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Studio: Knightbreeders

He knocked me over and had his way with me, in a very selfish kind of way...
Hollywood can be a place of glamour and success for those who finally make it. For those who dont, there is a totally different option that works out like a consolation prize. You still get to be in front of the cameras, but youll be doing something altogether new. If youre not walking the streets of Hollywood, youll be taking it up the ass at the Knightbreeders studio! The videos from Knight Breeders tend to be raw, kinky, and completely amateur – just the way we like it!
This DVD is all about the Hollywood street whores you can often see along certain boulevards and side-streets in this glitzy town, as seen through the lens of Knight Breeders. The men here are turning tricks for a quick buck and theyre giving it their all. We never really get to know these guys, but thats ok. We dont need to. We just need to know that they'll open up their mouths and their asses to let monster cocks into their warm, wet holes. Barebacking Hollywood Street Whores offers four distinct scenes featuring non-stop bareback action from some of Hollywoods roughest trade. They come dressed in street wear that quickly comes off (if the scene even begins with any clothes) and then the cock slurping begins. Youll love this DVD if youre into insatiable, male whores! Its the real deal and you tell, because you just can't fake this kind of sex!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:22:39
Video: 632x472, XviD, 2343kbps
Audio: 125kbps

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