Free download - Ikarus - Juicy Holes (2010)

Five Scenes of young sucking and fucking.

1. Dave is cleaning the pond with a net and watching Luke, sprawled on a couch, stroke his dick. Soon he comes over and chases off Luke's hand with his mouth. After the boys trade blowjobs for a while, Dave makes Luke's hole juicy indeed with a thorough rimming -- so it's all the more surprising that it's Dave that ends up being shafted. Luke has a gorgeous cock to match his pretty face, and if at first he's content with a passive role as Dave rides him, soon he bends his friend over the couch arm. Though not a great fan of monster shots, this reviewer couldn't help admire the sed interweaving of close-ups of a gaping target's imaginative long-dicking with expressions of both rapture and pain. Three changes of position only serve to ratchet up Dave's passionate moaning, until he shoots on his own belly, followed by several strands of Luke's thick juice on his face and in his mouth. The cock-and-jizz play on his face lasts a good two minutes and is incredibly sexy.]

2. In a hideously decorated patio with orange walls, three friends are shooting the breeze. Matters take an interesting turn when Gary Bond (neck and arm tats) pulls out his thick seven-incher and Brant Shy (mohawk) and James Jones start to fight over it. This is a tender scene with moaning and kissing. The three musketeers jack off together (camera underneath) before resuming their oral copulation. Gary fucks Brant then James. There is even a fuck sandwich with James in the middle. Scene ends without a cumshot.]

3. Floating in the pool, Tommy Hard pulls his cock out and starts stroking while Kristopher Thierie, Gary Bond and Brant Shy watch. Soon, they strip out of their swim trunks as Tommy swims towards them. By the side of the pool, Tommy works Gary's mouth up and down his shaft, watching as Kristopher slobbers on Brant. When Tommy gets out of the pool, the action truly begins! The hot young men trade and pair off repeatedly as each one sucks cock, gets sucked and rims tight pink sphincters in preparation for bareback fucking. Big, thick cocks leave gaping raw holes as these hot young men fuck each other and get fucked the only way they know how: RAW! The orgy comes to a grand finale as Tommy rides each of the twinks, in turn, then lays them down on the ground and cums all over their faces with a huge load that is shared by all.

4. Vic Degaie and Luke Besson are making out when Tommy Hard walks in. He kisses Luke then starts sucking his big, fat cock before stripping and whipping out his own big dick. Tommy's balls swing back and forth as he fucks Luke's mouth then skull fucks Vic as Luke sucks the bareback bottom. Soon Vic and Luke are sharing Tommy's cock and the dick sucking eventually turns into rimming. Luke and Tommy take turns spit-lubing Vic's tight pink hole. Priming it for a raw fuck, the two young men stretch out Vic's eager and willing hole using their tongues, fingers and bare cocks. Vic gets spit-roasted, taking Luke and Tommy, who tag-team his ass. No hole is left unfucked, however, and even Luke is pummeled by Tommy. Plenty of ass-to-mouth, gaping holes and cum swapping that leaves this bareback 3-way drenched in cum.

5. Strawberry blond Kristopher Thierie is watering plants when dark-haired James Jones walks in and starts groping the twink. Kris likes being manhandled and is soon on his knees getting his mouth fucked by James' thick, mouth-watering cock. James, with a thing for armpits, shoves his cock beneath Kristopher's pits and pounds away as if he were fucking an ass. Kris allows himself to be used like a toy, getting his ass slapped before James fingers his tight hole. The two young men are soon in a 69 position, sucking each other's dicks and eating the other's ass, fingering and getting primed for a flip-flop bareback fuck. The two young men take turns fucking each other, their sweet raw holes pumped full of dick and stretched wide until they both spray fresh cum loads all over gaping holes.

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