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Kelso Fucks Paige
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Kelso is an outdoorsy guy that loves to work on his motorcycle. When he's indoors, he needs something to do with his hands … and Paige provides him with a lot to do!

Kelso has a solid and muscular body that Paige can't wait to play with. She pulls off his shirt and kisses her way down his great abs. She gets his jeans off and plays with his cock.

Paige is always horny, but she's eager to ride this motorcyclist's cock! She takes Kelso in her mouth and blows him. Her head bobs up and down as she sucks him.

Kelso flips around to eat Paige out. She whimpers as he drives his tongue deep into her pussy. Kelso knows how to use his tools, that's for sure! He flicks his tongue in and out, making Paige crave his cock even more.

Paige gets on all fours and Kelso fingers her before shoving his dick deep into her. Her ass cheeks bounce as he fucks her. Kelso lies on the bed and Paige climbs on top of him. She rides his cock, grinding up and down on his stiff dick.

They switch places and Kelso pumps his cock into Paige furiously. With her legs up in the air, Kelso pounds away at her. Paige moans as Kelso fucks her faster.

Their bodies slap together as Kelso dicks Paige. He pulls her closer to him and hammers away at her. Kelso shoots a hot load out of his big cock all over Paige's stomach.

Kelso Fucks Paige Kelso Fucks Paige
Kelso Fucks Paige Kelso Fucks Paige

Kelso Fucks Paige

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