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  1. All Worlds Video Link The Evolution

  2. Takin it Black

  3. Oh Brothe

  4. The Seven ly Sins Lust

  5. Playing with fire 2

  6. Hard As Marble

  7. Motel Sex vol.2

  8. Motel Sex 2

  9. Dirty Hairy

  10. My New Step

  11. All Worlds Video Drill Bill Volume 1

  12. Cuban Big Dicks

  13. Devil vol.6

  14. Black Pack vol.1

  15. F.ther Figure

  16. Brent Everett Brent Tries On A New Singlet

  17. All Worlds Video Talk Dirty To Me

  18. Blatino Big Cocks

  19. Nomads

  20. Daddys Revenge

  21. Husband By Day Hustler By Night

  22. All Worlds Video Affirmative Blacktion

  23. All Worlds Video Playing With Fire 4

  24. Devil Is A Bottom

  25. All Worlds Video Diggin Deep

  26. Figure 2

  27. Matador

  28. The Seven Sins 2 Lust

  29. All Worlds Video Sharp Killer Good Looks

  30. All Worlds Video Cazzo Film Just for Guys

  31. Porn Struck vol. 5

  32. Down On Your Knees Forbidden Desire

  33. Rico_Bandido

  34. Cameron Marshall In Your Facevol.1

  35. Little B rothers Big Secret

  36. From Room To Room

  37. All Worlds Video Cabin Capers

  38. The Seven Sins 6 Greed

  39. in Arms

  40. The Seven ly Sins 1 Pride

  41. All Worlds Video World Splash Orgy 2005

  42. All Worlds Video Bulls Eye

  43. 8 Simple Rules For Doing My S on

  44. Cabin Tales

  45. 8 Simple Rules For Doing My

  46. Deep penetration guys

  47. How the West Was Hung

  48. Drill Bill Vol 1

  49. All Worlds Video Tail End Of Summer

  50. Link The Evolution cd 2

  51. AllWorldsVideo Hard Bargains

  52. The Evolution disc 2

  53. The Pavel Dubcek Legend

  54. Father Figure

  55. Str8 Off the Base 2 All Worlds Video

  56. As each other

  57. My Ss Husband

  58. Grand Slam Little Big League vol.4

  59. Rear Factor

  60. Passions of War1

  61. My Sisters Husband

  62. Cum Bustible

  63. Getting It All Worlds Video

  64. Link vol.2

  65. From Room To Room

  66. All Worlds Video Grudge Fuck

  67. All Worlds Video Trade off

  68. 8 Simple Rules

  69. Black Balled part 6 Under The Hood

  70. Brent Everett The Twins

  71. Porn Struck 3

  72. Top Brass Military Issue Vol. 4

  73. You Got She Mail

  74. Run With The Bulls

  75. No Folks At Home

  76. Channel 1 Releasing All Worlds Video Amateur Loads

  77. The Seven Sins vol.8 Redemption

  78. Colton

  79. Black Meat White Heat

  80. There people are going to meet

  81. Black Balled vol2

  82. All Worlds Video Takin it Black 2011

  83. Father Figure 2

  84. Playing With Fire

  85. 4 Fucks Sake

  86. Chove La For a

  87. Link part 1

  88. Brothers in Arms

  89. The black captivity

  90. Merry XXX Mas All Worlds Video

  91. Aaron returns the favor

  92. Playing With Fire 2

  93. XXX_Impromptus 1998

  94. BreakingPoint

  95. Summer Lovers

  96. Cellars gladiators

  97. Passions of war 2 The Journey

  98. AllWorldsVideo Banos Latinos

  99. Black Balled 7

  100. Chocolate Dessert

  101. Predators and Prey 2011 C1R All Worlds Video

  102. Dawsons Crack 2007

  103. Porn Struck part 2

  104. West is introduced

  105. Revolucion Sexual

  106. Revolucion Sexual

  107. Director of Jefferies

  108. Devil pooches vol.6

  109. All Worlds Video 4 Fucks Sake

  110. 8 Simple Rules For Doing My boy

  111. Channel 1 Releasing Catalina The Rod Squad

  112. All Worlds Video Blackballed 1

  113. Playing with fire vol.3

  114. Party Mix

  115. Talk Dirty To Me

  116. He fucked my father Doug JEffries All Worlds

  117. Untamed

  118. Black Balled 5

  119. All Worlds Br others And Other Fantasies

  120. Mantasy Island

  121. Porn Struck 4

  122. The Best little Whorehouse

  123. All Worlds Video Blond Leading the Blond

  124. Brent Everett Is Wetter Than Ever

  125. Black Balled 3

  126. Cab1n_Tales

  127. Fisting Feast Vol. 1

  128. Crack Snackers

  129. Featuring muscles

  130. Frenesi Brazilian Students

  131. Wild Castle

  132. Link The Evolution DISK1

  133. Sun Kissed

  134. Playing With Fire vol.1

  135. All Worlds Video Jeremy Bilding s Heated Up

  136. Gridiron Gang Bang

  137. Down The Drain

  138. Link 2 Link

  139. Animus all worlds

  140. Shadow Dancer apreder

  141. Both old and new

  142. Glory Days C1R

  143. Rascal Video Raising the Bar Part Two Cock Tales

  144. Animus

  145. All Worlds Video Two Brothers A Savage Night

  146. Diving Lagoon

  147. Cameron Marshall. In Your Face All Worlds

  148. How_the_West_Was_Hung

  149. Like Like

  150. Link 5 The Evolution Disk 2

  151. All Worlds Video Black Balled 6

  152. All Worlds And Other Fantasies

  153. The Best Of Colton

  154. All Worlds Video Got Twink

  155. Link vol.1

  156. Why Marines Dont Kiss

  157. Porn Struck

  158. More Of A Man

  159. Pig Trough USA

  160. other fantasies

  161. Straight Service

  162. Link 5 Disk 2

  163. For more

  164. in a bed

  165. Hot Body in Rio de Janeiro

  166. Playing With Fire 3

  167. Merry XXX Mas

  168. Passions Of War 4 Maneuvers

  169. Bad Moon Rising

  170. Dirk Yates Private Amateur Collection 209

  171. The Best of Colton Ford

  172. Rock out with the guys

  173. Drill Bill Volume vol..1

  174. Bulls Eye

  175. The Seven Sins part 4 Sloth

  176. Sins Of The man

  177. Thr3 The Hard Way

  178. Link vol.5 Disk 2

  179. Naked Lust

  180. All Worlds Video Ram Jet

  181. Brazilian Cock Club

  182. AllWorldsVideo The Best Little Whorehouse in TEX ASS

  183. Suck my dick

  184. Dear Dick

  185. Passions of War 1 Honor

  186. Cock Tales

  187. Porn Struck 1

  188. Two Is Wetter Than One

  189. Where Are They Now

  190. Desert heat

  191. The best little whorehouse in Tex ass

  192. All Worlds Video Fisting Feast Volume 1

  193. Kiss off

  194. Bros and other fantasies

  195. San Diego Weekend

  196. Pig Trough

  197. The Best Little Whorehouse in TEX ASS

  198. Private Amateur Collection 235

  199. Hung Out All Worlds Video

  200. Little s Big Secret

  201. Link The Evolution cd2

  202. Caribbean Cock Club

  203. Little Big Secret

  204. Captured

  205. Best of Chad Savage

  206. Cameron had one night

  207. Muscle guys

  208. Living On The Rim All Worlds

  209. All Worlds Dirk Yates Str8 Off the Base 5

  210. Somethings Up

  211. All Worlds Video The Best Of Colton Ford

  212. Happily Ever After

  213. Passions of war vol.2 The Journey

  214. All Worlds Video Spitting Image Twin Trouble

  215. Dirk Yates The Few the Proud the Naked vol 6

  216. Wet Bar dancers

  217. Raising the Bar Part One

  218. Link 5 Disk 1

  219. Raising The Bar Cock Tales

  220. My Sisters Husband 1996

  221. Porn Struck part 3

  222. AllWorldsVideo Link 2 Link

  223. Brothers And Other Fantasies

  224. The Bachelor

  225. Spitting Image Twin Trouble

  226. Merry XXXMas

  227. Link 5 The Evolution

  228. Gang Of 13

  229. Catalina The Best Of Kevin Williams

  230. Catalina Bear Trap

  231. Passions_of_War_Chapter_2_ _The_Journey

  232. Lost in Vegas

  233. The Wild Brazil

  234. Dirty roll superstars

  235. All Worlds Video Black Balled 7

  236. Str8 Off the Base 5

