Free download - Best Of The 1970s Vol 1 (Disc 4)

Best Of The 1970s Vol 1 (Disc 4)
Studio: Falcon

Jack Egan, Billy Putnam
Jack Egan comes home at night but can't find his newspaper and has to call to get one sent. Rain soaked paperboy, Billy Putnam comes to the door during the phone call and Jack invites him in. By a burning fire, Billy strips out of his wet clothes into a robe. Jack chats Billy up, gropes him and starts sucking. Billy returns the favor and they go to sucking and rimming 69 style on the rug. The older man put the paperboy feet in the air and fucks youthful hole and cums on Billy stomach. Jack sucks Billy some more until Billy can jack himself off to orgasm on Jack's tongue.
If You Want It, Work For It
After we began dinner Bill looked up at me and asked, Is it true what they say about Marines? I knew what he meant, but I laughed and said, I don't know but I've heard some rumors. With that, Bill touched my foot under the table I was super horny and feeling the wine. Looking Bill straight in the eye, I said – You want to suck my cock don't you? Bill blushed and lowered his eyes to the table Yeah, I guess I do. O.K.! You can suck it, but you're going to get it up the ass too! I looked at Bill and noticed for the first time how good looking the guy was and how much he and his resembled each other. I thought to myself If I can't have Diane this weekend, her will do. We got up from the table and moved to a more comfortable spot. I pushed Bill's head down and said. Suck it Bill, suck that horny ache right out of my fucking hot nuts!
Bill went down on my now swollen cock and I damned near shot my nut right then.
It was too soon. I pulled it out of his mouth and said. Show me how bad you want it Bill, get down there and lick my balls–oh yeah. Bill that's good keep licking, yeah, that's great man, real fucking great! I raised my legs and shove my ass into his face. Eat it, eat my fucking ass! Bill pulled back, but I pulled him into me and said, Eat it. Eat it! or you don't get any more cock! With that, Bill buried his face in me and shot his tongue up my ass. The feeling made my toes curl. By now I was so damned hot I couldn't wait any longer. Rolling him over I saw his cock for the first time. It was big, but he was even bigger. It made me even hotter as I place my cock against his ass and plunged it in.
He jumped and groaned but I held onto him and plunged it deeper. Bill was breathing hard and fast now as I repeatedly drove it to him harder and harder. Bill's body jerked and he yelled, I'm coming. I'm coming! This was the first time I saw another guy shoot his load and it made me so horny I knew it was over for me too as my ass tightened and I blew my own nut. Hot and heavy spurts ejected from my bursting cock giving me the greatest fucking feeling I've ever felt in my life. It was great to be home.
Sky Dawson, Kris Bjorn
Falcon favorite Sky Dawson returns to the screen-more handsome than ever and with a gym-perfected physique-to costar with Exclusive Discovery Kristian Bjorn. A man of many excesses, Sky explodes in a gut-wrenching 15-spurt climax. That's right, all over the boots!
Black Power
Both barefoot, a black guy, in jeans, and a white guy in coveralls get it on outside on a sunny hillside. White makes the first pass and sucks on one of the more beautiful uncut dark chocolate popsicles available at the time. It is not as hard as it could be, but that makes things easier for White to lie face down and worship it between the legs of the just as beautiful owner. Black lets White do an up close taste test of his ass but it is White who has to accommodate his hole to being stretched open. Mandingo gives it gie style and missionary and is adept at hands free all-the-way-out and back in fucking. The loop ends abruptly with no man-seed spilled.

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Best Of The 1970s Vol 1 (Disc 4) Best Of The 1970s Vol 1 (Disc 4)
Best Of The 1970s Vol 1 (Disc 4) Best Of The 1970s Vol 1 (Disc 4)

Best Of The 1970s Vol 1 (Disc 4)
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