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Alexander Pictures - Rio Cum Hunters
Release Year: 2011
Studio: Alexander Pictures
Cast: Anibal Ribeiro, Julian Real, Julio Androde, Leandro Cruz, Marcelo Sousa, Nelson Barros, Pedro Andrade, Renato Morales, Riu Melo, Victor Alves
Genres: Latin, Big Dick, Outdoors, Anal, Uncut, Brazilian

From the first scene to the last, Rio Cum Hunters is filled with big dick, talented mouths, and tight holes just needing to be stretched. Some newer faces and some Alexander favorites will grace your screen in non-stop sex that will have your hand in your pants and your cock in your fist as you watch them suck and fuck in a very lucky abandoned building. Be careful, you’ll dump your load before you’re done watching.

The first scene of Rio Cum Hunters opens with Leandro Cruz and Julian Real obviously cruising each other in some undisclosed locale in Rio. Julian is a slight boy with light skin who can’t help but look like he needs fucking. After a proud exhibition of abs and pecs, Leandro and Julian start groping, swapping head, and enjoying each other’s hot bods. Before long, though, what was obvious to us is obvious to Leandro and he’s bellied up to Julian’s backside. He gives him good, long fuck, too. Julian stays hard even while getting his ass banged. That’s a good bottom! Leandro fucks the cum right out of Julian, too. Then follows up with his own wad all over the boy’s back. Great start to a great film.

Victor Alves and Nelson Barros are the stars of the next outdoor fucking that Alexander has caught on film for us. These two big, black studs are a spectacle for a couple other fuckers you’ll meet later in the film. As far as inspiration goes, well, it doesn’t get much better than this. Victor and Nelson are feeling each other up like crazy and pulling on their giant pricks. There’s no preliminary sucking, though. It’s straight to the asshole opening and Nelson is loud enough to let us know that he’s tight enough for the battering Victor gives him. Victor fucks Nelson steady for a good while before pulling out and dumping on his ass. He let’s out a groan of his own to signal he’s sated by this hot encounter.

Still in the same location but a little less out in the open, we find Renato Morales and Pedro Andrade sharing some intense looks and heavy petting. Renato’s cock is trying to fight its way out of his board shorts while he gropes and licks Pedro. Once he gets that beast out, you wonder how he ever kept it bound up. He gets it down Pedro’s neck before returning the favor and taking some meat into his own mouth. Both guys seem to enjoy sucking dick and gorge themselves before Renato finally dives ball deep into Pedro’s bubble butt. Renato’s face tells it all. Pedro’s fist pumping his own cock while he gets pounded let’s us know that he’s right where he wants to be too… for the time being. Ol’ Renato gets what he gives when Pedro bends him over some shelves and takes some revenge on his ass. Renato’s face, again, tells us what we need to know and that is that he’s not been fucked for a while. In the end, Pedro’s back on his knees wearing two loads of cum. Lucky. Fucker.

Riu Melo is one of those guys that will look like a boy his whole life. Anibal Ribeiro is the just what this boy needs, too. Starting with some sweet kisses, Riu has a hand full of bulge faster than you can get lubed up. When Anibel takes off his shirt, his abs will make you want to pause the scene for a bit. Go ahead. Don’t pause too long, though, because you don’t want to miss his giant schlong getting loosed from his jeans. It’s a monster with gorgeous foreskin. In fact, it’s nearly as big as Riu’s forearm. That doesn’t keep him from forcing it as far down his neck as he can, though. He does an impressive job of polishing that knob before finally offering up his ass. An ass that will never be the same. Anibal drove his big prick all the way home and thoroughly enjoyed the tight end of Riu Melo. Both guys drop a big load in that abandoned building before it’s all said and done.

The guys we saw spying earlier have found a room all of their own by the end. Marcelo Sousa and Julio Androde have seen a lot of action in this old building and it’s apparent they are ready to start a little of their own. Any time I see Marcelo walk on screen, I can hardly wait for his massive prick to find its way to a willing hole. Julio is just the hole he needs and he takes full advantage of it. Watching his prick climb up this tall drink of water’s fuckhole is like some kind of optical illusion. It seems impossible. What’s more surprising is seeing Marcelo turn around and offer up his ass for Julio to dive into. Slow and easy is the way and before long Marcelo is moaning like a bitch and taking it like a champ. He lays back and nuts all over his abs before letting Julio add a load of his own. Fucking incredible versatile scene to end an amazing film.

These Rio Cum Hunters all found their quarry on this day. And that abandoned building may well become the next big tourist attraction in Rio. Leave it to Alexander to once again feast our eyes with such big pricks and hot action. It may be enough to get you out on a hunting expedition of your own.

Format: asf
Duration: 1:08:11
Video: 848x480, Windows Media Video 9, 1915kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Alexander Pictures - Rio Cum Hunters Alexander Pictures - Rio Cum Hunters

Alexander Pictures - Rio Cum Hunters
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