Free download - JR

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

The tattooed hunk chats it up with us. He shares the meaning behind his favorite tattoo which incorporates his values and goals, which makes it much more significant than hearing, “I was 18 and thought it was a good idea!”
Moving past to sexier subjects, JR tells us about losing his virginity at church camp with a not-so-innocent church girl who taught him all he knows. Though we don’t get to check out what that knowledge just yet - we do get to see what she was working with! Seeing JR’s nice veiny cock, I know she wasn’t disappointed - and either are we! For now, we’ll enjoy the view of watching the young jock pleasure himself to and past the brink of rapture - moaning, tightening and reveling in sensation as his seed shoots out onto his abs!



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