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Bearing Leather
Studio: All Worlds Video
Video language: English

Bearing Leather has “the Bear Necessities.” It’s a bunch of mostly burly bears wearing various gay male body accessories having sex with each other at the All Worlds Resort in Palm Springs. And clocking in at almost two hours, you get a lot of it. If that’s enough for you, then fine. But if you want a bit more style and substance, this video bear-ly makes it.
The cast varies in sex appeal. Ages range from late twenties on up, and body hair ranges from smooth to shag. Likewise, the cast varies in musculature; there are some barrel-chested beauties, but there are also few bears who need to eat less honey. And while these guys may be meaty, it isn’t always between their legs. Finally, just as an all-twinkie Mustang cast can blur together, so can this group - one bald, bearded, burly bear is hot, two are sizzling, but with six you wish you could tag them to tell them apart. Luckily, these guys have their own tags - a multitude of tattoos and body piercings, including several giant Prince Alberts. Ouch!

If filmed right, a whole clan of bears fucking in the woods can be impossibly sexy. But that doesn’t really happen here. The camera moves around way too fast; sometimes it literally swooshes from one pair to another, making you seasick in the desert. There are some serious scenario deficiencies, and in several fuck sequences the strokes aren’t quite long enough to get a clear view. Maybe it’s because some guys don’t have sufficient “longitude,” but still we get the shaft - or more accurately, we don’t!

The first scenario screw-up comes at the beginning. The video opens with box cover star Colton Ford hiking through the mountains just wearing tight jeans and a backpack. He sits on the ground, slowly unzips pants - and then gets up and keeps walking. Huh? He passes Eric Evans who follows him behind a boulder, and the next thing we see is Ford entering the All Worlds Resort alone. What happened behind that rock, and why couldn’t we watch?

Then come the rather unattractive credits with a frantic, dizzying fast-forward montage of the entire video, that ends with an equally frenzied fast-reverse. Before we actually see Ford jerk-off, we see him jerk-in. No thank you.

On the plus side, Colton Ford is the ultimate gay man’s man. His body isn’t sculpted, it’s chiseled; you could crack nuts with his ass-cheeks. His chest hair is natural and his dick is super-natural! The gray in his goatee is beyond sexy. And above all that are the most dazzling, inviting and friendly eyes and smile in porn; sleep with him and you won’t need a night light - they light up the room already. This is the kind of guy where you have incredibly hot, sweaty, dirty, sleazy sex all night long and then laugh about it over coffee in the morning.

The actual action opens with a sex party of two groups. Spiky blond Robert Harvey in sunglasses and a collar is the star of the first group; he enthusiastically orally and anally services burly, bearded Barry Barnett, and hairy Marcos. The second features the older, goateed Stan Murray and younger tongue-pierced John Taft (a porn debut) feeding dildos down each other’s throats and up Murray’s ass.

Next, young and blond Robert Gunn makes his porn debut bent over a sling in chaps and a harness feeding on the cock of leather-strapped Mark August and getting rimmed and spanked by chain-harnessed Eli Horst. Looking on is motorcycle cop Tom Southern until - presto, chango - Gunn vanishes and Southern replaces him in the sling where he gets fucked by each man. This is one mega-butch bottom! Gunn reappears and is fucked by each guy in turn. You’ll probably get off by it all, but still, that transition sucked. Wouldn’t it have been hot to see the leathermen spot the cop, grab him, rough him up, rip off his clothes, throw him on the sling, and then fuck him? (Growl!)

The next sequence switches between a naked - finally - Ford in a shower and a three-way between Gunn, Larry Wolff and Steve Dragon. Dragon isn’t a daddy, he’s a “grand”-daddy, and we see why: after he and Wolff fuck Gunn, Dragon takes a series of increasingly enormous dildos all the way in. This is in rather scary and stark contrast to Ford’s sensual, seductive self-abuse in the shower. As he fondles and fingers himself, he looks right at you and invites you in.

The video ends with a nighttime orgy of six men: Clint Taylor, Barrett, Wolf, Southern, Evans (remember him?) and Ford (finally - it’s over an hour before the star actually has sex!). The men switch around with each other, with Evans, Barrett and Southern on the anal receiving ends; you can see Ford going in and out just fine! There is one funny moment when the three baldest men rim the other three who are bent way over - it’s like six full moons shining over Palm Springs. The orgy ends with the five guys shooting their loads on the chest of Ford who throws a wicked smile and wink to the audience.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:47:19
Video: 640x464, DivX 5, 764kbps
Audio: 113kbps

Bearing Leather Bearing Leather
Bearing Leather Bearing Leather

Bearing Leather
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