  237. Bad Boys Get Spanked and Then Fucked 2011

  238. Striptease

  239. AllWorldsVideo RAW 1

  240. Beached

  241. Jarhead Vol. 2

  242. Lookin for Trouble

  243. Raising the Bar Part One 2010

  244. All Worlds Video Cyber Sex

  245. Our Trespasses

  246. AllWorldsVideo RAW 2

  247. Black Balled 8 Behind the Eight Ball

  248. Spank My Ass

  249. AllWorldsVideo Two Brothers A Savage Night

  250. Balls In Play

  251. Black Balled 4

  252. All Worlds Video Amateur Loads

  253. Take A Peak

  254. Little boys Big Secret

  255. The Seven Sins 8 Redemption

  256. Nomads Doug Jeffries All Worlds Video

  257. Bad Boys Get Spanked and Then Fucked

  258. Sins Of The F ather

  259. All Worlds Video Reform School Confidential

  260. Fantasies

  261. Channel 1 Releasing Catalina Love Money

  262. Link I

  263. Empire Of Caesar Master Of The Sword

  264. Tune Up Platinum Collection

  265. Straight White Male

  266. Weekend Pass

  267. In The Mix

  268. Winner Takes All 2006

  269. Dig

  270. Big Secret

  271. Porn Struck vol.9

  272. All Worlds Video All Worlds Dirk Yates Str8 Off the Base 5

  273. Link1

  274. Kiss Off

  275. Other fantasies

  276. Raw Directors Cut

  277. Target For Torment

  278. Fuck Marines

  279. San Diego Summer

  280. 8Boyz in a bed

  281. All Worlds Video Channel 1 Releasing Cabin Capers

  282. Young Slaves In Training

  283. paramedics

  284. Rapture_The_Pavel_Dubcek_Legend

  285. The Seven Sins 4

  286. Black balled 4

  287. All Worlds Video Black Dream White Cream

  288. All Worlds Video Channel 1 Releasing Tail End Of Summer

  289. Black Tricks White Treats 1999

  290. Tales From The Foxhole

  291. Think Big Vol. 2

  292. 8Boyz in a bed All Worlds Video

  293. Black Cocks in White Jocks

  294. All Worlds Video The best of Arpad Miklos

  295. Link 3 The Final Link

  296. Porn Struck vol..9

  297. Link The Evolution disk1

  298. Blackballed

  299. Tail End Of Summer

  300. The Night Has Eyes

  301. Dirty_Hairy

  302. All Worlds Video Husband by Day Hustler by night

  303. AllWorldsVideo Link 1 Directors Cut

  304. Passions of War part 1 Honor

  305. Tune Up

  306. All Worlds Video Bad Boys Get Spanked

  307. 8 Boyz In A Bed

  308. Grand Slam_Little Big League 4

  309. Military Issue 4

  310. Black Balled vol.4

  311. Black Balled Part 6 Under The Hood

  312. Spitting Image Twin Trouble

  313. The Best Of Nino Bacci

  314. Jarhead

  315. All Worlds Video Pig Trough

  316. Im Gettin Pissed

  317. Masters of The Sword

  318. Boys Camp

  319. Blond Leading The Blond

  320. All Worlds Video Paramedics

  321. Thoughts on the younger

  322. reform school confidential

  323. Locker Room Shave Down

  324. Nice hole Barracks

  325. Link 5 The Evolution Disc 2

  326. Blackballed2

  327. C1R Catalina Rim Gym

  328. Depraved

  329. All Worlds Video Thugz Hangin Big

  330. All Worlds Video Channel 1 Releasing Venice Beach Memories

  331. My Siss Husband

  332. Living on the Rim

  333. Whitefire

  334. man Figure 2

  335. Link 5 Disk vol.1

  336. Breaking_Point

  337. The Best little Whorehouse in

  338. The Real Sword

  339. Get a load of these tattoos

  340. Nur fur Jungs

  341. All Worlds Blatino Big Cocks

  342. Two Brothers A Savage Night

  343. Cockwatch

  344. Boyland A Unique Theme Park

  345. All Worlds Video Brazilian Mountain Grown

  346. All Worlds London Spunked

  347. All Worlds Video Sexual Urban Legends

  348. All Worlds Video Link I Directors Cut

  349. The Seven Sins vol.5 Envy

  350. Matts ass ready to fuck

  351. Wild Brazil

  352. Daddy_Does_It_Best

  353. Chove La Fora

  354. AllWorldsVideo WOLF PACK

  355. The Seven Sins 7 Wrath

  356. The Djinn

  357. All Worlds Video Black Balled 8

  358. Fisting Feast Volume 1

  359. The Seven Sins vol..4 Sloth

  360. All Worlds Video Flesh and Blood

  361. Fisting Feast vol.1

  362. Andels story

  363. AWorlds Other Fantasies

  364. Passions of War vol.1 Honor

  365. Sins Of The Fat

  366. Black Pack 1

  367. Dairy substance

  368. Think Big vol.2

  369. Link The Evolution

  370. AllWorldsVideo Str8 Off the Base 2

  371. Impromptus

  372. Banos Latinos

  373. Brazilian Stallion

  374. Black balled2

  375. Porn Struck part 1

  376. Link vol.5 Disk 1

  377. Tales from the Foxhole

  378. Channel 1 Releasing Catalina Summer Of 44

  379. Passions of War Chapter 2 The Journey

  380. Officer Cock

  381. Tourist Hunting

  382. Playing with Fire 4 Alarm

  383. All Worlds Video Pipe Dreams

  384. Brazilian Cowboy

  385. Cream Filled Twinkys

  386. Dig Gerardo

  387. and other fantasies

  388. All Worlds Video Talk Dirty To Me

  389. Passions Of War 1

  390. Porn Struck part 5

  391. Derek Thomas and Shane

  392. Double Agent

  393. 8Boyz In A Bed

  394. He Fucked My man

  395. All Worlds Video Channel 1 Releasing Take A Peak

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  397. JarHead

  398. All Worlds Video The Real Sword

  399. Caesar Empire

  400. All Worlds Video Chocolate Dessert

  401. Predators and Prey

  402. Daddy Does It Best

  403. Brothers and Other Fantasies

  404. A massive piece

  405. Revenge

  406. Winged

  407. Porn Struck 6

  408. Brent Everett returns

  409. Bros in Arms

  410. AllWorldsVideo Tune Up Platinum Collection

  411. All Worlds Video Black Meat White Heat

  412. Flesh and sap

  413. CatchMe

  414. Brazilian Club members

  415. Venice Beach Memories

  416. Bringing Out boy

  417. In Arms

  418. Rico Bandido

  419. Playing With Fire vol.4 Alarm

  420. He fucked my father

  421. Fisting Feast

  422. Tradeoff

  423. Cock Fight

  424. Stiff Salute

  425. The Real Sword apreder

  426. Sex Hungry

  427. Dirk Yates Str8 Off The Base Vol. 3

  428. Unspoken Its in the Eyes

  429. Porn Struck V

  430. Channel 1 Shadow Dancer

  431. Trade Off

  432. The Best Of Colton Ford

  433. Black Balled 6 Under The Hood

  434. The Best Of Tag Adams

  435. The Seven Sins vol.7 Wrath

  436. Empire Of Caesar Vol. 2 Master Of The Sword

  437. The Seven ly Sins Envy

  438. All Worlds Video Conquered

  439. Black Balled Part 8

  440. Ass Lick Alley

  441. Str8 Off the Base 4

  442. Chocolate_Dessert

  443. Catalina Man of the Year

  444. Winner Takes All

  445. Playing With Fire vol.2

  446. Str8 Off the Base vol.4

  447. All Worlds Video Black Dream White Cream

  448. Gridiron Gang Bang

  449. Black Balled vol6 Under The Hood

  450. The Best little Whorehouse in TEX ASS

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  453. Black Balled Vol. 5

  454. Pool Boy

  455. Living On The Rim

  456. Hard to Swallow

  457. AllWorldsVideo Nofolks at Home

  458. Black balled 5

  459. Honorable Discharge

  460. All Worlds Video Run With The Bulls

  461. Dirk Yates Private Amateur Collection 148

  462. Playing with fire vol..3

  463. Gridiron_Gang_Bang

  464. Pipe Dreams

  465. Camp for kids

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  468. Sun Sexed

  469. Shadow Dancer

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  472. Tales from the Foxhole

