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  146. Dr Parker London and His Patient

Fri, 28 Apr 2017 15:43:22 +0300


Studio: Kink: Bound Gods
Cast: Christian Wilde,Jacob Durham
Video language: English

House dom, Master Christian Wilde, awaits on the rim chair, gazing down on the muscled slave before him. Jacob Durham lies on the ground in a leather straight-jacket, bit-gag in place as a tight noose pulls on Jacob's fat cock and balls. He's dragged across the floor by his balls until he's gazing up at Christian's perfect, hairy hole. As Christian bounces up and down on his slave's tongue, the bound slave tries with all his might to stretch his tongue past the gag, just enough to taste his master's hole. Locked in the one-way box, Jacob sees nothing but his own face screaming back at him as the double flogger wails on his body. The box ends up being a claustrophobic, mind-fuck so Jacob's released and given air, only to feel the sting of Christian's braided floggers. He next endures the cattle prod all while a row of clover clamps torment his meaty chest. Master Wilde finally rewards his boy with a deep ass pounding before blasting Jacob with a mouthful of cum.

Wed, 26 Apr 2017 03:41:09 +0300

Roman slave offers his entire body to the whims of his cruel Dominus

Studio: Kink: Bound Gods
Cast: Cass Bolton,Trenton Ducati
Video language: English

Cassius was late. The Dominus hates late slaves. Fearing the worst, Cassius scurries into the hall with his Dominus' grapes. Where Cassius expected rage, he instead finds a sly, penetrating gaze on his master's face. The Dominus receives the grapes and dismisses the slave. Just as Cassius believes he dodged "attention" from his master, the Dominus reverses course, ordering the subligaria removed from Cassius' loins. He commands Cassius to get an erection and kicks Cassius to the cold ground for not doing it fast enough. The Dominus cruelly stomps Cassius' balls, finally bringing his slave to full attention. He coats Cassius' lean body in hot wax, making his slave squirm in agony as the wax drips on his balls and tongue. Feeling generous, the Dominus offers grapes to Cassius-- straight into Cassius' hungry asshole. After Cassius tastes the grapes from his ass, the Dominus penetrates him with a gigantic cock. Cassius next finds his arms suspended above his head, bound in a harness over a plank of wood splitting his ass open while enduring an excruciating beating with the 30lbs flogger. Cassius next is crucified with clothespins all over his body; the Dominus helpfully removes them with a cat o' nine tails until he takes the slave back to the throne. One more vigorous fuck brings the Dominus to the point of ecstasy before glazing his slave's face in hot cum.

Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:03 +0300

What the fuck dude, there's someone out there.

Release Year: 2011
Studio: Kink: Bound Gods
Cast: Brian Bonds, Van Darkholme, DJ

Brian and DJ are two buddies watching porn in their house in the suburbs. They are waiting to hook up with a couple of girls after their night shifts. Their evening changes when they discover a scary lurker is hanging around their house. He cuts the electricity and takes them down in the dark. Brian gets tied to a chair and DJ is made to suck his cock. Both receive hard corporal for not cooperating. The intruder suspends DJ from the ceiling fan and beats the hell out of him. He drags the two helpless studs into the bedroom and orders them to fuck. Will the perv let these two innocent boys go or will he keep them as captives forever?

Mon, 24 Apr 2017 06:46:13 +0300

Hesitant Stud Transformed into Mr Wilde's Bondage Slut

Studio: Kink: Bound Gods
Cast: Christian Wilde,Max Woods
Video language: English

Max Woods moves nervously through a dingy warehouse-- not exactly what he expected for an internet hookup with Christian Wilde. He finally finds Christian's door and enters his dungeon workshop to find a trove of intimidating toys and bondage devices. It all quickly becomes too much for Max, who tries to call off the date. Christian doesn't have time for any of Max's wavering attitude, so he slams the boy into his bondage ladder and secures him to it. Roped down to the ladder, Christian treats Max to a cocktail of pain and pleasure, using his riding crop to edge Max's throbbing dick. Max submits to Christian's hard cock before his ass and back are flogged beet red. Christian moves Max to his bondage table and affixes electrodes to the boy's nipples and cock. Max tries to fight against the heavy wooden blocks bolting him to the table and the electric current running through his body, but to no avail. Christian fucks Max's face as the boy begs for his cum. After dousing Max in hot jizz, Christian throws the wimp out. As Max exits the warehouse, he is overcome with horniness and jerks a load in the hallway.

