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CorbinFisher porn Videos

  1. Darren Gets Fucked

  2. Tom and Josh take a plunge

  3. Kennedy Fucks Rowan

  4. Dawson Quinn s Gym Fuck

  5. CFisher Tahoe Marc and Kellans Breakfast Fuck 17 Feb

  6. Dustin

  7. Kennedy Gets Fucked Kellan

  8. Brayden Gives It To Zeb

  9. Dixon Dreams of Kellan

  10. Beau Blows His Load

  11. ACM1457 Rowan Fucks

  12. Payne

  13. Jacob Tops Brayden CFSelect

  14. Aiden and Cort

  15. ACM0625 Connor Fucks Brent

  16. Evans Double Load With Dave

  17. Sucking William

  18. Tampa Kenny Takes Quinn s Load

  19. Nash Matt Tag Harper

  20. CFS Tom and Stuffs Josh

  21. Dave Drills Ellis

  22. Chet

  23. Dixon Alyssa s Bathtub Fuck

  24. Palmer s Blowjob

  25. Noel Jamie Tease Brayden

  26. Van Busts A Nut

  27. Simon Gets Fucked

  28. Harper Creams Ellis

  29. ACS453 Anthony Fucks Olivia

  30. Kent Unloads in Quinn European Stimulus Part 2

  31. Easton Fucks Clinton

  32. Harper and Josh After Hours

  33. Avery Pounds Zeb

  34. Todd

  35. Tyson Goes Deep

  36. Damien

  37. Dru Fucks Dawson

  38. ACM1184 Cumming On Avery

  39. Jacob Seeds Tanner

  40. ACS0277 Connor and Cassie

  41. Ellis Takes Ryder s Load

  42. Swallowing Harpers

  43. Jasper and Kennys Late Night Fuck

  44. Massaging Kaleb

  45. ACM1269 Tahoe Marc and Kellans Breakfast Fuck

  46. Tampa Connor Quinn Swap Loads

  47. Taylor Takes Harpers Load

  48. Xavier

  49. Quinn Rides Marc

  50. Rudy and Chandler

  51. Darren Tops Brayden Bareback

  52. Kennedy Gets

  53. Rudy Rides Chandler

  54. Adam Fills Up Kennedy

  55. Taylor and Colt

  56. Chad Takes Control

  57. William Fills Up Quinn BB

  58. Luke and Jaspers Morning Wood

  59. Trey tops reed

  60. Cameron and Joshs Flip Fuck

  61. Kenny Fucks Brayden Jamie

  62. Rowan Fucks Truman

  63. Jake Gets Laid

  64. Rhett Piledrives Truman

  65. Matt Toys With Cari

  66. Fucking Derek

  67. CFS0450 European Stimulus Part 2

  68. ACM1106 Jackson Pounds Rudy

  69. Rocky Goes Deep

  70. Derek Fucks Caleb

  71. Jamison Gets Fucked By Cameron Bareback

  72. Reagan and Sylas Ante Up Oct 21 2013

  73. Dixon Swallows A Load

  74. CFisher Beckham 4 Mar

  75. CFS0169 Cameron and Joshs Flip Fuck

  76. ACM0582 Connor Fucks Cooper

  77. ACM1333 Dixon and Quinn Swap Loads

  78. Nathan

  79. Tom and Treys Gym Fuck

  80. Drake Likes It Rough Drake Tom

  81. Jacob Tops Brayden

  82. Justin

  83. Calan and Dane Cream Tom

  84. Dawson Cade Derek Geff Connor

  85. Tucker

  86. Max Barron s Gym Fuck

  87. Connor and Miles

  88. Tanners really gotten into guy

  89. 1303 Brant Pounds Riley

  90. Kent Dicks Quinn

  91. Barron Calan Get Busy

  92. Haley

  93. Kellan Takes Tom Bareback

  94. Aiden Marc and Ashley

  95. Jacob Disg In On Scott

  96. Double Penetrating Rudy

  97. Scandinavia Brayden Gets Used pr1 Dez 03 2013

  98. Chandler Fills Up Brayden

  99. Scandinavia Threeway in Norway Dez 23 2013

  100. Colton and Harper

  101. Sucking William

  102. Aidens Triple LoadV

  103. CFS0452 European Stimulus Part 2

  104. Kyle Dicks Henry

  105. Cameron Rides

  106. Kennedy and Tanners Massage

  107. Dawson asked

  108. Quinn Rides

  109. Wesley s Big Load

  110. Rowan Tanner Uncut

  111. Hunters First Time

  112. Tyler Tops Scott

  113. Nash Hammers Gia

  114. Jacob Creampies Asher

  115. ACM0306 Fucking Ryan

  116. Neil

  117. Cain and Taylor

  118. Luke Slides Into Harper

  119. ACM1274 Beckham

  120. Chucks first time with Dawson

  121. Grant

  122. Jake Drills Leah

  123. Lance Camille

  124. Nate and Jon

  125. Jamison Gets Fucked

  126. Tyler Tom and Jacob

  127. Aiden fills Tanners hole

  128. Bronson

  129. Sucking William William and Brayden

  130. Rowan Pumps Quinns Hole

  131. Barron Stuffs Rocky

  132. Quinn Hammers Jon

  133. CorbinFisher Kent Creampies Josh

  134. Carter and Dawson

  135. Ben Fucks Kenny

  136. Quinn Pounds Jacob

  137. CFisher Colt Gets Fucked Jacob Bareback 24 Apr

  138. Clark

  139. ACM1163 Stefan Gets Fucked

  140. Daniel

  141. CFisherS Jacob and Joshs Happy Hour SC 1 Bareback 26 Apr

  142. CFS Dixon Dreams of Kellan

  143. Ethan Unloads

  144. Tres Facheros

  145. Wild and Raunchy in Prague

  146. Easton Trenton Make Waves

  147. Darren Gets Aiden s Load

  148. Trey and Harpers Flip Fuck

  149. Costa Rica Kennedy and Josh s Shower Fuck

  150. Massaging Cameron

  151. Trenton Chandlers shower fuck

  152. CFisher Brayden and Connor 6 Feb

  153. Camden and Colt Swap Loads

  154. ACM0836 Cain Fucks Cole

  155. Costa Rica Kennedy and Joshs Shower Fuck

  156. Bradley and Kaleb

  157. ACM1297 Quinn and Blakes Kitchen Fuck

  158. CFS0346 Cumming In Cameron

  159. Brayden and Bradley Poolside

  160. Chuck Swallows A Load

  161. Group photoshoot

  162. Quinn Brayden Take Turns

  163. Hunter Cameron Swap Loads

  164. Tyson Creampies

  165. ACM1454 Calvin

  166. Alec Fucks Jamie

  167. Reed Fucks Josh

  168. ACM0961 Kellan

  169. Camden Drills Jamie

  170. Mateo Gets A Hard Pump

  171. Chase and Chandler Swap Loads

  172. Teddy Bangs Bailey

  173. Rowan Pumps Quinn s Hole

  174. Cameron Cums In Harley

  175. ACM1457 Rowan Fucks Truman

  176. Jacob Tops Christian

  177. Vincent Tiffany Fuck

  178. Aiden Riley

  179. Ellis Takes On Daniel

  180. Connor Dawson s Bi Tag Team

  181. Noel Takes Marc s Dick

  182. Meyers First Time

  183. ACM1247 Marshall Fucks Blake

  184. Colt Jonathan s Morning Wood

  185. Hugh Creams Alex

  186. Dolph and Dawson

  187. Barron and Ellis Get Down

  188. ACM0593 Connor Fucks Travis

  189. Roughing Russ Up Cain and Kent

  190. ACS0525 Dixon and Alyssas Bathtub Fuck

  191. Connor Gets Fuked by Kent

  192. Brant Harper s Shower Fuck

  193. Reagan Swallows Taylor

  194. Reece Rides Chandler

  195. Harper Seeds Chandler Bareback

  196. ACM1455 Kent and Kellan Fuck Buddies

  197. Kellan and Zanes Hot Tub Fuck

  198. Colt and Trumans Work Out

  199. CFS0500 William Worships

  200. Taking Ashtons Load

  201. Josh Dawson Chandler s Fuck Fest

  202. Marc Tanner Fuck

  203. Edwin Drills Jessica

  204. ACM0878 Connor Fucks Kenny

  205. Harper Controls Brayden

  206. Quinn Tiffany Service Miles

  207. Easton and Smith Hook Up

  208. Weston

  209. Tom Takes It From Colt

  210. Trey Dawson and Chandlers Fuck Fest.

  211. Connor Feeds Brayden and Colt

  212. Ripley Amanda

  213. Easton Gets Fucked

  214. Wild and Raunchy In Prague

  215. Colt and Quinns Double Creampie

  216. ACM0738 Dru Fucks Travis

  217. Connor Nails Ethan

  218. Harper Swallows Nolan s Load

  219. ACM1365 Kenny Blows Patrick

  220. Meyer Gets Fucked

  221. Brayden s First Time

  222. Trenton and Jacob Take Turns

  223. Wes Pounds Kallie

  224. Aiden and Toms POV Fun

  225. ACS0365 Delila Rides Zeb

  226. ACM1167 Cort Gets Fucked

  227. Luke Jacob s Double Fuck

  228. Luke Rides Taft

  229. Daniel Bangs Gia

  230. CFisher Kent Fucks Truman Bareback 3 Mar

  231. Kellan Pounds Truman Jamie

  232. Colt Eats Finn s Load

  233. Kellan Fills Up Quinn

  234. ACM1325 Trenton and Scotts Summer Fling

  235. Connor Cain s Flip Fuck

  236. Kevins First Time

  237. Grayson and Aiden

  238. Connor and Sara

  239. Ropes of Cum

  240. ACM1277 Costa Rica Jacob Bottoms Up

  241. ACM0918 Fucking Ryan Ryan Connor

  242. Eric Solo

  243. CFACM1215 Kent Chuck

  244. Eating Quinn s Cum

  245. Grayson and Aiden Bareback

  246. Kenny Taps Trumans Ass Feb 13 2014

  247. ACM1209 Chuck and Dawson Chucks First Time

  248. ACM1166 Elliot and Harley Flip Flop Fuck

  249. Kennedys First Time With Harper

  250. CFisher Ellis 9 Feb

  251. Bonus Update Cain Trey Cool Off

  252. Kellan and Colt Swap Loads

  253. Kellan and Jaspers Cum Swap

  254. ACM0846 Connor Fucks Taylor

  255. Truman s Tag Team

  256. Steven and Ryder Swap Loads

  257. Lewis

  258. CF Kellan Fucks Zack 11 Nov 2013

  259. Marc Fucks Quinn Fireside

  260. ACS0549 Pierce and Tiffany

  261. Jacob Kennedy and Tyler

  262. Chuck and Treys

  263. ACM0545 Fucking Connor

  264. Brandon

  265. ACM1184 Cumming On Avery Elliot and Avery

  266. Nicholas Gets Lucky

  267. CFisher Marc and Kent Bareback 30 Jan

  268. Jacob Fucks Tyler

  269. Calan Dane Cream Tom

  270. ACM1450 Costa Rica Kennedy and Joshs Shower Fuck

  271. Gabriel

  272. Thomas Gets Fucked

  273. Tyson Creampies Reed

  274. Sloan Takes Cains Load

  275. Jacob Explores Harper

  276. Kennedy Quinn

  277. Henry

  278. Tiffany Rides Jackson

  279. Austin Fucks Lucas

  280. ACS0439 Cameron_and_Romans_Bi_Tag_Team

  281. Tom and Alan

  282. ACS0544 Tyler and Tiffany

  283. Calan Hugh s Gym Fuck

  284. Kansas City Kennedy Creams Brayden

  285. European Stimulus Part 2 Harper and Joshs Paris Fling

  286. Zane Tiffany

  287. Quinn and Zane Take Turns

  288. Davon Gets Fucked

  289. Harris

  290. William Tiffany

  291. Emmett

  292. Art Fucks Olivia

  293. Elian Rides Colt

  294. Trenton and Chandler s Shower Fuck Bareback

  295. Quinn and Blakes

  296. ACM1385 Smith Creampies Harper

  297. Bryce Gets Lucky

  298. Carter Creampies Dawson

  299. Zack Rides

  300. Kent and Jon

  301. Jude

  302. Kent and Joshs London Shower

  303. ACM0369 Fucking Trevor 2

  304. Dawson Fucks Ryder

  305. ACS0254 Connor and Colby tease Addison

  306. Marc Creams Chase

  307. with Sean Connor

  308. Trenton Gets Laid

  309. Connor Harley s Gym Fuck

  310. ACM1284 Breaking In Grayson Grayson and Zeb

  311. Zeb Quinn and Marcs Free For All

  312. Zack and Kenny Swap Loads

  313. Harper Zeb s Morning Wood

  314. Clay Takes On Kellan

  315. harper seeds chandler

  316. Luke

  317. Timothy

  318. Calan Jacob s Gym Fuck

  319. Thomas

  320. Barron Gives It To Dane

  321. Scott Gets Some

  322. Reagan Clinton Fuck

  323. Bradley

  324. Brant Fucks Rowan Cynthia

  325. Damien Cums On Quinn

  326. Kyle Swallows Ben with Alexa

  327. Marc Drills Philip

  328. Drake Get Fucked Dez 19 2013

  329. Dawson and Quinns Gym Fuck

  330. Sucking Off Cooper

  331. Trenton and Chandlers shower fuck

  332. ACM1263 Tahoe Kellan Fills Up Quinn

  333. CFS0475 Bradley

  334. Harper and Rileys Double Creampie

  335. Scandinavia Reagan Pounds Easton

  336. CFS0350 Tyson Piledrives Zeb

  337. Chandler Harper s Flip Fuck

  338. Royce s Happy Ending

  339. Timothy Fucks Deep

  340. Kent Zeb s Cabana Fuck

  341. Dane Takes It From Thomas

  342. Colin

  343. Dane Takes Rockys Load

  344. Ellis Taps Trumans Ass

  345. Ryder Gives It To Tanner

  346. William and Aidens Morning Fuck

  347. ACM1452 Ellis Taps Trumans Ass

  348. Will Fucks Derek

  349. James Gets Laid

  350. Nolan Jacob Double Team Quinn

  351. ACM0782 Connor Fucks Dru

  352. Bradley Gets Dicked

  353. Harper Creampies

  354. Harper and Emerson Swap Loads

  355. Rowan Swallows Brant

  356. Tahoe Kellan Fills Up Quinn

  357. ACM0702 Fucking Ty Shower

  358. Breaking In Daniel

  359. Kyle

  360. Oscar s Happy Ending

  361. Ropes of Cum

  362. Dawson Dicks Kellan

  363. Todd Fucks Sophia Brayden

  364. Ashton Gets Fucked

  365. Grant Pounds Kenny

  366. Grant Laura

  367. Breaking in Kelso

  368. CFS0449 Kellan and Clintons POV Fuck

  369. Rowan Dicks Jamie

  370. Feeding Hunter A Load

  371. Pura Vida 2 Scene 4

  372. Martin and Jackie Sandwich Cain

  373. Brooke Rides Jasper

  374. Kenny Bangs Colt

  375. TOM and TREY

  376. ACS0209 Teasing Connor

  377. ACM0837 Costa Rica Dru Fucks Dawson

  378. Ben Dicks Jasper

  379. Darrens Blowjob

  380. Aiden and Riley

  381. Connor Stuffs Jacob

  382. Hugh Gets Laid

  383. ACM0996 Cain Drills Martin

  384. Kennedy Rides Miles

  385. Dave s Poolside Fuck

  386. Thomas and Beau Play Around

  387. Bryce Fucks Bailey

  388. Rhett Fucks Brayden

  389. Kennedy Tanner s Massage

  390. Flip Fucking In New Zealand

  391. Grant Gets Fucked

  392. Chandler and Connor

  393. Kellan Scott Get Wet

  394. Marc Gives It Up To Kent

  395. aiden

  396. Connor Tanner s pov Fuck

  397. Kent Creampies Josh

  398. Jace Snowballs Baker

  399. Ellis Eats Colt s Load

  400. Kellan and Kent Get Busy BB

  401. Philip Takes

  402. Chuck with Dawson

  403. Clinton s Afternoon Fuck

  404. Kent Fucks Chuck

  405. Dixon Dreams of Kellan CFS 2013

  406. Beau Devon Get Steamy

  407. Anders Gets Laid

  408. ACM1405 Scandinavia Threeway In Norway Brayden Josh and Trenton

  409. Trey Fucks Tom

  410. Cordell

  411. Ryder s Double Load

  412. Connor Landon Tiffany

  413. ACM0560 Connor Fucks Lucas

  414. ACM0869 Cain Fucks Travis

  415. Gavin Sean

  416. Ben

  417. Warren

  418. Kellan Fills Up Zeb

  419. Steven Henry and Jaces Cum Swap

  420. ACS503 Brant Unloads On Lauren

  421. Tobias Fills Up Luke

  422. Quinn and Blakes kitchen fuck

  423. Colt Gets Fucked Jacob

  424. Drakes First Time

  425. ACM0439 Lucas Fucks Dave

  426. ACM1442 Curtis

  427. ACM1172 Fucking Avery Max and Avery

  428. Swallowing Harpers Load

  429. Cain Fucks Hunter

  430. Connor Quinn Kenny s 3 Way

  431. Cain Fucks Skip

  432. Workout Connor Dawson Cain Duncan Kenny Tom Zeb Marc Harper

  433. Hayes Pierce s Tag Team

  434. Vance Feeds Kellan

  435. Hunter and Blake

  436. European Stimulus Part 2

  437. ACS0550 Zane and Tiffany

  438. Sawyer Chills With Brady

  439. Colt and Rowans Work Out

  440. Cooper and Dawson

  441. Sebastian and Hugh

  442. Cooper Unloads On Paige

  443. Tom Dicks Jayden

  444. Scott Gets Some Ass

  445. Galen Rocky s Bi Three Way

  446. Nolan Fucks Olivia Harper

  447. Luke Creams Kellan

  448. Trenton Fucks Brayden in Copenhagen

  449. Emerson Gets Fucked

  450. Kennedy and Josh s Shower Fuck

  451. Zeb Dicks

  452. Truman Swallows Zebs Load

  453. ACM1229 Breaking In Colton Bareback Colton and Harper

  454. Dawson and Noah

  455. Jake Unloads

  456. Straight Stud Fuck Fest Part 2

  457. ACM0840 Connor Dawson and Ariel

  458. Kellan Swallows Quinn

  459. Diego Unloads

  460. ACM1020 Cain Gets Rough With Jon

  461. Kellan Connor

  462. Kenny Fucks Alex

  463. CFisher Jesse 25 Mar

  464. Aiden and Chandler

  465. Sex en Rouge Andy Taylor Liam Riley

  466. Connor Dawson Dru Kenny Kent Trey

  467. Kennedy Blows Edwin

  468. Quinn and Dawsons Flip Fuck

  469. Tahoe Trenton Does Marc

  470. ACM1215 Fucking Chuck Bareback Kent and Chuck

  471. ACM1354 Trenton Breaking In Val

  472. Reagan s First Time

  473. Asher s 3 Way

  474. Zeb and Kenny

  475. Eric Bottoms Up

  476. ACM0945 Aiden Fucks Travis

  477. Kenny Taps Truman s Ass

  478. ACM0842 Connor Fucks Levi

  479. Jayden and Hugh Fuck

  480. Clinton Swallows Colts Load

  481. Chases Chandler Challenge

  482. Brayden Bottoms Up

  483. ACM1413 Jacob Digs In On Scott

  484. ACM1429 Tahoe Marc and Kellans Breakfast Fuck

  485. Hudson

  486. Clints Flip Fuck

  487. Sulas Takes On William

  488. ACS0566 Eric and Olivia

  489. Trenton Blows Zane ACM1460

  490. ACM1462 Cordell Full HD

  491. Derek Fucks Travis

  492. Chandler Nails Trey

  493. Brayden Eats Jonathan s Load

  494. Costa Rica Joshs Freshman Fantasy Mar 17 2014

  495. Quinn Hugh Swap Loads

  496. Kent Dicks Tom

  497. Hunter Marc Zeb

  498. ACM0741 Fucking Micah

  499. Braydens First Time

  500. Jeff s Juice

  501. Hank

  502. Kennedy and Ryders Locker Room Fuck

  503. Kent and Zebs Cabana Fuck

  504. Tylers Tag Team Jacob Tom

  505. Harper and Dawsons Fireplace Fuck

  506. Henry Harris Hit The Shower

  507. Zack Kenny Swap Loads

  508. ACM1190 Aiden Fucks Harley Bareback

  509. Harper and Wilson

  510. Brant and Clinton Fuck

  511. Galen s First Time

  512. ACM1383 Darren Plays With Tanner

  513. ACM1266 Ellis

  514. Brants First Time

  515. Kennedy Gets Laid

  516. Dave Tops Owen

  517. Davon and Tom

  518. Kaleb Fucks Brayden

  519. Kennedy Kellan s Flip Fuck

  520. CFS0455 Zeb Toys

  521. CorbinFisher Ashley Dominates Harper and Reed

  522. ACM0750 Dru Fucks Josh Shower

  523. Thomas Takes Quinn s Load

  524. Vance Pumps One Out

  525. Bradley Gets Dicked CorbinFisher

  526. Trent

  527. Kent Chandler Swap Loads

  528. Reed Takes Toms Load

  529. ACM0776 Lucas Fucks Trey

  530. ACM0529 Lucas Fucks Travis

  531. Gentry

  532. Harper Nails Marc

  533. ACM1319 Sylas Gets

  534. Travis Creampies Dawson

  535. Tagging Josh Josh Connor Cain

  536. ACM0750 Dru Fucks Josh

  537. Taft Henry Get Busy

  538. Darren Plays With Tanner

  539. ACS0534 Kaleb Cums On Kayla

  540. ACM1253 Tom Creampies Colton

  541. ACM1067 Kent Pounds Cameron

  542. Martin Jackie Sandwich Cain

  543. ACS0568 Calvin and Jamie

  544. Connor Bangs Lucas

  545. Kenny Blows Patrick

  546. ACS0564 Jesse Gets Laid

  547. Alex Kellan s Bi Fuck

  548. Jeff Plows Dawson

  549. Connor Aiden and Travis

  550. Wesley After Hours

  551. Thomas Jacob Fool Around

  552. Rocky

  553. Tom Rails Smith

  554. Kennedy Rides Noel

  555. ACM1451 Dillon

  556. Kimberly Rides Jesse

  557. Pura Vida 2 Scene 3 Blond Free For All

  558. Blond Free For All Jacob Josh and Tom

  559. Quinn Has His Way With Dane

  560. Evan Barron s Double Fuck

  561. Jamison and Harper

  562. Grant Creams Justin s Hole

  563. Sebastian Fucks Quinn

  564. Elijah and Josh

  565. Daniel Feeds Asher

  566. Rocky Works Out Quinn

  567. Easton and Kennys Trick Shot

  568. Breaking In Grayson

  569. ACS0444 Connor and Tiffany

  570. ACS0498 Grayson and Tiffany Fuck

  571. Clints Workout Fuck

  572. Trenton

  573. ACM0951 Brady and Cain Bradys First Time

  574. Tom Dominates

  575. Ryder Christian s Bi 3 Way

  576. ACM1263 Breaking In Gentry Gentry Fucks Quinn

  577. Steven Fucks Alexa

  578. ACM1334 Easton

  579. Dane Worships Hugh

  580. Luke Gets Laid

  581. ACS0572 Jamie Rides Cordell

  582. ACM1337 Brayden Tops

  583. Louis

  584. Kenny Swallows Luke

  585. Pura Vida 2 Scene 1

  586. Cale Gets Laid

  587. Cal

  588. Connor Chandler and Avery

  589. Grayson s Joyride

  590. Miles Slams Tiffany

  591. Cooper Gets Fucked

  592. Calan Hugh Fuck

  593. Tom Gives It To Grant

  594. Jace Swallows Galens Load

  595. ACM1346 Kellan Takes Tom

  596. Barron Ellis Get Down

  597. Derek Blows Gage

  598. Tiffany.

  599. Cameron and Harper Get Wet

  600. ACM0976 CF Unlimited Day 1

  601. Reagan s First Time Bareback

  602. Quinn and Treys Flip Fuck

  603. Barron Deep Dicks Baker

  604. Philip and Josh Teasing Delila

  605. Quinn Dawson s Flip Fuck

  606. Kansas City Colt Brayden s Flip Fuck

  607. ACS0272 Connor and Nicholas Bi Tag Team

  608. ACM1136 Kent and Harleys Flip Fuck

  609. Clinton Feeds Quinn

  610. Harper Rileys Double Creampie

  611. Hugh Feeds Daniel

  612. Zachary Fucks Beau

  613. Tom Dicks Dixon

  614. Ezra

  615. Colt Hammers Tyler

  616. Dixon Works Out Tom

  617. Scandinavia Riding Reagan in Copenhagen

  618. Calvin

  619. Brant and Harpers Shower Fuck

  620. He didnt get to see much of the Strip