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  482. All Worlds Video Striptease 1997

  483. Jeremy_Bildings_Heated_Up

  484. All Worlds Video Like

  485. Jock It Off

  486. Top Brass Military Issue vol.4

  487. Sharp

  488. Empire Of Caesar Master Of The Sword

  489. All Worlds Video Andel in America

  490. Link vol.4 The Missing Link

  491. More Than A Mouthful

  492. Gets the rear end

  493. Amateur Loads

  494. Hard Bargains The Devil And Biff Jones

  495. Virgin No More All Worlds

  496. Think Big 2 1989

  497. Tighty Whities

  498. Soccer Shooters

  499. He Fucked My Father

  500. Filled man

  501. Drill Bill

  502. All Worlds Video Gridiron Gang Bang

  503. Empire Of Caesar Master Of The Sword

  504. Catalina Video Juice Bomb

  505. The Missing Link

  506. Aussie Pool Party

  507. No Shirt No Shoes No Problem

  508. B rothers and Other Fantasies

  509. Wide Receiver

  510. Tail End Of Summer

  511. Black Balled 2

  512. Catch me

  513. Link 1

  514. Sun Sexed All Worlds Video

  515. Platinum Collection Tune Up

  516. My S isters Husband

  517. Sins Of the Father

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  533. Cameron Marshall In Your Face1

  534. Work Of Art

  535. The lives with his lover

  536. Black Balled vol4

  537. All Worlds Video Sharp

  538. AllWorldsVideo Lookin For Trouble

  539. The Seven Sins vol.1 Pride

  540. All Worlds Yard Boyz

  541. AllWorldsVideo How the West Was Hung

  542. Playing With Fire 4 Alarm

  543. Marines Have Balls Dirk Yates All Worlds Video

  544. All Worlds Video Trade Off

  545. Pool Boy

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  547. Play Ball

  548. All Worlds Video Butthole Buffet

  549. All W And Other Fantasies

  550. Glory Days 2015 C1R and AWV

  551. All Worlds Twins Two is Wetter than One

  552. All Worlds Video Golden Gushers

  553. In the forest two men lost

  554. Husband

  555. Black Balled 7 Jail Slammed 2009

  556. Private Amateur Collection 207

  557. Bear Tracks

  558. Caribbean Cock Club

  559. Raising The Bar

  560. Bearing Leather

  561. Try Again

  562. Brothers and other fantasies

  563. Served naked on the table

  564. All Worlds Video Boy and Other Fantasies

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  566. The Seven Sins vol4 Sloth

  567. My s Husband

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  581. All Worlds Video How The West Was Hung

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  583. Jarhead 2

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  598. All Worlds Video Sun Sexed

  599. The Seven Sins 5 Envy

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2017-08-16 17:40:4

Empire Of Caesar Spartacus

Studio: All Worlds Video

In days of Caesars board, veins all known hero Spartacus. Caesar had its favorite Flavius whom it passionately loved but very few people knows, that dark cellars of gladiators hid. It, as well as carnal hobbies were close to their emperor. The real cool sex-strong of representatives of ancient Rome.

Format: avi
Duration: 2:03:54
Video: 640x480, DivX 5, 1270kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.2 GB

2017-08-16 17:07:5

Link 3 The Final Link

Studio: All Worlds Video

Quite simply, this is one of the nastiest, hardest, filthiest, roughest, ass-plungingest, leathered up, hairy-muscled-tear-em-up fuckathons Ive ever seen. I think just about every truly raunchy and manly genre and fetish are covered here: Cops, leather, spitting, enemas, pissing, sex clubs, dildos, toys, chains, body worshipping, enemas... and oh yeah, most of a human foot going where few feet have gone before - up a willing asshole!
The final orgy sequence - blowout sex of the highest order - is of the type rarely seen today: non-stop, raunchy and ending with Vinces face covered in heavy manmilk. Someone pass me a straw - quick!

Format: avi
Duration: 2:40:43
Video: 512x384, XviD, 1161kbps
Audio: 31kbps

File size: 1.5 GB

2017-08-16 14:07:5

The Boardroom

Studio: All Worlds Video

Dirk Yates is looking for a few good men to work for him and these interviews go way beyond the classic casting couch. Someone is gonna get fucked!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:24:04
Video: 720x576, XviD, 2050kbps
Audio: 78kbps

File size: 1.3 GB

2017-08-16 13:07:5

Mars Needs Men

Studio: All Worlds Video

The Martians are coming in Jett Blakks latest video and they only want one thing... cock. The famous 1938 Halloween War of the Worlds broadcast sets the stage for this hot new video. When everyone thinks the end of the world near these guys decide that they want to spend their last moments on earth fucking each others brains out.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:38:10
Video: 576x384, DivX 5, 772kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 651.2 MB

2017-08-15 07:33:0


Studio: All Worlds Video
Cast: Arpad Miklos, Antonio Montez, Aries, Chad Thomas, Creed Harley, Ivan Andros, Kent Larson, Kyle Lewis, Miguel Leonn, Sergio Anthony, Viktor Perseo
Genres: Oral/Anal Sex, Hunks, Muscle, Hairy, Bodybuilders, Latino, Deep Throat, Facial, Big Dicks, Group Sex, Orgy, Cumshots, Interracial, Rimming, Condom
Video language: English

A steaming, sexual odyssey. The year is 759 AD. King Ramadan's jeweled crown has been stolen. He handpicks five of the fiercest warriors in the land to comb the scorching desert, to search for and return his most prized possession. With a reward so high, all men were willing to stand defying heat, all in hopes of being the lucky one to find the crown for their king and earn the reward.
The desert heat is not kind; it tests the strength and dedication of even the most experienced warrior. Our first warrior, Viktor Perseo, wanders off by himself determined to find the jewels, thereby gaining the favor of the king and the reward all to himself. But the heat is oppressive, even for Viktor, and he succumbs to exhaustion.Just then, he sees a young nomad not far away, beckoning to him with a pail of water. Momentarily energized by the prospect of water, he follows the boy and comes upon an oasis where the young nomad, Sergio Anthony, lays waiting with a tub of water. Viktor is elated by the prospect of survival and proceeds to kiss Sergio in appreciation. Sergio cools off the warrior by washing his over-heated body with streams of cool water.
As he continues to bathe Viktor, his hand wanders down to the warrior's manhood, massaging its hardness. Sergio gets down on his knees and begins worshipping the godlike cock with his warm, wet mouth, pleasuring the warrior with his nakedness and servitude. Viktor feeds his cock to the eager mouth, and pumps the nomad's face. Grateful for the water and sexual gratification, Viktor goes down and takes the young cock in his mouth, sucking on it to draw every drop of life and energy into his own body...