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 18:13:02 +0300

No Escape

Studio: Kink: Bound Gods
Cast: Jessie Colter,Kyler Ash
Video language: English

Hot boy next door is cleaning Mr. Colter's spa, assuming he's all alone until he notices that eery feeling that you're being watched...All hell breaks loose when Mr. Colter locks all the doors from the inside, removing any chance for Kyler's escape. Jessie tears away the boy's shirt and gags his mouth so no one can hear his cries for help. Unable to resist Mr. Colter's perversions, Kyler's brought right to the point of cumming before having his giant cock and balls tormented. When Kyler decides to fight back and spit in Jessie's face, the muscled perv decides to teach Kyler who's in charge by dragging him into the spa and repeatedly dunking his head under water. Bound to a pool table, with rope blinding his sight, Kyler gags on Mr. Colter's hard cock as a leather flogger whips his bare ass. Jessie has a turn at the boy's front, his hard cock dangling between his legs as hot wax is poured all over his body. A spider gag pries Kyler's mouth open as Mr. Colter finally gets a piece of that tight ass. He pounds away mercilessly as Kyler moans at the top of his lungs. A shower of cum drenches Kyler's face before Jessie milks every last drop out of his fucktoy's aching balls.

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 04:13:06 +0300

Sex Club Owner Fucks and Torments an Obnoxious Party Goer

Studio: Kink: Bound Gods
Cast: Eli Hunter,Jaxton Wheeler
Video language: English

Eli Hunter is at the hottest sex club in town looking for some action. He keeps on hounding the ladies, asking for some good lovin' but the only attention he ends up getting is from the club owner, Jaxton Wheeler. Jaxton's been hearing a lot of complaints about Eli, so he tracks him to the alleyway and shows him a night he will never forget. Jaxton rips away Eli's clothes, and lets him know he is in for a wild ride. Before they can really play, Jaxton makes sure to get rid of Eli's messy chin beard with the help of some clover clamps, ball weights, and an electric shaver. Eli's torment continues with some more corporal and hard fucking. Eli is then brought inside the club, away from the cold night air, and duct taped in a horizontal suspension. Jaxton stands over Eli and flogs him mercilessly. He then fills Eli's screaming mouth with hard cock to shut him up. Eli is relieved to be strapped to a sex swing instead of taped up against the wall, until he notices Jaxton dangling a cattle prod in front of him. The cattle prod zaps his body repeatedly until he furiously shakes and tries to break free from the fuck swing. Eli runs out of energy and accepts whatever comes next, which happens to be round 2 of Jaxton's hard cock. The vicious fucking makes Eli's cock harder as his hole is filled and stretched to the limit. Eli releases a cum eruption across his chest, and then lies in wait to receive Jaxton's hot load. Jaxton strokes his cock until cum blasts all over Eli's ass and balls.

Wed, 19 Apr 2017 16:47:19 +0300

No Escape

Studio: Kink: Bound Gods
Cast: Wolf Hudson,DJ
Video language: English

The cruel workshop has finally gone silent. Even bound at the wrists and ankles, DJ knows this is his best chance for escape. He worms his way to the exit and straight into his tormentor, Wolf Hudson. Wolf doesn't take kindly to such brazen, insubordinate acts. He drags the worm back to the center of the cold floor and fucks DJ's face, kind enough to give him a 69 in the process. Turning from pleasure to pain, Wolf strings DJ from the ceiling and flogs him relentlessly. He takes DJ to the far side of the workshop for a more demanding suspension. Hanging flat from pipes overhead, DJ serves his master's cock as he takes electric stings all over his sensitive feet and meaty ass. Wolf tests DJ again with the flogger, giving DJ a hurricane of lashes from the merciless leather. As a gift for DJ's compliance and etiquette, Wolf places DJ on his knees and pounds his eager asshole. DJ moans in gratitude for his master's cock as Wolf pulls out to let a thick load loose all over DJ's face. Wolf milks the cum from DJ's balls before flogging him into the night...

