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  1. Shane and Levi Tag Team Dallas

  2. Jake Jerks His Junk

  3. Skyelr Rides Raw

  4. Jasper Live and Kinky

  5. Twink Redefined

  6. Penthouse Fuck

  7. Our First Threesome

  8. Slumber Party Threeway

  9. Marc Miles fucks Ashton

  10. Dirty Blondes

  11. Dad Spanks Boy Hard

  12. Jacobey Used Abused

  13. Keaton and Brice

  14. Surprise Visitor

  15. Brycen Fucks Josh

  16. It s a Sexy Party

  17. Ace in Skyelr s Hole

  18. Czech Boyz 4

  19. Can t Wait

  20. Kurt s Raw Pick Up

  21. Beach Bum Sex

  22. Bubble Butt Pounding

  23. Evan Parker s Slick Solo

  24. Hung twink gets lucky

  25. Eurolads Paris and Janes Fuck

  26. Chase Young Live

  27. Renaldo and Keegan

  28. Make Yourself Comfortable

  29. Leo s Hard Ride

  30. Jacobey Jock Sandwich

  31. Chase and Dominnic

  32. Carter s Raw Cock

  33. Zack s Cumshot

  34. Jessie and Sage

  35. Brayden Jaymes Jackoff

  36. Scandal at Helix Academy Chapter I

  37. Newport s BB Encounter

  38. The Storm Part 3 Post Apocalyptic Sex

  39. Porter and Sorgen

  40. Bareback Beach Bums

  41. Follando a Pelo

  42. Jeremy and Brody

  43. Study Buddies Threeway

  44. Cock Slut Threeway

  45. Spanking Alexi

  46. Hayden Spanks Luke

  47. Bret Wyatt s Wank

  48. Cure for Boredom

  49. Summers Sudsy Solo

  50. Freshmen Takes Bud s Huge Cock

  51. Sencer Gets Spanked

  52. Raw Latin Threeway

  53. Renaldo Spanks Wade True Spank Scene 1

  54. Making Waves

  55. Matthew s Hand Mike s Ass

  56. Aiden Adam

  57. Velo Part Two The Dispatcher

  58. Real Cam Jacob Luke

  59. Lovers Lookout

  60. Bareback Shag Pad

  61. Cole rides some Kandy

  62. Sencer s Solo

  63. Lee fucks Nathan s Hole

  64. Sencer s Anonymous Sex Fetish

  65. Wade Likes it Thick Cherry Poppin Twinks Scene 3

  66. Cooper s Erotic Exploration

  67. Conners Fucks Carter Bareback

  68. Live Show Orgy

  69. Drilled By Sergeant

  70. Sexo Caliente

  71. Morning Routine

  72. When in Roman...

  73. Adam Jacobs Jerkoff

  74. Bareback Massage

  75. Evan Parker Live

  76. Raw Flip Flop Fuck

  77. Kayden Tristan BB Bare Encounters Scene 1

  78. Max s Raw Ride

  79. Max Tops Jake

  80. Bi Boy Fucks Gay

  81. Worth the Wait

  82. Evan Bottoms for Boyfriend

  83. Boy s Bang All Day Long

  84. VELO Part One The Architect

  85. Skyelr and Leo Bump

  86. Sporty Threeway

  87. Coffee with Cream

  88. After Game Score

  89. Patrick s Navy Boy Pick Up

  90. Fucking the Beach Bum

  91. Mixed Race Orgy

  92. The Storm Part 6 Survival

  93. Paul Tackles Jayden

  94. Chad Fitch tops Ashton Rush

  95. Luke s First Time Remembered

  96. Max s First Time

  97. Extra Credit The After Party

  98. Coach Ryan Josh

  99. Ross First Time Remembered

  100. Chad Nathan Fuck Hard Twink Sexcapades Scene 3

  101. Paul and Tyler

  102. Rise and Shine

  103. Brody s Hole for Pratt s Cock

  104. Spring Heat with Evan Dylan

  105. Connect with Christian

  106. Keegan bangs Noah

  107. Summers Spunk

  108. Nathan Takes Dildo

  109. Blonde Top Takes Raw Dick

  110. Riverz Rams Keine

  111. Layton s 8

  112. Tickled Twink

  113. Scene 1 Brody and Trystian

  114. Silky Dallas

  115. Bareback Battle

  116. Mitch Hudson Live

  117. Bareback Euroboys Daniel Jesse

  118. Evan Takes His Ex s Creampie

  119. Nick Angels and Chris Bomber Flip Fuck