Format: avi
Duration: 1:37:02
Video: 720x480, DivX 5, 1269kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 999.4 MB

2017-08-15 07:07:1

Raw (Directors Cut)

Release Year: 2004
Studio: All Worlds Video
Cast: Kent Larson, Vin Nolan, Jonathan West, Tag Adams, Sergio Anthony, Ruben D'Angelo, Rick Gonzales, Antonio Montez, Drew Peters, Jack Ryan, Kyle Lewis
Genres: Oral/Anal Sex, Humiliation, Intergenerational, Muscle Men, Hairy, Dildos/Plugs/Toys, Fisting, Punishment, Double Oral Penetration, Underwear Play, Pissing, Interracial Sex, Rimming, Tattoos

Somewhere in a futuristic science lab a chic female scientist and her dreamy blonde assistant perform tests to study the causes of habitual criminal sexual deviancy. Their subjects: an assortment of buff hunks and wily boy-studs who are definitely in the mood to play sweatily - even if most of the sizzling action takes place inside their sordid minds. First up is a men’s room suck-and-plow. Jack Ryan, looking quite dashing in a suit, offers some cash and promptly feeds his rock-hard cock to Sergio Anthony through a toilet stall glory hole. Keep your eyes peeled for a hot standing fuck with Ryan carrying Anthony while plowing him silly, capped off with the tall top creaming the Latino bottom’s face before they both get busted by the cops. In the next bit, studly Kent Larson and Kyle Lewis enter in tuxedos and shiny silk shirts. In walks dreamily delicious All Worlds Discovery Jonathan West, a reputed straight Marine (!) who strips down to reveal a plentifully tattooed and perfectly smooth, sculpted body and wanks off as Larson and Lewis commence with the ass-ramming. But wait! Strait Mr. West lets both Larson and Lewis suck his cock, which remains rock-hard and pointing sky-high throughout, all while Larson gets plowed by Lewis. Jaws will drop and loads will erupt over this four-star volcano of chiseled man sex. Voracious pig-pooch cock stud Tag Adams gags down on both Antonio Montez’ and Rock Gonzales’ huge anaconda cocks in a hoggish, spitty cock-swallowing fiesta. Slurpy ass eating and high intensity finger probing ensue, and Tag gets slapped around a bit for good measure - just like the choking bitch-boy he likes to be. Then he gets his booty tagged terrifically on top of a barrel, ultimately taking a dual creamy facial. At this point, owners of the Director’s Cut hardcore version will then be treated to a post-coital water sports spritz. The finale is a steamy descent into the bowels of hell - or at least the sci-fi lab’s boiler room with scaffolding - where blonde hottie Drew Peters happens upon the big fat hard cocks of tattooed Venezuelan daddy Ruben D'Angelo, clad in chain harness and leather cuffs, and goateed Vin Nolan, in backwards ballcap. Brace yourself for some back-and-forth spit play that would make an expectorating llama envious, and an extreme power slam. The Director's Cut version features some extreme dildo play and a fisting, with Peters striving to set what I suspect is some sort of record for diameter of a pried-open sphincter. His swollen inverted rosebud is a startling sight you’ll not soon forget. Notes about the DVD extras: The running commentary with director Doug Jeffries, editor Fay Dubois and cast members (and real-life lovers) Sergio Anthony and Vin Nolan is a briskly entertaining and highly informative essay on virtually all aspects of the production. In effect, it’s a crash course in Porn Making 101, and the speakers espouse on such topics as the ins and outs of shaving one’s balls... the agony and rapture of fisting... what distinguishes a good top... watching real-life lovers fucking somebody else onscreen... coaxing an impossibly gorgeous “straight” Marine into allowing two daddies to suckle on his throbbed-hard goodness... and on and on. Better still, Jeffries hints that a future production will likely see the handsome Marine devil Jonathan West plowing deep into some lucky dude’s bottom for his first-ever topping session in an all-gay flick. Can’t hardly wait!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:47:06
Video: 720x480, XviD, 1746kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.4 GB

2017-08-12 22:41:0


Release Year: 2006
Studio: All Worlds Video
Cast: Chad Farrell, Park Wiley, Stetson Gable, Jonathan West
Genres: muscles, anal, oral sex

It's bad news for a biker who is injured on a dirt road, but the paramedics arrive just in time for the credits. Cameron Fox decides they have to hurry, since the "guy is in bad shape.

Format: avi
Duration: 2:19:26
Video: 640x480, XviD, 840kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 998.5 MB

2017-08-12 11:11:3

The Seven ly Sins 4 - Sloth

Studio: All Worlds Video

In the future, there will only be the lazy rich and the lazy poor. But that doesnt mean theyre not hung, sexy and horny!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:32:25
Video: 720x480, XviD, 2050kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 1.5 GB

2017-08-12 10:41:3

The Seven ly Sins 5 - Envy

Studio: All Worlds Video

When dark and handsome Paul Carrigan, at age 40, is told he is too old by a bathhouse trick, he becomes envious of the youthful, sexy studs around him. However, Pauls obsession has its consequences.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:33:53
Video: 720x480, XviD, 2039kbps
Audio: 156kbps

File size: 1.5 GB

2017-08-10 19:38:2

Forever Young

Studio: All Worlds Video, Channel 1 Releasing

All hell breaks loose when, All Worlds Exclusive Cameron Marshall and his television show cast members get the axe from producer Dean Phoenix. The boys are not taken it lying down as a wild orgy breaks out on the set! Standout performances from Tj Young, Kyle Pierce, Jason Michaels, Tristan Sweet make this youthful tale from Director Doug Jeffries a real treat!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:38:23
Video: 720x372, DivX 5, 1172kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 944.5 MB

2017-08-10 19:08:2

Hung Out

Studio: All Worlds Video

International Superstars Flip Check and Karel Rok star in this nonstop action fuckfest from European Director Milo Froknek. Filip and roommate Milos take us on a journey behind closed doors at an Exclusive All Boy Academy in Prague. Boasting a large cast of 13 handsome Euro-Jocks, and featuring 5 full scenes and 5 solo scenes, this import from the Czech Republic is dazzling!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:39:32
Video: 720x480, DivX 5, 1661kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.3 GB

2017-08-10 00:38:0

Daddy Does It Best

Release Year: 2003
Studio: All Worlds Video
Cast: Bret Wolfe, Brad Benton, Dillon Press, Abram Rodriguez, Sam Dixon, Jack Sanders, Steven Richards, Eric Evans, Bobby Benson
Genres: anal, oral, rimming, man and boy, cumshots

In the court of carnal intentions, nobody sanctions stiff discipline, or puts the screws to you better than daddy! Hot, sexy mature men and younger guys getting it on!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:27:13
Video: 720x480, XviD, 1966kbps
Audio: 218kbps

File size: 1.4 GB

2017-08-09 19:09:1

Private Amateur Collection 235

Studio: All Worlds Video

Dirk has been shooting hot and horny military men long before the Camp Pendleton Scandal. He gets these men to strip down and bare it all. Because it is never rehearsed, you can always count on these men doing what comes naturally, even with their fellow servicemen. Every last detail is recorded including their conversations. Dirks Private Amateur Collections are home movies, unrehearsed and hot, just the way you like it. So sit back, get a load off, youll be amazed at how he gets these boys to stand at attention.

Format: avi
Duration: 2:05:21
Video: 512x336, DivX 5, 637kbps
Audio: 109kbps

File size: 696.0 MB

2017-08-08 23:09:0

Locked, Cocked and Ready to Rock

Studio: All Worlds Video

The Legendary Dirk Yates brings his one of a kind perspective with military studs to a full head with this full length blockbuster. Looking for a little party action, these hot and hungry straight men set up house off base where they fulfill every fantasy imaginable. Sucking and swallowing cum-filled Marine cock, these guys prove that they are Locked Cocked and Ready to Rock.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:25:35
Video: 640x360, xvid, 1908kbps
Audio: 250kbps

File size: 1.3 GB

2017-08-08 22:39:0

Beach Ballin

Studio: All Worlds Video

Director Doug Jeffries heads down to South Florida where he discovers a treasure trove of hot new talent! Fat-dicked Dominic Pacifico and his buddies spend their days frolicking on the white sand beaches and their afternoons inside a stunning mansion with Brock Armstrong, Kameron Scott, and Nick Cross, who add some extra sizzle to this outstanding feature. Watch these sex-crazed buddies all havin a ball in Miami.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:34:55
Video: 640x352, AVC (H.264)

File size: 1.1 GB

2017-08-08 09:39:2

Raising The Bar Part 2 - Cock Tales

Studio: All Worlds Video

In this stunning second half to the first sea of the phenomenally popular and controversial web sex series Raising The Bar, the boys are back with more entries into their sex contest to prove whos the filthiest fuck of them .With the most twisted of twists in a sex club gang bang, its a sea finale that will leave your jaws dropped and tongues wagging for more.