  621. Bennet

  622. Avery Pounds Zeb

  623. ACM1446 Zeb Dicks

  624. Reed Pounds Landon

  625. Tahoe Marc and Kellans Breakfast Fuck

  626. Aiden and Dru

  627. CF Jacob and Quinn 25 Nov 2013

  628. Tom Harper s Locker Room Fuck

  629. ACM1166 Elliot and Harley Flip Flop Fuck Bareback

  630. Dawson and Connor Double Team Austin

  631. ACM1257 Jacob Fucks Tyler

  632. Kenny Dicks Quinn

  633. Kellan and Ellis Heat It Up

  634. Aiden Creams Braydens Hole

  635. Ryder Hammers Jamie

  636. Easton Kenny s Trick Shot

  637. Noah II

  638. Aiden and Tom s

  639. Reed Jon s Flip Fuck

  640. Connor and Davon

  641. Jay Kallie

  642. Tom and Dawson

  643. Kent Brayden s Locker Room Fuck

  644. Casey Gets Lucky

  645. ACM0947 Cain Fucks Glen

  646. Skye Marc

  647. dawson aiden

  648. Trenton In Action Trenton and Blake

  649. Tanner Swallows Quinn

  650. Galen Fills Up Zachary

  651. ACM1371 Zack and Kennedy Swap Loads

  652. Derek Fucks Lucas

  653. Kevin Gets Laid

  654. Daniel Gets Fucked

  655. Brayden Kenny Get Sweaty

  656. Aiden Fucks Marc Bareback

  657. Tampa 3 Way Fuck Fest

  658. Dawson Fucks Derek

  659. Eating Sheldon s Load

  660. Mateo

  661. Dixon and Connor Swap Loads

  662. ACS0198 Connor and Bailey

  663. Calan Unloads On Henry

  664. Luke Sucks Keegan

  665. Ellis and Henrys Flip Fuck

  666. Dalton

  667. Kennedy Takes Tylers Load

  668. ACM0280 Lucas Fucks Ryan

  669. Isaac Bangs Brooke

  670. Ezra Feb 25 2014

  671. ACM0177 Lucas Fucks Dirk Part 1

  672. Swallowing Kennedy

  673. Brant Solo

  674. Maddox Unloads

  675. Trey Tops Reed

  676. Swallowing Beckham s Load

  677. Warren s Double Load

  678. Carson pounds Jon

  679. Jayden

  680. Bennett Bones Lauren

  681. Chandler and Cains Flip Fuck

  682. ACM0291 Lucas Fucks Dawson 2

  683. Reagan Josh s Sauna Fuck

  684. Aiden Creams Brayden s Hole

  685. Smith s First Time

  686. Dane Takes Rocky s Load

  687. Kellan Fucks Zack

  688. Cain and Chandler

  689. ACM0290 Lucas Fucks Dawson 1

  690. Taylor Gets Laid With Quinn

  691. Harper Breaks In Lance

  692. connor ashley

  693. Dixons First Time Dixon fucks Trey bareback

  694. CFS0350 Tyson Piledrives Zeb

  695. Max and Sawyer Dick It Out

  696. Anthony

  697. Drake Gets Fucked

  698. sylas takes on william

  699. Reed and Reece

  700. Jacob and Kellan Take Turns

  701. Double Penetrating Sean

  702. Darren gets fucked by Harper

  703. Jacob Kellan Take Turns

  704. Jensen s Happy Ending

  705. Meyers Blowjob

  706. Kellan Clinton s POV Fuck

  707. Sheldon Fucks Kenny

  708. Hunter Marc and Zeb

  709. Cain and Cort

  710. Aidens Triple Load IV

  711. 5 Way Suck Fest

  712. Connor Feeds Brayden Colt

  713. Colt Kennedy Quinn s Fuck Fest

  714. Aiden Harper and Tanner

  715. Thomas Zachary s Bi Tag Team

  716. 5way Suckfest

  717. ACS0234 Brody and Ashley

  718. Logan

  719. Swallowing Kips Load Dawson and Kip

  720. Davon Swallows A Load

  721. Hudson Pounds Lauren

  722. Rowan and Quinns POV

  723. Trey Takes Josh s Load

  724. Harper Seeds Chandler

  725. Justin Creams Tom

  726. Clinton and Quinn

  727. Rocky Works Out Jace

  728. ACM0322 Lucas Fucks Adrian

  729. Meyer Gets

  730. Rocky Quinn Get Busy

  731. Taft s Double Load

  732. Kellan Scott get wet

  733. Leo

  734. ACM1461 Rowan Takes On Tom Full HD

  735. Meyer Gets Fucked

  736. Riding Dixon Reed and Dixon

  737. Kellan Fills Graysons Hole

  738. ACM1352 Drakes First Time With Quinn

  739. Trenton Creampies Kellan

  740. ASC497 Brayden Unloads on Paige

  741. Blowing Reagan

  742. ACM1250 Meyer Gets Fucked

  743. Alyssa Milks Drake

  744. Tom Takes It From Kennedy

  745. Vance Gets Busy

  746. Tanner Rides

  747. ACM1272 Aiden and Toms POV Fun

  748. Skye Rides Chandler

  749. Quinn and Zeb Swap Loads

  750. Tom and Tanners Morning Fuck

  751. Harper Josh s Paris Fling

  752. Calan Gets Fucked

  753. ACM1159 Elliot Pounds Zeb

  754. ACS0531 Brayden Taps Alyssas Ass

  755. Graham Fucks Jamie

  756. Breaking In Baker

  757. Scandinavia Tre Way Fuck Fest

  758. Ian Kennedy s Summer Fling

  759. Brady s Huge Load

  760. Tyler Jamie Hook Up

  761. ACM1398 Harper and Kent

  762. Feeding Kent A Load Cain

  763. Pierce

  764. Hugh

  765. ACM1367 Clintons Afternoon Fuck With Quinn

  766. Brayden Bradley Poolside

  767. Ethan and Ethan

  768. CFS0351 Chandler and Harpers Flip Fuck

  769. ACM0539 Connor Fucks Derek

  770. Clinton Swallows Colt s Load

  771. Tom and Josh

  772. CorbinFisher Ashton Rails Brayden

  773. ACM1074 Jackson Gets Fucked By Kent

  774. ACM0854 Cain Fucks Levi

  775. Chandler Unloads

  776. Jacob Fucks Quinn

  777. Dane Tags Wesley

  778. ACM1306 Ashtons Facial Ashton Dixon

  779. Blindsided By Marc

  780. 9 XXX Workout

  781. Quinn Feeds Truman

  782. Warren s Bi Fuck

  783. Breaking In Jasper

  784. CFS0445 Kent and Zebs

  785. Elliot and Harley flip flop fuck

  786. Max

  787. Tanner s First Time

  788. Kent Nails Jon

  789. Nolan Nails Sophia

  790. ACM1122 Double Penetrating Scott

  791. Marc Ryder Brayden s Fuck Fest

  792. Marc and Tanner fuck bareback

  793. Brayden and Kenny Get Sweaty

  794. Weston Fucks Jasper

  795. Brant Piledrives Trenton

  796. ACM1423 Tahoe Kellan Fills Up Quinn

  797. Sophia Rides Damien

  798. Harper Fucks Rowan

  799. Rhett Unloads on Nikki

  800. Jamie Rides Matt

  801. Ryder

  802. Very Sexy Boys Aiden and Cain

  803. Aiden Pounds

  804. Wyatt Pounds Jamie

  805. Braydens First Time Brayden and Harper

  806. Kent unloads in Quinn

  807. ACM1273 Ezra

  808. Ben Rose Drills Seth Corrigan

  809. ACM1462 Cordell

  810. Edward Gets Laid

  811. Fucking Trey Connor

  812. Reed and Avery

  813. Baker Demi

  814. Jacob Kellan Tag Brayden

  815. Bennett Solo

  816. Trumans Tag Team

  817. Rhett

  818. Kennedy Swallows Tobias

  819. Brayden Eats Jonathans Load

  820. Wesley After Dark

  821. ACM0368 Fucking Trevor 1

  822. ACM1339 Aiden Fills Tanners Hole

  823. Colt s Fuck

  824. Beau Elian Tag Dane

  825. Tres Facheros Connor Piledrives Dawson

  826. Diego

  827. Brad

  828. Garrett

  829. ACS0546 Truman Taps Tiffany

  830. Breaking In Truman Jan 23 2014

  831. Thomas Stuffs Steven

  832. Aiden Marc Swap Loads

  833. ACS0242 Connor and Brody Teasing Ashley

  834. Connor and Kiersten

  835. Trenton In Action

  836. Cain and Zebs

  837. Tyler tops Scott

  838. ACS0547 Olivia Rides Abram

  839. Kellan and Smith

  840. ACM1000 CF Unlimited Memorial Day Six Pack

  841. ACM0999 Connor Busts Camerons Cherry

  842. Reed Paige

  843. CFS0480 Kellan and Kent Get Busy

  844. kenny blows patrick

  845. William Fills Up Quinn Oct 31 2013

  846. Xavier Nails Jamie

  847. ACS516 Riding Ryder

  848. Brant Rides Jacob Bareback Feb 27 2014

  849. Aiden and Bradley

  850. Quinn Harper s Private POV Fuck

  851. ACM1083 Cain and Scott Tag Jon

  852. dawson kent

  853. Aiden Cain and Steve

  854. ACM0544 Jeff Fucks Travis

  855. ACM1384 Bradley Massaging Kaleb

  856. Zeb and Kennys Double Creampie

  857. ACM0178 Lucas Fucks Dirk Part 2

  858. Galens First Time

  859. Ellis Gets Double Dicked

  860. ACM1268 Kenny Taps Trumans Ass

  861. Harper and Reagan Rinse Off

  862. Tom Trey s Gym Fuck

  863. Harper Marc s Study Break

  864. Connor and Meyer

  865. Quinn s Tag Team

  866. Zeb Creampies Tanner

  867. Daniel Takes It From Henry

  868. ACM1351 Ryder and Sylas Hook Up

  869. Bradley and Dawson

  870. Brayden Swallows Connor s Load

  871. Marc Quinn s Flip Fuck

  872. Steven Ryder Swap Loads

  873. Aiden and Chase

  874. Dillon

  875. Finn Drills Jessica

  876. Scandinavia Tre Way Fuck Fest Josh Brayden and Easton

  877. ACS0545 Cameron Bangs Jackie and Trey

  878. Kip

  879. ACM0777 Connor and Brandon Fuck Josh and Sasha

  880. Travis Gets Plowed

  881. Henry Creams Thomas

  882. Elliot and Harley

  883. Breaking In Kellan with Connor

  884. Cam Slams Jamie

  885. Brayden Tops Brant

  886. Lachlan Gets Lucky

  887. Harper Riley s Double Creampie

  888. ACM1125 Duncan Gets Fucked Cain

  889. ACM1360 Easton and Trenton Make Waves

  890. Calvin Jamie

  891. Kansas City Connor s 3 Way

  892. Jayden Gets Laid

  893. Davis

  894. Tobias Feeds Ellis

  895. Kellans Backseat Blowjob

  896. Cale

  897. Quinn Feeds Tyler

  898. Luke Jasper s Morning Wood

  899. Chandler Creams Blake Bareback

  900. Dane Creams Alex

  901. Josh s Freshman Fantasy

  902. Scandinavia Easton and Brayden Fuck Dez 30 2013

  903. Leah Rides Rowan

  904. Costa Rica Tyler Tag Team With Tom and Jacob

  905. Kellan Fucks Jamie Harper

  906. Breaking In Evan

  907. Ryder Brayden Take Turns

  908. ACM0731 Connor Fucks Sean

  909. Hunter and Ashtons Morning Fuck

  910. Connor and Chuck

  911. Stefan and Conno

  912. Blowing Quinn

  913. Cameron and Travis

  914. ACS494 Brennans Three Loads

  915. Costa Rica

  916. Kellan and Kenny Get Dirty

  917. Ashtons Facial

  918. Campus Crushes Tom Tom and Steves Flip Fuck

  919. Trenton Tops Taylor

  920. Dakota

  921. ACM1373 Chandler Fills Up Brayden

  922. Rocky Wesley s Bi Fuck

  923. Kennedy Rides Quinn

  924. European Stimulus

  925. Costa Rica Kennedy and Joshs Shower Fuck

  926. Chandler Fills Up Brayden

  927. ACS0266 The Twins Bi Fuckfest

  928. Jeff Cums In Colby s Mouth

  929. Owen Lauren

  930. Luke Pounds Henry

  931. CFS306 Aiden Feeds Cort His Load

  932. Tanners 3 Way Suck Fest

  933. Grayson Goes All The Way

  934. CFS0137 Philip Takes Carsons Load

  935. Eric

  936. ACM1271 Palmer Tops Quinn

  937. Aaron

  938. ACM1411 Scandinavia Josh Riding Reagan In Copenhagen

  939. ACM1407 Tom Rails Smith

  940. Trenton Truman s Cabana Fuck

  941. Reagan Swallows Taylor

  942. Drinking Jeffs Juice Dru

  943. ACM1264 Hayes

  944. Tom Takes It From Chandler

  945. Max Beau Get Down To Business

  946. Oscar

  947. Marc and Quinn

  948. brayden bradley poolside

  949. ACM0890 Connor Fucks Brody

  950. Easton and Trenton Make Waves

  951. ACM1246 Davon Gets Fucked Davon and Tom

  952. Nathan Kallie

  953. Bond Fucks Jamie Jace

  954. Harper Creampies Tanner

  955. Chandler Dixon and Reed

  956. Aiden Jordan

  957. Ellis Takes Ryders Load

  958. Julian Bangs Laura

  959. Ashton Fucks Cameron

  960. Brady After Hours

  961. Jonathan Pounds Jamie

  962. Jackson Bones

  963. CFS0300 Aiden and Chandler

  964. Pierce Tiffany

  965. Tom Stuffs Josh

  966. Fucking Tanner

  967. Sebastian Seeds Hugh

  968. ACM1303 Brant Pounds Riley

  969. ACM1273 Brant Rides Jacob

  970. Fucking Miles

  971. JR

  972. Emerson Fucks Cynthia

  973. Kennedy and Kellans Flip Fuck

  974. Cain Takes Control Of Dawson

  975. ACM1357 Darren Tops Brayden

  976. Sylas Gets Fucked

  977. Dane Bones Beau

  978. Marc Brant s Bi Tag Team

  979. Zeke Brandon Manilow and Manuel Rios

  980. Trey Dawson and Chandlers Fest

  981. Harper Aiden Fuck

  982. Hugh Swallows Jace

  983. Lance Pumps Marc s Hole

  984. Liam Takes On Kenny

  985. Dawson to remind Austin

  986. Evan Pounds Quinn

  987. Evan Works Out Dave

  988. Henry and Harris Hit The Shower

  989. Marshall Fucks Blake

  990. Marc Rowan Pump Up

  991. Rocky Gets Fucked

  992. Anthony Kennedy s Bi Fuck

  993. Collin Blows His Load

  994. Jacob Tops Brayden

  995. Dawson and Austin and Connor

  996. Abraham Gets Laid

  997. Brayden Fucks Tanner

  998. Derek Trevors Flip Flop

  999. CFisher Zane 21 Jan

  1000. ACM1414 Tom Dicks Dixon

  1001. Brant s First Time

  1002. CorbinFisher ACM1467 Trenton Creampies Kellan

  1003. Josiah Takes Charge

  1004. Connor and Dru

  1005. Vance Gets Fucked

  1006. Collin

  1007. Breaking In Nate

  1008. Connor Owns Ellis

  1009. Evan and Dave Play Rough

  1010. Travis Fucks Derek

  1011. Trenton and Zane Swap Loads

  1012. Braxton Creampies Colt

  1013. ACM1235 Tanners First

  1014. Sebastian Hugh

  1015. ACS0221 Connor and Austin Bi Tag Team

  1016. Barron Unloads

  1017. ACM1334 Easton and Kennys Trick Shot

  1018. Jasper Feeds Henry A Load

  1019. ACM1464 Kent and Colts POV Fuck

  1020. Jacob Rides Kennedy

  1021. Kellan Sawyer Visit SF

  1022. Ellis Takes On Bryce

  1023. Isaiah

  1024. Kennedy and Taylors Bathtub Fuck

  1025. Sean and Kents Pool Party

  1026. Hugh Fucks Weston

  1027. Barron Bangs Beau

  1028. Kellan s Backseat Blowjob

  1029. ACS469 Connor Fucks Landon and Tiffany

  1030. ACS487 Tyson and Tiffany

  1031. Truman Takes It Deep

  1032. Payton

  1033. Isaac

  1034. Costa Rica Tyler s Tag Team

  1035. Dixon and Quinn Swap Loads

  1036. Rudy s First Time

  1037. ACM0807 Connor Fucks Ian

  1038. Colt Gets Fucked By Jacob

  1039. Tom and Hugh Get Wet

  1040. acm1284 Grayson

  1041. colin

  1042. ACM1449 Harper and Marcs Study Break

  1043. ACM1458 Colt Gets Fucked

  1044. Jacob and Tom Costa Rica Jacob Bottoms Up

  1045. Harper and Aiden Fuck

  1046. Breaking In Truman

  1047. Gavin and Sean

  1048. ACM1179 Dixons First Time

  1049. Dawson Feeds Colby

  1050. Aidens Triple Load

  1051. Trenton and Truman s Cabana Fuck

  1052. Cameron Bangs Jackie Trey

  1053. Tanners First Time

  1054. Seans First Time

  1055. Marc and Jacobs Shower Fuck

  1056. Kent Philip Delila s Bathtub Fuck

  1057. Tanner Unloads on Jon

  1058. Tagging Avery Connor Chandler and Avery

  1059. Marc Sean and Zeb

  1060. Jonas First Time

  1061. ACM0467 Lucas and Dave Fuck Nick

  1062. Matt

  1063. Tobias Cums On Jamie

  1064. ACM0451 Lucas Fucks Spencer

  1065. Tom Gets Nailed

  1066. ACM1355 Clinton Fucks

  1067. Clint s Flip Fuck

  1068. Thomas Takes Quinns Load

  1069. Blowing Easton Kent and Easton

  1070. Sebastian Jamie

  1071. Quinn Rocks Aidens World

  1072. ACM1223 Riding Connors Cock

  1073. Allen Unloads

  1074. Connor and Harleys Gym Fuck

  1075. ACM1259 Breaking In Truman With Brayden

  1076. Hands Free Cowboy Cum

  1077. Kellan and Sawyer Visit SF

  1078. Colt Gets Lucky

  1079. Rowan Swallows Marc

  1080. Harper Cums On Tom Harper and Tom Apr 25 2013

  1081. Ellis Bottoms Up

  1082. Jacob Feeds Tobias

  1083. CFS0203 Marc and Trey Swap Loads

  1084. Sean Reece Steve

  1085. Brandon Cums On Camille

  1086. Marc Zeb Swap Loads

  1087. ACM1111 Sloan Gets Pounded

  1088. Tom Dick Dixon

  1089. ACM1410 Kennedy Gets Fucked By Kellan

  1090. ACM0572 Connor Fucks Austin

  1091. Harper and Aiden

  1092. Brant

  1093. Jon Seeds Quinn

  1094. Jonah Goes Deep

  1095. Kennedy Takes Zebs Load

  1096. ACM1316 Trenton in Action

  1097. ACM0656 Connor Fucks Noah

  1098. Bradley Gets Fucked

  1099. Chase Jamie Fuck


  1101. Dawson Connor Double Team Austin

  1102. Scott Nails Harley

  1103. ACM1388 Aiden Creams Brayden Hole

  1104. Palmer Pounds Olivia

  1105. Dane Creampies Kenny

  1106. Bond Jamie

  1107. Olivia Rides Abram

  1108. ACM0523 Fucking Brady

  1109. Marc and Tanner Fuck

  1110. Quinn Jamie Use Jacob

  1111. Justin Stuffs Kennedy

  1112. Rhett Gets Fucked

  1113. Ryder Sylas Hook Up

  1114. ACM0707 Keiths Tag Team

  1115. Bond

  1116. ACS0526 Colin Bangs Tiffany

  1117. ACM1402 Scandinavia Reagan Pounds Easton

  1118. Max Plows Lane

  1119. ACM1400 Porter

  1120. Kenny Breaks In Harris

  1121. Riley Trey

  1122. Clinton Creams Reagan

  1123. Flip Fuck Francais

  1124. Kellan Swallows Miles

  1125. CFS0429 Brayden Bottoms

  1126. Wesley and Dane Fuck

  1127. Samuel

  1128. ACM1326 Bradley Swallows Brant

  1129. Reed and Sloan

  1130. Derek Scott BJ

  1131. ACM1364 Smith Rails Kellan

  1132. CFS0299 Aiden Pounds

  1133. ACM1377 Reagan and Sylas Ante Up

  1134. Tobias

  1135. ACM1246 Davon Gets Fucked

  1136. Kennedy Bangs Jamie

  1137. Colt

  1138. ACS0416 Connor Fucks Olivia

  1139. Clinton s Happy Ending

  1140. Kennedy Fucks Taylor

  1141. Carson Philip

  1142. Cain love Hunter

  1143. Alex Ellis s Bi Tag Team

  1144. Dave and Evan Tag Team Ellis

  1145. Harper Tiffany Hook Up

  1146. Taylor Takes Harper s Load

  1147. Brodie

  1148. ACM1008 Dru Nails Jon

  1149. Reagan and Clinton Fuck

  1150. Vince s Double Load

  1151. Reed Fucks

  1152. Anthony Jamie Fuck

  1153. Costa Rica Jacob Bottoms

  1154. Braxton

  1155. Kent and Kellan

  1156. Luke Emerson Get Wet

  1157. Rowan Fucks Truman

  1158. Kenny and Justin

  1159. Marc and Zeb Swap Loads

  1160. Taylor Gets Laid

  1161. Reeds Double Load

  1162. Beckett Gets Busy

  1163. Eating Quinns Cum Quinn Kent

  1164. Shane Rubs One Out

  1165. Brayden Piledrives Tiffany

  1166. Baker s Bi Three Way

  1167. Smith Rails Kellan Bareback

  1168. Easton and Trenton Make Waves Bareback

  1169. Scandinavia Threeway In Norway

  1170. ACM0459 Lucas and Dave Flip Flop

  1171. Thomas and Jacob Fool Around

  1172. Josh Rides Jeff

  1173. Kenny Alyssa Get Wet

  1174. Palmer Tops Quinn Feb 20 2014

  1175. ACM1182 Kent Creampies Tom

  1176. CorbinFSelect Heating Up Tahoe Scene 4 28 Feb

  1177. Connor Dowson and Elijah

  1178. Quinn Trenton Marc and Kellan

  1179. GuysGoneBi Sean Pumps Philip and Danielle

  1180. Brants 3 way suck fest

  1181. Kellan Zane s Hot Tub Fuck

  1182. Taylor

  1183. CorbinFisher Kellan Creampies Harper

  1184. Jasper Takes Hudson s Load

  1185. ACM1324 Ashton Rails Brayden

  1186. Tom Tanner s Morning Fuck

  1187. Darren and Tanner

  1188. ACM0736 Brody

  1189. CorbinFisher Jamison Gets Fucked By Cameron Bareback 2012

  1190. Ryder Fucks Kenny

  1191. Kent Nails Zane

  1192. Jack Gets Laid

  1193. Trey takes Joshs

  1194. Tahoe Kellan Fills Up Quinn Feb 03 2014

  1195. Nolan Colt s Bi Fuck

  1196. Cain Pounds Josh

  1197. Caden Gets Laid

  1198. Kennedys First Time

  1199. Quinn Dixon and Meyers 3 Way

  1200. Jacob Creams Ellis

  1201. ACM1378 Tyler

  1202. Carter His Boyfriend

  1203. Double Penetrating Jon

  1204. Dowson and ELijah

  1205. Colin Bangs Tiffany

  1206. Dawson Feeds Colby

  1207. ACS0566 Travis and Masons Bi Tag Team

  1208. Justin Hammers Jamie

  1209. Swallowing Tanners Load Harley and Tanner

  1210. Quinn Teaches Dave

  1211. Marc Takes Jons Load

  1212. Jacob Pounds Henry

  1213. Ian Plays With Rowan Brooke

  1214. Brayden Gets Used Part 1 Brayden and Reagan

  1215. Travis pounded the hell out of Trey

  1216. Taft Tops Kellan

  1217. Truman

  1218. Xavier Doubles Down

  1219. Tyler Tiffany

  1220. CFisher Ezra 25 Feb

  1221. Brayden Swallows Connors Load

  1222. Kent Fucks Truman

  1223. Harley Zeb Taking Turns

  1224. Thomas Steven s Bi Three Way

  1225. Tobias Bottoms Up

  1226. Colby Rides Cain

  1227. Reagans First Time

  1228. Ryder and Quinn Fuck

  1229. Riding Ryder

  1230. Ryder and Kenny Get Sweaty

  1231. Clint s Workout Fuck

  1232. ACS0514 Zeb and Tiffanys Poolside Plunge

  1233. Connor and Tom Fuck

  1234. Marc and Tanner Fuck

  1235. Leo Gets Laid

  1236. Dawson and Connor

  1237. Erick

  1238. Cain and Trey Cool Off

  1239. Shane Gets Lucky