  120. Ace Lockheart s Boy Cum

  121. Nicholas Ass Abused round 2

  122. Noir commands Diamond

  123. Can I Try

  124. Tony and Luke

  125. Skater Trick

  126. Swapping Selfies

  127. Czech Boyz 2

  128. Christian Collin s Red Ass

  129. Sterne Spanks Schoolboys Part 2

  130. VELO Part Five The Boyfriend

  131. Run with Me

  132. Yoga Thunder

  133. Helix Plays BaseBALL s

  134. Cross Fucking

  135. Kandy takes Revees Twinks Unscripted Scene 6

  136. Wade Likes it Thick

  137. Peanut Butter Jelly Time

  138. Beach Play with Dallas

  139. Sterne spanks Colby

  140. Derrick and Diamond

  141. Travis Groves Spanked

  142. Bareback Threeway

  143. Max Marco

  144. Kyle Double Raw Fucked

  145. Messing Around

  146. Coach Hayden and Rookie Luke

  147. Happy Ending

  148. Threeway Twinks

  149. A Twilight Bareback DP

  150. 2 Jocks On 1 Twink

  151. Helix Academy 2 Kellan and Casey

  152. Keegan fucks Eric

  153. Cole Kain Fuck

  154. Daytripping

  155. You Can Sleep In My Bed

  156. Alex s Double Shot of Cum

  157. Dustin Does Davey

  158. Noah and Preston

  159. Dylan Hall Live Show

  160. Get A Room

  161. Chase s Bareback Cream Pie

  162. Boys and Their Toys

  163. Chris Rides Diamond

  164. Put the Book Down

  165. Patrick Rides Riverz Twink Sexcapades Scene 4

  166. Latin Boy Fucks Black Cutie

  167. Dustin Tops Lee

  168. Zac Scotty Show 2

  169. Time to Wake Up

  170. Kissing Cousins

  171. A Porter Threeway

  172. Daddy s Hot Passion

  173. Tyler Spanks Devon True Spank Scene 4

  174. Julian Fucks Kyle

  175. Training Day

  176. Dallas First Time Remembered

  177. Fratboy Strokes His Fat One

  178. Barebacking Tyler

  179. Adam Bareback Encounter

  180. Paul Plunges into Kandy

  181. Hung Bad Boy Bangin

  182. Fivesome

  183. Daniels Fucks North

  184. Hairless Twink Mounted

  185. Josh and Wade BB

  186. Hayden rides Leo s Hard Cock

  187. Real Cam Jacob Dixon and Zayne Donovan

  188. Working Up a Sweat

  189. Young Alex s Hole Used

  190. Playing Doctor

  191. Keegan Dylan Surf Bang

  192. Skyelr Blindfolded Fondled and Fucked

  193. Chris Stretches Bradley s Hole

  194. Joshua Fucks Himself With Toy

  195. Jeff Spanks Chase

  196. Andy Kayden Tristan BB

  197. Jeff spanks Coby

  198. Alex Faps Hard

  199. Study Buddies Threeway with Wade

  200. Eric Fucks Russo Cherry Poppin Twinks Scene 5

  201. Skyelr Rides Raw Hungrier Twink Holes Scene 3

  202. 4 Way Live Show

  203. Tease Me Please Me

  204. Kevin and Eric Bang Freshmen Loads Scene 2

  205. Ryan s Raw Encounter

  206. Twink Balls

  207. Ryan and Ian

  208. Breaking Bastian

  209. Leo Patrick Bang Out Twink Sexcapades Scene 2

  210. Max Gets Kinky

  211. Jeff Spanks Jasper

  212. Breaking in the Twink

  213. Lee fucks Nathan s Tight Hole

  214. The Art of Breaking Up Part 3 Like a Good Neighbor

  215. Nick Ryan spanks Keith Conner

  216. Riverz Tayler Bang

  217. Kyle Ian and Jessie BB

  218. Velo Part Five The Boyfriend

  219. Kyle rides Breck

  220. Sex en Rouge

  221. The Zac and Scotty Show

  222. Bareback Pool Party

  223. Phoenix Heat Cool Down

  224. Adrian Gets Spanked

  225. Taken by Brute

  226. Real Cam Liam Riley Ryker Madison

  227. Jessie s Flirty Fuck

  228. Movie Night Threeway

  229. Chase Jerks Off

  230. Young s Bubble Ass Barebacked

  231. Power Fucking Adrian