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:25:08
Video: 480x270, AVC (H.264), 975kbps
Audio: 122kbps

File size: 1.1 GB

2017-08-08 01:09:2

Work Of Art

Studio: All Worlds Video

Art students find their inspiration when they see hunky men in the park.
Nico Sideropolus is in the park drawing, when he sees sexy Matt Woody he invites him back to his apartment to pose for him. While Nico is working on his sketching and eying every sexy feature on Matt, he gets turned on. With his drawing pad blocking Matts view, Nico begins stroking his uncut cock. Matt becomes suspicious and pulls the pad away to see that Nico has already shot a load on his stomach. The two quickly strip one another out of their clothes. Matt drops to his knees to suck on Nico, who is still rock hard. Matt jerks off while he is sucking on Nico and shoots a load. Since Matt is still nice and hard, Nico wants to get his lips around his cock. Nico doesnt stop working on Matt until they both shoot their loads. After all of that, Matt is still not done with Nico. Matts ass is ready for a fucking and he wants to feel Nico deep inside him. Nico tongue fucks Matt and gets him good and ready for his thick cock. The two start fucking and dont stop until they are both spent and blow their big loads.
Drago Lembeck is working on a drawing the park when Casper Watts sees him and says that hed like to pose for him. Casper gets turned on knowing that Drago is looking at him and starts massaging his cock. Drago is so wrapped up putting the final touches on his masterpiece that he doesnt notice Casper has stripped his clothes off. When he sees Casper naked, Drago drops his sketch pad and strips down to join him on the bed. Casper eagerly sucks Dragos thick cock and then leans back so Drago can get a taste of his meat. They take turns sucking one another until they both spill thick gobs of cum on the bed. Casper starts rimming Dragos muscular bubble butt and gets so turned on that he shoots again. They are both still rock hard and since his ass is lubed up from all of the spit, Drago decides to go for a ride on Caspers fat cock. After taking Caspers dick, Drago decides its his turn to fuck some ass. He bends Casper over and fucks him gie style until Casper blows his load. Drago finishes up pumping a load out all over Caspers smooth ass.
Tom Hawai is working on his art project when a couple, Tony Koch and Richy Rich, ask him if he will do a portrait of them. Tom takes them home where they can pose for him. While he is working on the drawing, Tony and Richy get turned on and start making out with each other. They quickly strip down and Tom drops to his knees between the couple. He takes turns sucking on their cocks. Once they are good and hard, Tony and Richy share Toms dick and they dont stop sucking until hes sprays his load all over the floor. Tony and Richy cant hold back either and they jack themselves to a climax. Still horny for more Richy and Tony spread Toms legs and take turns rimming his ass and sucking on him. The couple quickly gets hard again and they put Tom in between them so that Richy can fuck his ass while he is sucking on Tony. The two trade positions fucking Toms ass and mouth until they both shoot their loads. Tom isnt finished yet and he wants a shot at their asses. He bends the horny couple over and takes turns fucking them until he cums on their backs.
Back in the park Enrico Mexx is working on a drawing when he sees Mario Rafanelli walking by. Mario cruises him as he walks past and Enrico decides to follow. Enrico shows Mario some of his artwork and invites him back to his house. Enrico is just getting started when he decides to go get a . Left alone, Mario strips down to give Enrico a surprise when he gets back. At the sight of the blond stud naked, Enrico quickly ditches his clothes too. The naked studs show off their bodies and jack off for one another. Enrico finally gives in and drops to his knees so he can worship Marios cock. Enrico sucks and licks Marios balls until he shoots a load without even having to touch his cock. Mario returns the favor with some expert mouth work on Enricos rock hard dick and keeps going until he shoots a load. Mario gets so turned on that he blows another wad. Enrico wants more, and bends over so Mario tease his tight ass with his tongue. Mario sinks his cock deep in Enricos ass and pumps him hard. When he cant take anymore, Enrico takes a seat and lets Mario ride him. Mario pumps his ass up and down on Enricos cock until he explodes and a load sprays from his cock. Enrico doesnt waste anytime and shoots his load on Marios leg. Not too be outdone, Mario starts stroking his hard cock again and shoots a final load.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:49:42
Video: 448x320, DivX 5, 738kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 702.6 MB

2017-08-07 01:10:0

No Folks at Home

Studio: All Worlds Video

While the parents are away, the boys will play and thats just what they do in Director Dan Cross latest twink fest from All Worlds Video. When his parents head out of town to go to grandmas house Chad Savage invites the whole gang over for a good time. As soon as the party is started the action begins with newcomer Lex Sabre sneaking outside for smoke only to discover Scott Cove skinny-dipping in the pool. Lex decides to join him for some poolside fun and the two boys go at it right there in the hot sun. Chad decides that the guys need a little stimulation to kick the party into gear so he spikes a couple of s with Viagra leaving Turk Ma and Vance Winter pawing at one another until they cant take it anymore and run off to a room where they can get it on in privacy. The guys waste no time ditching their clothes and hitting the sheets so the fucking can begin. Justin Wells and Chad decide to take a break from the party for a little outdoor action of their own. The two guys sneak out to the back yard for a little fun in the sun. The two smooth studs worship one anothers bodies as they slowly strip each other down for a hot outdoors romp. Back inside the house, left all alone with nothing else to do Kevin Brown, Cam Kurtz and Kyle Ames decide to go to town on each other. It doesnt take long for the clothes to come off and these boys to start some three-way action that leaves everyone happy

Format: avi
Duration: 1:31:11
Video: 640x480, DivX 5, 977kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 743.5 MB

2017-08-06 14:37:1

The Seven Sins vol.3 - Gluttony

Release Year: 2001
Studio: All Worlds Video, Channel 1 Releasing
Cast: Eric Hanson, Anthony Cox, Diego Stefano, Rod Barry, Tanner Hayes, Tony Pacino, Troy Michaels
Genres: Muscles, Big Dick, Oral/Anal Sex, Rimming, Outdoor, Masturbation, Cumshot

Truth be told, this was the installment I've been waiting for the most. Sure, covermodel Eric Han looks great and all, but I'm psyched because it's directed by Wash West, director of two of my all-time favorites: Naked Highway and Animus. I'm happy to report that The Seven Sins: Gluttony is a classic on par with those two. West employs some wicked photographic techniques to replicate the beefcake films of the 50s, and there's a 70s style sequenceplete with Starsky & Hutch music, flared-out clothes, handlebar mustaches, a bad-ass set of wheels, and some throbalicious deep-throating action. Just buy it; you'll be quite pleased. Truth be told, this was one of 2001's very best.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:22:06
Video: 720x480, XviD, 2050kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.3 GB

2017-08-06 10:51:0

Affirmative Blacktion

Release Year: 2010
Studio: All Worlds Video
Cast: Rod Daily, Eddie Diaz, Jimmy Durano, Brandon Lee, Aron Ridge, Mitchell Rock, Rob Romoni, Matthew Rush
Genres: Oral/Anal Sex, Freshmen, Muscle Men, Interracial, Rimming, Tattoos

Director Doug Jeffries is the master of controversial interracial fuck flicks and this time he's taking it to a whole new level! Drop lifeless gorgeous men of every ethnicity with nag hung cocks and willing buttholes make up an all-star cast for what is hands down the most politically incorrect sexedy of the year, "Affirmative Blacktion." C1R exclusive Brandon Lee returns for his first movie in years and performs a rare bottoming scene that will leave you breathless, along with C1R exclusives Jimmy Durano and Mitchell Rock (making his interracial sex film debut) paired with some of the biggest stars in the biz.

