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Neighbours Four
Studio: Ayor

Three buddies in the city, Chris Hollander and Steve Wende, are neighbours and are waiting at the airport for the arrival of their friend from Mexico (Ali Montero). This visit to Prague will begin of course with a threesome in Chris bed.
Mexican boy Ali Montero meets a Spanish-speaking boy in a night club in Prague (Javier Perez). For several hours, they stroll together through the city at night, and in the late morning they meet again and have wild sex at Javiers home.
Robert Hall is a hunter! He often makes contact with new boys on the internet. Today he is waiting at the bus station for Milo Milis, a boy from Poland. How will it turn out?
Where can matchmaking take place? Chris Hollander and Blake Ferrer met each other for the first time at the post office. Chris was attracted to Blake, who was carrying a huge package. He held the door for him and waited for him in front of the post office. The boys do not live far from each other, and that same day they fucked on Chris couch.
Cutie Elias Cooley is showing off for us in the shower. He tells us what his typical day is like and about his sexual experiences with roommate Jayden Robinson.

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Neighbours Four Neighbours Four
Neighbours Four Neighbours Four

Neighbours Four
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