  1240. Colt Decks Maxs Halls

  1241. Tampa Connor Drills Zeb

  1242. Grant Creams Alex

  1243. ACS0532 Wilson Fucks Alyssa

  1244. ACS482 Tiffany Rides Tanner

  1245. CFisher Kennedy and Quinn 12 Dec

  1246. Jaden Paige Fuck

  1247. Reed and Dixon

  1248. Kyle Alexa Fuck

  1249. ACM1361 Reagans First Time with Brayden

  1250. Aiden and Tom s POV Fun

  1251. James Josh s Rainforest Rimjob

  1252. Reece drills Will

  1253. Dawsos

  1254. Elijah and Dawson

  1255. Gram

  1256. Travis and Joshs Bathtub Fuck

  1257. Tyson Tiffany

  1258. Lane Gets Laid

  1259. Troy s Happy Ending

  1260. ACS0528 Kennedy Gets Laid

  1261. ACM1011 Connor Slams Kents Hole

  1262. Dawson Connor Trey Kenny Dry Kent

  1263. CFS0505 Reagan Creams

  1264. Ian Takes On Connor

  1265. Parker

  1266. Ellis Taps Trumans

  1267. Kent Colt s POV Fuck

  1268. Miles Tops Ellis Jamie

  1269. Tanners 3 way suck fest

  1270. Costa Rica Tylers Tag Team

  1271. Swallowing Kennedy Kennedy and Kellan

  1272. Cain Zeb s Morning Wood

  1273. Connor and Bailey

  1274. ACM1408 Scandinavia Easton and Brayden Fuck

  1275. Hunters 3 Way

  1276. ACM0569 Jareds Tag Team

  1277. Trenton and Taylor

  1278. Grant Rides Nash

  1279. Connor and Colby and Addison

  1280. Harper Tanner

  1281. Russ and Trey and Jackie

  1282. ACM1334 Easton and Kennys Trick Shot

  1283. Eating Quinns Cum

  1284. Kellan Gives It To Ellis

  1285. Feeding Kip A Load

  1286. Travis and Dawson

  1287. ACM1239 Colton Gets Pounded Colton and Connor

  1288. ACM1330 Chandler Creams Blake

  1289. Derek Fucks Shane

  1290. ACM0900 Fucking Marc Cain and Marc

  1291. Jacob Jamie Fuck

  1292. Andrew

  1293. Stefan Takes Kent s Cum

  1294. Quinn Trey s Flip Fuck

  1295. Clay Sophia

  1296. Matt Dicks Kenny

  1297. Brooke Rides Dexter

  1298. CFisher Kent and Kellan Fuck Buddies Bareback 17 Apr

  1299. Wyatt

  1300. Feeding Avery A Load Bareback

  1301. Dawson and Josh

  1302. ACS500 Vaughn Fucks Paige

  1303. Manning

  1304. Trey Dawson Chandler s Fuck Fest

  1305. ACM1026 Connor Drills Jon

  1306. Dawson Bangs Reed

  1307. Quinn Zane Take Turns

  1308. Cameron Rides Dixon

  1309. Royce


  1311. Chaz s First Time

  1312. Harper Cums On Tom

  1313. Brayden Pounds Jasper

  1314. Kellan creampies Harper

  1315. Kent and Smith Tag Tiffany

  1316. Aidens and Travis

  1317. Conrad Unloads

  1318. Brants 3 Way Suck Fest

  1319. ACM1389 Fucking Wilson Harper and Wilson

  1320. ACM1274 Kent Fucks Truman

  1321. Smith s First Time Bareback

  1322. Aiden Tom s POV Fun

  1323. Tom Creampies Zeb

  1324. Duncan Drills Dawson

  1325. ReaganandEaston

  1326. Steven Henry Jace s Cum Swap

  1327. Luke Bangs Brittany Brayden

  1328. Lane

  1329. Baker Swallows Dane s Load

  1330. Clinton Pounds Tiffany

  1331. CFS Josh_Rides_Connor

  1332. Kent and Kennedy

  1333. ACS0140 Connor 2 Connor and Cassie

  1334. Smith and Harper

  1335. Ashley Rides Walker

  1336. Finn

  1337. Fucking Todd

  1338. CFisher Truman 17 Dec

  1339. CFS0445 European Stimulus Part 2

  1340. ACM1241 Tanner Gets Fucked Tanner and Harper 720p

  1341. ACM1363 Darren Gets Fucked By Harper

  1342. CFisher Palmer and Kenny 28 Jan

  1343. ACM1399 Scandinavia Brayden Gets Used Part 2 Brayden and Trenton

  1344. Rowan Bangs Kellan

  1345. Dave Baker s Bi Fuck

  1346. ACM0702 Fucking Ty

  1347. Dixon Connor Swap Loads

  1348. Cain Cort

  1349. Kent and Josh 2.

  1350. Jace Jon Fuck

  1351. Colt Pounds Kellan

  1352. European Stimulus Part 2 Bathtub Banging In Prague

  1353. Clay Fucks Colt Leah

  1354. CFS0448 Kent Unloads

  1355. Quinn Blakes Kitchen Fuck

  1356. Lance

  1357. acs0417 Danielle Chandler

  1358. Tom Fucks Alan

  1359. CFisher Reagan Pounds Easton 16 Dec

  1360. Thomas Feeds Baker

  1361. Quinn Seeds Christian

  1362. Harper and Reed

  1363. Dominic Drills Alyssa

  1364. Harper and Zebs Morning Wood

  1365. Jacob Kellan Get Wet

  1366. Aiden and Connor

  1367. Dixon Dicks Trenton

  1368. Cain Facefucks Taylor

  1369. CFS0340 Kent Fucks Chuck

  1370. Down and Dirty in Denmark

  1371. ACM1214 Parker rides Connor

  1372. Kellan Kenny get dirty

  1373. Kellan Fills Grayson s Hole

  1374. Rowan Brooke Tease Brayden

  1375. Dane and Henry Fuck

  1376. Smith s First Time Quinn Smith

  1377. Stefan Takes Kents Cum

  1378. Colt and Truman s Work Out

  1379. Tatum

  1380. Sloan and Connor

  1381. Breaking In Kelso

  1382. ACM1181 Jamison Swallows Harpers Load

  1383. ACM0864 Cain Fucks Joel

  1384. Hunter s First Time

  1385. Alec Takes It

  1386. Cort and Connor

  1387. Brayden fucks Tanner

  1388. Colt Pounds Barron

  1389. ACM1334 Easton and Kennys

  1390. Brant Gives It To Brayden

  1391. Gage Fucks Derek

  1392. Quinn Swallows Eric

  1393. Ryder Gives It To Quinn

  1394. ACS555 Hayes Steps Up With Olivia

  1395. Brant Pounds Riley

  1396. ACS0554 Kent Philip and Delilas Bathtub Fuck

  1397. Trenton and Quinns Breakfast in Bed Heating Up Tahoe Scene 1

  1398. Warren Feeds Barron

  1399. ACM1248 Cain and Hunter

  1400. ACM1391 Easton Gets Fucked

  1401. Brayden Fucks Colt

  1402. Marc Kennedy Swap Loads

  1403. Luke Loads Up Ellis

  1404. Grant Slides Into Quinn

  1405. Joshs freshman fantasy with Kennedy and Tyler

  1406. Colt and Truman

  1407. Reed and Tom

  1408. Connor Fucks Kennedy Poolside

  1409. ACM1294 Brayden Gets Fucked Brayden and Tom

  1410. Kellan Kenny Get Dirty

  1411. Harper and Drakes Fantasy Football

  1412. Kellan Swallows Matt

  1413. ACM0738 Dru Fucks Travis Shower

  1414. Kent Josh s London Shower

  1415. Zeb Spikes Dawson

  1416. Clinton and Kenny Take Turns

  1417. Josh Dawson and Chandlers Fuck Fest

  1418. Tom Rails Smith Bareback Dez 26 2013

  1419. Declan

  1420. Brayden Swallows

  1421. Kellan Jasper s Cum Swap

  1422. Dylan Gets Laid

  1423. Jeff plows Dawson

  1424. Miles Fucks Quinn

  1425. Brennan s Three Loads

  1426. Damien Gets Fucked

  1427. Brandon and Zeke

  1428. ACM1361 Braydens First Time

  1429. Kellan Quinn Luke Swap Loads

  1430. Brayden Fucks Tanner Bareback

  1431. Riding Dixon

  1432. Trenton and Val

  1433. Coen Creams Alexa s Ass

  1434. Brayden Tops Jon

  1435. kent jackson

  1436. Vance After Hours

  1437. Clint and Aiden Breaking in Clint

  1438. Kent and Kennedy Live Show

  1439. European Stimulus Part 2 Flip Fuck Français

  1440. Quinn and Smith

  1441. Dawson Pumps Austin s Hole

  1442. Jensen s Bi Three Way

  1443. Jack After Hours

  1444. Reagan and Brant

  1445. William Aiden s Morning Fuck

  1446. ACM1448 Eric

  1447. Hunterss First Time Aiden and Hunter

  1448. Kent and Ashtons Flip Fuck

  1449. Jeff Cums In Colbys Mouth

  1450. ACS0168 Connor and Sara

  1451. Kent and Kenny Get Wet

  1452. Chandler Dawson Josh

  1453. Bradley Swallows A Load

  1454. Marc Brayden Swap Cum

  1455. Jackson and Rudy

  1456. Tom Pumps Colts Ass

  1457. Payton Gets Dirty

  1458. Barron

  1459. Taylor Fucks Tiffany

  1460. Tom Pounds Kenny s Ass

  1461. Rowan Hammers Camille

  1462. Quinn Rides James

  1463. Henry Gives It To Steven

  1464. Smiths First Time

  1465. Aiden and Trey Get Wet

  1466. Kevin

  1467. Grant and Harpers Poolside Fuck

  1468. ACM0997 CF Unlimited Grillin and Chillin

  1469. Kent Blasts Emerson

  1470. Lucas Fucks A J

  1471. Dru and Trey

  1472. Chandler. Aiden

  1473. Jacob Fucks Noel Bi Tag Jamie

  1474. Zeb Takes Rowan

  1475. Fucking Bryan

  1476. Kansas City Colt Takes On Connor

  1477. Barron Thomas Hook Up

  1478. ACM1276 Taylor Swallows Colts Load

  1479. trenton chandlers

  1480. Jamison and Cameron

  1481. Kenny Marc Fuck

  1482. Josh Connor

  1483. ACM1359 Colin

  1484. William Fills Up Quinn

  1485. Lewis Pounds Tiffany

  1486. Daniel Gives It To Alex

  1487. Jamie Rides Rhett

  1488. Dominic Gets Lucky

  1489. Harper and Drake

  1490. Double penetration Sloan

  1491. travis cameron

  1492. Ellis Henry s Flip Fuck

  1493. Tom Creampies Ellis

  1494. ACM1355 Clinton Fucks Tom

  1495. Beau

  1496. Daniel Drills Jon

  1497. Breaking In Kyle

  1498. ACS0521 Darren and Alyssa Fuck

  1499. Roman Sean

  1500. Kennedy Takes Zeb s Load

  1501. ACM1269 Quinns Tag Team Quinn Aiden and Chandler

  1502. Dane Ellis Fuck

  1503. Carter and His Boyfriend

  1504. Marc Cameron

  1505. Nolan

  1506. ACM0513 Lucas Fucks Jeff

  1507. Rory


  1509. Quinn Swallows Bradley

  1510. ACM0882 Tagging Josh

  1511. Rocky Feeds Henry A Load

  1512. Quinn and Hugh Swap Loads

  1513. Beckham

  1514. Dane Rides Steven

  1515. Jamie Rides Thomas

  1516. ACM1370 Easton and Smith Hook Up

  1517. Brayden Swallows Connor s

  1518. Breaking In Harper

  1519. Chandler and Chases Challeng

  1520. Sebastian Ryder Unload

  1521. Connor and Kent

  1522. Quinn Services Jackson

  1523. ACM1278 Bonus Update Cain and Trey Cool Off 540p

  1524. Meyer and Dawson

  1525. CorbinFisher Chases Chandler Challenge

  1526. Drake and Tom Drake Likes It Rough

  1527. Marc Tags Kenny Jamie

  1528. ACM0831 Fucking Jonas Connor Jonas

  1529. San Diego Free 4 All

  1530. Noel Bottoms Up

  1531. Zeb and Cameron

  1532. Trenton and Scotts Summer Fling

  1533. Reagan and Joshs Sauna Fuck

  1534. Best Buds 3 Ben and T J

  1535. Unloading On Quinn

  1536. Clints Happy Ending

  1537. Simon Jamie

  1538. Scandinavia Easton Brayden Fuck

  1539. Val and Trenton

  1540. Nicholas Gets Fucked

  1541. ACM1203 Kent and Connor Connor Gets Fucked

  1542. Scandinavia Brayden Gets Used

  1543. Adam Cums In Colt

  1544. Dixon and Quinn Swap Loads Bareback

  1545. Quinn Gets Pounded

  1546. Blowing Easton

  1547. Brayden and Reagan

  1548. Dixon Dreams of Kellan

  1549. Jacob Creams Baker

  1550. Jacob and Joshs Happy Hour

  1551. Trenton in Action

  1552. Harper Taps Truman s Ass

  1553. Brady

  1554. Quinn Zeb Swap Loads

  1555. Philip Takes Carson s Load

  1556. Turner Gets Laid

  1557. Ezra s Fantasy Fuck

  1558. Marc Pounds Kellan

  1559. Reed Fucks Cameron

  1560. When Scott came

  1561. Harper and Kent

  1562. Hunter Ashton s Morning Fuck

  1563. Zane Blows His Load

  1564. Thomas Jacob s Cum Swap

  1565. Kennedy s POV Fuck

  1566. Jacob and Kellan Tag Brayden

  1567. Clinton and Quinn Bareback

  1568. ACM1196 Kent Feeds Jon His Load

  1569. Marc Swallows Jacob

  1570. Baker Swallows Danes Load

  1571. Morgan Gets Fucked

  1572. Brant Clinton Fuck

  1573. Cain fuck Colby

  1574. Aiden s Triple Load IV

  1575. Kansas City Zeb Kennedy s Flip Fuck

  1576. ACM1443 Colt and Trumans Work Out

  1577. Ryder Kenny Get Sweaty

  1578. Costa Rica Kennedy Josh s Shower Fuck

  1579. Brody Solo

  1580. Jacob Tom

  1581. Blowing Marshall

  1582. Ryder and Sylas Hook Up

  1583. Clinton Fucks Tom Bareback

  1584. Bradleys First Time

  1585. Brooke Rides Keegan

  1586. CFisher Tahoe Kellan Fills Up Quinn Bareback 3 Feb

  1587. Steve and Sloan

  1588. Kennedy Takes It From Luke

  1589. Dane

  1590. Cameron Josh s Flip Fuck

  1591. Dane Gets To Work

  1592. Sylas Takes On William

  1593. ACM1366 Sylas Takes On William

  1594. Kellans First Time

  1595. Ethan Plunges Into Colby

  1596. ACS0565 Hayes and Pierces Tag Team

  1597. Dane Fucks Daniel Demi

  1598. Aiden and Marc Swap Loads

  1599. Colt Pumps Marcs Hole

  1600. Luke Fills Up Grant

  1601. Blake and Tanner

  1602. Breaking in Kellan

  1603. Kellan Feeds Smith

  1604. Kellan Fucks Kennedy

  1605. Aidens Triple Load III

  1606. ACM0884 Dalton fucks Travis

  1607. Steven and Quinn Fuck

  1608. Marshall and Blake

  1609. Kennedy Taylor s Bathtub Fuck

  1610. Dustin Alisha

  1611. Kellan Piledrives Lauren

  1612. Kent Kenny Get Wet

  1613. Aiden Connor Trey

  1614. Josh Elliot s Flip Flop

  1615. Jensens Blowjob

  1616. Colt and Jonathans Morning Wood

  1617. Harley and Zeb Taking Turns

  1618. Christian

  1619. ACM0978 Connor Takes All of Aiden

  1620. Colt and Trumans Work

  1621. Kent and Kellan

  1622. ACM Kennedy Gets Fucked Kellan

  1623. Kennedy

  1624. Brayden Swallows Jensen

  1625. Abram

  1626. Noel Takes Marcs Dick

  1627. Reed and Jons Flip Fuck

  1628. ACM1278 Liam

  1629. Connor Marc

  1630. Reed and Cameron

  1631. Wesley

  1632. DarrenandHarper

  1633. Liam Bailey

  1634. ACM1112 Breaking In Harper

  1635. Quinn Swallows Vance

  1636. Quinn Rocks Aidens World

  1637. ACM1461 Rowan Takes On Tom

  1638. Rick

  1639. Brant Takes Kellans Load

  1640. Dawson and Colt Get Sweaty

  1641. Taking Chandlers Cum

  1642. Barron After Hours

  1643. Damian and Josh

  1644. Tiffany Toys With Trey

  1645. Connor and Harley

  1646. Truman Swallows Zeb s Load

  1647. Scandinavia Threeway in Norway Brayden Josh and Trenton

  1648. Noel Dicks Ryder

  1649. Cory Cums On Leah

  1650. Bryce Kenny s Bi Three Way

  1651. ACM0707 Keiths Tag Team Shower

  1652. Dave

  1653. Marc Ryder and Braydens Fuck Fest

  1654. Duncan and Dawson

  1655. ACM1131 Max Gets Fucked

  1656. Galen

  1657. Taylor Gets Laid

  1658. Jacob Quinn After Hours

  1659. CF Wesley and Austin

  1660. Taft Pounds Jamie

  1661. Reed and Kent

  1662. Ellis Olivia

  1663. ACM1322 Kellan Creampies Harper

  1664. Travis Josh s Bathtub Fuck

  1665. Harper Swallows Nolans Load

  1666. Laura Rides Hank

  1667. CFisher Trenton and Trumans Cabana Fuck Bareback 28 Apr

  1668. Scott Gets Some Ass Brayden and Scott CFSelect

  1669. Kellan Kent Get Busy

  1670. Danes Double Creampie

  1671. Harper Taps Trumans Ass

  1672. Jayden Hugh Fuck

  1673. Tom Creampies Colton

  1674. Scott Josh

  1675. Cameron Kent

  1676. Aiden and Marc Swap Loads

  1677. Nash Creams Ryder

  1678. Teasing Harper

  1679. Glenn

  1680. Aiden and Harley

  1681. Ashton Trey s Breakfast in Bed

  1682. Cody

  1683. ACM1110 Duncans First Time

  1684. Max and Barrons Gym Fuck

  1685. Zeb Tiffany s Poolside Plunge

  1686. Harper Kent

  1687. Maddox

  1688. Daniel Rides Brayden

  1689. Beau and Elian Tag Dane

  1690. Eric Slams Brooke

  1691. Olivia Rides Aiden

  1692. Bathtub Banging in Prague

  1693. William Worships Tanners Ass

  1694. Tom Josh Take A Plunge

  1695. Hugh Ryder s Four Load Fuck Fest

  1696. Miles Gets Fucked

  1697. Derek Fucks Logan

  1698. ACM1372 Josh Rides

  1699. Allen Jamie

  1700. Brant Rides Jacob

  1701. Jacob Rides Noel

  1702. Brooke Rides Tobias

  1703. Clintons Afternoon Fuck With Quinn

  1704. Pura Vida 2 Scene 5

  1705. Quinn and Harpers Private POV Fuck

  1706. Jackson Unloads

  1707. Feeding Riley A Load Dawson

  1708. ACM1007 Jack Fucks Trey

  1709. CFS0143 Kent Dicks

  1710. ACM0809 Aaron Fucks Trey

  1711. Corey Gets Laid

  1712. ACM0435 Lucas Fucks Matt

  1713. Campbell Scott

  1714. Roman love Sean

  1715. Reed Fucks Josh Bareback

  1716. Tom and Trey

  1717. Dawson Colt Get Sweaty

  1718. Prestons first time Trey

  1719. Tom and Jordan

  1720. Scandinavia Brayden Gets Used Part 2

  1721. Nash Breaks In Jace

  1722. CFisher Taylor Takes Harpers Load Bareback 14 Apr

  1723. Trenton and Chandlers Shower Fuck

  1724. Dawson and Josh

  1725. Sebastian Tops Jayden

  1726. Quinn and Dawsos Flip Fuck

  1727. Beau and Devon Get Steamy

  1728. ACM0222 Lucas Fucks Cody 2

  1729. Jamie Rides Cordell

  1730. ACS0006 Lucas and Bianca

  1731. CFisher Pierce 14 Jan

  1732. Lauren Rides Andrew

  1733. ACM1221 Fucking Ashton Ashton and Harper

  1734. ACM1396 Parker

  1735. Emerson Feeds Colt A Load

  1736. Quinn Drake

  1737. Luke Gets Fucked

  1738. Rowan and Tanner Uncut

  1739. Elliot Pounds Zeb

  1740. Reed Jon s Bi Tag Team

  1741. ACM1259 Feeding Hunter A Load Hunter and Blake

  1742. Costa Rica Jacob Bottoms Up Jacob Tom

  1743. Henry Gives It Kenny

  1744. Duncans first time

  1745. Jasper Swallows Hugh

  1746. Chandler Unloads on Tanner

  1747. Baker Swallows Galen s Load

  1748. Quinn Taft s Morning Fuck

  1749. Tyler

  1750. ACM0591 Tagging Dante

  1751. Quinn Fills Up Luke

  1752. CFisher Ellis Taps Trumans Ass Bareback 10 Apr

  1753. Controlling Tom

  1754. ACM0695 Connor Fucks Zeke

  1755. Dave Deep Dicks Quinn

  1756. ACM1290 Grayson Goes All The Way Grayson and Trey

  1757. Carson Harley

  1758. Aidens Double Load

  1759. ACM1317 Chase and Chandler

  1760. Thomas Hugh Fuck

  1761. Barron Deep Dicks Elian

  1762. Connor Trey Tease Tina

  1763. Darren Alyssa Fuck

  1764. Scandinavia Easton and Brayden Fuck

  1765. ACM1356 Trenton and Chandlers Shower Fuck

  1766. Nash Unloads On Tom

  1767. Harley and Zeb

  1768. Breaking In Gentry

  1769. Trey Takes Joshs Load

  1770. Galen Bailey

  1771. Beau Submits To Quinn

  1772. Rhett Cums In Jonathan

  1773. Scandinavia Riding Reagan in Copenhagen Josh and Reagan

  1774. Bryson

  1775. ACM1242 Meyers First Time Meyer and Dawson

  1776. Marshall Fucks Blake

  1777. Grayson Takes All Of Chandler

  1778. Parker s Shower Fuck

  1779. Aiden Fills Up Bradley

  1780. Brant Fucks Tom

  1781. ACM1351 Ryder and Sylas

  1782. ACM1390 Braxton

  1783. Harper Josh After Hours

  1784. Zeb and Landon

  1785. Brayden Truman s Pool Fuck

  1786. Eric Olivia

  1787. Eating Sheldons Load

  1788. Marc and Brayden Swap Cum

  1789. ACM1391 Easton Gets Fucked Easton and Kellan

  1790. ACM1350 Blowing Reagan Tom

  1791. Kansas City Zeb and Kennedys Flip Fuck

  1792. Connor and Cort

  1793. Connor and Trey teasing Tina

  1794. Ben Gets Laid

  1795. Trey Takes It From Tom

  1796. Jon Gets Laid

  1797. Dane Elian and Rocky Fuck Around

  1798. Josh Kennedy and Tyler

  1799. Cumming In Cameron

  1800. ACS0569 Connor and Trey Tease Tina

  1801. Lane After Hours

  1802. ACS0539 Connor and Dawsons Bi Tag Team CorbinFisher

  1803. Erick Gets Laid

  1804. Conrad Rocky Get Busy

  1805. Cain Pounds Brody In Paradise

  1806. ACM1157 Max Unloads on Harley

  1807. ACM0725 Lucas Fucks Elijah 2 and Shower

  1808. Ashers 3 Way

  1809. Swallowing Reeds Load

  1810. Marc Tanner s Bi Tag Team

  1811. ACM0579 Lucas Fucks Austin

  1812. ACM0155 Lucas Fucks A.J.

  1813. Colt s Double Load POV

  1814. Playing Around

  1815. Marc Fucks Quinn Fireside Heating Up Tahoe Scene 3

  1816. Jesse

  1817. Clint s Happy Ending

  1818. Travis Tops Tom

  1819. Marc Pounds Truman s Ass

  1820. ACM0851 Dru Fucks Trey

  1821. Liam

  1822. Bradley s First Time


  1824. Noel

  1825. Harper Emerson Swap Loads

  1826. Vaughn Fucks Paige

  1827. ACM1217 Beaking in Damian Damian and Josh

  1828. Double Penetrating Scott with Sean Connor

  1829. Thomas and Jacobs Cum Swap

  1830. Rowan Quinn s POV

  1831. Jay

  1832. ACS0552 Palmer Pounds Olivia

  1833. ACM1362 Hunter Swallows Leo

  1834. Vaughn

  1835. Aiden and Marc

  1836. Gabriel and Kayla s Hot Fuck

  1837. Cain fucks Jon

  1838. Cain Pounds

  1839. Chet Ashley

  1840. ACM1005 Aiden Buries His Cock In Dawson

  1841. ACM0429 Lucas Fucks Nick

  1842. Brayden Blows Seth

  1843. Kellan s First Time Bareback

  1844. CFS0495 Harper and Tom