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:06:38
Video: 640x480, AVC (H.264)

File size: 1.3 GB

2017-08-06 06:51:0

San Diego Summer

Release Year: 1985
Studio: Seabag Productions, All Worlds Video
Cast: Dana Romano, Danny Dakota, Jerry, Lonnie Morgan, Luke Allen, Matt Ferring, Steve Yancey, Todd Grey, Dirk Yates, Dortha Yates
Genres: Plot Based, Anal, Oral, Solos, Threesomes, Sailors, Uniforms, Classic

Three sailors find better things to do than spend a beautiful San Diego Summer day on a battleship. They find their thrills at the San Diego logical garden, the local YMCA and an adult bookstore. They end up at a Country-Western bar where shooting pool with Marines can be a winner's fantasy.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:22:38
Video: 640x480, XviD, 645kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 435.3 MB

2017-08-05 21:04:0

Choke Em

Release Year: 1996
Studio: All Worlds Video
Cast: Gino, Bam, Adam Hunter, Julian (aka Jordan Rivers), Brent Cross, Tristan Michaels
Genres: Masturbation, Solo, Military / Soldier, Muscle, Uniforms

Basically a glorified solo, there's a hot and hung stud for every taste here. Director Dirk Yates burst on the scene a while back with his amateur tapes of real Marines spanking it for the camera. Now he's turned his attention to showcasing some of his "finds," as well as some established stars.
The well-built, well-hung pug-faced Gino is featured in this and the two sequels as he plays a brutal nery sergeant intent on kicking ass and getting some too. This first video features Tristan Michaels, the 13 "Bam and the incredible Jordan Rivers. (Jordan now works in straight films under the name Julian, mainly with Jill Kelly).
When the lights go out, the sheets get pulled back, the boxerse off and thick, full se to attention. The camera cuts pretty even handedly from guy to guy in their respective bunks, while lingering a bit on Bam and (thankfully) the devastating, drop-lifeless stunner Jordan. Short movie, but woo-hoo, did I get off! All in all pretty standard stuff, but I'm giving it major bonus points for giving us (and me!) Our first look at Jordan "Cums In" Rivers. Hell, if this flick featured just him alone, I'd give it four stars.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:10:01
Video: 640x480, MP4V, 1709kbps
Audio: 89kbps

File size: 924.9 MB

2017-08-05 09:17:1

My friends Husband

Release Year: 1999
Studio: All Worlds Video
Cast: Cory Evans, Jake Taylor, Adam Wilde, Daryl Brock, Mike Nichols, Dino DiMarco, Brian Kidd
Genres: Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Oral Sex

Adam Wilde, looking handsome with just a touch of hair on his chest, starts by making out with his bru bombshell of a boyfriend, Daryl Brock. Kissing and groping, Daryl soon makes it down to the cock and chomps away. Holding onto it with a strong hand, he sucks every last inch of Adam's dick, and excellent camerawork is there to capture it all. Adam then goes down on Daryl's same-size cock with equally good results, not to mention the addition of some foreskin play. Daryl then rubs his dick around Adam's butt a bit before shoving it in. Daryl squeezes upward and Adam bounces, the cock shooting up his ass fully. In one swooping motion, they flip over, still inserted, and Daryl begins to smack Adam hard, with manly encouraging mutterings from both guys to keep it humming. Adam's wide-open ass helps the deep fuck.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:26:08
Video: 720x480, DivX 4, 1464kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 1.0 GB

2017-08-05 01:37:0

Affirmative Blacktion

Studio: All Worlds Video

Director Doug Jeffries is the master of controversial interracial fuck flicks and this time hes taking it to a whole new level! Drop gorgeous men of every ethnicity with nag hung cocks and willing buttholes make up an all-star cast for what is hands down the most politically incorrect sex comedy of the year, "Affirmative Blacktion." C1R exclusive Brandon Lee returns for his first movie in years and performs a rare bottoming scene that will leave you breathless, along with C1R exclusives Jimmy Durano and Mitchell Rock (making his interracial sex film debut) paired with some of the biggest stars in the biz.

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:06:38
Video: 640x480, AVC (H.264)

File size: 1.3 GB

2017-08-04 12:53:0


Studio: All Worlds Video
Cast: Paul Carrigan, Max Grand, Matthew Easton, Chase Allen, Adam Rom, Bret Winters, Coy Dekker, Drew Andrews, Aaron Brandt
Genres: Gay,Latin, Rimming, Muscle, Blow Job, Anal, Uniforms, Caucasian, Cum Shots, Hairy, Jock
Video language: English

Anytime Max Grand sees a hot man, his imagination and libido catch fire! From 14th-century classic men to James Bond, Max can't control his craving for fat, hard cocks and tight fuck-holes. A straight boy reconsiders his homo fantasies shortly before he is supposed to be married. After entertaining several adventurous scenarios, his gives him the real thing

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:30:19
Video: 640x480, AVC (H.264), 1345kbps
Audio: 123kbps

File size: 976.3 MB

2017-08-04 04:39:1

Boxer Shorts

Studio: All Worlds Video

Dirk Yates takes us into the gym and into the ring. They wont pull any punches. Check out the boxer shorts on cover man Rick Boxer. And boxings not the only contact sport. Every athletes a winner - win or lose - whether in the ring, working out in the gym, or in the locker room. We wont pull any punches! Check out those Boxer Shorts especially on Rick Boxer.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:18:04
Video: 640x480, XviD, 1464kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 916.4 MB

2017-08-02 05:04:0

Rico Bandido

Release Year: 2009
Studio: All Worlds Video
Cast: Dominic, Kasey, Angel Luv, Iraq, Havana, Misfit, Viper, T-Bone
Genres: Oral, Anal Sex, Black, Latin, Big Dick, Interracial, Rimming, Cumshot

Director Ron Rico has outdone himself with the discovery of street thug T-Bone. T's nag hung juice can dick simply has to be seen to be believed. This collection of unknown New Rican discoveries is a prime example of why Director Rico's releases are extremely popular all around the world.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 1:37:57
Video: 640x360, Windows Media Video 9, 1928kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.4 GB

2017-08-01 14:37:1

Affirmative Blacktion

Studio: All Worlds Video

Director Doug Jeffries is the master of controversial interracial fuck flicks and this time hes taking it to a whole new level! Drop gorgeous men of every ethnicity with hung cocks and willing buttholes make up an all-star cast for what is hands down the most politically incorrect sex comedy of the year, "Affirmative Blacktion." C1R exclusive Brandon Lee returns for his first movie in years and performs a rare bottoming scene that will leave you breathless, along with C1R exclusives Jimmy Durano and Mitchell Rock (making his interracial sex film debut) paired with some of the biggest stars in the biz.

Format: mp4
Duration: 2:06:38
Video: 640x480, AVC (H.264)

File size: 1.3 GB

2017-08-01 14:07:1


Studio: All Worlds Video

Drag directress faboola Chi Chi LaRue enlists some of the "biggest" names in the biz (and thats a fucking understatement when youre speaking of Cole - that thing between his legs is enough for three guys to dance on) along with a bevy of non-industry go-go boys in this pole-loving rumpathon.

The world-famous - well in the Washington, D.C. area anyway - Wet Bar dancers make quite an impression here. Yummy dy (and superclose confidant to Miss Chi Chi) Doug Jeffries is wicked-hot as always, and the bump-n-grind sessions are sure to get you to start pulling dollar bills out of your wallet, even in front of your TV screen.