  232. Skyelr Bleu and Chase Young

  233. Josh and Keine

  234. Daniel Freeman s Jerk Off

  235. Chase s First Time

  236. Wade Zeek Dustin

  237. Never Have We Ever

  238. Paul and Nathan

  239. Trevor Takes Colby Bareback Crush Scene 6

  240. Eric Fucks Russo

  241. Patrick and Jayden

  242. Blond Muscle Frat Fuck

  243. Brooks Solo

  244. Coach has the Boys Talking

  245. Randall and Luke

  246. Max s Hard Lesson

  247. Evan Max

  248. Birthday in Bed

  249. A Twink s New Experience

  250. The Storm Part 4 Forced Fuck

  251. Patrick Plows Felix

  252. Picnic With the Crush

  253. Blonde Vs. Brunette

  254. Kain and Bryce

  255. Michael Spanks Blake

  256. Blonde Threeway

  257. Man On Twink The Art Gallery

  258. Christian Collins Live

  259. Shane Frost pounds Roxy Red

  260. Runaway Lovers Part 1

  261. Christian Max and Jessie Threeway

  262. Zack s Sex Channel Surfing

  263. Cole gets Spanked 5

  264. Velo Part One The Architect

  265. Buddy Fucker

  266. Jayden Hart Pulls One Out

  267. Coach Ryan Roxy

  268. Blue Collar Boys

  269. Brody West fucks Leo Paige

  270. Jayden s College Skater Crush

  271. Sterne Adam Scott and Matthew Summers

  272. Street Hookup

  273. Ace s Punishment

  274. Helix Academy Trailer

  275. Picture Perfect

  276. First Time Boy Breeding

  277. Michael fucks Hayden s Smooth Ass

  278. A First time Remembered

  279. First Time Bareback

  280. Matthew Keading Live Show

  281. Anderson s Wet Dream

  282. Crammin in the Car

  283. Wash My Back

  284. Patrick and Max

  285. Secret Spot

  286. Ian rides Brandon

  287. Michael and Jayden Bump

  288. The Art of Breaking Up Part 5 The Beginning

  289. Max Gets Used

  290. Jeff Spanks Nicholas

  291. Riding the Plumber s Pipe

  292. Dominating Luke

  293. Fucked in the Great Outdoors

  294. Panties and Leather

  295. The Return of Max Carter DP Edition

  296. Jeff Derrick

  297. Coach and Blake Fool Around

  298. Ace s Twink Bareback

  299. Uber Sexual

  300. Helix Academy The New Kid

  301. Twinkboy Chad Fucks Keine

  302. Starr Jerking

  303. Skyelr Travis

  304. Paul Bangs into Micah

  305. Patrick Rides Riverz

  306. Devin and Patrick Spank Hard

  307. Barely 18 Hole Destroyed

  308. Undercover Lover

  309. Stone Reeves Bareback Flip Hungrier Twink Holes Scene 4

  310. Scandal at Helix Academy Chapter III

  311. Leo fucks Taylor s Hole

  312. James Brody West

  313. Christian Pounds Luke

  314. Alex and Jasper

  315. Tub for Two

  316. Beach Bums

  317. Too Horny for Homework

  318. Real Cam Andy Taylor Alex Greene

  319. Jeff Sterne spanks Devlan

  320. Dylan and Sage Unspoken

  321. Bareback Threeway Bareback Crush Scene 4

  322. Michael Trains Luke

  323. Morning Sex

  324. Alan Kain

  325. Max is Playing with Big Guns

  326. Kyle and Max Bang

  327. Trevor fucks Jake s Hole

  328. Alex Gets Frosted

  329. College Guy s Fraternize

  330. The Looking Glass

  331. Cole and Nathan

  332. Big Dick Hookup

  333. Hot Frat Fuck Kevin and Jeremy

  334. Max Fucks Tyler

  335. Travis Has Been A Bad Boy

  336. New Found Friends

  337. Outdoor Bump Grind

  338. Anderson s First Time Remembered

  339. Cram Session

  340. Julian and Martin s BB Bang

  341. Austin Tyler s Boy Cum

  342. Wade and Ashton Fuck

  343. One Last Time

  344. Bare Blond Buddies

  345. Jock Bait

