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Studio: Dick Wadd

Starting with Austin Shadow, that self sucking, hard fucking, verbal, cocked, incorrigible top fucker from hell. Then we have Jack Reid, veteran of many Dick Wadd films and one huge, tattooed, big dicked, menacing mountain of man you dont want to meet in a dark alley! And then theres Mike Catcher, the surliest, most verbal, cockiest of the lot...a scrappy, big dicked with a lot of fight in him. London Light, who looks like the baddest fucker in Hazzard County, has sure got it where it counts. London is content to kick back, puff on a stogie and get his cock and boots serviced. And then we have Duke Rivers, another contemplative mountain of muscle. They call the quiet ones contemplative, but what the fuck are they always contemplating? In this statuesque muscle top studs case, its always how to plunder the next piece of ass. And then we have Richie Rennt. That boy never stopped smiling the entire day, except when he was trussed up on the cross and saw Jack Reid walk in with a gleam in his eye, not knowing what that sadistic fuck would do to his fine ass.
And that fuckin Rob Roy. What can I say about him? Im tryin to pull something redeeming out of my ass, but just cant. Hes the hungriest, nastiest pig in the video. Any man who lunges for a boot in a puddle of hot blat with cigarette butts floating in it or laps up the stale blat from a sling is definitely a pig of the first order. Richy Bennett seems like the innocent guy next door, maybe a carpenter or plumber slugging away at a nine-to-five, but the only kind of trade he knows is rough trade. That boys face is usually stuffed in a pillow and his ass is always higher than the Chrysler building. And Cuba. What can I say about that fuckin stud? Hes up to his usual big dicked, cocky, muscle stud antics in Jackhammered: plundering holes, chomping on ass, sucking big cocks. Eric Scott looks like a corporate exec, but that man blats like a fire hydrant, delivers a relentless pounding, and takes a fist with the best of em. Raunchy Randys got to have the biggest uncut cock this side of Brooklyn. Hes always off in a corner somewhere, watching the action, blattin, spittin and jackin that huge fuckin piece o Puerto Rican cock.

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Jackhammered Jackhammered
Jackhammered Jackhammered

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