Trouser Trout, with action as hot as ever and a group of hot men unmatched in porn history. The Trouser Trout cast is full of huge dicks, and each man is anxious to catch the big one. A group of nine strapping men meet up at the Russian River Resort for a juice before they begin their annual fishing trip. As each man is introduced, another big-dicked stud is added to the group.

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