  1845. ACM1094 Aidens Double Load II

  1846. ACM1349 Kellan and Kenny

  1847. Nicholas Alex s Bi Fuck

  1848. Declan Unloads On Jamie

  1849. Kyle Fucks Jamie

  1850. Breaking In Val

  1851. Wilson Gets Serviced

  1852. Clinton Fucks Tom

  1853. All American Loads

  1854. trey eats kips cum

  1855. Cain Eats Ethan s Load

  1856. Emerson Feeds Brant

  1857. Jamie Toys With Camden

  1858. Chandler and Riley

  1859. Grant Creampies Alexa

  1860. Clintons Afternoon Fuck

  1861. CFisher Kellan Feeds Smith Bareback 13 Mar

  1862. Chuck Connor s Flip Fuck

  1863. Finn Fucks Kenny Jamie

  1864. ACS0548 Philip and Delila Fuck Kenny

  1865. Tagging Reed

  1866. Andy s Blowjob by Josh

  1867. Dave and Barrons Gym Fuck

  1868. Easton Fucks Alyssa

  1869. Connor Bangs Rowan

  1870. Rocky Pounds Thomas

  1871. Sebastian and Ryder Unload

  1872. Brant Dicks Kellan

  1873. Evan

  1874. Cooper Rides Cain

  1875. Colt Damien s Bi Fuck

  1876. Swallowing Reed s Load

  1877. Matt Creampies Hugh

  1878. ACS0530 Zach Fucks Tiffany

  1879. Tom Feeds Jordan His Load

  1880. Feeding Riley

  1881. Kent and Chuck

  1882. Dave Evan Tag Team Ellis

  1883. Ashton Fucks Tom

  1884. Evan s Double Load With Dave

  1885. CFSelect Zeb Spikes Dawson

  1886. Aiden and Tom

  1887. Dawson that took Austins

  1888. Josh Kent and Trey

  1889. Reagan Cums On Brant

  1890. Dawson kissed Austin

  1891. Max and Beau Get Down To Business

  1892. Marc Rides Rowan

  1893. Cort and Josh

  1894. Sean Pumps Philip and Danielle

  1895. Darren Gets Fucked By Harper Bareback

  1896. Scandinavia Fucking Reagan

  1897. ACM1266 Bradleys First Time Bradley and Aiden

  1898. Thomas Stuffs Ryder

  1899. ACM1375 Easton Fucks Clinton

  1900. Kent Creampies Brayden

  1901. ACM0328 Lucas Fucks Patrick

  1902. Colt Rails Ellis

  1903. Thomas Gets Laid

  1904. Aidens Happy New Year

  1905. Rocky and Quinn Get Busy

  1906. Conrad Swallows Lane

  1907. Quinn and Brayden Take Turns

  1908. ACS0366 Connor Pounds Jackie and Martin

  1909. ACM1444 Costa Rica Tom Takes It From Kennedy

  1910. Brayden Pumps Kennedy

  1911. Patrick s Happy Ending

  1912. ACM1437 Taylor Swallows

  1913. Van

  1914. Nate and Reed

  1915. Breaking in Cooper

  1916. Beau After Hours

  1917. Kellan and Clintons

  1918. Jayden Daniel s Bi Tag Team

  1919. ACM1401 Kennedy Gets Fucked

  1920. Bradley has that

  1921. Nolan and Jacob Double Team Quinn

  1922. Jacob and Kellan Get Wet

  1923. Kenny and Marc Fuck

  1924. Collin Creams Brady

  1925. Kyle Creampies Kellan

  1926. Noel Pounds Jamie

  1927. Rhett Feeds Kennedy

  1928. Drake and Kellan

  1929. Sylas Takes Harley

  1930. Costa Rica Tom Takes It From Kennedy

  1931. Dixon Dicks Bradley

  1932. Scott Slams Tiffany

  1933. Zeb Seeds Colt

  1934. Grayson Aiden

  1935. Kennedy Ryder s Locker Room Fuck

  1936. BreakingInHarper

  1937. Sucking off Cooper Jon and Cooper

  1938. Cain and Reed

  1939. ACS0571 Jamie Toys With Zane

  1940. ACM1337 Brayden Tops Brant

  1941. Connor and Cain

  1942. Kellan Tiffany POV

  1943. Meyers First Time Dawson

  1944. Ryders Double Load

  1945. Wesley Dane Fuck

  1946. Easton and Kellan

  1947. Dawson Derek and Kenny

  1948. Smith Bones Amanda

  1949. Fucking Wilson Harper and Wilson

  1950. Russ Plays Rough

  1951. Ellis Fucks Kellan Kallie

  1952. Kellan and Jacobs Happy Hour

  1953. Levi

  1954. Marc Steps Up To Connor

  1955. Jacob Takes Control

  1956. Tanner Eats Noels Load

  1957. Demi Rides Rocky

  1958. Braxton Kayla

  1959. Breaking in Avery Cain

  1960. ACS0321 Connor and Delila

  1961. Sloan and Cain

  1962. Darren and Sylas

  1963. ACM0677 Fucking Trey

  1964. Elijah Takes On Two

  1965. Dixon and Trey

  1966. Wade

  1967. Darren gets fucked

  1968. Kip and Dawson Unscripted

  1969. Owen

  1970. Cain Fucks Joel

  1971. Philip got to fuck Cain

  1972. Tanner Kennedy s Bi Tag Team

  1973. Kent and Harleys flip fuck

  1974. Kellan Quinn and Luke Swap Loads

  1975. easton trenton make waves

  1976. Clints Workout Fuck Clint and Dawson

  1977. Bailey Rides Barron

  1978. Chandler Creampies Connor

  1979. Nash Slams Bailey

  1980. Jace Pounds Henry

  1981. Aiden Connor and Trey

  1982. Connor Mason s Bi Tag Team

  1983. ACS0182 Jared and Connors Tag Team

  1984. Troy

  1985. Kent Aiden Ashley

  1986. Sloan Gets Pounded By Connor

  1987. Harper Feeds Jace A Load

  1988. Trenton Chandler s Shower Fuck

  1989. Hunters 3 Way

  1990. Brayden and Bradley poolside

  1991. Ethan and Travis

  1992. Evan Blasts Marc

  1993. CFS0476 Kent and Ashtons

  1994. Danes First Time

  1995. CFS0477 Harper and Zebs

  1996. ACM1376 Kennedys First Time With Harper Full HD

  1997. Jason Unloads

  1998. ACM0614 Lucas Fucks Dylan

  1999. Edison

  2000. Brayden Swallows Connor s Load

  2001. Evan Takes Control

  2002. Ellis Taps Truman s Ass

  2003. Nate Gets Sucked

  2004. Chuck s First Time Bareback

  2005. Trey Eats Kip s Cum Bareback

  2006. Dominic

  2007. Grant Fucks Jacob Deep

  2008. Beau Feeds Ellis A Load

  2009. Jeffs Juice

  2010. Scandinavia Riding Reagan In Copenhagen Jan 06 2014

  2011. Tanner Takes On Kellan

  2012. Zack Fucks Tiffany

  2013. Clinton Kenny Take Turns

  2014. Zack Rides Easton

  2015. Tom and Josh Take A Plunge

  2016. Memorial Day Six Pack CF Unlimited

  2017. ACM1321 Scott Scores With Tanner

  2018. Sebastians First Time

  2019. Tampa Kenny Takes Quinns Load

  2020. Roughing Russ Up Cain Kent

  2021. Kellan and Kent Get Busy

  2022. Gabes 3 Way

  2023. Hayes Steps Up With Olivia

  2024. Cain Nails Cort

  2025. Tahoe Marc Kellan s Breakfast Fuck

  2026. Tom Hugh Get Wet

  2027. Riley Gets Topped by Chandler

  2028. Chase Fucks Carson

  2029. Landon and Zeb

  2030. ACM0852 Lucas Fucks Josh

  2031. ACM1227 Kent Dicks Quinn

  2032. Miller

  2033. Double Penetrating Dawson

  2034. Kennedy Gets Fucked

  2035. ACM1191 Cain and Kent Feeding Kent a Load

  2036. Ashley dominates Dawson and Cain

  2037. Edward

  2038. Massaging Kaleb

  2039. ACM1445 Jesse

  2040. Dane Doubles Down

  2041. ACM1205 Zeb and Landon Riding Landon in the Locker Room

  2042. CFS0343 Chuck Swallows A Load

  2043. Allen King and Antonio Aguilera

  2044. CFACM1214 Parker Connor

  2045. Harper Marc

  2046. Fucking Reagan Trenton and Reagan

  2047. Turner

  2048. Colt Gets Fucked

  2049. Taylor Swallows Colts Load

  2050. CFS0198 Tom Dominates Dawson

  2051. Josh Rides Dixon

  2052. Jasper Kellan s Hook Up

  2053. Brant Dicks Jon

  2054. Brayden and Trenton

  2055. Kallie Rides Harris

  2056. ACM0549 Fucking Dante

  2057. Corbin Fisher Aaron Fucks Ethan

  2058. Easton Smith Hook Up

  2059. Aiden s Double Load

  2060. Cort and Josh Cort s First Time

  2061. Kennedys Rub Down

  2062. Quinn Swallows Sebastian

  2063. Chandler and Aiden

  2064. SIX SHOOTER Aiden Connor and Trey

  2065. Jacob and Quinn After Hours

  2066. Connor Slams Kennedy

  2067. ACM1265 Brayden Swallows Connors Load

  2068. Harper Feeds Jonathan

  2069. William and Aidens Morning

  2070. James and Tanner s Bi Threesome

  2071. ACM1354 Breaking In Val Trenton

  2072. ACM1356 Trenton and Chandlers

  2073. Tom Slides Into Colt

  2074. ACM1134 Aiden Stuffs Zeb

  2075. Harper Massages Tobias

  2076. Calan and Hughs Gym Fuck

  2077. Kellan Creampies Harper

  2078. ACM1260 Harper and Aiden Fuck

  2079. Bryce

  2080. Charlie Unloads

  2081. Chandler and Cain

  2082. Trenton and Trumans Cabana Fuck

  2083. Aiden Kent and Marc

  2084. Wilson Fucks Alyssa

  2085. Rowan Pounds Kenny

  2086. Beau Tops Baker

  2087. ACS0537 Braxton and Kayla

  2088. Taft and Henry Get Busy

  2089. CFisher Taylor Swallows Colts Load Bareback 6 Mar

  2090. Jacob Bottoms Up

  2091. Zeb Kenny s Double Creampie

  2092. CFisher Zeb Dicks Braxton Bareback 27 Mar

  2093. Lucas and Dawson Down Under

  2094. Abraham

  2095. ACS0025 Lucas and Jasmine

  2096. Scandinavia Easton and Brayden

  2097. Marc and Kellans

  2098. Connor and Tanners pov Fuck

  2099. Darren Plays With Tanner

  2100. ACM0855 Fucking Ethan

  2101. Dawson Pops Aidens Cherry

  2102. Reed and Blake

  2103. Myles

  2104. Aiden Fills Tanners Hole

  2105. Darins First Time

  2106. Harper Dicks Rhett

  2107. Kansas City Colt and Braydens Flip Fuck

  2108. Brayden and Trumans Pool Fuck

  2109. Ashton Rails Brayden

  2110. Quinns Tag Team

  2111. Rory Blows His Load

  2112. Eli

  2113. Sebastian s First Time

  2114. Ryder Creampies Chase

  2115. Harper and Bradley Fuck

  2116. Ian Fucks Brayden

  2117. CFisher Costa Rica Tylers Tag Team Tom and Jacob Bareback 31 Mar

  2118. Bradley Swallows Brant

  2119. CFisher Costa Rica Jacob Bottoms Up With Tom 10 Mar

  2120. Wes

  2121. Justin Gives It To Henry

  2122. Aiden s Fantasy

  2123. Kennedy Rides Rowan

  2124. Jacob Unloads On Olivia

  2125. ACM1358 Smith Bottoms Up With Zeb

  2126. Curtis

  2127. Brody and Cain

  2128. ACM1397 Scandinavia Brayden Gets Used Part 1 By Reagan

  2129. Breaking In Clint

  2130. Hunter Dicks Harley

  2131. Chandler and Trey

  2132. Brody

  2133. Harper Bradley Fuck

  2134. CorbinFisher Scott Scores With Tanner

  2135. Quinn Dixon Meyer s 3 Way

  2136. ACM1360 Easton and Trenton

  2137. Kent and Braydens Locker Room Fuck

  2138. Chuck and Connors Flip Fuck

  2139. ACM1458 Colt Gets Fucked Full HD

  2140. Blowing Reagan

  2141. Chris Unloads

  2142. Harper Flip Fucks Justin

  2143. Cabin Fever

  2144. ACS0519 Alyssa Milks Drake

  2145. Luke Hamill and Josh images

  2146. Brennan

  2147. Josh and Elliots Flip Flop

  2148. Beau Busts Hands Free

  2149. Harper and Joshs Paris Fling

  2150. Marc Pounds Landon

  2151. Tanner Cums In Cameron

  2152. ACM1343 Smiths First

  2153. ACM0828 Dru Fucks Cain

  2154. Kellan and Scott Get Wet

  2155. Scandinavia Fucking Reagan Trenton and Reagan

  2156. Blake Kent Zeb

  2157. Aiden Blake

  2158. Reed Takes Tom s Load

  2159. ACM1360 Easton

  2160. Kyler

  2161. Aiden Feeds Cort His Load

  2162. Travis Tackles Kenny

  2163. ACS0523 William and Tiffany

  2164. ACM0221 Lucas Fucks Cody 1

  2165. Ryder Solo

  2166. Graham

  2167. Taft Henry s Bi Tag Team

  2168. CFS0387 Ashton Fucks

  2169. Connor Quinn and Kennys 3 Way

  2170. CFisher Kenny Taps Trumans Ass Bareback 13 Feb

  2171. Easton and Kennys Trenton make waves

  2172. CF Chandler Dawson Scott

  2173. William Worships Tanner s Ass

  2174. Aidens Triple Load IV Travis

  2175. ACM1273 BLOWING BRAYDEN Chandler and Brayden

  2176. Colt Creampies Zeb

  2177. ACM1313 Kellan and Scott Get Wet

  2178. Dane s Double Load

  2179. ACM1118 Harper Gets Fucked

  2180. Marc Jacob s Shower Fuck

  2181. ACM1233 Double Stuffing Connor Chandler Trey and Connor

  2182. Taylor Swallows Colt s Load

  2183. Aiden s Happy New Year

  2184. ACM0960 Aiden Fucks Cain

  2185. Blowing Brayden

  2186. ACS0215 Tom and Connor Tag Chloe

  2187. Ryder Quinn Fuck

  2188. Scandinavia Riding Reagan in Copenhagen

  2189. ACM0795 Cains First Time

  2190. Eric

  2191. ACM0888 Lucas and Cain Tag Travis

  2192. Hayes

  2193. ACM1379 Harper and Drakes Fantasy Football

  2194. Noel Jamie Fuck

  2195. Chad

  2196. Kent Ashton s Flip Fuck

  2197. ACS0543 Jacob Unloads On Olivia

  2198. Tanner Rides Reagan

  2199. William and Brayden

  2200. Glenn s Double Load

  2201. Tanner Nails Nikki

  2202. ACS0115 Lucas and Cassie

  2203. Dawson and Marc

  2204. Quinn and Braydens Flip Fuck

  2205. Teddy

  2206. ACS0558 Ezras Fantasy Fuck

  2207. Kevin s First Time

  2208. ACM1406 Tyler Tops Scott

  2209. ACS0561 Liams Cabana Fuck

  2210. Conrad and Rocky Get Busy

  2211. ACS0540 Taylor Fucks Tiffany

  2212. Trenton and Trumans Cabana Fuck ACM1459

  2213. ACM1349 Kellan and Kenny Get Dirty

  2214. Dane s Double Load II

  2215. Gentry Nails Paige

  2216. Dru fucks Jon

  2217. Roughing Russ

  2218. ACM1019 Jack Takes it in the Back

  2219. ACS475 Landon s Double Header With Tiffany

  2220. Tiffany Rides Tanner

  2221. CFisher Liam 11 Mar

  2222. Grant Gives It To Kellan

  2223. Clinton s Afternoon Fuck Bareback

  2224. Breaking In Colton

  2225. Kent Smith Tag Tiffany

  2226. Marc and Kennedy Swap Loads

  2227. Conrad Unloads On Wesley

  2228. Zeb Dicks Braxton

  2229. Conrad Blasts Ellis

  2230. Reagan and Sylas Ante Up

  2231. ACM0277 Lucas Morning Wood

  2232. Connor Aiden

  2233. Ripley Fucks Paige

  2234. Ryan

  2235. ACM1259 Feeding Hunter A Load

  2236. Liam s Cabana Fuck

  2237. ACM0548 Connor Fucks Trent

  2238. Zane Gets Laid

  2239. Cameron Harper Get Wet

  2240. Hugh and Ryders Four Load Fuck Fest

  2241. Quinn Swallows Colt

  2242. Easton Reagan and Trenton

  2243. Mike

  2244. ACM1202 Aiden and Riley Drenching Riley In Cum

  2245. Quinn and Tafts Morning Fuck

  2246. Tanner Gets Fucked

  2247. ACS0522 Reagan Plays With Tiffany

  2248. Josh and Reagan

  2249. ACS0542 Cain Taps Ashley and Cameron

  2250. Brant s 3 Way Suck Fest

  2251. Gabe

  2252. Palmer Tops Quinn

  2253. Dane and Ellis Fuck

  2254. Breaking In Dexter

  2255. Harper and Tom

  2256. Tahoe Fuck Fest

  2257. Marc Takes Jon s Load

  2258. ACM1312 Brant Fucks Tom

  2259. Colt Kennedy and Quinns Fuck Fest

  2260. Val Gets Blown

  2261. Palmers Blowjob

  2262. Connor and Tyson

  2263. Chris Gets Laid

  2264. Dane s First Time

  2265. CFisher Harper and Marcs Study Break Bareback 3 Apr

  2266. Eashton Trenton make waves

  2267. Ian and Kennedys Summer Fling

  2268. Jeff Plows Travis

  2269. Kansas City Connors 3 Way

  2270. Dane Elian Rocky Fuck Around

  2271. CF Hunter Swallows Leo

  2272. Trenton Scott s Summer Fling

  2273. Swallowing Tanners Load

  2274. ACM1128 Chandler Scott and Dawson Double Penetrating Dawson

  2275. Jacob Explores Harper Dez 21 2013

  2276. ACM1454 Calvin

  2277. Alan Cums On Tiffany

  2278. ACM1218 Trey Takes Chandlers Load Chandler and Trey

  2279. Chazs First Time

  2280. Aiden Fucks Harley

  2281. ACS0553 Olivia Rides Aide

  2282. Kimberly Swallows Cody

  2283. Jasper Gets Fucked

  2284. Ashton and Treys Breakfast in Bed

  2285. ACM1164 Breaking In Avery

  2286. Nash and Matt Tag Harper

  2287. Trenton and Blake

  2288. Jacob Hammers Harper

  2289. ACM1261 Palmers Blowjob With Kenny

  2290. Ross Unloads

  2291. ACM1266 Bradley s First Time Bradley and Aiden

  2292. Breaking In Beau

  2293. ACS0263 Connor and Trey Bi Tag Team

  2294. tagging Mario

  2295. Smith Rails Kellan

  2296. ACS0535 Gabriel and Kaylas Hot Fuck

  2297. Kellan Creampies Truman

  2298. Marshall Fucks Tiffany

  2299. Chase Fucks Tanner Jamie

  2300. Kent Creampies Cain

  2301. Nicholas

  2302. Sebastian Gets Fucked

  2303. Shane

  2304. Brayden and Harper

  2305. Jon Colt s Bi Fuck

  2306. CFisher Drake and Kellan 19 Dec

  2307. Aiden and Chandler Under The Sheets

  2308. Beau After Dark

  2309. Ivan

  2310. CFisher Eric 1 Apr

  2311. Tom Dicks

  2312. Kenny Taps Trumans Ass

  2313. Beckett

  2314. Dakota Fucks Nikki

  2315. Luke and Emerson Get Wet

  2316. Ellis Eats Colts Load

  2317. Zeb and Rudy

  2318. Eric Fucks Marc Brooke

  2319. Philip Takes Carsons Load

  2320. ACM1298 Cameron Rides Chandler

  2321. Aiden s Fantasy Fuck

  2322. Barron Blows A Load

  2323. CFisher Curtis 18 Mar

  2324. Blanes First Bi Tag Team

  2325. Chandler Cain s Flip Fuck

  2326. Double Dicking Ellis

  2327. Dane Deep Dicks Kenny

  2328. Mike Fucks Jamie

  2329. Jace Swallows Galen s Load

  2330. Zeb and Carson

  2331. Jacob Tops Taylor

  2332. Darren Plays With Tanner Nov 04 2013

  2333. Jackson and Sean

  2334. Miles Jamie Fuck

  2335. Tres Facheros 11

  2336. Chuck and Treys Flip Fuck

  2337. Dixon and Quinn

  2338. Travis and Trey Teasing Delila

  2339. Clay Blows Dalton

  2340. ACM1211 Harper and Dixon Fucking Dixon

  2341. Liam Bottoms Up

  2342. Weston Fucks Hugh

  2343. Philip Kent

  2344. ACM0991 Budapest Pop Up

  2345. Camden Colt Swap Loads

  2346. ACS0378 Connor and Ashley Break In Russ

  2347. Graysons Joyride

  2348. Camden

  2349. Bonus Update Cain and Trey Cool Off

  2350. Cain and Brady

  2351. Jacob Swallows Asher

  2352. Smith Creampies Harper

  2353. Chases and Chandler Challeng

  2354. Tim

  2355. ACS0559 Swallowing Beckhams Load

  2356. Jackson s Triple Load

  2357. Brayden Swallows Jasper

  2358. Dawson and Chandlers

  2359. Marc Dicks Ellis

  2360. Travis Harley

  2361. Marc Steps Connor

  2362. Tyler Colt Jamie s Bi 3 Way

  2363. ACM1038 Cameron Climbs Aiden

  2364. ACS0527 Patricks Happy Ending

  2365. ACM1260 Cooper Rides Cain

  2366. ACM1287 Avery Unloads On Dawson

  2367. Kent and Colts POV Fuck

  2368. Carter

  2369. Ashton s Facial

  2370. Baker Swallows Colt

  2371. ACM1143 Aidens Quadruple Load

  2372. Kennedy Seeds Kellan

  2373. ACM1374 Taylor

  2374. Avery Unloads On Dawson

  2375. ACM1300 Brayden Fucks Tanner

  2376. CFSelect Kent Rails Kennedy 11 Jan

  2377. Brayden Gets Fucked

  2378. Daniel Rides Jace

  2379. CorbinFisher Brayden Piledrives Tiffany

  2380. cameron trey

  2381. Marcus Unloads

  2382. ACM1367 Clinton and Quinn

  2383. Connor and Colby

  2384. Kennedy Slides Into Jasper

  2385. Swallowing Harpers Load Blake and Harper

  2386. ACM0669 Lucas Fucks Zeke

  2387. Ryder Solo

  2388. Nicholas Tops Luke

  2389. Cooper Gets Fucked

  2390. Kennedy and Kellan

  2391. Lance Pumps Marcs Hole

  2392. Quinn Blows Brett


  2394. ACM1415 Pierce

  2395. Bryce and Dane Get Busy

  2396. Kellan Rides Jasper

  2397. Brayden Brant

  2398. All American Loads 2013

  2399. Cain Takes Control of Dawson

  2400. Carter and Justin

  2401. Quinn Breaks In Noel

  2402. Dixon Quinn Swap Loads

  2403. Jensen s Blowjob

  2404. Asher Bottoms Up

  2405. Kennedy and Joshs Shower Fuck

  2406. Josh Dawson and Chandlers Fest

  2407. Chandler and Harpers Flip Fuck

  2408. Taylor Swallows Colts Load

  2409. Smith drinks from fountain Kellan

  2410. Reed s Double Load

  2411. ACS0278 Teasing Cole

  2412. Colt Swallows Nolan

  2413. Kent Unloads in Quinn

  2414. Cain and Harpers Gym

  2415. Quinn Fucks Brayden

  2416. Ashtons Facial

  2417. ACM1258 Zane

  2418. ACS491 Gentry Nails Paige

  2419. Steven

  2420. CFisher Colt 18 Feb

  2421. Evan Cums On Nikki

  2422. ACM0531 Connors First Time

  2423. Harper and Dixon

  2424. Harper Reagan Rinse Off

  2425. Darren Tops Brayden

  2426. Tiffany Hugh Blindfold Grant

  2427. Joel and Travis

  2428. Ashton and Blake

  2429. Brayden Unloads On Paige

  2430. Zane

  2431. Kent and Chandler Swap Loads

  2432. Kent Fucks Truman

  2433. ACM0502 Dawson and Connors Audition

  2434. Marc Brooke Initiate Holden

  2435. Rowan Takes On Tom

  2436. Calan and Hugh Fuck

  2437. Christian Kennedy Fuck

  2438. Kellan Feeds Smith Bareback Mar 13 2014

  2439. CF ACM1203 Connor Gets Fuked

  2440. Corey

  2441. Reece and Chandler

  2442. Edison Gets Laid