Tue, 18 Apr 2017 00:00:02 +0300

Hot Mormon Jock Fucked in Bondage to Prove His Devotion to the Church

Studio: Kink: Bound Gods
Cast: Connor Maguire,Drake Tyler
Video language: English

Hunk Drake Tyler has just turned 19 and can't wait to serve the Church of Latter Day Saints overseas on his mission, but first he seeks the approval of his bishop, Connor Maguire. Noting that a good Mormon missionary has to be ready for whatever the world gives him, Bishop Maguire orders Drake to undergo a physical exam. The bishop "fortunately" has the authority to conduct it himself, and orders Drake to strip naked. Something just doesn't seem right as Bishop Maguire starts to fondle Drake's ripped body and gropes Drake's cock. The bishop retrieves a riding crop and orders Drake on his knees; now something's definitely not right. The bishop's warm demeanor turns cruel and perverse as he crops and facefucks Drake in the name of the church. The exam continues to push Drake's physical limits as he's bound and flogged in a stress position, balancing one-legged on a stack of books. Drake takes Bishop Maguire's cock once more in his mouth and ass. The bishop moves the boy over to his desk, fucking him doggy style while zapping his tender body & tormenting the boy's shoulders with clover clamps. Bishop Maguire tears the clamps from a wailing Drake and busts a hot load onto the boy's tight ass before feeding Brother Tyler all of his cum. For the final test, Drake spreads his seed all over the Book of Mormon before cleaning every drop of cum off with his tongue.

Fri, 14 Apr 2017 16:49:30 +0300

Old Habits Die Hard - Creepy Handyman Series

Studio: Kink: Bound Gods
Cast: Steven Roman ,Trenton Ducati
Video language: English

Creepy Handyman Trenton Ducati has been trying to fight his sexual addictions, but some habits die hard... As he's working on Steven Roman's pipes, he hears a giant crash. To his surprise, the naked, muscled body of Steven lies on the shower floor, from slipping on the wet ground. As much as he resists, Trenton's sexual demons are too much to overpower, so he drags the naked hunk off for some play. Steven awakens with a hood covering his sight and sound, as he struggles in bondage. The creepy handyman wails on the hairy stud with a riding crop and pulling on his aching bulls. Dangling from the ceiling, Steven begs for mercy, but the only thing he receives is a mouthful of Trenton's hard cock, prying deep down his throat. The creepy handyman then mashes Steven's hard cock with his feet before prying his toes in the hunks hairy hole. Ready at attention, Trenton plunges his giant cock deep inside Steven, pounding away as the bound hunk bites down on the bit gag placed in his mouth. Trenton then removes the bit gag and blasts a load of cum in Steven's face and making him suck off every drop.

Fri, 14 Apr 2017 03:37:32 +0300

The One and Only, Alex Mecum

Studio: Kink: Bound Gods
Cast: Christian Wilde,Alex Mecum
Video language: English

Alex Mecum is obsessed with watching hot studs beat and fuck each other, but he's nervous about trying it out. Christian Wilde is about to change all that. First he chains Alex to a platform in the center of a dungeon, and plays with his huge cock. Alex is still too tense for a good flogging so Christian softens his tight muscles with some hard smacking. The flog strikes Alex rapidly and at random. They hit from every angle until Alex cries out for mercy, but is given Christian's huge cock instead. Alex feels the massive cock fill up his throat. Christian then pulls Alex off his cock and flogs him until he can barely stand on his own two feet. Christian then bends him over, and fucks him to the floor. Alex is bound to the dungeon bed, as Christian, with his crop in hand, watches him wriggle. Alex handles the crop well, until Christian covers his tender body in clothespins and smacks them off. Christian moves in close and gives Alex an intimate open hand beating, in order to fully test his limits. On his back, Alex watches as his master slides a long steel rod deep into his pisshole. The bound hunk loves being sounded and nearly cums with the metal still in him. Christian pulls out the metal sound, and shoves his huge cock into Alex's tight hole. Alex can't hold it back and unleashes his cum across his chest before having his mouth pried open to receive every drop of Christian's load.