  346. Jeremy Clark Solo

  347. Jasper and Jamie Bareback Live

  348. Lex Breeds Will

  349. Brayden and Jacobey

  350. Kain s Twunk Jerkoff

  351. Derrick Porked by Devon x2

  352. Paul spanks Leo

  353. Meet Dustin Gold

  354. Bryce and Devon s Boy Passion

  355. Michael Lee pounds Jake Lyons

  356. FB23S6 Kevin Fucks Bentley With 10"

  357. Not My First Audition

  358. Patrick spanks Roxy

  359. Take My Ass Bunk

  360. Spankings with Brody Chase

  361. Horny Hikers

  362. Bareback Threeway Breeders

  363. Fresh Air Twink Fuck

  364. Jeff Spanks Rae

  365. Two Southerner Twinks

  366. Matthew fucks Jayden

  367. Rainy Day Play

  368. Ian Giovanni Freshmen Loads Scene 4

  369. Body Language

  370. Young Horny and Irresistible

  371. Tailgate Fucker

  372. Cole Gives Nathan a Spanking

  373. Travis Has The Groove

  374. Josh Fucks Ace

  375. Candid Twinks Meet and Fuck

  376. Introducing Liam Riley

  377. The Art of Breaking Up Part 2 Sex With an Ex

  378. A Thousand Miles

  379. Sterne Stone

  380. Riverz Red Ass

  381. Deep Throat That Bookworm

  382. Brandon Wilde and Dayton O Connor

  383. Ryan s Raw Encounter Hungrier Twink Holes Scene 5

  384. Ezra Takes One For The Team

  385. Bedroom

  386. Healing Hands

  387. Dustin rides Leo

  388. Benji Fucks Sencer

  389. Don t Tell Anyone

  390. Julian and Sencer

  391. Two college dudes fuck a freshman

  392. Ezra Luke Hayden

  393. Jeff Spanks Felix

  394. Shawn Robins Cum

  395. Bareback Cage Play

  396. Scoring Off the Field

  397. Pouncing Puppies

  398. Patrick and Steffen

  399. Paul spanks Little Bro Leo

  400. Real Cam Jessie and Alex Bareback

  401. Luke Goes To The Dark Side

  402. Lust for Fame

  403. Shy Sultry Ian

  404. Luke and Ethan

  405. Nick Takes Shawn

  406. Keegan and Vince

  407. Jeff Sterne spanks 3 Boys

  408. Daniels Fucks North Kandy and the Frats Scene 2

  409. All Dicks Get Off

  410. Kyle Takes Blake

  411. Jasper gets Spanked in the Stockroom

  412. Bareback Twink Laundry Day

  413. Shawn s Raw Bone

  414. Blond twink rides redhead

  415. Daniel Jesse

  416. Shawn Fucks Jade

  417. Man On Twink The Tennis Instructor

  418. Extra Credit My Dorm Buddy

  419. Blond Twink Lex Breeds Will

  420. Patrick s Double Penetration

  421. Chasing Daydreams

  422. Sticky Fingers Twink Threeway

  423. Cooper takes Carter Raw

  424. Friendly Encounter

  425. Twink Breeding Skyelr and Dustin

  426. Skyelr Fucks Chris

  427. Adam Revees

  428. Josh Bensan Fucks Chase Young

  429. Tanner Sharp s First Solo

  430. Buried Deep

  431. Hollywood Ending

  432. Luke s Anal Afterparty

  433. Kyle Ross Raw Fantasy

  434. Young Thief Gets Spanked

  435. Study Group

  436. Behind the Dugout

  437. Kyler s Red Ass

  438. Beach Threesome

  439. Wade Christianson fucks Jonathan Cole

  440. Trystian Pounds Home

  441. Bumfuck Nowhere 4 Cabin for Three

  442. Felix Loves Jake s Cock

  443. Roadtrip with Evan Andy

  444. Wade rides Skyelr

  445. Daddy’s Hot Passion

  446. Barebacking On The Job

  447. Caleb Johnson Live Show

  448. Drew Takes 8" Cherry Poppin Twinks Scene 2

  449. Adam s Bareback Treasure

  450. Fuck Me Please

  451. Skyelr Fucks Joshua

  452. Kandy Russo

  453. Paul Gags Noah

  454. Twink s Tight Hole Abused

  455. Max Meets Can Cock

  456. Matthew Cross Gets It

  457. Nine Inches up Brody s Ass