  2443. Costa Rica Jacob Bottoms Up

  2444. Hudson Fucks Brooke

  2445. Tom Rails Smith Bareback

  2446. Tagging Zeb

  2447. Kennedy Takes Tyler s Load

  2448. Scott Scores With Tanner

  2449. Kent Takes It From Travis

  2450. ACM1254 Cooper Gets Fucked

  2451. Down On The Farm Connor Dawson Dru Elijah Trey and Travis

  2452. ACS0129 Lucas and Vanessa

  2453. Quinn Brayden s Flip Fuck

  2454. Rocky and Kellan Unload

  2455. Gavin

  2456. Cain Fucks Lucas

  2457. Grant Screws Hugh

  2458. ACS472 Cain Fucks Cameron and Courtney

  2459. ACM1364 Smith Rails

  2460. Nick Fucks Derek

  2461. Tyson Piledrives Zeb

  2462. Thomas Rides Dane

  2463. Reed Sloan

  2464. CorbinFisher Sylas Takes Harley

  2465. Vincent

  2466. ACS0520 Clinton Pounds Tiffany

  2467. European Stimulus Part 2 Flip Fuck Français Kent and Trey Josh

  2468. Brayden Submits To Josh

  2469. ACM1230 Hunterss First Time Aiden and Hunter

  2470. ACM1280 Costa Rica Joshs Freshman Fantasy With Kennedy and Tyler

  2471. Jake Kennedy s Bi Fuck

  2472. ACM0990 Connor and Sean s Post Workout Fuck

  2473. Wesley Gets Laid

  2474. Quinn Swallows Jace

  2475. Jordan

  2476. Taking Ashtons Load Ashton and Blake

  2477. CFisher Costa Rica Tom Takes It From Kennedy Bareback 24 Mar

  2478. Marc Pounds Trumans Ass

  2479. CF Braxton

  2480. Colt and Kennedy Take Turns

  2481. Jasper Blasts Kennedy

  2482. Tagging Max

  2483. Brant Takes Kellan s Load

  2484. CFisher Calvin 15 Apr

  2485. Christian and Kennedy Fuck

  2486. Jasper Kenny s Late Night Fuck

  2487. Colt Eats Finns Load

  2488. ACM1427 Tahoe Trenton Does Marc

  2489. Heating Up Tahoe Scene 4 Tahoe Fuck Fest Kellan Marc Quinn and Trenton

  2490. Alec Tops Quinn

  2491. CFisher Jacob Digs In On Scott 9 Jan

  2492. Alisha Rides Simon

  2493. Connor and Tom

  2494. Barron Busts For Beau

  2495. ACM1256 Tyson Gets Fucked Connor

  2496. ACM0747 Connor and Jean Daniel

  2497. Zachary

  2498. Derek

  2499. Taylor Bottoms Up

  2500. CFS0442 Scott Nails

  2501. Jasper Takes Hudsons Load

  2502. Dane s Double Creampie

  2503. Colt Rowan s Work Out

  2504. Max Beau s Fall Fuck

  2505. ACM1361 Reagans First

  2506. Tyler and Kennys Summer Snowball

  2507. Trent Bangs Jamie

  2508. Calan Teaches Baker

  2509. Hugh Swallows Taft

  2510. Brant Unloads On Lauren

  2511. Reed and Meyer

  2512. Kaleb Cums On Kayla

  2513. Baker Slams Demi

  2514. ACM1340 Trenton Gets Fucked

  2515. Elian and Wesley Get Sweaty

  2516. Tahoe Trenton Does Marc

  2517. Max and Beaus Fall Fuck

  2518. Barron Gets Lucky

  2519. Kennedy Seeds Marc

  2520. Robbie

  2521. Ivan Gets Lucky

  2522. ACM1431 Palmer Tops Quinn

  2523. Quinn and Blakes Kitchen Fuck

  2524. Kellan s First Time

  2525. Aiden Chandler Under The Sheets

  2526. Meyer s First Time

  2527. ACM0792 Fucking Sam

  2528. ACS0175 Connor and Kiersten

  2529. Conrad

  2530. Todd Taps Brayden

  2531. Calan and Jacobs Gym Fuck

  2532. CFS0499 Dixon Works

  2533. Ian

  2534. Holden s Double Load

  2535. Breaking In Cooper

  2536. ACM1343 Smiths First Time With Quinn

  2537. Jayden Gives It To Quinn

  2538. Philip Takes Carsons

  2539. Rocky s Bi 3 Way

  2540. ACS0059 Lucas and Julie

  2541. Luke Gives Colt A Load

  2542. Trenton Jacob Take Turns

  2543. Scandinavia Tre Way Fuck Fest

  2544. Anders

  2545. Breaking In Steven

  2546. Trenton Zane Swap Loads

  2547. Tim Gets Laid

  2548. Simon

  2549. Kellan Jacob s Happy Hour

  2550. ACM0771 Lucas Fucks Brody

  2551. Dalton Nails Sophia

  2552. Harper Creams Ryder

  2553. Trey Rides

  2554. ACM1434 Brant Rides

  2555. Christian Gets Laid

  2556. Breaking In Hank

  2557. Dawson Pumps Austins Hole

  2558. ACM1164 Cain Breaking in Avery

  2559. Xavier Deep Dicks Quinn

  2560. Cort Rides Harper

  2561. Meyer s Blowjob

  2562. Max Sawyer Dick It Out

  2563. Marc Tiffany s Fuck

  2564. Asher Jamie

  2565. Bond Slams Demi

  2566. ACM1358 Smith Bottoms

  2567. Kenny and Kennedy Swap Loads

  2568. ACM1250 Meyer Gets Fucked Connor

  2569. Trenton is definitely

  2570. ACS490 Alan Cums on Tiffany

  2571. Smith Creampies Harper Nov 07 2013

  2572. Smith Bottoms Up

  2573. ACM0893 Connor Fucks Justin

  2574. Trenton Gets Fucked

  2575. Tampa Connor and Quinn Swap Loads

  2576. Nash

  2577. Drenching Kent In Cum

  2578. Colt Takes Allens Dick

  2579. Tom Dicks Dixon Jan 13 2014

  2580. Steve Rides Chandler

  2581. Kingston Fucks Deep

  2582. Roughing Russ Up

  2583. Miles Fucks Rowan Leah

  2584. Hunter s 3 Way

  2585. ACS0524 Brant Drills Tiffany

  2586. Truman Taps Tiffany

  2587. Bennett

  2588. Kent Kellan Fuck Buddies

  2589. ACM1346 Kellan Takes

  2590. Dane Henry Fuck

  2591. Breaking In Gentry Gentry Fucks Quinn

  2592. Darren Gets Aidens Load

  2593. Jasper Creams Asher

  2594. ACM1330 Chandler Creams

  2595. Colt Truman s Work Out

  2596. Toying With Jack

  2597. Sucking In Sydney

  2598. Marc Trey

  2599. Baker Gets Laid

  2600. Murray

  2601. Vince

  2602. Jamie Toys With Zane

  2603. Marc and Rowan Pump Up

  2604. Hunter and Cameron Swap Loads

  2605. ACM1262 Marc Gives It Up To Kent

  2606. Warren Creampies Max

  2607. Harper seeds Chandler

  2608. Zane Jan 21 2014

  2609. Brayden Tops Ellis

  2610. Tom Kellan Switch It Up

  2611. CorbinFisher ACM1188 Skye Rides Chandler

  2612. Noel and Todd Fuck

  2613. Marc Takes Kellan s Load

  2614. Rory s Bi Fuck

  2615. marc zeb

  2616. Cain Eats Ethans Load

  2617. Harper and Marc Study Break

  2618. Max Connor and Cain

  2619. ACM1236 Quinn and Dawsos Flip Fuck

  2620. Tatum Gets Laid

  2621. Barron and Calan Get Busy

  2622. Kennedys First Time Oct 17 2013

  2623. Breaking in Val

  2624. Kellan and Clintons POV Fuck

  2625. Kellan Feeds Smith

  2626. Dawson and Treys Poolside Adventure

  2627. CF Bonus Update Cain and Trey Cool Off

  2628. ACM0948 Fucking Miles

  2629. Rocky Pounds Tiffany

  2630. Alyssa Rides Val

  2631. Everett

  2632. Clay Blows Wes

  2633. Brett Gets Used

  2634. Rocky Fucks Grant

  2635. Edwin Teases Brayden

  2636. Bryant

  2637. Tanner Eats Noel s Load

  2638. ACM1089 Harley Rides Travis

  2639. Jacob Unloads On Barron

  2640. Luke Harper s Bi Fuck

  2641. Ashton and Harper

  2642. Campbell and Scott

  2643. CFisher Kennedy and Kellan 2 Jan

  2644. Trenton and Reagan

  2645. Thomas and Hugh Fuck

  2646. Beau Gets Laid

  2647. Chuck Trey s Flip Fuck

  2648. Reagan Sylas Ante Up

  2649. Jamison Swallows Harpers Load

  2650. Corbin s Halloween Bash

  2651. Colt Busts A Nut

  2652. Aidens Triple Load Connor

  2653. Cain and Zebs Morning Wood

  2654. Kennedy Noel s Bi 3 Way

  2655. ACM1310 Kent and Braydens Locker Room Fuck

  2656. Drake s First Time

  2657. Costa Rica Joshs Freshman Fantasy

  2658. Chandler Cream Pies Connor

  2659. Baker Feeds Quinn

  2660. Kent Takes Brayden

  2661. Galen Tops Ellis

  2662. ACM1446 Zeb Dicks Braxton

  2663. Creampies Josh

  2664. CFisher Kennedy Fucks Taylor Bareback 16 Jan

  2665. Taft Fucks Ellis Jamie

  2666. Colt Slams Tanner

  2667. Drake Likes It Rough

  2668. ACM1241 Tanner Gets Fucked

  2669. Tobias Truman s Bi Fuck

  2670. Darren s Blowjob

  2671. Double Penetrating Aiden Kent and Marc

  2672. Connor and Trey Tease Tina

  2673. Cameron Aiden

  2674. Tahoe Marc and Kellans Breakfast Fuck Feb 17 2014

  2675. Palmer

  2676. Tanner s 3 Way Suck Fest

  2677. Marcus

  2678. Jasper Gets Laid

  2679. Kent Creampies Josh 2

  2680. Kaleb and Bradley

  2681. Rob

  2682. ACM1173 Blane Gets Fucked Connor

  2683. Kellan Ellis Heat It Up

  2684. Costa Rica Tom Takes it From Kennedy

  2685. Brant Bangs Quinn

  2686. Wild Raunchy in Prague

  2687. ACM0362 Lucas and Brents Flip Flop

  2688. ACS0230 Connor and Kennys Bi Tag Team

  2689. ACM1279 Avery Pounds Zeb

  2690. ACM1251 Tyson Pounds Blake

  2691. Galen Hammers Jamie

  2692. Jace and Jon Fuck

  2693. ACM1002 Kent Takes It From Travis

  2694. Asher Brooke Fuck

  2695. Val Gets Blown with Dixon

  2696. ACM0401 Lucas and Nick Fuck Shaun

  2697. Taft

  2698. Caden

  2699. ACM0980 Kennys Uncut Adventure

  2700. Devon

  2701. Elian

  2702. Kelsey Rides Rick

  2703. Haley Hammers Brittany

  2704. Travis Gets Plowed

  2705. Harper Nails Marc

  2706. Ellis and Zeb

  2707. ACM0969 Aiden Fucks Dru

  2708. Luke Rides Kellan

  2709. CFS0443 Grayson Takes

  2710. Philip Kenny s Bi Tag Team

  2711. ACM1116 Fucking Chandler

  2712. Quinn Rocks Aiden s World

  2713. ACM1113 Fucking Jordan

  2714. Quinn Seeds Josh

  2715. ACS0557 Travis and Trey Teasing Delila

  2716. Calan

  2717. ACM1456 arc and Tanner Fuck

  2718. Jesse Gets Laid

  2719. Eating Quinns Cum

  2720. Harper and Marcs Study Break

  2721. Jace Gets Laid

  2722. Tampa Brayden and Kenny Take Turns

  2723. Dexter

  2724. Colt Decks Max s Halls

  2725. Dawson Feeds Kennedy

  2726. Beau Fucks Dave

  2727. Jace

  2728. Thomas Pounds Ellis

  2729. ACM1412 Abram

  2730. Josh Rides Quinn

  2731. Chandler Fucks Reed

  2732. Brant Drills Tiffany

  2733. Noel Todd Fuck

  2734. ACM1335 Val Gets

  2735. ACM1304 Kellans First Time

  2736. ACM1265 Breaking in Kelso

  2737. Blowing Chaz

  2738. Nolan Slides Into Quinn

  2739. Chandler Creams Blake

  2740. ACM0740 Lucas and Sean Fuck Caleb

  2741. Dylan Unloads

  2742. Kellan Colt Swap Loads

  2743. Zeb Toys With Brayden

  2744. Colt Kennedy Take Turns

  2745. Kennedy Breaks In Vance

  2746. Trent Unloads On Jamie

  2747. Allen Slams Leah

  2748. Hunter Swallows Leo

  2749. Drew Drills Jamie

  2750. Aaron Gets Busy

  2751. Grant Creams Justins Hole

  2752. Aiden Hammers Chase

  2753. Corbin Fisher 1290 Grayson Goes All The Way Grayson and Trey

  2754. Quinn Fucks Ellis

  2755. Colt Pounds Jon Brittany

  2756. Dane s Bi 3 Way

  2757. Miller Pounds Jamie

  2758. Austin and Cade

  2759. Zeb Quinn Marc s Free For All

  2760. Dane After Hours

  2761. Kelso Fucks Paige

  2762. Evan Dave Play Rough

  2763. Grayson Tiffany Fuck

  2764. Cain Creampies Reed

  2765. Double Stuffing Connor Trey and Chandler

  2766. ACM1393 Scandinavia Trenton Fucking Reagan

  2767. Alex Feeds Henry

  2768. ACS0541 Scott Slams Tiffany

  2769. ACM1453 Taylor Takes Harpers Load

  2770. Tyson Gets Fucked

  2771. Darren Tops Brayden

  2772. ACM1224 Josh Dawson and Chandlers Fuck Fest

  2773. ACM1219 Smith

  2774. Aidens Fantasy Fuck


  2776. Jamie Rides Todd

  2777. ACM0798 Dolph and Connor

  2778. Aiden Fills Tanner s Hole

  2779. Best Buds 3

  2780. Brant

  2781. Miles Creampies Brayden

  2782. Ian Slams Brooke

  2783. ACM1017 Martin and Dru Tag Trey

  2784. Tampa Brayden Kenny Take Turns

  2785. Derek and Travis

  2786. CFselect Duncan Drills Dawson 2012

  2787. Kellan Plows Brayden

  2788. Jon

  2789. Jaden

  2790. ACS505 Owen and Lauren

  2791. Fletcher

  2792. Vance

  2793. Marc Pumps Ryder

  2794. ACM1372 Josh Rides Quinn

  2795. Dave Barron s Gym Fuck

  2796. Chandler Takes It From Reed

  2797. Swallowing Tanner s Load

  2798. Brayden Taps Alyssa s Ass

  2799. Cain and Connor

  2800. Kimberly Rides Alex

  2801. Barron and Thomas Hook Up

  2802. Colt Pumps Marc s Hole

  2803. Jacob Emerson s Bi Fuck

  2804. Connor and Kellan Breaking in Kellan

  2805. Rowan Tops Truman

  2806. Elijah and Travis

  2807. Coen

  2808. Kelso

  2809. Smith Bottoms Up Bareback

  2810. Connor Cain and Sean

  2811. Harper and Tom Flip Fuck

  2812. Kent Rails Kennedy

  2813. Keegan s Happy Ending

  2814. ACM0725 Lucas Fucks Elijah 1

  2815. ACM1233 Double Stuffing Connor Trey and Chandler

  2816. Kellan and Trenton Morning Glory

  2817. Ellis Takes On Nash

  2818. Costa Rica Josh s Freshman Fantasy

  2819. Sloan takes Cains Load

  2820. Sawyer After Hours

  2821. ACS0556 Colt Gets Lucky

  2822. Sebastian Feeds Ryder

  2823. ACM1348 Brayden and Bradley Poolside

  2824. ACS480 Hunter Fucks Tiffany

  2825. ACM1245 Breaking In Cooper

  2826. reagan sylas

  2827. Cameron Rides Chandler

  2828. Beau s Threeway Tease

  2829. Jonathan Fucks Truman

  2830. Beau Drains Sawyer

  2831. Ellis

  2832. Kent Creampies Reed

  2833. Kennedy and Quinn Dez 12 2013

  2834. Colt Quinn s Double Creampie

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Tue, 20 Nov 2018 06:10:25 +0200

Miles & Eric's Bi Fuck

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Miles, Eric, and Jamie go at it in this week’s bi-tag fun. First Miles gets spoiled. In the middle of both Jamie and Eric, his dark cock gets all the attention. Jamie shoves Eric’s head down on Mile’s cock, forcing him to take more.

As much as Mile’s loves the attention, he wants to get a go at Eric. Jamie and Miles are no strangers to sharing and Miles enjoys the show at first. Well, for the most part. He has them take breaks so he can suck on Eric every now and then! Watching the two makes him just so horny.

Eric gives Miles a turn at fucking Jamie. Meanwhile he feeds Miles his dick. Then Jamie wants to see Miles nail Eric. Miles eases into Eric, but his hard cock still makes an impression on Eric’s ass. Eric’s still new to bottoming, but once again that tight ass of his comes around and he blows his load all over himself! Then it’s Mile’s turn to cum!

Tue, 20 Nov 2018 05:45:35 +0200

Cain Fucks Hunter

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Cain's back!

Our favorite bodybuilder has been super-busy with work (yes – he actually has a real job and does more than fuck on camera – damn it!) and hasn't had the chance to come see us lately. Cain told me he's missed being here and while he was only able to visit for a short period of time, he managed to make the most of it.

He clicked immediately with Hunter, who's become a rapidly rising star here at CF. Both of these studs were totally into each other – Hunter loved Cain's buff body and Cain loved Hunter's lean physique.

Hunter has never bottomed either, so he was eager to try that. He wasn't afraid to go big and start out by taking Cain's huge cock!

The guys make out. Hunter surprised me by how enthusiastically he went down on Cain. He kept choking on that big dick going all the way down the back of his throat, but Hunter kept going back for more! I love that!

Cain may have been gone for a while, but he had no problems diving right back into action, blowing Hunter and rubbing his cock up against Hunter's. The guys 69, Hunter kept amazing me at being able to take Cain's dick so well. Cain pulls Hunter towards him ans stuffs his cock into Hunter's virgin ass.

Hunter moans loudly – it's a lot of dick to take -but he loves it. He yelps as Cain pounds his ass. It may sound like Cain was a little tough on Hunter, but trust me, Hunter loved it. At one point, he yells out, “Oh yeah! Fuck me so good!” and he meant it. He was in .

Hunter rode Cain's cock and grabbed Cain's massive pecs – I can't remember when I've seen a new guy take such a big dicking so ferociously!

Cain fucks a huge load out of Hunter. Cum sprays out as Hunter yells out for Cain to fuck him. Cain follows up by blasting his load into Hunter's mouth. Hunter gulps it down.

Welcome back, Cain!

Tue, 20 Nov 2018 05:20:54 +0200

Davon Gets Fucked

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Tom gets his Christmas present a little early when tall and lean new freshman, Davon, is massaging him. Davon massages more than Tom's aching back muscles, though. He dives in and starts sucking Tom's cock form behind and rimming Tom's ass.

Davon's got a great athletic body, and he knows how to appreciate Tom's muscular build to the fullest. He goes down on Tom's thick cock, deep-throating Tom. Davon moves down to worship Tom's feet with his mouth.

Tom wants some more attention on his cock, so Davon sucks his dick some more. Tom returns the favor and then Davon moves into a 69 position. Tom spits on Davon's ass to get it ready for him.

Davon slides down onto Tom's dick. The smile on Davon's face says it all – especially when his eyes roll back in his head at one point!

Tom thrusts up into Davon's hole. Davon strokes his own big dick and begs Tom to keep fucking him. Before he knows it, Davon blows a huge load all over his tight abs. Tom keeps drilling Davon's ass.

Davon gets on all fours so Tom can fuck him doggy-style. Right as Tom is ready to cum, he pulls out and feeds his load to Davon. Davon sucks down Tom's cum.

Guess that's some milk that won't be left out for Santa!

Tue, 20 Nov 2018 04:40:46 +0200

Breaking In Cooper

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

New hottie Cooper is a little nervous about topping a guy for the first time – but since our resident breaker-inner, Harper, is up to be the catcher, I know Cooper's in good hands.

Harper and Cooper bonded pretty quickly. In fact, by the time they started kissing, their energy was already high. Sometimes, it's the kissing that makes straight guys more nervous than anything. Once they realize how good it feels to kiss another guy, they get horny instantly.

Harper was all over Cooper's body with his lips. He massages Cooper's dick under his briefs, before eagerly pulling out Cooper's cock to suck it. After Cooper enjoys the enthusiastic blow job, he returns the favor, sinking to his knees and going down on Harper.

Cooper lies on the bed and Harper strokes their hard cocks together. He climbs on top of Cooper's dick and slides down on it. He rides Cooper's stiff cock, bouncing up and down on it. From the look on Cooper's face, he's definitely enjoying it!

Harper gets on all fours so Cooper can fuck him from behind. Cooper pounds Harper's hungry hole – and when he slows down, Harper back up on it.

Cooper flips Harper onto his side. He stuffs his cock back into Harper. Cooper fucks Harper even faster. Harper blows his load all over his chest and stomach. Cooper kisses Harper and keeps pounding away at him. Cooper pulls out and lets Harper swallow his load. Cooper kisses Harper and he scoops his cum off Harper's chin and feeds it to Harper.

Tue, 20 Nov 2018 04:20:15 +0200

Tom & Trey's Gym Fuck

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

When it starts out with Trey deep-throating Tom … you know the rest of the video is going to get even hotter!

Trey and Tom are in the gym and their workout is only just starting. Trey keeps going down, swallowing Tom's cock, and grabbing Tom's delicious ass.

Tom turns around and bends over so Trey can rim his ass. Trey also smacks Tom's cheeks as he eats him out. Trey can't get enough of Tom's dick, though and sucks him from behind, going back and forth between licking Tom's cock and his hole.

Not to be outdone, Tom sucks Trey's long dick. Tom bends Trey over inside the squat rack and slides his cock into him. Tom pulls out, teasing Trey before shoving his dick back inside him.

Moving over to the free weight bench, Trey lies down and Tom plunges his cock into Trey's perfect ass. Trey whimpers every time Tom pulls his dick out to tease Trey's hole. Trey loves cock in his ass!

