OTB - First Time Sex Games 5 Show Me How

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OTB - First Time Sex Games 5 Show Me How

Bernard, Damian, Eduardo, Junior, Marcos, Raul, Trend, William, Xavier

The cutest boyz in the world are back - and cuter than ever!
You can't get any younger than OTB; all models are 18-22 years old and are full of youthful fun and energy. Horny from beginning to end and always hard, these boys cum multiple times and just love sex! Part 5 in the on-going series features some of the hot young twinks famous from previous films along with cute, new faces. Watch as these cute twinks explore each other?s bodies and show one another how to fuck and suck like a pro! Twink films are hot and the public loves OTB! With over 2 hours of hot twink-sex, your customers won?t be able to keep their hands off this one!
Scene 1: Trend has car trouble, but luckily manages to find a mechanic quickly. His name is Eduardo and very soon Trend leaves not only his har in Eduardo's capable hands...
Scene 2: Damian loves to work out long and hard. Two words that also come to mind when he shows us what he likes to do AFTER the workout...
Scene 3: Xavier also likes to work out, but thinks it's boring when you do it on your own. So he asks Marcos to join him, who is more than willing to do whatever Xavier proposes...
Scene 4: Supercute Raul is studying to be a doctor and shows us around his future surgery. Nice of him to let us examine HIS body up close, as well as some very sexy bodily functions...
Scene 5: William's hobby is photography. He finds a willing model in Junior and what happens is what I promise you is a very untypical photo session...
Scene 6: Trend, Xavier and Bernard meet to get some soccer practice in. Needless to say, they soon find some other balls much more interesting. A hot threesome ensues!

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OTB - First Time Sex Games 5 Show Me How

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