  458. Blade Takes Blond Cock

  459. Kyler s First Time

  460. Chad fucks Wade

  461. Twink Felix rides Jason

  462. The Storm Part 2 Saving Austin s Ass

  463. Max pounds Dallas

  464. Ryan Seeds Dawson s Hole

  465. A Most Tasty Twink

  466. Flip Flop RAW

  467. Tough Casting

  468. Fuckfest with Brody West Patrick O Riley

  469. Santa Spanks a Bad Boy

  470. Bare Assed Cooking Lessons

  471. Spank Bank

  472. Roman Daniels Live

  473. Jordan Thomas LIVE

  474. Jamie s First Time

  475. Dustin s Gang Bang Part 1

  476. Chase Blake

  477. Jade Bangs Derrick

  478. Austin Dribbles Jessie s Balls

  479. Kevin Fucks Bentley With 10

  480. Swinging Twinks

  481. NSA Bareback Round 2

  482. Moving On

  483. Meet Blake Elliott Intimately

  484. Keith rides Michael

  485. Shane And Riverz

  486. Naughty Boy s Playroom

  487. Video Game Threesome

  488. Blake and Kyler

  489. Blake Bangs the Boy

  490. Kayden Daniels Jerks Off

  491. Jade Parker Spanks The Monkey

  492. Sex In The Workplace

  493. Devin Spanked and Pounded

  494. From the Bath to the Bed

  495. The Changing Room

  496. That ll Do Blake...

  497. Jeff Spanks Christian

  498. Bumfuck Nowhere 1 The Tent

  499. Thomas Gets A Spanking from Chase

  500. Jasper Jerks Junk

  501. Lil Bottom Bro Keine

  502. Andy Taylor Live

  503. Max Pounds Keine

  504. Sterne and Preston Andrew

  505. Hot Tubbin

  506. Jacuzzi

  507. Santa Spanks Naughty Boy

  508. Sleeping Beauty and his Prince

  509. Oriental

  510. Preston Pounded By A 10

  511. Steffen Fucks Adam Freshmen Loads Scene 3

  512. Real Cam Roman and Stefan

  513. Chance Kyle Bareback Cheating

  514. Kevin takes Kennedy

  515. Shawn Pounds JD

  516. Straight blonde twink helps his gay brother use a dildo and cum.

  517. Helix Audition Adrian Shawn

  518. Schlutt Creams Porters Ass

  519. Renaldo Spanks Wade

  520. Lessons in Lust

  521. Wade s Raw Cock Huntt

  522. Strip Pool

  523. Blond Boy s Ass Abused

  524. Colby Rides Raw

  525. Chad bangs Bradley s Boy Hole

  526. Hot Desert Duo Fuck

  527. The Art of Breaking Up Part 4 Sweat

  528. Maintenance Guy Pounds Rich Boy

  529. Roman s Monster Cock

  530. Office Hookup

  531. Kevin takes Kennedy Kandy and the Frats Scene 1

  532. Raw Teen Love

  533. Seducing Kyle

  534. Tyler Brody and Paul

  535. The Storm Part 5 Tight Rebel Ass

  536. VELO Part Three The New Guy

  537. Valentine s Romance With Ian

  538. Hot Summer Jerk Session

  539. Teammate s First Time

  540. Brandon James Cums

  541. Daniel Bishop Live Show

  542. Czech Boyz 3

  543. Max Aaron and Jasper

  544. Adrian Layton s Cum

  545. Skater Boy Fucking

  546. Hard Bods Even Harder Cocks

  547. Riding with Kody

  548. Lee Pounds Vince

  549. Kody Knight Photoshoot

  550. Felix rides Kain

  551. Hunter and Sterne

  552. Hotel Hook up

  553. Wakey Wakey Bareback Sex

  554. Derrick Bottoms Out

  555. Chance Solo

  556. Dustin s Gang Bang Part 2

  557. The Great Wide Open

  558. Take My Ass Bunk Brother

  559. Jayden gets Fucked Hard

  560. Brycen Cox and Chase Young

  561. Ace and Blake Knightly

  562. Christian Fucks Kurt

  563. Surfer Studs Slap Skin

  564. Two Frats Fucking One Twink

  565. Heat up the Night

  566. Aaron s Anal Prep

  567. Scotty Clarke Photo Shoot

  568. Real Cam Evan Parker Andy Taylor