Trey flips over onto his back. Tom holds Trey's legs apart as he pounds him. Trey blasts a big load all over his abs and chest.

Tom shoots his load onto Trey's ass, and then creampies him – the perfect end to any workout!

Tue, 20 Nov 2018 03:41:29 +0200

Blowing Marshall

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

While his gorgeous eyes might be the first thing you notice about Marshall, you quickly follow up by seeing what a hot, tight body he has. He's also extremely open and friendly and not shy about sex.

Marshall rowed crew all through high school, which helps account for what great shape he's in. He also likes to play paintball and basketball now. He's thought about doing porn before, and he searched us up on the web.

The first time Marshall had sex, he was camping with a girl that was one of his best friends and they ended up doing it. He is a romantic at heart and likes to do special things for people he likes.

Currently, Marshall isn't seeing anyone and isn't having a lot of sex. We'll have to help him out there! He likes to fantasize about hot previous encounters when he's jerking off, but also some things he's never tried on the wilder side – like being handcuffed.

Marshall pulls off his shirt to show off his smooth, defined body. Marshall has an amazing ass which would look incredible getting fucked! First off, though, Marshall's getting sucked off by Blake.

Blake sinks to his knees and takes Marshall's cock into his mouth. Marshall's dick stiffens as Blake blows him. Marshall plays with his own nipples as Blake sucks him.

Marshall shoves his cock in and out of Blake's mouth even faster. Blake licks the shaft and strokes Marshall's dick. As Marshall thrusts his cock into Blake's mouth, watch his incredible abs contract! He pushes Blake's head down farther onto his dick.

Blake lies on the bed and Marshall lays over him and shoves his cock back into Blake's mouth. He blasts his load into Blake's mouth. Blake sucks Marshall dry. Marshall and Blake both have big smiles on their faces. I think Marshall is happy he's here!

Tue, 20 Nov 2018 03:20:17 +0200

Breaking In Nate

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Nate says that before he came to Corbin Fisher, he'd never really thought about being with a guy before. Luckily for us, he's come around quickly! After his hot blowjob from Jon, I wasn't too surprised. Nate indicated that if he was going to fuck someone, he'd want someone in great shape.

Reed was more than willing to break him in. Reed, you may remember, took a long hiatus after his first guy/girl scene. I was pleasantly surprised when he came back, raring to get in on some guy/guy action. Ever since his return, Reed's been a solid go-to guy for newbies.

I think that's partially because Reed likes to throw himself into things whole-heartedly, and when freshmen see him and his energy, they know it's going to be fun - and hot!

Both guys were all smiles when they kissed. Reed and Nate both have some kissable lips. Reed goes up and down Nate's neck. When Reed breaks away to pull his shirt off, you can see on Nate's face he's anxious to get back to making out – he looks almost hungry!

Reed lays Nate down and covers Nate's torso with kisses. He reaches into Nate's jeans and finds Nate is already rock-hard! Reed immediately sucks Nate's cock.

Nate takes his turn and blows Reed. In fact, he sucks Reed voraciously – it's like he can't get enough of Reed's dick. He pushes Reed's ass up in the air and rims him.

Nate plunges his cock deep into Reed's ass. Reed strokes his dick as Nate fucks him. Reed climbs up on top of Nate's cock. Nate fucks him from below.

Reed bends over and Nate pounds him from behind. Reed's chest muscles tighten as he blows his load. Nate pulls out to cum all over Reed's ass and then Nate shoves his cock right back inside.

Nate may not have thought about being with guys before, but he's sure going to get moved to the advanced classes after this!

Tue, 20 Nov 2018 03:10:05 +0200


Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

I always love it when a guy arrives at CF and is clearly so eager to be here and having so much fun. Brody is definitely one of those guys.

Watching Brody answer Pete's questions and strip for us on camera, you can see he's having loads of fun showing off for us and also that he's an extremely outgoing and friendly guy.

Without a doubt, Brody's an extremely sexual guy as well. He not only strokes his cock for us, but practically fucks his hand while we see every muscle on his body flexing and going to work.

If this young skateboarder is this animated and excited jerking off, imagine how he's going to look in action!

Tue, 20 Nov 2018 02:50:04 +0200

Wesley & Dane Fuck

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Dane has been eyeing Wesley, eager to take his turn with the tanned, toned, Texas stud, and who can blame him? Wesley gets right down to business, going down on Dane, before smacking his own thick cock on Dane’s lips and sliding it inside his hot mouth, as Dane looks him in the eyes and jacks himself off.
After a long, sloppy blowjob, Wesley lays Dane down on the floor and pushes his entire dick into him, grinning as Dane moans loudly for him. Wesley bites his lower lip and relishes the way Dane’s tight ass feels around his cock.
Wesley fucks Dane all over the couch and the floor until they’re both on the edge of losing control. First, Wesley fucks Dane doggy style until he can’t hold off anymore and blast his load with a moan, and then Wesley cums in Dane’s mouth and Dane gives him a look of eager thanks.

Tue, 20 Nov 2018 02:20:17 +0200

Unloading On Quinn

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Tom wakes Quinn up for a photoshoot, but he wakes the sleepy Quinn up with more than just a tap on the shoulder! Quinn gets Tom ready for photos by sucking his hard cock, rimming him then riding Toms dick until Quinn blows his load all over Toms stomach.

Tue, 20 Nov 2018 02:20:12 +0200

Kenny & Alyssa Get Wet

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Kenny's been eager to get in to some hot action with a girl for awhile now! I guess one of the side effects of his making such a great bottom in his guy/guy action scenes is he ends up going quite awhile without having the chance to show how good he is at being the one who's doing the fucking!

Well, Kenny was intent on making the most of this opportunity to not only get his hard cock buried in a tight, wet hole but also pound away and show us all that bigger, buffer, hotter body of his can give as good as it gets!

Tue, 20 Nov 2018 01:40:46 +0200

Quinn Swallows Sebastian

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

If you want to see what makes the difference between hot and steaming - check out this video! Quinn and Sebastian aren’t having sex to get off here, they’re doing it to get closer to one another in this intimate and sexy encounter.
69-ing, Quinn and Sebastian smother their beautiful faces against each other, Sebastian focusing on Quinn’s dick and Quinn focusing on Sebastian’s hole. Even with Sebastian’s tattoos, I still consider him a clean cut guy that compliments Quinn’s beauty and physique.
Sebastian can’t say he disagrees, as he’s been attracted to Quinn’s sensuality and tight body since day one. The mutual attraction is clear in how they interact and meld with each other. There’s no faking the passion and sexual energy coursing between the two!

Tue, 20 Nov 2018 01:20:02 +0200

Quinn & Taft's Morning Fuck

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Taft and Quin were automatically attracted to each other’s bodies. Looking at their large and defined muscles it’s hard to pick a favorite of the perfectly sculpted men. Luckily we don’t have to! Instead we get to watch them engage into some hot dick swallowing and testosterone fueled fucking! Some morning wood does the body good for these studs!

Tue, 20 Nov 2018 00:40:03 +0200

Darren Gets Aiden's Load

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Thankfully, though, Aiden also makes a great top! I say "thankfully" because Aiden has himself a big, fat dick that is just made for drilling some ass - and Darren finds that out here!If youre in to big, buff, muscular bodies then this is definitely an update for you. There are countless pounds of ripped, hard muscle all over the screen in this one, but the most impressive muscle is the one Aiden uses to fuck Darren silly!

Tue, 20 Nov 2018 00:40:03 +0200

Dane Takes It From Thomas

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

“Give me that dick!” Dane cries out after Thomas eats him out, and Thomas knows that he can go in as hard and wild as he wants. He’s not wrong, and a really hot scene between two handsome and horny studs comes out of it!

Tue, 20 Nov 2018 00:10:46 +0200

Harper Feeds Jace A Load

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Swollen muscles and swollen cocks, that’s what you’re getting today when Jace and Harper hook-up again - this time with Jace on the receiving end of Harper’s girth!What Jace is getting is his ass plowed by Harper and Harper’s getting the satisfaction of making the young blond blow a load - and then feeding that young stud a mouthful of cum!It’s a win-win for everyone as the two go at it hard, fast, and dirty!

Tue, 20 Nov 2018 00:00:03 +0200


Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Manning’s a big guy. He’s well built from playing basketball and working out at the gym. He started getting tattoos back in high school and is particularly fond of his sleeve. He takes his clothes off to show off his body. He’s a hairy guy, but it looks good on him.

When he starts jerking off, we see that his big size isn’t limited to his physique alone- he’s got a big cock too! Although he jerked off recently, he’s ready to fire off another load. He plays with his dick, sliding his hands up and down his shaft. His breath gets heavier and he lets out some grunts and “ooos”- then out comes a huge shot of jizz!

Tue, 20 Nov 2018 00:00:03 +0200

William Worships Tanner's Ass

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

William does indeed worship Tanners ass at the outset, and rightfully so - Tanner has a hot ass! It doesnt take long for Tanner to turn things around, though, and make Williams huge cock the focus of his own worshipping. He strokes it, feels how big it is, then quickly wraps his lips around it to start sucking. Soon after, William is pounding Tanners hole and driving him wild.
If you think Tanner looks hot while getting fucked, and William looks hot while fucking, you absolutely must see this video as each guy is at their best here! And the load William paints Tanners face with has to be seen to be believed!

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 23:20:02 +0200

Sucking Off Cooper

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Cooper is one of our hottest new freshmen. I can't decide if it's gorgeous eyes, his athletic body or the fact that he's a drummer in a band that I love most. Good thing I don't have to choose!

Cooper has a relaxed, laid-back personality. He laughs easily and though he said he was a little nervous at first, you couldn't tell. The fact that he's a musician makes him even hotter and of course, I have to make the obligatory joke about playing with his drumstick here.

Cooper is 21 and tells Pete about hitting the clubs on his 21st birthday. He likes house and dubstep music and loves to dance. The first time Cooper had sex, he was 15 and did it with his girlfriend in her bedroom. He says the wildest place he's ever had sex was in the car – after his girlfriend started blowing him while he was driving!

Cooper's favorite position is scissoring and I can imagine how good he looks doing that. He's single right now, so he says he's not getting laid a lot. We can help him out there.

Cooper strips down so we can admire his body. His chest and abs are nicely muscled and he has great shoulders. He says he gets the most compliments on his eyes and abs – so he must not be showing enough people that awesome ass.

Jon steps in to suck Cooper off. Jon kneels down to suck Cooper's cock. Cooper's thick dick gets hard in Jon's mouth. Jon tells Cooper he has a big cock, before going back down on it.

Cooper leans back and enjoys Jon sucking his dick. Jon plays with Cooper's nuts and then tells him to sit up. Cooper feeds Jon his cock, pushing Jon's head farther down the shaft. Jon squeezes Cooper's ass as he blows him.

Jon lays Cooper back down and before you know it, Cooper blasts his load into Jon's mouth. Jon drains Cooper dry and, not wanting to waste a bit, licks up the last drops on Cooper's stomach.

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 07:31:18 +0200

Quinn & Dawson's Flip Fuck

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

New freshman Quinn is one cute guy with a fun personality. He's also pretty enthusiastic about sex – especially having sex on camera. Quinn totally got off on being filmed and couldn't wait to do it again.

He practically ran around the studio begging to do another video with someone. Dawson was here and he's always willing – so … voila!

Dawson looks amazing and he's more muscular than ever. In fact, he told me the other day none of the shirts he's bought in the last year even fit him anymore.

Putting these two together resulted in one passionate and hot video. Not content to just fuck or get fucked, both of them wanted to flip. Who am I to say no?

They kissed and Quinn worshipped Dawson's incredible chest and abs with his lips and tongue. He goes down on Dawson, sucking and deepthroating him.

Dawson wants to return the favor. Quinn feeds Dawson his dick. Dawson licks and sucks Quinn's cock and balls. He spits on Quinn's ass and rims him.

These guys have an instant chemistry and they are enjoying each others' bodies. When Dawson slides his dick into Quinn's ass, and Quinn moans, you hear how much he wants it. He's also not shy about yelling out how good it feels in his ass!

Dawson sucks Quinn's toes as he hammers Quinn's hole. He lies back so Quinn can ride his cock. Dawson drills up into the lean Quinn.

The guys swap positions and Dawson slides down onto Quinn's dick. Quinn thrusts up into Dawson hard and fast. Dawson gets on all fours so Quinn can fuck him doggy-style.

Quinn pounds Dawson until he blasts his load all over Dawson's ass. After he creampies Dawson, Dawson fucks Quinn doggy-style. He pumps Quinn's ass until he can't hold it anymore. He shoots his load into Quinn's mouth, he sucks Dawson's cock dry!

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 07:10:04 +0200

Tanner's First Time

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

It's not like we didn't just see Tanner in a hot three way suck fest with Aiden and Harper … but that only whetted my appetite to see this stud fuck a guy's ass. Tanner is one of those guys I wish everyone could meet. He's extremely chill, and he just relaxes you when he's around.

That's a really good thing, because Tanner's so hot, when he stands next to you, all you can think is, “This guy is sex on a stick – and I need that right now!”

Blake is another of our most popular new freshmen. He's always up for a good ass-fucking, and he'd enjoyed all the guys who have fucked his luscious butt recently. He told me he was looking forward to playing with Tanner. I knew his eagerness to take Tanner's cock would make it hot for both of them.

On the couch, Tanner was his usual cool self. Blake played it off, but I think secretly he was so anxious to get his hands on Tanner, he got a little nervous. Once they started kissing, Blake got lost in the moment, rubbing Tanner's stomach and kissing his shoulder.

Tanner kisses Blake's nipple and rubs his dick through Blake's shorts. Blake's rock hard and his breath comes in gasps as Tanner blows him. Tanner isn't shy about sucking a guy's cock, and Blake has a nice thick one. Tanner sucks and strokes Blake.

Blake doesn't even get around to sucking Tanner, before Tanner's balls-deep in Blake's ass! Blake's in heaven but he still wants his mouth on Tanner's cock. Tanner pulls out and feeds his dick to Blake, then sits on the sofa so Blake can ride him.

Tanner bends Blake over the sofa to fuck him from behind. Blake moans as he takes Tanner's cock doggy-style. Before I knew it, Blake came all over the sofa. Tanner keeps pumping Blake's ass, then pulls out and blasts his load into Blake's hungry mouth!

I keep thinking Tanner will balk at going further, but so far, each time I ask him about doing something else, he just nods his head, gives me that half-smile and gets naked. So, believe me, I've got more in mind for this hottie, and I'll push him as far as I can!

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 06:40:04 +0200

Meyer's Blowjob

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Meyer is a hot, 21-year-old swimmer who's played around with some cell phone videos, but this is his first time in front of a camera for real. He has amazing eyebrows (among other awesome body parts, like his muscular body and his thick dick) and a delicious ass.

Meyer also raced BMX for several years, as well as some cage fighting, but got bored with it – so now he's gone on to more extreme sports like sex!

The first time Meyer had sex, he was only 15, and an ex-girlfriend and he hooked back up in her parents' garage while her parents were home. Looks like he was extreme from the beginning! He gets laid four to five times a week, and likes doggy-style more than any other position.

Meyer has also had sex with several of his friends' moms! He's also had sex with his girlfriend in her mom's bed while her mom was in the shower. This stud definitely likes to live on the wild side!

Meyer takes his next step onto the wild side by getting blown on camera. Pete has ripped muscle stud Reed on hand to initiate Meyer. Reed leans over and starts sucking.

Meyer's cock stiffens as Reed blows him. Reed tongues every inch of Meyer's dick. He swallows the head of Meyer's cock and teases the head with his tongue. He licks Meyer's nuts and strokes his cock.

Reed deepthroats Meyer, which makes him choke a little. That doesn't stop Reed, who goes right back down on Meyer.

Meyer leans over the sofa to feed Reed his cock. Meyer stands back up and Reed sucks harder and faster. Meyer can't hold back anymore, and blows his load into Reed's mouth. Reed sucks Meyer dry. Meyer's expression says it all – he loved it!

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 06:05:16 +0200

Double Stuffing Connor

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

I half-jokingly said this writeup could consist of simply, “You're welcome.”

All kidding aside, this is one of the videos people have truly been clamoring for – to see Connor get double-penetrated. You know Connor – it's go big or go home with him, so he had to make sure he could take two of the biggest dicks we had – Chandler and Trey!

It's not just dick size that make Chandler, Trey and Connor so popular (or even their incredible looks or ripped bodies). All three guys have one thing in common – a passion for sex.

That sounds a little redundant, but these three don't just like to get off, they like to enjoy the moment. Every touch, every kiss, every animal-like noise and each power thrust – these are some of the hottest guys around, but their enthusiasm makes them even hotter.

Every time we see Trey, he brings something new to the table. He's so in tune with what he likes sexually, it makes filming him a joy. Chandler keeps surprising me with his raw eagerness to fuck and get fucked. And Connor could make fucking a hole in the wall sensuous.

It's an awesome video, with all three guys aggressively trying to please each other and push the envelope for Connor. It's incredible to watch his face when he has both huge dicks inside him. Whew!

Of course, there's too much dick in the room for power bottom Trey not to get some! Connor and Chandler both take turns fucking him. The sizzling action winds up with both Trey and Chandler taking a load in their mouth.

We didn't plan for this to be the Thanksgiving update, but when it ended up on the schedule that way, it made me think about how thankful I am – that we have such an amazing group of hot guys that put it out there for all of us to see and enjoy.

I'm thankful for these three guys in particular for having such great chemistry and high energy. They had a hot time sucking, fucking and double fucking, and it's a video I'm extremely proud of.

I'm also most thankful for our fans – thanks to all of you for all of your support! Now sit back, let your turkey settle and enjoy the best stuffing you'll get this year!

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 05:31:05 +0200

Anthony & Kennedy's Bi Fuck

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Anthony & Kennedy's Bi Fuck

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 05:30:19 +0200

Swallowing Reed's Load

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Reed and Kent are already in their underwear and popping boners by the time Pete comes in the bedroom to film them. Hmmmm. I know these two guys like each other, but they have to save it for the cameras!

Pete lets them get right to it, since they obviously can't wait. These two have played together before in the gym, but their familiarity is only making them even more in tune with what the other guy likes. In fact, I think Reed likes bottoming more than he lets on.

The guys kiss and Kent's hands are all over Reed's ripped body and his thick cock. Kent has a great time sucking, licking and swallowing Reed's juicy dick. Reed loves it, but once Kent lubes up his cock and teases Reed's ass with it, Reed loves that even more!

Kent slowly thrusts in and out of Reed's hole. Once he leans over into a push-up position, Reed moans as Kent shoves every inch into his ass.

Reed sucks Kent's cock after he pulls back and gets on his knees. Reed goes up and down on Kent's dick, slapping it against his tongue and sucking Kent as hard as he can.

Reed gets on his hands and knees and takes Kent's cock. Kent fucks Reed doggy-style, slamming against Kent as he pounds him. Reed backs up and fucks Kent's cock with his ass.

Kent can't hold out any more and sprays cum all over Reed's ass. Reed wants Kent to finish him off, so Kent sucks Reed's dick.

Reed cums, blowing a load into Kent's mouth. Kent swallows it and sucks Reed's cock dry, before the guys hit the showers.

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 05:10:05 +0200

Nate Gets Sucked

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Nate is a cute 22-year-old freshman who comes off a little shy, but actually gets off on being seen. This may be the perfect place for him! Nate sought us out, wanting to model for CF. Once he got here, like a lot of guys, he found it's not that easy to get naked and have sex in front of a camera crew and he was a little anxious!

Nate's smile and easy-going manner shine through his nervousness, and the more Nate told Pete about his life, it became clear Nate is actually pretty bold. He enjoys getting the most out of life, even if it gives him pause at first.

Nate first had sex with his girlfriend after the senior prom, and he said it was a little awkward, but they ended up having fun. He admitted he gets turned on by having sex in public places. So far, the riskiest place he's had sex was a picnic table at the park.

Nate says one of his biggest fantasies is to have sex on the beach and he jerks off to that fantasy a lot. He also says knowing people will be watching him was exciting.

Once Nate's clothes come off, he gets more confident. I can see why – he has a lean body that he keeps in shape by swimming every day and lifting a couple of days a week. He says his best feature is his face, but once Jon comes in and goes down on his cock, I think his dick has to be in the running for best feature as well!

Nate sits back as Jon sucks his dick. Nate's big cock gets rock hard in Jon's warm mouth. Jon strokes the shaft and swallows Nate's dick. Nate gets up on his knees so Jon can go down even farther on that cock.

Nate leans back again and Jon finishes him off. Nate blasts his load into Jon's mouth and Jon sucks Nate's cock dry, and licks it off of him.

Now it's on the internet – so Nate should be extremely horny!

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 04:40:05 +0200

Hunter's First Time

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

After Hunter's hot scene with Tiffany, I wondered if he would be up for guy/guy action. I wasn't prepared for his eager reaction to try it out. I also wasn't prepared for the shock when he told me he and Tom were friends in real life!

Somehow it got past me that Tom and Hunter were from the same hometown and were friends. Tom laughed and said, “I told you I had a buddy I was going to send your way!” He just neglected to mention who it was.

Now … of course this got me thinking … having another pair of real-life best buds would be great to see – only Tom resisted. He said it would be too weird. There's not much that makes Tom uncomfortable, but I could tell he the idea was freaking him out a little bit.

So I dropped the subject (for now! I don't give up THAT easy, you know) and paired Hunter up with Aiden. Hunter was enthusiastic and curious about fucking a guy for the first time. He told Pete he was excited he got such a “pretty guy” to break him in.

Aiden loves a compliment, and that set their chemistry on fire. Once Aiden promised Hunter his first rim job, the room was electric with anticipation. They were totally into each other, and kept talking to each other as they played with each others' bodies and cocks.

Aiden gave Hunter amazing head. Hunter turned right around and did the same to him. Hunter went down on Aiden until he gagged. Aiden drove Hunter crazy rimming him, and finally they both couldn't take any more and got down to serious fucking.

Hunter made Aiden cum almost immediately as Aiden rode his cock. Hunter fucked Aiden doggy-style and made him cum a second time. Finally, Hunter fucked a third load out of Aiden on his back.

Whew! I'm not surprised Aiden came so much. I am surprised how intense and passionate a fucker Hunter is whether he's with a girl or a guy.

The guys joked around in the shower, but my brain is batting around some other ideas … personally, I'd love to see Tom fucked until he came more than once. Maybe Hunter is the guy to do it?

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 04:10:09 +0200

Breaking In Colton

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Colton is a cute new freshman that was eager to jump right into action! Colton has a tight, swimmer's body, a boyish face and a lot of enthusiasm. He also has a nice big dick that he's enthusiastic about showing off.

Colton looked like he might be the shy type, but he wasn't shy at all about getting in front of the camera. He must be an exhibitionist at heart. Combined with how much he enjoys sex, I think he's going to fit right in here!

Harper, of course, has an appetite for sex that doesn't quit. I lie awake nights, just thinking of things to throw at Harper! I know he'll try anything once. Harper's pretty uninhibited, which is why I think he is always ready to break in a new guy – especially one as hot and personable as Colton.

Or maybe Harper just likes to get there first.

Either way, the guys hop on the bed and start pulling off clothes. Colton's lean torso is extremely kissable - so Harper starts kissing it. Colton pulls out his cock and Harper goes down on it eagerly. Colton helps him out by pushing his head down.

Colton returns the favor, sucking Harper's dick. Harper eats Colton out, teasing his ass with his tongue and fingers. He slides his cock into Colton, who's dick is hard as a rock.

Colton kisses Harper as he rides Harper's cock. Harper flips Colton onto his back and fucks a huge load out of Colton. Cum sprays all over his abs and chest.

Harper keeps pumping Colton's ass until he's ready to blow. He feeds Colton his load, and Colton drains his dick dry.

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 03:40:25 +0200

Jasper & Kenny's Late Night Fuck

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Late at night, when a hot, horny, and naked body presents himself in front of Jasper- is he really suppose to not succumb to the desires that Kenny’s hard dick brings? After all, there’s a reason they decided to share the bed!
As great as his body look in the day, the lamplight across Kenny and Jasper’s ideal bodies makes each of their well-defined muscles look even more tantalizing than usual!
Jasper takes his time sliding into Kenny to make sure that not a single inch is taken for granted. It’s definitely not. Kenny moans as he’s being filled. Kenny’s sexy abs are on full display as Jasper fucks him from the side, top, and underneath! This is exactly what Kenny was fantasizing about in the shower and he makes sure to let Jasper know just how good it feels- then let Jasper taste it! Afterward Kenny makes sure to suck Jasper dry- then gives Jasper a taste of his own cum!

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 03:20:40 +0200


Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Seeing a hot young stud jerk off is always a pleasure, and with Hugh there is a lot to love. First, he’s so hot! From his Southern twang down to his big wang! I could stare at his ass all day!

