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Alexander Pictures - Brazilian Heaven

Country: Brazil
Studio : Alexander Pictures
Cast: Affonso Lugo, Alberto Fuentes, Juan Acosta, Julian Real, Luis Suares, Marcelo Sousa, Martino Paiva, Nestor Silveira, Pascoal Coelho, Ramon Lima
Director: Alexander

Heaven may actually be in Brazil. Well, for those of us who like big, uncut cocks on hot muscled men, anyway. Alexander Pictures has built many heavenly collections of what paradise is made of. Brazilian Heaven is the only one that carries the name in the title. Brazilian Heaven is packed from beginning to end with all that one could hope for in this life or the next. The key to paradise is, of course, in the word... or maybe the pictures. These blokes make some pearl necklaces, if not the pearly gates, through the clear instructions offered by the sexual position a day book left about for their inspirational pleasure.

The bar is set with these two fuckers. Abs, biceps, pecs and huge pricks. When they start making out you can almost smell the sex pouring out of your screen. They have a good time enjoying each other’s bodies and bones. Nestor Silveira and Luis Suares make it crystal clear that they love sex and that sex with each other is at the top of that enjoyment. When things seem like they couldn’t get better, I mean, what with all the cocksucking and ball licking, they pull out the sexual position a day book and prove that they are very, very good at following directions. There is no doubt that Luis’ prostate is getting the best massage it’s ever gotten during even his best fuck. The way he gyrates his hips is in-fucking-credible. After a goodly amount of time with Nestor’s cock up his hole, it’s ass to mouth and Luis gets his chest painted with a super sweet load before nutting all over his own abs. A couple incredible loads, too. Thanks be to the book.

Every time I see Affonso Lugo stroking his big dick I wonder if he’d let me fuck his biceps. Such great guns on this fucker. When Ramon Lima wastes absolutely no time in getting his perfect lips wrapped around Affonso’s cock it is very obvious that this is going to be a good fuck for both of these guys. Affonso powers through a couple of the awesome from the sacred book of positions thanks to the help of Ramon’s ass. They make great use of a smartly place ottoman and then the floor before sitting back to finish off with some jacking next to his accommodating bottom. Ramon drops a load first and is shorty followed by and awesome load that Ramon can’t take his eyes off of. Had I been sitting there, Affonso wouldn’t have had a drop to clean up.

Alberto Fuentes and Pascoal Coelho makeout like they are sucking dick and their cocks get excited at the very When Pascoal takes Alberto’s dick into his mouth, Alberto throws his head back as if he’s been on a dry spell, which is unimaginable when you consider that dick and those abs. Pascoal gives it his all, too. Great cocksucker, that boy. Thanks to the book, though, we get even more action from these guys. They show off their fucking skills by working their way through even more of the than most and it’s clear they are worn out by the end but not too tired to squirt some cock-snot all over the place. Incredible how much pleasure one can get from a little reading.

Martino Paiva is a gorgeous stud who looks even better with Juan Acosta’s big bone in his mouth. When Martino sucks dick, he looks as if he’s having the best meal of his life. He tastes every last bit of that cock and then smacks himself in the face with it. What a lucky fuck he makes Juan. Juan pays him back by showing him a few examples of what he’s been studying and Martino is clearly pleased. He takes that cock up his butt like his life depends upon it and is rewarded with Juan’s huge load all over his sexy torso. He pounds his dick like a mad man until he mixes his own jizz with Juan’s to seal the deal. What a perfect mess.
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Alexander Pictures - Brazilian Heaven Alexander Pictures - Brazilian Heaven
Is there anyone whose cock doesn’t immediately start throbbing when they see Marcelo Sousa on the screen? His cock is a fucking legend in my mind. It deserves a national holiday. When Julian Real takes that amazing prick in his mouth, Marcelo looks as if it is just the most natural thing in the world. It’s as if he just knows that he giant bone was made to be pleasured and of course it is getting its just desserts. Then, when he just moves Julian around and puts him where he wants him, you realize that size does matter and that Marcelo knows that too. I can hardly ever wait for Marcelo to start splitting the hole that’s offered him. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anyone take it as easily as Julian. And Julian stays as hard as a rock as Marcelo tears open his pink hole. In fact, Julian looks as if he could even take more as he fucks himself on that girthy piece. When Marcelo gets up on his feet, though, and is charge of the pounding, Julian looks a little more challenged. When Julian is back on top, the site of his fully erect prick pressed up against Marcelo’s impressive abs is amazing. When Marcelo sprays all over Julian’s chest, it’s as if he’s pushed Julian’s cum button. The close up of Marcelo squeezing his cum out of his gorgeous foreskin is more than you’ll be able to take if you’re anything like me. What a great way to end an amazing film.

Brazilian Heaven starts hot and gets hotter. You may want to hit a bookstore after you see all the awesome that starts with the inspiration from that little red book on their end table. That coupled with a suggestive bit of carved stone might just help you land a rock hard stud like one of the studs featured in another epic win from Alexander Pictures.

Length: 1.39 GiB Duration: 1h 36mn 35s 0ms
Video: VC-1 at 1 915 Kbps, Aspect: 848 x 480 (1.767) at 29.970 fps
Audio: WMA at 128 Kbps, Infos: 2 channels, 48.0 KHz

Alexander Pictures - Brazilian Heaven

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