  569. Steffen Pounds Fitch s Hole

  570. Link and Shawn

  571. Jacob Dixon Live Show

  572. Paul and Keegan

  573. Will Scott Get It On

  574. Aiden Bangs Tyler Raw

  575. Conference Room Threeway

  576. Frost Fucks Adam

  577. Drew Takes 8

  578. A Better Workout

  579. Patrick and Max s Fetish

  580. Austin s Dildo

  581. Felix Derrick Flip Fuck

  582. Matthew s Jerk Off

  583. Kyler and Marco

  584. Kyle and Matt s Fetish

  585. Three Horny Twinks

  586. Link Fucks Jacobey

  587. Coming Home

  588. Kinky Frat Threeway with Keegan Eric

  589. Sterne has His Way

  590. Rooftop Hotties

  591. Kyle belts Patrick

  592. New Neighbor

  593. Nicholas Reed Live

  594. Michael Fucks Felix

  595. Rebound Sex

  596. Spade s Spunk

  597. Dorian s Night Off

  598. Ross Twin Jerk Off

  599. Sencer takes Skyelr

  600. Real Cam Jessie Montgomery and Jamie Sanders

  601. Thomas Gets It

  602. Kevin and Eric Bang

  603. Brycen and Derrick

  604. Christian Aiden Kyle

  605. Kurt s Hot Jock Fantasy

  606. Luke and Jessie s Twinkmas

  607. Man On Twink The Photographer

  608. Smooth Twink s Hole Stretched

  609. Dallas Studies Brant s Cock

  610. Keine Tops Sencer

  611. Fall Into The Max

  612. Marco Spanked in the Garage

  613. Blindfolded Twink Boy Fun

  614. Jessie s Boy Hole Pounded Live

  615. Kyler and Chase

  616. Brody West Fapping

  617. Helix Academy 8 Looking Back

  618. Hung Top Gets Pounded

  619. TJ Spanks Vince

  620. College Garage Pounding

  621. Michael Lee Live

  622. Inside Corbin

  623. Eric Fucks Keegan

  624. Breeding Ian s Bubble Butt

  625. Naughty Altar Boy

  626. Keegan Wants More Kandy Kandy and the Frats Scene 6

  627. Jason Jerks One Off

  628. Blonds Have More Cum

  629. Jessie Jasper

  630. Adrian and Eric

  631. Wade s Creamy Cum

  632. Spooked

  633. Summer s Spunk

  634. Christian s First Time Remembered

  635. Zack Casper

  636. I ll Take It

  637. Twink Pig Breeding

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  644. Chris Bangs Chase

  645. Christian Pounds JD

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  647. Raw Bare Passion

  648. Levi s First Time Remembered

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  653. Trystian and Trevor

  654. Scotty s First Time

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  657. First There Was Light

  658. Martin Snowballs Anibal

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  660. Bubble Butt

  661. Kyler’s First Time

  662. Hot Pool Boys Rough Fucking

  663. Stripped Bare

  664. Jeff spanks Wade

  665. Helix Academy 04 The Crescent Club

  666. Dimitri s Cream

  667. Friendly Competition

  668. Cheating Boyfriend Gets it Good

  669. Ryan Conners Rubs One

  670. Take My Ass Bunk

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  673. Freshmen Loads Scene 1

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  681. Skyelr s Raw Flesh Hole

  682. Chad Nathan Fuck Hard

  683. VELO Part Four The Millionaire

  684. Kyler s Horny for the New Guy

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  687. Delivery Man Special

  688. Brody and Jon s Kinky Side

  689. Helix Kurt Summers Blake Elliott Buried Deep

  690. Blake Is A Power Fucker

  691. Jerking With Jake

  692. Derrick Luke by the pool

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  694. James Fucks Austin s Hole

