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HotHouse - Club Inferno - The Deep End

Country: US
Studio : Club Inferno, Hot House Video
Cast: Evan Matthews, Danny Fox, Geoffrey Paine, Josh West, Luke Spears, Rick Powers, Tim Kruger, Tyler Saint
Director: Robert C. Drake
Categories: Fetish Leather Muscles Dildo Hardcore Extreme Penetration

Club Inferno discovery Evan Matthews takes you to the The Deep End, where the fists and toys go deeper, harder, and faster than ever before! Director Robert Drake pulls out anal assault weapons that defy the imagination and stretch the limits of today's hottest fisting bottoms. There's only one place for enormous dildos, humongous butt plugs, and probing, greased-up fists - The Deep End!

In one of the most astounding scenes in Club Inferno history, ultimate fist-pig Evan Matthews starts by filling his own hole with gobs of lube and shoving his own hands up his twitching manhole. Next he finds a foot-long dildo which he effortlessly shoves up his ass to the base. Rick Powers enters and sees that Matthews needs more. He pulls out a fat 18-inch latex cock and works it into Matthews’ hole. With Matthews’ rosebud in full bloom Powers pulls on the latex gloves and works his fist, then his forearm, up inside. As Powers pushes deeper and deeper there proves to be no limits to Matthews’ deep end. Next the two share the largest tool to-date, the giant 3-foot long two-headed anaconda. The pliable dildo snakes its way up into Matthews’ guts until nearly all 3 feet disappear! Powers jacks off and leaves Matthews to enjoy his new latex love tool.

Horsehung Geoffrey Paine manhandles newcomer Luke Spears, pushing his head onto his hard cock. Spears opens his throat and takes all mega-inches before Paine flips him over to eat and fuck his ass. Paine furiously pounds Spears’ ass until he tries to escape. As punishment Paine puts Spears on all fours and begins to work him over with an enormous dildo. Next, Paine makes Spears beg for a huge set of black anal beads. He pushes them in slowly until all five disappear up Spears’ hole. Paine pulls them out slowly then shoves them back in faster than the time before. The action grows in intensity until Paine’s throbbing cock explodes all over Spears’ face.

Greedy pig-bottom Evan Matthews’ dreams come true when studs Danny Fox and Tyler Saint show up with their big cocks and even bigger toys. Fox steps up to fuck Matthews’ face while Saint grabs an enormous double-headed anaconda dildo and shoves it in Matthews’ ass. Saint effortlessly shoves most of the 3-foot long snake into Matthews’ hole and pulls it out, revealing a juicy rosebud. Both Fox and Saint pull on black latex gloves and push Matthews’ rosebud back inside, using both fists at a time to pummel-fuck him. Matthews takes both fists up to the elbow and blows his load. Now ass-man Saint turns his attention to Fox, diving in to eat his puckered hole. Fox begins handing Saint an arsenal of dildos and anal beads to fill him up. Saint yanks out the beads and inserts an inflatable butt plug which he pumps up to over ten inches in circumference.
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HotHouse - Club Inferno - The Deep End HotHouse - Club Inferno - The Deep End
Scene four opens with cock-hungry bottom Rick Powers getting his fill on Josh West’s horse-cock. Fellow top and enormously endowed stud Tim Kruger sees Powers’ big white ass up in the air and shoves a 2-foot long latex toy deep inside. Kruger pulls out his huge fat cock and lies on his back so Powers can sit on it. Powers rides him like a dog in heat, urging West to shove his massive cock in his hole too, getting a super-sized DP! West keeps the DP action going by pulling out and replacing his cock with a huge dildo. Powers needs more so West pulls on the latex gloves and wraps his fist around Kruger’s cock as it goes in and out of Powers’ gaping hole. Kruger wants in on the fisting action to he joins West, taking turns shoving their fists up his ass to the elbow. Finally all three men grab their cocks and jack off, blowing their loads all over Powers.

Length: 1.30 GiB Duration: 2h 15mn 41s 320ms
Video: MPEG-4 Visual at 1 200 Kbps, Aspect: 720 x 480 (1.500) at 23.976 fps
Audio: MPEG Audio at 160 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 44.1 KHz

HotHouse - Club Inferno - The Deep End

File size: 1.3 GB

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