Hugh is really comfortable in front of the camera, with his sexuality, and his body. Plus, he’s pretty much up for anything- which is a big plus for us!

For his introductory video Hugh wanted to do something different, and so we provided him a toy to play and fuck himself with as he jacks off. The result is spectacular! Hugh gets lost in the pleasure and puts on a raw and heart-rate-spiking show- with a powerful finish! It’s clear that he knows what he’s doing and we can almost feel his pleasure with him. The double sensation does the trick and he fires off a nice big load that splatters white-hot all over his perfectly tanned skin- but he’s not finished yet! Seconds later his body starts trembling and he peaks again- with another hot glaze of cum!

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 03:20:14 +0200

Graham Fucks Jamie

Release Year: 2016
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Jamie is very much attracted to Graham and looking to impress the young brown-haired stud. The attraction is very much mutual; Graham has been a fan of Jamie for a long time. He’s been jerking off to her for years! Neither can believe their luck, and definitely make the most of it!
On the couch, Jamie sucks Graham’s big cock till it’s long, bulging, and rock hard. Then she hops on top of him and takes him for a ride both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Graham flips her on her back and proceeds to furiously drill into her while she looks up at his hot body and great face.
Graham switches the tempo on her and we see all the different muscles he uses as the ripple and bulge with each stroke. Pushing her onto the ottoman, Graham goes to town on her from behind - and looks smoking hot doing it! Switching positions again, we marvel at the young man’s stamina while Jamie marvels over how good he feels inside her. From beginning to end, Graham impresses everyone in the room!

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 03:14:49 +0200

Tanner's 3-Way Suck Fest

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Some new guys get lucky and get welcomed to campus with a blow job. Tanner gets blown by two of our biggest stars – Harper and Aiden!

Tanner is some delicious-looking, sex-on-a-stick! Tanner is a bit of an exhibitionist, and has had fun jerking off on camera before. But he's never done anything like this. When Tanner's not working (or working out) he lives for basketball. He's been playing since he was six years old, and says it's been his life since then.

The only sport Tanner likes better is (oh, come on – you know the answer!) is sex! He's good at it, too. Of course, Aiden and Harper are no slouches at that game. When Pete asks who gives the best blowjobs, Aiden is the first to raise his hand.

The guys make out, and from there, it's truly a good ol' fashioned suck fest. I'm not QUITE sure Aiden gave the best blow job – Harper was right in there, sucking away like his life depended on it. Tanner's pretty competitive as well.

Still … there are some moments in this that totally made it for me – When Harper and Aiden blow their huge loads over Tanner's face and chest, drenching him in cum, I thought we might have to call this “Tanner's Bukkake!”

Tanner blew his load into Harper and Aiden's waiting mouths and seemed like he timed his spurts just right to give them each a helping of hot cum.

I'm kind of glad we limited it to blow jobs – I'm not sure I could have taken the three of them fucking! But if everyone insists … I'm willing to risk my health and film it ;) ...

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 03:00:02 +0200

Ryder & Christian's Bi 3 Way

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Last week, one of Ryder’s fantasies came true when, after getting himself worked up watching Jamie in some three-way action, she arrived to finish him off. Well we decided that the fantasy wasn’t yet exactly complete. This week, not only does he get Jamie, but he also gets to fuck Christian!

Ryder absolutely shines when he’s in control and takes full advantage of getting two hot partners to dominate. Switching between both partners, he finally gets the full extent of his fantasy- tearing both into Jamie and Christian’s ass!

As Ryder goes harder and deeper Christian trembles as he cums then offers his mouth for Ryder to unload in!

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 02:56:33 +0200

Matt Fucks Harper

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

I’m confident you’ll love the action in this episode. As soon as the cameras start rolling, you can see Harper was so thoroughly and completely looking forward to having fun with Matt and breaking him in to his first guy/guy action at CF.

Harper’s enthusiasm is contagious, and it might help that he’s so good at giving head- but it doesn’t take long for Matt to be rock hard and moaning about how good Harper feels!

One of the hottest moments is seeing Matt’s face of surprise mixed with bliss while he pumps up into Harper’s hole- and Harpers face! This guy absolutely loves sex, and he made a believer out of Matt- as we can see by his how erect and in full attention it was, even after he shot his load!

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 02:30:09 +0200

Kent Dicks Quinn

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

I'm not surprised that new freshman Quinn is already popular. Watching how much he enjoyed the blowjob from Josh told me that seeing him get fucked good and hard would be even more remarkable.

Kent, being the kind, generous (and always horny) guy that he is, volunteered to step in and do the honors. Kent loves to break in the newbies, and he seems to have a special chemistry with lean-muscled guys like Quinn.

These two share an enthusiasm for sex that sparked the minute they got in the same room. Sometimes you just feel it's going to get hot. Watching Quinn shove his hand straight down Kent's pants, Kent kissing Quinn's neck and shoulders, then start playing with Quinn's cock through his shorts, was totally hot.

Quinn had a smile on his face a mile wide! Who wouldn't, watching a hit guy like Kent go down on you? Kent took his time, teasing the head of Quinn's cock, then feeding Quinn his dick in a 69. Quinn deepthroated Kent, and took a little by surprise!

Of course, after Quinn did it once, Kent had to keep pushing his cock down Quinn's throat. Kent teased Quinn's ass with his finger, then the head of his dick. Once he starts shoving it in, Quinn yelled out, loving how Kent's cock felt inside him.

Kent never let up! He pounds Quinn every way he can think off. Quinn takes it all, smiling almost all the time. While he's riding Kent and watching himself in the mirror, Quinn blasts a huge load all over his stomach.

Kent follows up by fucking Quinn doggy-style until he shoots a huge load. He finishes Quinn off with a creampie. Quinn spins around and sucks Kent's still-sensitive cock dry!

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 02:03:22 +0200

Cain Nails Cort

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Cort bottomed for the first time with Connor and now Cain's taking a crack at our hot blond! Cort couldn&t wait to have Cain plow him.

The guys make out and Cain wastes no time feeding Cort his thick, uncut cock and playing with Cort's tight ass. Once Cain stuffs his big dick into Cort, Cort goes wild! He loves every minute and every inch! Cort begs Cain to fuck him, so Cain nails Cort hard and deep- and creampies him before Cort shoots his own thick load!

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 01:40:35 +0200

Baker Swallows Colt

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

This episode starts with Colt’s fingers lightly gripping Baker’s neck as they make out, and that really sets the scene well. Colt is definitely in a bossy mood for this video, and it’s lucky for him that Baker’s in a mood to take orders - and his big cock!
Colt makes Baker worship his dick, fucking his hot, wet mouth as a warm-up for taking on his tight ass. After sliding all the way inside him, Colt gives Baker a light slap on his handsome face.
Colt really has his way with Baker and Baker is totally turned on by it. When Colt manhandles Baker into the piledriver position off of the end of the bed, Baker is so turned on that he cums in his own mouth, before swallowing Colt’s load seconds later!

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 01:20:45 +0200

Brayden Pounds Jasper

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

After a busy day Jasper is ready to relieve some tension- and Brayden is always ready to play. When they catch each other alone in a room, they jump right into it!

Clothes disappear almost instantly and Brayden is on Jasper’s dick for an intense dick-sucking session. Rather than up though, he moves down to Jasper’s feet to suck and lick every inch of his foot! Jasper jerks off while he watches Brayden’s cool tongue run between his toes and his warm breath blowing along his skin. The warm/cool combination feels so good that he considers just finishing himself off right there and then- but Brayden just looks too hot not to fuck!

These two go at it fast and furious. Legs in the air Jasper moans out “make me cum” and that does it for both of them- cum shooting galore!

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 01:01:29 +0200

Josh, Dawson & Chandler's Fuck Fest

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

What can I say? Three of our most energetic and enthusiastic guys, fucking each others' brains out!

Dawson and Josh are superstars for many reasons, but their enthusiastic love of sex is what makes them so popular. Both of these blond studs are always willing to push their boundaries.

Dawson is truly a CF legend. I'm always amazed at the strange dichotomy that the laid-back, easy-going guy we see around the studio, becomes this wild, jackhammering fuck machine when he takes his clothes off!

Josh seems so mild-mannered when he's here, but once he gets around a hot guy's cock, his focus gets laser-like! He's always eager to jump into a scene. He tells me he's kinkier than I've let him get on camera, so we'll have to explore that sometime, too.

Chandler became a rising CF star quickly, and not just for his monster cock (though of course, that helps) He shares Dawson and Josh's uninhibited approach to sex. He's smart and funny, and his jokes always have a sexual edge. If you've heard him on Pete's Attic, you see how he doesn't take things too seriously, but loves being in the moment – especially in bed.

Josh and Dawson got pretty wild in South America in our Tres Facheros collection, but adding Chandler into the mix amped up the intensity even more. Putting these three together was bound to make things exciting – and they didn't disappoint!

It starts out gently enough as the guys watch videos while lying on the bed – but the videos are quickly forgotten as these three can't keep their hands off each other. What follows is a good old-fashioned fuck fest of epic proportions!

From sucking to cum-licking, double penetrations to 69s, it has just about everything but the kitchen sink (and we may throw that in next time!)

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 00:40:04 +0200

Ryder Gives It To Tanner

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

The camera starts on Ryder’s face as he looks down and moans in pleasure. Panning down and out we see why, his already rock hard cock is being worked over by Tanner who’s jerking himself off while he deep throats tasty big dick and licks Ryder’s balls!

Once Ryder is completely turned on, Tanner lies back to be the receiving end of a sloppy wet blowjob. Loving having his dick in another man’s mouth he’s quickly naked and ready to go all the way with his orally talented hunk.

Both guys moan loudly, looking for different positions to maximize their pleasure. Tanner begs for more, blasting out a load from quick and hard penetration. Ryder then cover’s Tanner’s package with his cum and adds in a few thrusts more before slowly pulling out his still swollen dick!

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 00:10:55 +0200

Aiden's Double Load

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

It takes a big man to handle our gentle giant, Aiden! Luckily, competitive bodybuilder Steve is up to the task!
These two mountains of muscle are all over each other, exploring each other's massive bodies, sucking and licking each other everywhere. Steve finds that Aiden's nipples are super-sensitive- and so is his tight ass!
Aiden rides Steve's cock and quickly shoots his load. But Steve's not ready to stop fucking him yet. He keeps pounding Aiden, until he fucks a second load out of him! Then Steve blasts his own incredible load all over Aiden's back!

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 00:00:03 +0200

Clay Takes On Kellan

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Clay has come to CF and made quite of an impact. From feedback alone, we knew that this video would be a highly anticipated video. Even on just our side alone, we were anxious to finally watch Clay get into some hardcore guy on guy action!

Already having enjoyed the taste and feel of dick in his mouth, Clay’s curiosity made him eager to find our what kind of sensation he could get from having a man’s thick, hard rod explore his tight, untouched hole.

With Kellan as a more than willing tutor, Clay gets to experience being penetrated! Slowly at first, Kellan picks up the speed to really stimulate Clay and work a hard load out of him. The proof of his efforts come shooting out of Clays dick as his thick hot cum covers his chest and stomach!

Mon, 19 Nov 2018 00:00:03 +0200


Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Muscular is an insufficient word to describe Marcus - he is positively Herculean. Apart from a big chest and arms, he’s also got massive tree-trunk thighs and a big, muscular ass that we are sure will leave you salivating. He is a tall, hulking mound of muscle who is most at home pumping away in the weight room, and in this case, we don’t just get him pumping iron, but also his hot cock!
Marcus’s eye-popping pecs and biceps are among the biggest we’ve had here at CF, and we can’t wait to see what kind of fun he can get into with some of our other veteran jocks. From how worked up he gets alone, we have a feeling he’d be even better with a buddy!

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 23:20:02 +0200

Controlling Tom

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Its no secret Connor likes to be in charge. And Tom quickly finds out hes going to have to do everything Connor asks him to do! He swallows Connors cock as Connor smacks his face. Then Connor stuffs ones of Tom;s socks in his mouth before making Tom lick his feet and rim his ass.

Connor slams his big dick into Toms ass and makes Tom tell him how much he loves it. Tom rides Connor, then bends over so Connor can shove his cock deep inside him. Once Connor cums, he shoves it back into Toms hole with his finger.

Who wouldnt want to have Connor in control?

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 08:20:02 +0200

Quinn Blows Brett

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

The handsome college student, Brett, fights off some nerves and excitement while he’s sitting on Pete’s couch. The dark haired and light-eyed runner shares that he loves to be submissive and when he describes his ideal guy- dominant, a bit rough, and with that incredibly sexy V that so many of us fantasize about. Lucky for him we have just the guy at our disposal to help him calm his nerves in the most satisfying way!

Listening to his interview, Quinn is planning on making Brett’s introduction memorable. Brett loves to bottom so Quinn spends a good amount of time giving ass the attention it deserves, to which Brett is grateful! He’s blown away by how talented Quinn is and it is clear on his face and in his moans.

Quinn slaps Brett’s ass red and swallows his impressive cock down to the balls. Brett thrusts into his mouth and it’s when he’s deep in Quinn’s throat that he moans out that he’s going to cum- which he feeds directly into Quinn’s hungry and waiting mouth!

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 07:45:04 +0200

Clay Blows Dalton

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

There must be something in the water because these southern boys are getting hotter and more open-minded about getting into some guy/guy action! Now that Clay’s gotten a taste of cock and he’s hungry for more! So he brought another sexy friend to show him the extra special perks that comes with his being his buddy.

Dalton and Clay met at the gym and being lifting partners brought out a closer friendship that had led them to this point- with Clay on his knees worshipping Dalton’s thick cock!

If there was any reservation in his last BJ, it’s completely gone now. The friends share a few sensual kisses and Dalton gets a hard of from Clay licking his chests and toes. In watching how thoroughly he sucks Dalton’s dick- I can attest that Clay definitely earned the load that he eagerly swallowed!

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 07:20:02 +0200

Jacob Unloads On Barron

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

After his hiatus, I asked Jacob what brought him back. “The fun! Checking out what I was missing and, of course, the super good looking guys doing it.”
Well, this video reminds us why we’ve missed him! Jacob goes full make on Barron’s tight ass! Not only that, but his presence is undeniable. Not only does he want to fully dominate Barron - he makes Barron want to submit completely!
They both have a lot of fun, and have some great sex. Barron didn’t know what he was in store for - but he’s definitely coming back for more!

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 06:40:05 +0200

Thomas & Hugh Fuck

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

I don’t think any of us will ever tire of seeing Hugh getting fucked. His ass is made for it, and when you look at Hugh’s face you can see how much he enjoys it as he has a look of rapture when he’s getting railed.
Thomas goes right for Hugh’s dick and has a blast getting him rock hard with his mouth. Not to be outdone, Hugh deep-throats Thomas’s hung cock like a pro. Then Hugh is on his back, ass up, so Thomas can go to work on his hole. With Thomas drilling him hard, Hugh’s load shoots up like a geyser - then Hugh takes Thomas’s tremendous load up his ass!

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 06:20:02 +0200

Brayden & Truman's Pool Fuck

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Out by the pool and soaking wet, Brayden and Truman find themselves plenty of ways to have fun, with the focus being around hard cock drilling tight ass.
We’re all familiar with the sight of Brayden getting fucked and seeing how much he loves it, but he’s more than capable of delivering a hot and hard pounding. When he has Truman’s ass in front of him, he can’t resist getting his tongue deep up inside it so he can follow that up with his cock. Truman had no complaints about that at all - I think all Brayden has learned being on the receiving end of some hard fucks has him knowing what feels good and what can drive a bottom wild, so he sets out to make sure Truman remembers the fuck he delivers here!
While most of the action features Brayden drilling Truman, Brayden wanted some cock inside him too. Knowing that’s what it’d take to push him over the edge and make his orgasm feel the best, Brayden was sure to sit on Truman’s dick and get it inside him so he could blow his load before swallowing up Truman’s cum.

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 05:40:05 +0200

Dane Takes Rocky's Load

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Dane decides that Rocky deserves to get serviced and pound some ass. He’s such a formidable top that Dane just has to drop to his knees and get to work on that big cock.
Seeing as Dane has gone out of his way to submit to him and pleasure his dick till it’s fully swollen with his mouth - it’s only right that Rocky eat, finger, and ready Dane’s ass for him!
Horned up and ready, Dane is more than happy to oblige his hot ass to be used. With such a willing bottom, Rocky is able to showcase his skills, run into Dane deep - and work a much messy nut out of both of them!

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 05:20:02 +0200

Henry Gives It Kenny

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Big things are in store for Kenny today - Henry’s cock ramming his hole to be exact!
While Kenny looks forward to having Henry’s fat cock mercilessly pummeling his hole, Henry is enjoying rubbing himself all over Kenny’s toned and tanned body - as he’s spent a lot of time admiring off camera as well!
“I think Kenny’s body is like the ideal body I’d want for myself if I did nothing but work out, but hey, the second best thing to having it is being in it.” He eyes Kenny mischievously, “Actually, it might be the other way around. I’m starting to get hard just thinking about it. We should really get this started”
So we did!

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 05:00:17 +0200


Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Sure, Louis is a hottie. He has a bright smile that pops against his dark features. He’s also got a surprisingly strong body with large arms and cut legs that may surprise you when compared to his youthful face.
This young man has some serious aspirations. Currently serving up coffee as a barista to pay for school, he’s working toward become a firefighter - so one way or the other, Louis is about bringing the heat!
He does just that here too, getting comfortable on the couch to explore his more exhibitionist side for the camera. Louis doesn’t leave much for the imagination, big dick, balls, and ass - he wants you to see it all!

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 04:40:15 +0200

Steven & Quinn Fuck

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Two hot guys going at it until they get off, what’s better than that? Throw in a hot blowjob by one of CF’s best on Steven’s big dick, and you’re going to have a good time - Quinn and Steven certainly are!
As much as Quinn loved tasting and treating Steven, as he said afterward, “This dick wasn’t going to suck itself!” He teaches Steven just how to treat a big worthy cock like his. Steven is the apt pupil, gladly swallowing Quin’s dick to the hilt and taking Quinn’s face fucking.
Quinn rides Steven’s face, then shows him how to put that hot rod of his to work - getting his own hole plugged and rocks off in the process!

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 04:16:33 +0200

Tyler & Kenny's Summer Snowball

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Tyler goes to town on Kenny’s hole in more ways than one, as well - while he definitely fucks Kenny hard and fast, he prepped Kenny’s hot ass with some deep rimming, burying his tongue as far in to Kenny’s hole as he could!
All of the treatment Tyler is giving Kenny’s ass really drives Kenny wild, and the way he bounces back and forth on Tyler’s cock makes it quite obvious just how much he was loving having Tyler’s dick in him. Only pulling off Tyler’s cock long enough to do some ass-to-mouth sucking, Kenny quickly sits back down on that dick and is the first one to spray a load all over.

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 03:54:49 +0200

Kennedy Rides Rowan

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

It’s an action-packed day today! We get two big-dicked studs in to some hot fucking, with Rowan pounding Kennedy!
Quite frankly, these two are perfect for one another. Each has flawless bodies, endless enthusiasm, and they’re each permanently horny as hell. They’re passionate, love to kiss and suck, love to eat ass and fuck, and neither has any qualms about making it plainly apparent they feel great when in action with another guy.
Further, Rowan’s cock is the perfect length and girth to really pound Kennedy the way Kennedy likes it. Kennedy’s loud wails make that clear, and they seem to encourage Rowan to fuck him harder and faster for what very well could be the hardest fuck Kennedy’s ever been on the receiving end of!

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 03:40:02 +0200

Nicholas & Alex's Bi Fuck

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

The guys sandwich Demi in between their bodies, with Nicholas taking her from behind while she blows Alex. Then Demi slides under Nicholas’s legs to work out his dick with her mouth and Alex stuffs his cock into her as she does. Alex manages to grab a mouthful of Nicholas’s cock when he leans down, still fucking Demi!
Alex and Demi switch places. She sits on his face, and Nicholas gets his ass. Alex feels so tight and good it makes Nicholas scream out as he thrusts. Plowing away, and with Demi’s help, Nicholas works a hot white load out of the young blonde before firing off his own!

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 03:25:16 +0200

Evan & Dave Play Rough

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

You can’t fake the energy of two friends coming together and going all the way with each other for the first time. Walking in as the new wide-eyed CF freshmen at the same time, Dave and Evan made an immediate bond.
The friendship these two horny young made culminated to an intimate, yet playful - and incredibly hot - episode!
Now Dave nor Evan have to imagine what his buddy’s lips taste like, not to mention his cock, or what it’d take to make each other cum - and neither do you!

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 03:00:17 +0200

Calan Unloads On Henry

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Calan was an instant hit from the first moment he appeared on CF. In short, he’s completely adorable and also amazingly sexy. Armed with that likeable face, and smoking hot body, he puts his skills to work on a very lucky and eager Henry.
Calling Henry cock-hungry is putting it mildly. There is nothing that makes the cute blond happier than getting completely railed!
You gotta love it when two attractive men thrive in what they love best - especially when that thing is fucking wildly!

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 02:40:07 +0200

Dane's POV Fuck

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Picture it. Dane is sprawled out on your bed with a big, bulging hard-on just waiting for you to help him deal with it. Those sweatpants and his shirt come right off and he’s ready for you to give him the oral attention that he craves, groaning as you lick his balls and swallow his cock, before he gets you ready for a pounding.
Dane is the sort of guy who likes to make sure that his lover gets every bit as much as pleasure as he does, so he takes control and makes sure that you’re practically begging for it before letting you have what you want. His toned muscles tense and flex as he slides into you over and over again, taking his time to build up to a hot, intense fuck. The passionate, sweaty sex turns into him rutting deeply inside you until you lose control, and he covers you with his hot load.
You lie there dazed and panting - a perfect ending to a little afternoon delight with Dane.

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 02:40:05 +0200

Barron Busts For Beau

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Barron isn’t shy about showing how much he likes dick in this episode! The way he goes after Beau’s cock is impressive - and you can both see and hear Beau’s appreciation for it! Beau’s lean and hard body looks amazing, with his short and dark hair accenting his bulging chest and ripped abs perfectly. Beau fucks Barron hard and deep - and Barron wouldn’t want it any other way! As much as I love to see Barron top, he really enjoys getting fucked too! On the receiving end of a good dicking, Barron’s load sprays all over - but Beau’s load is perfectly aimed into Barron’s hungry mouth! Not a drop is wasted!

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 02:30:09 +0200

Travis Creampies Dawson

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Two of our biggest superstars, Dawson and Travis, haven;t been paired together since Travis; early days on CF when Dawson rabbit-fucked him senseless. But they both wanted to do something special for this second helping. Only this time, Dawsons on the receiving end. And Dawson receives it on both ends, when Travis shoots twice once in Dawsons ass and once in his mouth! Its a double helping of ass-stuffing this weekend so dig in!

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 02:01:18 +0200

Carter & His Boyfriend

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Were so glad Carter finally came back to play with us. This handsome, lean-muscled athlete is as fun to be around as he is to watch having sex. And today, he brought his real-life boyfriend, Bradley to the studio for us to watch!

Its always fun to sneak a peek at what couples do privately. From the minute Bradley and Carter kiss, its clear they enjoy each others bodies completely and uninhibitedly!

We also havent seen Carter bottom much, but he gives up his tight ass for Bradley. Bradley pounds him until Carter shoots a thick load that sprays all the way up to his chest and then Carter sucks Bradley dry!

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 01:20:13 +0200

Marc Rides Rowan

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

There’s nothing hotter than two well-built young men letting go of all inhibitions and having at each other!

Marc and Rowan are both dream boats that definitely don’t have any problem getting laid. Whether it’s their ripped bodies, their handsome faces, their big powerful cocks, or the entire package- they are completely fantasy-worthy!

They were pretty ecstatic about getting a chance to hook up with each other. After all, enjoying big cock and tight ass feels so much better when the partner is just as hot as you! Watch Marc’s perfect ass take on Rowan’s big uncut cock and listen to their moans as the cum keeps on coming!

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 01:20:02 +0200


Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

18-year-old Aaron walks in through the door and made everyone do a double take. He could be related to Colt or Cain! He assures us there’s no relation, though they do certainly share similarities.
First, he has a similar amazing body with strong and bulky muscles that helped make Colt and Cain fan favorites, a sexy and relaxed smile - and a big cock!
Aaron is a sexually adventurous stud who loves jerking off and really knows how to get himself off while simultaneously teasing and pleasing the camera. He has a lot of fun working out a hard nut - and we have a lot of fun watching him do it!

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 00:55:16 +0200

Zeb & Kenny's Double Creampie

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

What could be better than two cute guys flip-flopping in bed? Each of them getting creampied, of course!