  695. Kevin Fucks Bentley With 10"

  696. Getting Over Him

  697. Kyle s Anal Application

  698. Devon s Red Ass

  699. The Storm Part 1 No Resistance

  700. Nicholas and Kyle

  701. Max Tanner

  702. Alex Vaara LIVE

  703. Real Cam Dustin Gold and Ian Levine

  704. Outdoor Threeway

  705. Chase and Jon Cole

  706. Study Hall Hookup

  707. Dustin s BB Ride

  708. Take it from Blake

  709. Jeff Spanks Miguel

  710. Travis and Brayden

  711. Chase and Aiden Use a Sex Bench

  712. Jeff Spanks Blake

  713. Coach Ryan Skyelr

  714. Kevin Kandy s Candy Cream

  715. Coach Ryan Tristan

  716. Squeaky Clean Twinks

  717. Scandal at Helix Academy Chapter IV

  718. Drew Takes 8 Cherry Poppin Twinks Scene 2

  719. Dickin Dixon

  720. James Hunky Jerk

  721. Paris Wright Fuck

  722. Massage Table Threesome

  723. Kevin Plows Zack

  724. Two Horny College Dudes

  725. Helix Jade Parker Derrick Porter Jade Bangs Derrick

  726. Roman Pounds Dallas Boy Hole

  727. Taking a Twink Break

  728. Kris Ross Hotel Jerk

  729. Ryan Conner fucks Vince Faulkner

  730. Mikey gets Spanked

  731. Southern Boys Bareback Breeding

  732. VELO Part Two The Dispatcher

  733. Coach Jones Fucks Kyle

  734. Sex Boutique

  735. Jeff Sterne spanks JT Wreck

  736. Drew Takes 8"

  737. Trystian spanks Conners

  738. Brant Myers Teases

  739. Jamie Sanders Solo

  740. Brody and Trystian

  741. Night of Passion

  742. Derrick Porter s Boy Cum

  743. Tangled Web of Schoolboy Scandals

  744. Hall O Weenie

  745. Chase and Skyelr s Raw Cage Fantasy

  746. Kyle and Julian POV

  747. Jason s Twink Cock Sucked

  748. Tyler Takes Two

  749. Pitch a Tent Fuck a Twink

  750. Hookup Fantasy Threeway

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  757. Bareback Round 2

  758. FB23S6 Kevin Fucks Bentley With 10

  759. Alex Times 2

  760. Twink Casper Spanks Keith Conner

  761. Taken by Brute Force

  762. Vaara Takes Gold

  763. The Party Continues...

  764. Keegan Spanks Devon True Spank Scene 2

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  768. Hot Shots

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Wed, 19 Sep 2018 00:00:03 +0300

Brody and Jon's Kinky Side

Release Year: 2010
Studio: SpankThis (Helix Studios)
Video language: English

Jonathan doesn't know what he's in for when Brody asks him over after school. He finds himself up against Brody's headboard with his briefs pulled down on the receiving end of a good spanking... his punishment for being so easy. Nothing makes Brody hotter then causing cute twink butt to become raw and enflamed. Soon he can't keep his face out of Jon's crack. He munches and fingers his hole as Jonathan sucks on his hard cock. You'll love this hot 69 action. Brody takes another quick taste of boy hole before fucking his bitch boy. Hope no one else is home as the headboard slams hard and fast against the wall. This is no gentle fuck session. Brody is not kind to his behind, but Jon soon gets his revenge. Jon shoves his hard member into Brody's hungry hole. Brody moans as he drenches himself with his own cum, while still getting slammed. The hunter becomes the prey when Brody ends up with a face splattered with Jon's hot jizz. You do not want to miss this scene.

Mon, 10 Sep 2018 03:50:59 +0300

Renaldo and Keegan

Release Year: 2011
Studio: SpankThis (Helix Studios)
Video language: English

Keegan is a small town boy from Texas with a normally rough exterior. Renaldo wants to see what this happens when he's at the end of a paddle. As we've learned before Renaldo is not a gentle disciplinarian. A few hard swats with his hand alone does a good amount of damage to the twink's rear, but he doesn't stop there. He takes a hard wooden paddle to the cherry red boy butt causing Keegan to cringe in pain. The farm boy doesn't look so tough on his back with his legs together and up in the air getting spanked. With his ass enflamed and throbbing, Keegan slams the door on his way out of the office, relieved, but angry to be humiliated.

