Free download - Damien Kyle And Dimitri Thomas

Studio: Broke Straight Boys

Its Dimitris first time with a guy, but he doesnt seem as nervous as most…he mustve come to terms with the fact that hes about to have a dudes cock shoved down his throat! Weve got this first-timer paired with Damien, hes here to show him the ropes and give him some pointers on how to go down on a guy and do it right.

Dimitri closes his eyes and starts with some kissing, but Damien seems pretty set on getting to the good stuff as he gets Dimitri to lie on the bed and he moves down south to suck that dick. Dimitri certainly doesnt look like he minds Damiens cock-sucking, and the more Damien works that prick the harder it gets until Dimitris shooting his huge load all over himself.

But now that hes gotten off, its time for him to get a taste of Damiens meat he hesitates but then takes that thick cock in his mouth and pulls it in and out. For a first timer, hes not doing too bad and as he gets a little more comfortable he starts using his hand and mouth, sucking that dick and getting it nice and wet as Damien enjoys being Dimitris first. Dimitri gets on all fours to get better access to Damiens prick and he tugs on his balls a little while he massages Damiens cock and makes him explode all over. Damien gives Dimitri an A+ for his first time sucking a dick, but well see how Dimitri does taking it up the ass!

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