These two lean, gorgeous guys kiss, stroke each other cocks and suck each other. Zeb eats out Kenny's ass and fucks him with his long dick. Hes having so much fun, he shoots his load on Kennys hole. Zeb thrusts his cock back inside, giving Kenny a creampie to remember.

That turns Kenny on and he wants to do the same thing to his buddy! Zeb bends over and takes every inch of Kennys cock. He blasts his load onto Zebs ass, then shoves his cock back inside.

It&s a double helping of creamy goodness!

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 00:30:25 +0200

Kennedy Breaks In Vance

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Today is a day of firsts! Not only are we breaking Vance in for some boy on boy action, but its Kennedy’s first time breaking in a freshman! Which is a bit of a surprise seeing as he’s such a talented bottom. There’s no doubt to anyone who has gotten to witness Kennedy’s sex skills that Vance is in the best of hands.

Nervous but excited, Vance jumps right in and when the attractive young men kiss, there’s some unexpected passion!

That spark between them doesn’t fade either and Vance puts his big muscles to work! They sexily bulge with each thrust as he dives his hot cock into his very excited partner. He looks hotter than ever giving it to Kennedy, who is definitely enjoying himself- cumming so hard that he shoots his own load all over his face!

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 00:10:05 +0200

Kent Dicks Tom

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

These two blond muscle studs go at it hard and fast. Since Kents loves to serve up dessert, you can be sure Tom will be getting a creampie if he can take all of Kents dicking!

Kent sucks and eats out Tom, then fingers him with two fingers to get him ready for his big cock. Tom rides Kens dick, his own thick cock stiff as a board while Kent drills up into him. Once Tom gets on all fours, Kent fucks a huge load out of him. Kents own load lands just where he wants it on Tom

The guys shower off and talk about some of their other adrenaline highs, like skydiving and bull riding but really, those kind of pale in comparison to this scene!

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 00:00:02 +0200

Lane After Hours

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Lane really wants to show off for his fans - he wants to look you in the eye while he gives you a front-row seat to a long, hard fuck. In his short time here, Lane has already proven him to be a powerful, dominant lover. His toned, tight muscles are on full display as he makes full use of our co-ed, fucking her throat before plowing her roughly, and he keeps the energy level positively in the stratosphere!
Fully enjoying himself, Lane has a grin on his face the whole time he’s fucking, flashing the camera a sexy smirk every opportunity he gets as he shows us all what he can do.
Look into Lane’s eyes as this sexy stud blows his load, looking satisfied, spent, and totally pleased with himself!

Sun, 18 Nov 2018 00:00:02 +0200

Kennedy Fucks Rowan

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Competition, blowjobs, intense rimming, and anal- we sure do love watching Rowan and Kennedy do what they do best! There’s no doubt that both are incredibly attractive, but they get even better when they let go of all inhibitions and take full advantage of each other’s bodies!

Kennedy has a smile that can make anyone melt, a cock that won’t quit and a mouth that skilled in sucking big dicks, talking dirty and crying out in pleasure!

Rowan also has an impressive set of assets- one being his muscled ass! His body is chiseled perfection and we absolutely love how his hard, uncut cock bounces as his balls slam against Kennedy’s in audible smacks when Rowan rides Kennedy like the true power bottom he is. Kennedy’s face tells just how good Rowan’s ass feels and we’re almost sure that he could cum at any second. He doesn’t then though, but when he does- its all over Rowan’s face!

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 23:20:02 +0200

Dawson Feeds Colby

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Its the perfect way to spend a Central American afternoon! Relaxing inside from the Costa Rican heat, Dawson and Colby start heating things up on the sofa. Colbys boyish face and ripped body are the perfect indoor playground for muscle stud Dawson! Colby gives himself fully to the muscled Adonis fucking him. Their bodies slap together in the afternoon heat, and the jungle birds chirp in the background. Dawsos passion builds until he cant hold back any more – and he feeds Colby a juice sweeter than any papaya!

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 09:40:05 +0200

Aiden Hammers Chase

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

While hot bodybuilder Aiden gets a lot of attention for his ability to blast out multiple cum shots while getting fucked, our gentle giant is also an incredible top. And Chase finds that out first hand when he gets to take every inch of Aiden!

These two muscular studs kiss, lick, suck, rim and fuck like theres no tomorrow! Of course, given the way Aiden fucks Chase fast and furiously, there may not be a tomorrow for Chases ass! But Chase manages to open up for Aiden, who hammers his tight hole with his gigantic tool!

Chase shoots his load onto his stomach and Aiden shoots his onto Chases ass and then fucks that creamy load right into Chases hole!

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 09:20:02 +0200

Dawson & Quinn's Gym Fuck

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Ripped muscles, a very enticing jock strap and two very horny and hot men make for a scorching gym session!

Both CF favorites are hard cocked and loaded and more than ready to taste each other. Quinn goes to town on Dawson’s thick cock and later squirms with pleasure while Dawson buries his bearded face between his cheeks for a thorough rimming.

Dawson eases into Quinn to really savor and relish the feeling of him around his thick dick. Quinn is a completely eager bottom for Dawson, then again, who wouldn’t be? Dawson gives Quinn exactly what he needs when he needs it, foot play, smacking and choking, jacking off and ass fingering- the response is undeniable as Quinn has one of the hardest orgasms that we’ve seen yet!

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 08:40:03 +0200

Marc Pumps Ryder

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Sweat, grunting, bulging muscles, throbbing cocks, and tons of cum- this scene has all that and two super hot and horny studs!

Competition in the gym rises Marc’s testosterone and Ryder’s interest. Before long, Ryder is on his knees bobbing on Marc’s big dick until he’s begging for some bodily contact.

Recently Ryder has been taking the reins as he’s owned some of the hottest men at CF, but here he gets to enjoy the freedom that comes from bending over and getting taken and railed from a very sexually formidable stud. Marc’s abs flex and his dick glistens as he drives it in deep into Ryder’s tight ass. From pumping iron to pumping cock, the thrusting doesn’t stop till a hot messy load shoots out from both satisfied men!

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 07:40:02 +0200

Russ Plays Rough

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Who knew sweet and innocent-looking Russ could talk so dirty and be so rough? Dawson didnt know but he finds out the hard way when he and Russ get together.

Once Dawson starts sucking Russ dick, Russ doesnt stop giving orders. He makes Dawson eat his ass, bend over and even say hes his bitch! Russ smacks Dawsons ass and pulls his arms behind his back as he gets fucked and Dawson loves every minute of the rough treatment!

Dawson rides Russbig cock, then gets pounded until both of them shoot huge loads only Dawson shoots cum all the way up to his cheek while Russ cums inside Dawson!

I hope well see even more of Russrough side!

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 07:20:02 +0200

Tom Stuffs Josh

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Tom and Josh joke about being tired- but once they start making out, they catch their second wind!

Josh is always fun to watch because he's so in the moment when he has sex. Tom's cum- I mean come- a long way since he sucked his first cock and now you can see how much he relishes fucking a hot ass like Josh's.

Josh blows Tom and rides his thick cock. Tom fucks Josh until he's face down on the bed, driving his cock deeper and deeper into Josh's beautiful butt. He pounds Josh long and hard, finally cumming on his ass and finishing Josh off with a creampie before the guys hit the shower.

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 06:50:41 +0200


Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Logan blows in like a breath of fresh air. First off, you absolutely can’t miss him. It’s almost comical how much taller he is than everyone around him, which is probably part of the reason he has the personality that he does! His motto, “If everyone is going to be looking at you, might as well make it entertaining.”
Hearing that, I totally see why he was drawn to shoot porn. He’s obviously not shy, reveling the camera’s attention. Plus, he’s got big ol’ cock begging to be flaunted!
Logan wants to be seen and suggests we film outdoors. Like his motto, he certainly made it entertaining! He loses himself in the feeling and lets out moan after moan as he works his hand up and down his thick, long shaft. When he blows, it’s a bucket load of gooey, cream-white, hot satisfaction!

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 06:40:03 +0200

Kellan Fills Up Zeb

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

I can’t believe it’s really taken this long to get Kellan and Zeb together. I really can’t believe this was their first time really meeting! The stars had just never aligned before, and these two were never available at the same time. Finally, though, we’re getting them paired up with one another now!

Kellan and Zeb were looking forward to this one even more than us! They’d seen one another on the site and knew of and about one another. They were aware this episode was a long time coming, and were intent on making the most of it!

With these two hot and hung guys, you know you’re in for some intense action. Kellan and Zeb knew they were in for some fun, also - Zeb could not wait to get Kellan’s dick in him, and Kellan was eager to drill Zeb’s hole and fuck a load out of (and in to!) him. I think Zeb was on the edge of orgasm the entire time he had Kellan pumping his hole, and eventually he’s blasting cum all over Kellan’s chest. Covered in Zeb’s cum, Kellan keeps pounding his ass until he matches Zeb’s load with his own - it’s just that Kellan chooses to shoot most of it deep up in to Zeb!

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 06:20:02 +0200

Grant & Harper's Poolside Fuck

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Harper couldn’t help himself when he saw Grant’s tight and ripped body laying out on the pool. He had to get close to him one way or another. He splashes in to draw him out and get him where he really wants him- in his mouth!

You can’t really blame him, spending any amount of time with the tall blue-eyed stud makes both the guys and girls at CF look for any excuse to get his attention. Well Harper sure makes the most of it- and get’s himself quite the fucking in the process!

Grant drills Harper’s hole deep, hard, fast, and relentlessly. It’s obvious Grant’s big dick is giving him quite the workout and, at times, you wonder how much longer Harper can take it. The looks Grant gives Harper are priceless- and the long stream of cum that flows out of Harper is bested only by seeing him open-mouthed and hungry for Grant’s load!

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 05:40:14 +0200

Hugh Creams Alex

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Clearly Alex loves having sex, we’ve seen it in his expressions from fucking coeds and, recently, hot men. Although he’s a bit nervous to bottom for the first time, I think he’ll be pleasantly surprised and glad that he’s found a new way to experience and enjoy sex.

Either way, I was eager to see him get fucked, and I wasn’t alone. Requests to see that bubble-butt get railed have come in since the lean blond came through our doors. Also a newcomer but extremely talented, Hugh was glad to be the one to break in Alex. He had plans to make this the most memorable sex he’s ever had, and all I can say after watching it is- Mission Accomplished!

Hugh uses his big cock to rock Alex in ways he never imagined. What happens to Alex, surprises even Alex himself. A hard cock in his ass, giving him new sensations, while heightening the ones he’s used to turns him into a complete sex fiend! He begs to be choked, slapped, and used like a doll. The deeper and harder Hugh pumps, the closer Alex gets to climax, and when he does shoot his load- it keeps on coming! He’s fucked so good, he begs to be seeded! Something else he didn't expect he'd want so much!

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 05:20:07 +0200

Jayden Gives It To Quinn

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

This video is titled and Jayden gives it to Quinn- and he sure does that! Jayden is teeming with sexual tension as he and Quinn makeout. His eyes are locked in on the CF fan favorite, and for good reason - Quinn looks hot doing what he does!
The blowjob he gives Jayden reminds us why he’s regarded as the best dick-sucker on campus! He comes up for an impassioned kiss and the whole time I’m staring at Jayden’s plump lips - which Quinn puts to use shortly thereafter!
Quinn’s cock points straight up as Jayden crams his veiny rod up into him. Quinn rides Jayden and his rock hard cock slams into him as Jayden is overcome by the sensation and look of Quinn’s perfect ass. It seems that Quinn could cum at any moment and frankly I’m surprised how long he can hold off! Meanwhile Jayden gets more and more comfortable taking control. He can’t keep his eyes off of the action gets more into it the more willing his partner gets. Quinn is left choked, red, and empty of cum - Not to mention covered in Jayden’s jizz!

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 05:00:03 +0200

Sebastian's First Time

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

So far, Sebastian has been a hit with CF fans. I wasn’t sure what kind of reception his tattoos would receive initially, but it seems that the consensus is the same of mine- with a face and body like that he can pull off anything! In fact, they add some edge to the tall and strong hunks great looks and friendly personality.

People are loving his tight body, hot cock, and sexy face- and now we get to enjoy all of those assests in some hot guy/guy action!

Sebastian starts off his video making out with Harper. When Harper strips his clothes off we see how ready and eager he is to get his cock worked over. There’s no doubt, he’s come to fuck! The look of Sebastian’s face throughout seems to say, “Holy crap, how does this feel so good?” On his end, Harper is thoroughly thrilled he got to break Sebastian in. Which he makes quite obvious while he screams out a load!

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 04:20:02 +0200

Grant Gets Fucked

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Grant has made quite a splash at Corbin Fisher and if the feedback could be narrowed down to the 2 main points over Grant it’s that 1. Viewers can’t get enough of him and 2. They really want to see him bottom!
Today he takes the next step and gets fucked by CF Dean’s Lister, Kellan!
After the chemistry displayed between the two when Grant topped him, I’ve wanted to give the hot studs an encore.
Already comfortable with each other, the guys get right to it - with Grant giving Kellan a dripping wet blowjob! Kellan’s loving it. Hard as rock, he pushes Grant back onto the bed and slides into him for the first time. Having been on the giving end plenty of times, now Grant gets to feel all those marvelous sensations he’s been dishing out!
Grant squirms and moans under Kellan. He reaches his hand up to rub on Kellan’s flexing abs and chest as Kellan slides deeper and deeper into him. As Kellan looks down, Grant gets lost into the sensation until finally and gladly succumbing to Kellan’s cock with long drawn moans and shot after shot of cum.
Grant is left undeniably spent, satisfied, and covered in the downpour of Kellan’s load!

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 03:40:05 +0200

William & Aiden's Morning Fuck

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Many of you have been missing Aiden, no doubt! Well here you can see him get fucked by a super hung cock!
We know William is a super top with a big cock; we know Aiden loves to get fucked and goes wild with a dick in his ass.
You absolutely have to see the load Aiden blows here, with Williams fat dick pounding his hole. Aiden completely loses it and drenches his ripped chest in cum! Then, he gets his face totally drenched in Williams load!
Its the lean, tall, big-dicked stud and the buff, muscular, and likewise big-dicked hunk going at it!

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 03:20:54 +0200

Bryce & Kenny's Bi Three Way

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Bailey and Kenny, being from the same town, have been friends for quite a while. Whether or not they’ve hooked up in their years of friendship they won’t say, but something about their interactions here make me believe that they’ve done this before - so I threw Bryce in the mix, and with the addition of a third partner the experience is brand new, exciting - and three times the fun!
All 3 know how great much fucking multiple partners at once is. You get to watch hot action happening in front of your eyes - all the while getting laid! So they knew the kinky fun that there is to be had here.
For Bryce, the thrill is in making the other two horny for his cock - and getting to shove his rod in any hole he wants! For Kenny, he gets to fuck with absolutely no boundary! He gets to stick his cock in a wet hole - while his hole is being rammed into for double the pleasure at once! For Bailey, she gets two hot and horny men to fuck her senseless then she gets to standby and enjoy the show - always having a mouth or cock available to join in on!

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 03:20:02 +0200

Colt Takes Allen's Dick

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Here at CF we believe there is nothing better to cure morning wood than to have an absolutely gorgeous and well-built stud to suck and fuck it out of you. So when one of our Freshmen, Allen, came down with it, we sent in Colt to doctor it away.

Allen wasn’t complaining when his cock was half buried inside Colt’s mouth and he most definitely wasn’t when he buried it in Colt’s tight ass!

Colt, in turn, demands a good fucking! He slaps and chokes Allen to unleash the sex beast within- and it very much works! By the end, Colt has been owned and Allen’s morning wood ends in a massive cum explosion!

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 02:30:30 +0200


Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Teddy is an all-around nice guy with a large fit body, gorgeous blue eyes, and two big balls full of a week’s worth of cum begging for release!
His name was fitting as, with a glance, this young could make even the boldest guy shudder. That is, until a smile breaks through his well-formed lips. We learn that, for the most part, Teddy’s pretty soft-spoken and humble. He’s a regular guy who likes to spend his time outdoors with his friends, exploring new adventures.
Well now he can check showing off his good looks, including large arms and chest, hot dick, and white-hot jizz to a very horny and grateful audience!

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 02:10:15 +0200

Brayden Fucks Colt

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Were so used to seeing Brayden get fucked - and love every single second of getting fucked - that its easy to forget this young stud makes a stellar top, as well! Braydens just one of those guys with such a powerful sex drive he can get in to anything!

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 02:00:07 +0200

Zack Fucks Tiffany

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

By now, we've all met Zack! This stud just recently made his first appearance at CF, and we've already received a ton of e-mails asking to see more of him. Well let's get to seeing more of him!

Zack goes to town on Tiffany, that hairy chest of his looking hotter than ever as he thrusts back and forth and gives it to her good. His body glistening with sweat, he's soon fucking Tiffany so hard and fast I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did before firing off a big load!

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 02:00:03 +0200

Jace Swallows Galen's Load

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

This scorching scene kicks it right off with Galen and Jace hard and naked engaging in some foot play!
Galen puts that hot mushroom tip of his to work - and Jace’s holes! Galen fucks Jace silly and Jace moans so loud with every single one of Galen’s big-dicked thrusts. So Galen plays Jace like an instrument, lowering and raising his cries by changing up his tempo and depth of thrusts.
Watching Galen give (and have) an intense orgasm is a pretty hot sight - especially when his load is dropped in Jace's hungry mouth!

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 01:20:13 +0200

Kennedy Rides Quinn

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

What do you get when you pair the fan-rated best bottom and best cock sucker together? An incredibly hot episode! Fresh off of the CF anniversary party, Kennedy and Quinn pair up to celebrate their victories doing what they do best- getting down and dirty into some incredibly hot boy on boy action!

Hard cocked and loaded with cum the guys have at one another. The foreplay is almost competitive, with each handsome stud looking to outdo the other- deep throating each other’s dicks down to the balls!

Moaning and writhing under Quinn, Kennedy begs for Quinn’s big cock in his ass. It’s completely obvious that Quinn sees exactly why Kennedy was voted as best bottom as both guys can barely contain themselves with pleasure. The sex is hot and loud. When the guys finally unload, the cum shoots hard and strong- leaving Kennedy a hot, wet mess!

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 01:00:02 +0200

Kent Creampies Josh

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

These two blond studs show off their muscles at the park during their photo shoot. But once they get into the bedroom, popular new freshman Kent and fan favorite Josh, have some other things to show off!

It's the first time these two guys have met - and the results are nothing less than spectacularly hot and nasty. Kent pounds Josh as hard as he can, and Josh takes every inch ... up to and past the point they blast their loads! Because just because Kent's fucked the cum out of Josh, doesn't mean he's finished. Kent likes dessert - and that means Josh is getting creampied!

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 00:24:49 +0200

Brant Dicks Kellan

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

When tall, ripped, and ready Brant gets a chance to hook up with Kellan again, he wastes little time in the preliminaries and almost immediately has him on his back with a huge cock in his ass!

Where last time Kellan did an amazing job at topping Brant, he’s definitely just as much in his prime in being the willing bottom for Brant’s dick. After all, there is no cock too big for this hungry-bottomed hunk.

After going through a number of delectable positions, Kellan begs Brant to jerk him off as he’s thrusting balls deep into his ass. When Kellan does it only takes a few moments for Kellan to explode! Brant soon follows, unloading another dose of cum over Kellan’s abs.

Sat, 17 Nov 2018 00:00:14 +0200

Philip Takes Carson's Load

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: German

Philip;s pretty horny, and hes been admiring Carsons muscled body. Now he wants to do more than admire it! Philip eagerly licks and sucks Carsons big dick and balls. He strokes his cock against Carsons, then Carson fingers Philip until he begs for that dick in his ass.

Carson slides his cock into Philip nice and easy at first, then pounds him mercilessly. Philip rides Carsons dick with abandon, loving how every inch feels in his ass. Carson spits on Philips face, then fucks a big load out of him! Carson keeps slamming his cock into Philip - until he shoots a monster load onto Philips ass. He finishes Philip off with a creampie. No wonder Philips ass was so hungry for Carson;s dick!

Fri, 16 Nov 2018 23:40:02 +0200

Quinn Seeds Christian

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Quinn shows off his dominating skills when he gets Christian alone for this powered up scene! He starts with ripping his clothes off and feeding his big dick deep in his mouth until his balls are bouncing on Christian’s lips.

Christian is an eager dirty boy for the tan, ripped hunk. He answers every demand immediately and enthusiastically, working hard and well to please and adore Quinn’s lusty needs. He takes his face fucking like a champ and presents his tight asshole to be devoured.

Though Quinn slowly eases his dick into Christian, he’s clearly there to own him- arms and head pushed into the bed Christian takes and loves the feel of Quinn smashing into him. Christian flips and drills him every which way until Christian is covered in thick cum!

Fri, 16 Nov 2018 17:59:33 +0200

Zeb Spikes Dawson

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Who knew volleyball was so naughty? From "back row attacks" to "power alleys," just talking about it can get you turned on! And when two studs like lean-muscled Zeb and ripped bodybuilder Dawson heat up the yard playing against each other, there;s definitely going to be some expert ball handling going on...

Once inside, the guys make out and 69 each other. The blow jobs quickly rotate to the ready position as Zeb goes to work on Dawsons bubble butt. He eats Dawson out, fingers him and sets up Dawsons ass for his long cock.

Zeb spikes Dawsons hole with his dick. He aces the serve! Dawson responds with a volley of cum all over his abs. Zeb follows up with a line shot of his own, all over Dawson&s ass - which he promptly power tips into Dawsons hole!

Fri, 16 Nov 2018 17:40:14 +0200

Kellan Rides Allen

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

We’ve gotten to seen Allen in action over at ACS and during his solo scene, where he shared his thrill of competition and getting freaky in the naughtiest places. Since then, we’ve been curious on how this martial artist would do when he gets a chance to pin down another hot athlete.

Kellan was the ideal guy to break in the rugged stud for his first full on guy on guy scene. After all, along with being passionate, gorgeous, and sexy, he’s also quite well versed in taking big dicks and working a hot load out of them!

Kellan and Allen take their time with each other, sucking each other’s thick cocks before Allen flips Kellan over to deliver a hard pounding! Kellan loves the feel of big dick sliding in and out of his hungry hole and isn’t afraid to let Allen know just how good it feels! The real treat comes from the look of surprise on Allen’s face when he gets an amazingly hard orgasm from fucking Kellan’s capable ass!

Fri, 16 Nov 2018 17:30:09 +0200

Colt & Rowan's Work Out

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Since starting out at CF, both Rowan and Colt’s bodies have gotten better and better as they add even more muscle and definition to their already hot physiques! Hard work really pays off when they hit the gym together- sweat, grunts and bulging muscles cause these jocks to take a break from the weights and take care of another bodily need!

Jockstrap still on, Colt jumps on top of Rowan’s big cock and rides it deep into his tight asshole. Rowan’s perfect abs flex and he moans as he stares down at his dick disappearing between Colt’s muscular cheeks which he then sticks his face between for a sloppy wet rim job!

After getting his ass teased and fucked to Rowan’s satisfaction, Colt deals out his studly cock for Rowan to sit on! The pleasure of being fucked, having his toes sucked and getting jacked off by such a strong and big dicked beast proves itself as the trifecta for Rowan. The intense work out ends with Colt pumping out a hot load from Rowan seconds before feeding him his own.

Fri, 16 Nov 2018 13:30:11 +0200

Zeke, Brandon Manilow, and Manuel Rios

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

*Bonus update from 5 Americans In Prague Collection*

American hottie Zeke is in the middle of a European sandwich - between Brandon and Manuel! These two studs take turns fucking Zeke at both ends. Manuel and Brandon shoot huge loads, drenching Zeke in cum – and that makes him shoot all over himself!

Fri, 16 Nov 2018 13:00:11 +0200

Kellan & Sawyer Visit SF

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Sawyer and Kellan are both veterans here at CF, and we thought it was past due that they got to spend some time together, so first we sent them to do a little exploring on a beautiful day in the Bay Area - complete with a visit to Alcatraz and some footage of seals frolicking! After that, though, they came back to the house to do a much more intimate exploration!

Kellan goes to town sucking Sawyer’s huge cock, before Sawyer chows down on Kellan’s hot ass. After they’re both good and ready, Kellan rides Sawyer’s cock for all its worth! Not one to let the other guy do all the work, Sawyer gets Kellan bent over the bed, and then finally fucks him on his back until they both blow huge loads!

Fri, 16 Nov 2018 10:40:03 +0200

Cain Takes Control of Dawson

Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Dawson was the first guy to fuck Cain and now it;s cum, I mean, come full circle! Cain says he prefers being on top, since he likes to be in control. And he shows us exactly how he likes to control things when he sinks his thick, uncut cock into Dawsons perfect, muscled bubble butt. And the results are explosive!