Sat, 08 Sep 2018 01:20:02 +0300

Sterne and Pratt's LIVE Spank

Release Year: 2012
Studio: SpankThis (Helix Studios)
Cast: Jeff Sterne, Paul Pratt, Joshua Fetters, Skyelr Bleu, Nicholas Leoni
Video language: English

Paul Pratt and Jeff Sterne teamed up to teach these boys a serious lesson, all live and candid. Catch the whole hour of this unprecedented spank event.

Fri, 07 Sep 2018 11:20:03 +0300

Jeff Spanks Jasper

Studio: SpankThis (Helix Studios)
Cast: Jeff Sterne, Jasper Robinson
Video language: English

Jasper Robinson gets a rude awakening from Jeff Sterne. Jasper's creamy smooth ass gets some color from Sterne's paddle, then Jeff pulls off his boxer briefs for some bare hand spanking. By the time Sterne pulls out his belt, Jasper in wincing in pain and promising to be a good boy.

Fri, 07 Sep 2018 01:00:03 +0300

Jeff Spanks Nicholas

Studio: SpankThis (Helix Studios)
Cast: Jeff Sterne, Nicholas Leoni
Video language: English

Nicholas's bare jock-strapped ass gets a special Sterne spanking treatment.

Mon, 03 Sep 2018 03:53:30 +0300

Jeff Spanks Blake

Studio: SpankThis (Helix Studios)
Cast: Jeff Sterne, Blake Elliott
Video language: English

Blake is tasked with delivering a family heirloom for Jeff Sterne, but drops it as soon as Sterne hands it to him. For his clumsiness and lack of attention, Jeff Sterne gives this bad boy a hard spanking over his jeans, then pulls off his trousers to expose young Blake's smooth tight ass. Little Blake flinches as Sterne takes him over the knee and then paddle's his bright red cheeks on all fours.

Mon, 03 Sep 2018 01:00:02 +0300

Hunter and Sterne

Release Year: 2011
Studio: SpankThis (Helix Studios)
Video language: English

Matt Hunter is spared the paddle, but gets exploited in other ways. Jeff Sterne does whatever he wants with his horny young visitors, and today he wants Hunter raw. He gives the hipster twink a good ass probing and bareback fucks the young hole to his own satisfaction.

Sun, 02 Sep 2018 07:31:33 +0300

Detention Spank Part: 1

Studio: SpankThis (Helix Studios)
Cast: Dallas Trenton, Jeff Sterne, Kurt Summers
Video language: English

Detention can be more painful then you think. Dallas Trenton and Kurt Summers take turns getting a taste of School Master Jeff Sterne's heavy handed discipline. They learned the hard way why bullying doesn't pay off. Both boys are spanked silly and humiliated beyond belief to get the point through their thick skulls. Sterne makes sure these naughty twinks learn their lesson.

Sun, 02 Sep 2018 03:40:02 +0300

Mikey gets Spanked

Release Year: 2011
Studio: SpankThis (Helix Studios)
Video language: English

Most boys learn the first time after a discipline session from Jeff Sterne. Unfortunately for Mikey Woods, he was called in for another hard lesson. Not only is Mikey subjected to relentless hand swats and leather paddle lashes, but he is stuffed with Sterne's cock in every hole. Sterne is determined to get through to him one way or another.

Sat, 01 Sep 2018 05:10:17 +0300

Detention Spank Part: 2

Studio: SpankThis (Helix Studios)
Cast: Dallas Trenton, Jeff Sterne, Kurt Summers
Video language: English

Part two of Dallas and Kurt's Detention hell getting their asses punished for bad behavior in school. Since Kurt's ass is already red and sore, Jeff Sterne focuses on Dallas Trenton's creamy smooth rear first, then he swats two birds with one swing by setting the twinks up butt to butt and bent over the desks. Forced to kiss each other, the boys are humiliated until the naughty is spanked right out of them.