Free download - Joe Parker Bangs Marc Dylan (This Baits Electric)

Studio: Baitbus

Oh shit! So were lost in the boonies, when we come across what looks to be a construction area. There was this
dude sitting up in front waiting for his ride. He said he was an electrician and that he was waiting for his ride
to come and scoop him up. I told him that we wanted to pay him to doe a few interviews and we'd give him a ride
home. So he jumped in. Man he couldnt keep his eyes off Alexis' tits. Which was perfect because as soon as we
started talking blowjob he was already taking off his pants. Of course as soon as the bandana came on it was Marc
Dylan doing all the sucking. You should of seen the look on his face when he found out it was dude giving him the
best blowjob of his life. Or maybe you can just watch the movie and see what happens.

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