Definitely not one of Chi Chis masterpieces, but its a great idea for a flick, and the sex is hot, sweaty and nasty. Go on and shake those bon bons, boys. Shot on location at the Wet Bar in Washington, D.C.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:22:03
Video: 704x528, XviD, 1171kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 787.3 MB

2017-07-31 23:10:2

The Best Of Colton Ford

Release Year: 2003
Studio: All worlds video
Cast: Aaron Tanner, Alex LeMonde, Barry Barrett, Billy Herrington, Blake Harper, Brad Benton, Chad Williams, Clint Taylor, Colton Ford, Drew Peters, Jay Ross, Jim Slade, Larry Wolf, Nino Bacci, Tino Lopez, Tom Southern
Genres: anal, hardcore

As you can see my obsession with Colton Ford continues on. As you know I am not really into sweet pretty muscular gay man porn thus this is a huge exception.

Guess one must be somebody in the porn word to have a "Best Of" video than again with his body and face I am not surprised that is the leading porn star now. This little collection presented by All Worlds Video contains 6 scenes from the various videos he had made and now that I have seen his cock and arse I am even more in "love" with him. I was delighted to see that he also takes it up his butt Versatile bottoms really turns me on! I broke my no wanking "resting" rule and shoot a huge load watching him get fucked!

All the scenes in this video are all quite similar cute muscle boys getting down worshipping Colton's hot cock now that I have seen him performed his music suddenly makes so much sense and I appreciate it even more.

Format: avi
Duration: 2:39:38
Video: 720x544, DivX 5, 742kbps
Audio: 31kbps

File size: 985.4 MB

2017-07-31 14:31:0

Rocket Ryder

Release Year: 1996
Studio: All Worlds Video
Cast: Jesse Tyler, Marc Pierce, Mike Lamas, Eric York, Paul Carrigan, Alex Stone, Adam Rom
Genres: Anal, Oral, Rimming

"Jesse Tyler is a popular motorcycle racer. Stalked by horny fans, he likes to pick up sexy hitchhikers. But none canpare to the love of his life. Riding his high-powered cycle

Format: avi
Duration: 1:22:23
Video: 640x480, XviD, 1171kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 790.4 MB

2017-07-30 22:40:0

Snow Pups

Studio: All Worlds Video

When these dys take their boys to play in the snow it doesnt take long for things to heat up.
After frolicking in the snow, newcomer Orion Cross, a smooth skinned twink wastes no time dropping to his knees to worship the cock of hairy muscle dy Jake Mitchell. Before throwing his boy a bone, Jake devours his ass and finger fucks Orion until he is moaning in . The twink stud ends up on his hands and knees as Jake pounds his sweet young hole. In the end, Orion ends up on his back as both of the studs stroke their cocks and they both shoot almost in unison, covering the twink with their hot creamy loads.

After wrestling in the snow, boy toy, Brad Benton joins hot newcomer Brandon Irons by the fire to warm up. The two end up in a hot 69 worshiping each other?s cocks. Brandon ends up throwing Brad?s legs up in the air so he can tongue fuck Brad?s hot little hole. Benton can?t get enough of it as he begs for more and Brandon gives him a lot more, in the form of his rock hard cock. Brad first rides Brandon?s cock and then the pup gets on his hands and knees for some deep hard fucking. When it?s time to cum though, Brad takes charge and goes back to riding Brandon?s cock, working his ass until he explodes all over himself. Still dizzy from his cum shot, Brad teases Brandon?s ass until he shoots a creamy load of his own.

Tattooed stud Chuck DiRocco lays back in the cabin to enjoy the cock sucking expertise of Latin pup Jonathan Gabriel. Chuck orders Jonathan to sit on his face so he can taste his sweet and barks out orders for Jonathan to suck his cock and get it good and hard. Before long Jonathan is gasping for air as Chuck slides his fat cock up the smooth boy hole. Jonathan ends up on his back, getting fucked until he can?t take it anymore and shoots a load on his smooth stomach. It doesn?t take long before Chuck shoots his own load all over his hairy body.

In the final scene of the video, hairy chested Brazilian dy Sergio Real is stroking his already hard cock waiting for smooth twink Casper Sloan to show up. This boy knows exactly what dy wants and he quickly deep throats the hard cock. Sergio wastes no time burying his tongue and then fingers in Casper?s hot little bubble butt. Casper goes for a ride on Sergio?s cock and gets harder and harder the long he rides his dy. After some good hard pounding, Sergio shoots his load while fucking Casper and empties the condom out on the boy?s chest. Casper ends up coating is own smooth tight body with a load of jizz.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:24:02
Video: 576x432, DivX 5, 1687kbps
Audio: 437kbps

File size: 1.3 GB

2017-07-30 11:37:2

Pool Boy

Studio: All Worlds Video

"At a gay resort in Palm Springs, the comfort and enjoyment of the guests is the main goal. In order to maintain the highest standard of service and hospitality, the pool boys work is never finished - and these guests are not complaining."

Hot young smooth studs lounge about poolside. Non-stop cut hard body action, sucking, fucking, and licking. Couple, group, and more, see how their exploding cocks deliver gallons of creamy cum! These studly pool boys can clean out my pool anytime!

Format: avi
Duration: 1:34:43
Video: 720x480, DivX 5, 762kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 666.7 MB

2017-07-30 10:10:0

Raising the Bar (Part One)

Studio: All Worlds Video

Are you ready to start raising the bar with a Hollywood cock tale?? When a group of hot oversexed friends decide who can outdo each other in the fucking department, the bar gets raised to orgasmic proportions. As they capture their darkest and dirtiest sex-capades on amateur cams to present to each other, a carnal game is created that separates the boys from the men... and may even separate the friends from each other.

Format: avi
Duration: 2:18:25
Video: 720x400, DivX 5, 1537kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.7 GB

2017-07-29 21:40:0


Studio: All Worlds Video

If I ever need rescuing, send these guys please. Paramedics, a clever production directed by Thor Stephans (Sex Psycho, Slothimage, isnt quite what it appears to be. This is definitely not just another porn flick with models in uniforms. Much like the Wet Palms series, theres quite a bit of dialogue framing the sex. This one is definitely for those who like a little more content with their ass banging and ball sucking. Theres also a high camp/comedy sprinkled throughout and more than one screaming drag queen popping up here and there in this film within a film.
Park Wiley (Face Ryders) and Chad Farrell (A Matter of Size 2) are on the set of the fictitious porn film Paramedics, a Rescue 9-1-1 parody. (Bear with me - this film within a film stuff is a little muddy) Wiley and Farrell are taking a peral moment away from the lights and cameras, sneaking away inside the rented ambulance for a little mouth-to-mouth.
Of the two, Farrell appears to be the more traditional heartbreaker - lean, bronzed, tall but with an average Joe kind of face. Wiley, not one to be outdone, comes at Farrell with twice the energy, devouring him in the tight and cramped cabin of the ambulance. Wiley luxuriates in Farrells crotch, slathering his cock, hip joints, and low-hangers with spit. Turns out that Chad Farrell is much more of a cock whore than Wileyor else hes merely showing off.
Given the opportunity, Farrell squats and makes himself comfortable, using his vacuum suction on Wiley until Wiley is literally whimpering. From the outset, its anybodys guess wholl end up in the top role. My money was on Farrell, and sure enough, he bends his buddy over, fucking him gy style. This turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to check out Farrells chest; his nipples are perfectly placed on twin slabs of muscle, the camera perched at just the right angle to glorify every square inch.
Between scenes, the models address the camera directly in several short interviews, la MTVs Real World. And amidst all the on-set craziness, two off-duty paramedics (Jonathan West Stet Gable - Desperate Husbands) show up as consultants, hired to give this porno within a porno a little bit of authenticity. Kyle Lewis, here playing a production assistant, manages to sweet talk Jonathan West into a dark corner, instantly dropping to his knees to relieve some of Wests pressure. Wests pecs are gloriously plump, and as the camera pans south to where the real action is, its hard to miss the sexy ghetto-style tats on his stomach.
West keeps his hands firmly locked behind his back, and reciprocation is not an option. When Stet Gable stumbles upon the blowjob, hes given the thumbs-up by his co-worker, and now Lewis has two pricks to service. At some point, lean stud Justin Dragon also joins the party, and Lewis, a buff honey himself, is surrounded by sculpted muscle. Dragon has one of the sexiest treasure trails in the porn business, his little bit of fur adding a nice contrast to smooth planes of the others chests. Unlike the others, Dragon doesnt mind eating some ass, coating Lewis perfect behind with spit and kisses before he fucks. The scene finishes with a flourish, the others models using Lewiss torso as a cum canvas.
Shenanigans are taking place all over the Paramedics set. Ja Crew (Leather Bound) makes himself ready for his photoshoot with photographer Anthony Shaw and his assistant, Justin Wells. Theres a lot of flirting going on as he slowly strips out of his EMT costume, flashbulbs popping. At just the right moment, Crew eagerly shows off his trademark parlor trick to the amazement of the two men. Crew may be the only model I know of that can fuck himself, and it certainly fires up the burners for Shaw and Wells.
All three hunker down against an all-white background, Wells and Shaw taking turns blowing Crew. This oral session goes on for some time, cranking up in intensity with each passing minute. The highlight of this vignette is most certainly the three-man daisy chain. Just check out the Shaws ecstatic expression with a mouth full of Crew at the same time hes getting his pole smoked. And this is all before he gets his ass royally reamed by Crew, then Wells.
The final pairing in Paramedics finds the films principal backer (Dillon Press) manipulating one of the models (Cameron Fox) to his advantage. Theres a strong john/hustler dynamic here and both Press and Fox play their respective roles to the hilt. Presss most remarkable feature has to be those tree trunks thighs. Theyre in full muscular bloom as he squats over Foxs prick and teases it with his manhole. His quads and hamstrings are literally packed, quivering as he holds this position. If you like watching an older dy get cornholed by a younger and leaner pup, this is the sex to start with. They fuck outdoors and watching Press getting put through the paces is exquisite. Press finishes up by riding his boy for hire until both get off.
Paramedics may be a bit long, mostly due to the added comic elements. But between the gay-for-pay beauties (Stet and West), Kyle Lewiss oral buffet, and Presss anal ride into the sunset, theres plenty to put the viewer into full cardiac arrest.

