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BerlinStar -  work
Studio: Berlinstar
Cast: Marcel Hoffmann • Michael Finn • Peto Coast • Chris Journy • Warren Trümmer • Rocco • Broudy
Genres: Amateurs, Anal Sex, Barebacking, Bears, Big Dicks, Blue Collar, Cumshots, Europeans, Mature, Oral Sex, Uniform, Group Sex, Dildo, Jerking, Rimming, Blowjob, Peto Coast

WORK is a sexy film with an uncredited German cast who are very hot and into the main crux of the film: sex. The story is really very simple – the action centers on workers who are supposed to be busy remodeling various rooms. The rooms (as well as the work) are really only a very small part of the action that takes place in the five scene that the viewer is presented with. 

Scene one stars a very hot looking bearded man and his younger partner who both wear gauzy coveralls which do little to hide their naked bodies. The two begin with half-heartedly old paint off the wall. Our bearded gent soon grabs his partner and they begin a passionate make-out session. Soon the younger man pulls the other’s dick out of his coveralls as the hairy guy begins licking his chest. The younger man then falls to his knees and starts aggressively deep-throating the bear’s huge cock. The bear soon pulls off his coveralls and brings his partner up for another deep kiss. He then takes his “cub” and bends him over a couch, rips open the seat of his clothing and rims his ass. He then puts his fat member into the cub’s ass and pounds him furiously as his body slaps against the cub’s body and the cub moans his pleasure loudly. Soon the cub gets on his back on the floor and takes the bear’s cock missionary style. Eventually both guys jack off onto the cub’s chest. They then stand, kiss deeply, put on what is left of the flimsy outfits and resume the walls.

In the next scene two guys – one bearded and one heavily pierced (including the head of his cock) – are taking apart a loft bead in preparation for a paint job in the room. As they remove pieces of the bed, two huge black dildos fall to the floor. This incident gives ideas to the bearded man who immediately begins making out with his partner. The bearded guy stands up and our pierced guy fishes the “beard’s” dick out from behind the fly of his pants and chows down hungrily on his cock. The beard begins face-fucking his friend and the pierced guy takes it happily. The pierced guy gets naked as he sucks off his friend and the beard begins playing with pierced guy’s ass, which includes a little finger fucking. The pierced guy gets into a gie position on the floor and the beard (still clothed except for his big cock) begins to fuck him. The beard alternates between using his dick and using the gargantuan dildos in his friend’s ass. He even does a bit of double penetration with his dick AND a dildo. The beard soon shoots his load onto the pierced guy’s ass and scoops the resulting cum into his hole. The pierced guy cums onto the floor for his climax. In the end, both sit back, leaning against the wall, and have a nice after-sex cigarette. 

In scene three we have a pair of hot young bears who are wearing gym shorts and tank top shirts. They are the painters, it is assumed, and they prepare for “work” by setting up their ladder and pouring out the paint. Guy 1 gets up on the ladder to do the high spots as his partner remains on the floor to do the rest. Well, with a firm young ass staring him in the face at near eye-level, the man on the floor (Beard once again) soon has his hand up the leg of his partner’s shorts. In a flash the ladder guy has nothing on except his shirt and after having his ass totally by the bearded guy’s hands, he jumps down and makes out with his friend. Beard soon pulls off his own shorts, leans back against the ladder and gets his cock greedily sucked by the other guy. Soon the two guys are once again deeply kissing each other. The bearded guy then leans the other guy over, facing the ladder, and begins to eat his ass out. All of this has prepared things to progress to the bearded guy
inserting his cock into the other guy’s hole and furiously fucking his ass. In the end, the bearded guy continues fucking the other on the floor in a missionary position. In conclusion, the bearded guy jacks off onto his friend’s face as the guy receiving the facial sticks out his tongue for a taste and finally sucks the bearded guy dry. They both then resume their painting wearing only their shirts.

Scene four has two guys with shaved heads (one lightly colored, the other dark) taking the dust covers off the machinery and furniture in what appears to be a doctor’s examination room. The darker guy reveals an examination table with extensions to hold the patient’s legs up and apart – I wonder what that could be used for? It does not take long to discover the answer. Darker guy puts his friend on the table with his legs in the extenders and gets busy undressing his “patient”. The two then have a very passionate make-out session until the darker guy can no longer contain himself. A small refrigerator in the room provides a nice-sized container of Crisco that the darker guy quickly uses to slick up both his cock and his friend’s ass. What follows next is some hard and fast fucking that in no time causes the darker guy to spray his load on the other’s cock and balls and the fairer guy to deposit a nice load on his own belly. The darker guy reenters the greasy ass and makes out with his friend as both cocks continue on in full erection.

In the final scene it’s time to lay some carpet – and the carpenter! Two guys dressed in tanks and shorts are unrolling said floor covering when the carpenter arrives and instantly begins making out with carpet guy one. Carpet guy two (who has a Mohawk) is quick to enter the action. After some heavy making out, carpet guy one begins sucking the carpenter as his partner with the Mohawk fingers and rims his ass. Soon Mohawk is fucking the guy while he continues to deep throat the carpenter. What follows is a quick and plentiful back-and-forth between the carpenter and Mohawk who take turns alternately fucking the first guy’s ass and then getting blown by him while the other fucks. The change about occurs too many times to mention here but eventually the guy receiving all the attention lays on his back between Mohawk and the carpenter. The other two kneel on either side of his head and jack off onto his t-shirt. The loads are heavy. Finally the guy in the middle jacks off onto his own stomach and Mohawk leans over and gives him some deep, sexy kisses.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:38:16
Video: 720x416, XviD, 1394kbps
Audio: 125kbps

BerlinStar -  work BerlinStar -  work
BerlinStar -  work BerlinStar -  work

BerlinStar -  work
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