Format: avi
Duration: 2:19:26
Video: 640x480, XviD, 840kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 998.5 MB

2017-07-29 20:51:0

Black Pack vol.1

Release Year: 1996
Studio: All Worlds Video
Cast: Antonio, Catrock, Derrick, GQ, Gortex, James, Louie, Ray
Genres: Oral / Anal Sex, Muscle Men, Cock Sizes,

Apilation of some of the best street trade New York City has to offer.

Format: avi
Duration: 3:09:41
Video: 544x384, XviD, 1074kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.6 GB

2017-07-29 13:09:1

Gang Of Thirteen

Studio: All Worlds Video

Hairy, masculine men get together in this orgy sex fest where who knows who is doing what to whom... although the double-oral penetrations are awesome. With big dicked Mark Kroner, Anthony Gallo, Billy Sax and more.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:42:12
Video: 720x528, DivX 5, 1269kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.0 GB

2017-07-29 11:09:1

How The West Was Hung

Studio: All Worlds Video

Dirk Yates and Chi Chi LaRue bring back legendary Axel Garret after a seven year absence in this authentic and steamy period epic of the Wild West! How the West Was Hung features everything from a four nag drawn stagecoach to a bar room brawl! Dirk pulls out all the stops on one of the years biggest productions. Joining Axel are some of the biggest and hottest stars in this multi-award winning extravaganza.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:47:23
Video: 714x480, AVC (H.264), 2181kbps
Audio: 156kbps

File size: 1.8 GB

2017-07-28 23:39:1

Tales From The Foxhole

Studio: All Worlds Video

Lane Fuller Leo Lyons are two soldiers in full camouflage, spending a cold, stormy night out in the woods on patrol. Idle chat quickly turns to who got what when with the expected result.
Scene 1: Campfire Tales “ I was so last night . . . (Leo Lyons Bryce London) ” Str8 boy Lyons admits to having been so and so horny once (only once, mind you) right after boot camp that things between him buddy Bryce London got out of hand, um, er, make that well in hand “ but, Hell no, I aint no fag! The seduction scene works pretty well, beginning with some teasing, progressing tentatively from furtive gropes to some pretty serious sixty-nine and ending with mutual jack-offs. Been there, done that. And would do it again in a heartbeat.
Scene 2: No Wonder the Corps was Upset (Lane Fuller Haus Weston) ” Fuller recounts a tale he heard about where two Army buddies got paid to jack off in front of a camera for some guy named Dirk Yates and, so he heard, things got pretty wild. A first hand heard if ever I heard one. It appears that Fuller is busy recruiting his fellow recruits for friend Yates budding porno business. What starts out as a tepid, solo screen test of Haus Weston heats up considerably when Weston asks if Fuller can join him. The two go at each other as if they are both in heat, taking turns topping each other orally and anally. What I wouldnt give to have been meat in their sandwich!
Scene 3: Why Arent My Dreams This Good? (the entire cast with the exception of Weston) ” With thunder rolling and lightning flashing, Fuller volunteers to take the first watch so that Lyons can get some shut-eye. Needless to say, Lyons rest is disturbed by nightmares of a barracks orgy instigated by DI Billy Herrington on catching Fuller and cute twink Matt Bandero spanking their monkeys after lights out. Herrington orders the recruits to stand at attention while Fuller and Bandero pay particular attention to his own peral needs. The action spreads down the line (Lyons, Lee John London) and soon all are being serviced in turn by Fuller or Bandero. Herrington splits Fullers ass cheeks but otherwise, the action is entirely oral, ending with a massive circle jerk and everyone decorating the DIs cover with their cum. This scene had its moments; however, it was the weakest of the four comprising the video.
Scene 4: Boys will be Boys (Leo Lyons Lane Fuller) ” Morning brings the sun to chase away the storm clouds and torrents of rain that have plagued our hapless soldiers during the night. With the suns warmth as inspiration, they peel out of wet clothes and the conversation again turns to sex. What begins as a need to take care of the mornings piss-hard (I wont watch, “ No, its okay if you watch “ its kind of a turn-on, you watching me jerk off progresses to service and then full-blown participation with Lyons finally offering his ass to Fullers expert seduction. Fuller plows Lyons ass and then Lyons returns the favor. Hot bodies. Hot language. And hot sex! I particularly liked that Fuller kept his briefs on while servicing Lyons cock and ass “ it made the str8-boy seduction seem all the more real.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:42:04
Video: 640x480, DivX 3, 863kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 746.2 MB

2017-07-27 12:43:0


Studio: All Worlds VideoВ ролях: Lane Fuller, Lance Gear, Chad Hunt, Logan Krewe, Mason Jarr, Jackson Price,
Genres: Anal Sex, Group, Oral, Blowjob, Kissing, Hairy, Muscles, Big Dicks, Rimming, Cumshots
Video language: English

With solid performances and fantastic direction, blue video empress Chi Chi LaRue has created a splendid vehicle throughout which your majority intensive homoerotic urges might be released.
The film opens with a disappointed Price, who can’t appear to be to unravel the mysteries of his VCR. Instead, that guy makes a decision to take a nap and fantasize about all sorts of impure things.
His 1st soaked fantasy is a real humdinger – a ardent tryst betwixt Krewe and Taylor, who one as well as the other have looks that are outside of the porn mainstream. Krewe acquires the balls rolling with his winning oral pleasure performance on Taylor’s tapered tool.
Next, it’s Taylor’s turn to fellate, and this chab too does it with gusto, previous to moving south to lap vigorously at Krewe’s fuzzy man-muff. Krewe ends up with Taylor straddling his face, which the old boy appears to be to have a fun very much. After some prolonged teasing, Krewe ends up on his back with Taylor’s poker in his bum. Taylor pulls out to have Krewe nibble on his ‘nads, in advance of diving back in for greater quantity. The scene ends when the lads produce a milky substance from their penile tips.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:23:03
Video: 512x368, XviD, 1014kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 699.8 MB